: Yeah bro, it's totally safe. Way back when YouTubers started advertising for WTFast it'd be more rogue-wise in order to have people pay for it. There's no viruses or any keyloggers whatsoever. There were constant pop-ups in the past that showed that you'll need to pay for the product in order to use it. Not sure how that is nowadays, haven't noticed anything odd yet. Anyway, you won't be banned by Riot, period. They've recommended such programs and VPNs in the past. Really gotta wait for things to clear up between KPN and NL-ix.
if we use a vpn to what country do we need to route it to ?
: KPN Latency 50+ EUW
From brabant here is as well with KPN, went to 52 ping when playing. I hope a fix comes very soon. this sucks.
: its frustration. You get frustrated coz you couldnt do anything to change the outcome. And frustration leads to anger most of the time.
Hm, i mean i get frustated a lot in league, , but that doenst mean i flame the crap out of someone, it's just weird.
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