Silencèd (EUNE)
: Bring Dark Star Thresh Event Mode Back
Bring it back instead of URF, 1 for all, star guardian, Odyssea, Doombots? No.
: 14 days ban. Was I banned because i am bad at game or because I am bad person ?
I'm not sure who you're trying to have the text read. It's a huge unstructured mess of words. You're not banned for playing bad. You're most certainly not banned for feeding. If you want us to debate your penalty you should provide Riot sources for your ban, like chat logs / support ticket.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: I just got flamed. For taking blue buff. In a bot game
One time the jungler went up to my lane, failed the gank and smited a creep on purpose. I was not pleased. For a note I can easily 1v9 botgames. The only thing I can't deal with is a jungler smiting my creeps :) So from my view, as long as you don't smite other laners creeps, it's impossible to be a bad guy in a bot game. So relax, don't take it seriously, let them flame/int/troll/afk ... nothing of that sort really matters, after all it is a bot game. Also if you want to have fun; Funnel all resources into your mates early. There will be enough left over anyway.
: To the people who blame their teammates for losing and telling them to get better
Yes it's true. I hope your post will receive more positive attention. The mentality you're describing is and always has been a problem in League.
Dragobad (EUW)
: How the F*** am I playing with low levels in ranked ?
Sometimes people who play the game for a few weeks are better than others who play it for 6 years. Level does not dictate skill, especially not when smurfing is trivial.
: So what happend to Karthus in urf
To start things off, Urf and balance are not to be used in the same sentence. It's not, that's the point of a fun mode. For myself I have to say I like Karthus and I always have relatively good impact with him. You can easily powerfarm waves/camps, your Q missile damage is never to be underestimated and your W is a spammable Utility tool in lategame. With your ult you farm darkharvest stacks/kills and lategame you press it during chase/fight to have them waste Zhonyas/Spellblocker. {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3907}} {{item:3135}} are always good to go for.
: Rank 1 Fiora euw LF duo unranked acco
Well rip to the >600 players that will enjoy very balanced games on your nice journey.
Shaebadu (EUW)
: is it ok to leave a game when your team wont surrender and waste your precious time
You've forfeited your "precious time" already when you pressed the match accept button.
sivistojko (EUNE)
: As a new player I got matched against lv215
How do you suppose Matchmaking works if you haven't played any matches? Based on what should it work? Your performance in bot games? Skill is not measured in levels, but in mmr. You played in bronze/unranked elo the probably lowest possible you can already have. Giga Low Elo is known to be very unbalanced, snowbally and with toxic atmosphere.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: If you hover lee sin/shaco. I am gonna ban it.
>I have the right to one ban, and I do not enjoy playing in the same team with a champion that in most cases will fall off late game and be a walking ward. Is what he says and plays Xin Shao, the probably biggest lategame beast existing in jungle kekw
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: Why do we call LoL a multilpayer game ?
It's mainly the insanely high competitive spirit in the community. An "if you're thoroughly bad at this game --> uninstall" mentality. It's mainly caused by Pro players standing in the spotlight more than the actual game. That is a trend for most games at this point in time, because watching videos about a game is seemingly as fullfilling as playing it and so on. Just my thought.
: Why are u EUW ppl so toxic
EUNE is a meme in EUW. If you're proud enough of your region to display it in your summoner name, then you should be able to handle the feedback. If I were to put EUW in my name when smurfing on other servers I'd consider the consequences beforehand.
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Why am i only win streaking or lose streaking?
I'd like it to be mentioned that the TE talks about the rotating gamemode ARURF and ARAM, not ranked SR. Concluding from his matchhistory.
: Name a better duo, I'll wait.
Bad game experience and rant on the boards.
Rena (EUW)
: That is his summoner name not username. Unless you can add people by username now.
Not that I'm aware of. As said I think this is a result of the uniquification and unification of League Accounts. Accounts are globally more tolerant now and can therefore interact with each other.
Rena (EUW)
: Someone from NA added me but I am on EUW?
Riot made usenames globally unique. I'm sure that has some connection to it.
Scheise69 (EUNE)
: Armor stacking
> [{quoted}](name=Scheise69,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Lpo5t9d0,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-18T09:51:45.233+0000) > > How much armor do you need to render %pen items almost meaningless? Zero. With every armor you get you make them more meaningful.
