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: Oh that's what you're actually talking about. So your whole point about champions being balanced around skins is based around the fact that only for most expensive skins, legendary skins. Then there's MF the gun goddess, god fist lee sin, Elementalist lux, i would say all of them were viable, but not necessarily top tier picks. Lux is still getting buffs to this day.
Alright dude fair point. I see it a bit different now. ty for your side.
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: Only tier 2? Most champions are currently viable, that's where most of them are also balance vise, you're really stretching your case. Speaking of Ashe later after also those nerfs she still got championship skin too, all while being considered the weakest. What about poppy? what about cho'gath? Before that we had playmaker lee-sin and sweeper Rammus, leesin allways being viable, then there was pulsfire shen, riven and TF who were also only viable, nothing like OP.
Only viable: (pulsfire shen, riven and TF ) becuase they dont cost more that 1350 RP playmaker lee-sinsweeper Rammus cost even way less. if anything dude i think ur proving my point.
: Old fiora and irelia were braindead. The current ones require a tiny bit of skill, hence your average silver player can't abuse them any more. I don't see the problem in actually needing 2 hands and a working mouse in order to perform with a champ. **** Reports - you break the TOS you get punished. It's not about preference. You don't get to decide who gets punished or not - when it comes to AFK. You triggered the leavebuster, you're gone. I don't want people go unpunished because some are just lazy to report, or forget it. Your idea of a system is just asking for this. I don't care that you went 30/0 and carried a game where you AFKd 7 minutes at the start. You don't deserve the LP. **** Balance : The game hasn't been this balanced in a long time. Botlane finally opened up. Tanks aren't top dogs, Marksmen can't 1v1 bruisers at the 10minute mark any more, the game is pure perfection and fun. I am not playing in pro-play, I am a mere D3/4 MMR mortal. So wrong again. **** Permanent means permanent. You "sign" a contract with Riot games upon account creation, I don't see why they would have to tolerate your shit once you screwd up. Try telling your boss to "go fu#k himself", see what happens. **** Basically I disagree with all the points you made. They don't reflect reality, or a realistically working system. One point, the reworks - that is your personal opinion, I respect it, but I disagree. Those champs were unhealthy for the game, and are way better now. That's all.
okay cool thanks for giving me your insight.
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: > I mean general game balances is done like that yeah sure. But you can't deny the favoritism with champion buffs based on their skins yes, i can, i just gave 2 examples why it's not true. .We have a lot of champions of course over the course of time some of new skins will coincide with those champions being OP at that moment, but that's just a coincidence. You yourself had to dig pretty deep into the past to find that coincidence. Yes, some changes do happen because of pro play. There is also more pro scene related changes when some important event is coming. But it doesn't change the fact that game is still primarily balanced around where i said.
Oh yeah no your right it just happens to coincide with those champions since there are so many haha. Like how Ashe worst adc just by coincidence became meta with her 1820 RP skin release. Or how darius is all of a sudden now tier one and garen teir 2 with their 1820 RP skin release. need I go on? but I understand your point of 'general balances', but there is till favoritism.
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: I'll just take on one of the points: > Currently the game is balanced around pro players and champion skins. That's not true, Game is primarily balanced around high plat/ low diamond. > [{quoted}](name=Ghostcrawler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=2pvn0ldJ,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-07-14T21:58:38.859+0000) > >We target our changes for a High Plat / Low Diamond profile, because that's a good intersection for when even subtle changes can really be felt by the players in question, but you're still affecting a large number of players overall. Players who are closer to Bronze or unranked will have a much bigger impact on their performance by just playing more games than almost any change we can make. Players at higher tiers will feel even very small changes, but at some point we are only impacting a very small number of players. We still look at outliers that are disrupting normal or Bronze play, and for pro play. For pro play we focus a lot on the viewer experience than the pro players' themselves (though we care about them too). [Source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/2pvn0ldJ-a-response-to-doublelift-on-a-constantly-evolving-game?comment=00060000) And balancing around skins is just a tinfoil hat theory. Currently in PBE we have Poppy hextech skin who is just fine, recently Cho'gath got a new skin who is also not exactly meta either.
I mean general game balances is done like that yeah sure. But you can't deny the favoritism with champion buffs based on their skins. And how for instance pro players made some serious nerfs towards champions. take for instance leblanc is she broken? let me ask you was she broken in LCS? yeah she was now Faker can hardly play her at an OP level.
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