: You have the option to mute them. You are not obliged to listen to any of them.
Are they meant to be Odd ??
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: Riot is aware and currently fixing the problem https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#euw
Okay thanks, is that also for the Support. riotgames. com ?
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: Looking for champ to buy
Try Jax he is a very strong champion and scales very well
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: why are you persuading people to play more camille , why you do this :(
because she is a Strong champ even after nerfs but people underestimate her. Just think of it E gives you a massive mobility as you can Chase enemies very easily sometimes even if they burned flash your W gives you a massive sustainability in lanes because of its healing it heals 100% of its damage, that means the more you hit , the more you heal because of people really don't know how to play her in plat- They usually just feed and sit behind and lose their teams. when people dive you in most sitiuation you can leave either leave with a death kill or death or a kill or even a double kill you just have to ult the tower target in a good place so he cant go out of range and give him as many aa+Qs you can So riot is not (persuading) they are just tell you how to play a champion Best regards,,,,, Bronze 5 player ;D
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