: Please revert Kayle
>I beg you, she was my favourite for a long time. She's not in a useful/viable/fun state at all right now. She's not even remotly viable until you reach 6 and can farm like a coward rat. Almost no one plays her. Please let her as she was before the rework. Pretty sure her playrate went up a lot after her rework. She was even one of the most pick/banned champions during klepto. >As expected, people played her for 1-2 weeks as she was "new". Then discovered she was shit, and now no one plays her and is one of the weakest champs in the game. She had like 55% wr at times the last season and was considerably overpowered. Now apart from the rant which basically makes up half of the post the visual design choices were quite questionable indeed. It can be considered a downgrade in my view and I think a lot Kayle mains actually share it.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: I just cant understand how if something is reported. Does the system only read the reported chat log as shown above? You could arguably bait people into getting muted by being just as horrific and the other person may not care to report
As far as my veteran knowledge still applies: You're game chat will be scanned by a program if you've been reported in that game, for let's say negativity or verbal abuse. If the algorithm finds clues for that to be true, the next steps for a punishment will take place. No report means no scan which means it doesn't matter what you said. So if you want people punished, report them thoroughly.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: 2 of them were calling us garbage players, to stay in iron and to get cancer. i had to tell them countless times it was just the comps. But you can't see that because the system isn't good. Actually almost all of this is in defence of some SERIOUS harsh tones. I got muted for defending myself.
>Ironically, i'm the passive one but the logs don't show the other players. Yes they never do. The policy is that you are solely responsible for your actions in chat. There are no hidden points for defending yourself. > The end of the last game, i tried to explain the team comp lost, and they called me trash bronze and to kill myself. Well if you've reported them they're very likely getting much harsher punishments than you anyway. Death wishes usually warrant an instant 14 days ban without prior offenses.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: I got a 10 game chat restriction for these logs. It's a bit early for April fools day.
>Joetr%%%% trash and cant even accept it >Joetri10: %%%%h upon trash upon trash Calling someone trash is a pretty harsh insult, even if it appears as frequent and common. I think that played a big role for the penality. >Joetri10: just accept the loss m8 >Joetri10: its no ones fault but the comps >Joetri10: the comp >Joetri10: the team comp >Joetri10: it loses to this >Joetri10: accept it >Joetri10: or stay silver idc The last game you were thouroughly negative. That's atleast a report case and probably favors a penality. I mean all in all is this just a display of the average calm, but totally tilted player. At times I'm also somewhat toxic and I've played the same time without penalities so I might know where you're coming from. The only thing I'd take away from this if I were you, is that you'd have to trim back your trashtalking and negativity a little. Not much more you can or have to do, with these chatlogs.
: Hurensohn already became the standard word of German player. If they really want to hurt others with language, why not use English? Will you use German to insult someone when you really got pissed off?
I'd rather generalize at this point. Insecurity about actually confronting someone and insecurity about not knowing extensive english may be reasons. But as said, I wouldn't want to denounce german players for that. Other languages are part of it as well, debatably worse.
: Shamed on some Players from Germany
I'm german and if someone asks me if I'm german in LoL I don't answer either :D People who don't speak english where english is standard are getting on my nerve too. But I've seen as many germans as french, northern language speaker and languages I don't understand at all.
Zlukich (EUW)
: Looking for german speaking players to play together
[Welcome to the englisch board](!) [You might want to look somewhere else.](
Addrek (EUW)
: This mid assassin meta SUCKS!
You can either root for the chad Zed meta or the virgin Lux meta but in the end it doesn't even meta.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: It's not about being respectful or disrespectful, it's about not letting Riot shit on us and still lick their boots. Like OP says, these boards are full of damage control, shills, and fanboys defending the most ridiculous stuff and shutting down criticism until most people just go away. In the end, only them remain. Nobody bothers to stick around and contribute, there's only them in an endless circlejerk, pats on the back, and shooting down of anyone disagreeing. Hell, there's even clearly favoritism when it comes to the rules of the boards, avoiding them or exploiting them to disrespect or to shut other people up. And apparently it isn't the case on other regions, and probably the reason we're treated the way we are treated, and they are comparatively a lot better off. People here shilling for a massive company directed from China, like we had to be grateful they allow us to play this game for free. People, social credit hasn't been implemented here yet, reconsider who and why you BLINDLY support.
>reconsider who and why you BLINDLY support. LUL. I don't support jackshit. I haven't spend a single dime on this game. But I don't mind keeping up good spirits when it comes unrivaled f2p games. And for the rest.. tbh I can say the same thing for NA. Just biased from the other side of view. > In the end, only them remain. Nobody bothers to stick around and contribute, there's only them in an endless circlejerk, pats on the back, and shooting down of anyone disagreeing. Hell, there's even clearly favoritism when it comes to the rules of the boards, avoiding them or exploiting them to disrespect or to shut other people up. Idk. I know that feeling, but just for the crybabies in NA. But in the end it's just bias from both of our sides.
: Well, it's a free game, even after dominating the genre for 10 years, where you can reach chall rank 1 while not spending a single cent. How are they "shitting on us" again ?
>How are they "shitting on us" again ? Well I'm not sure about EUNE, but EUW has much more server outages and malfunctioning features than for example NA. Also I heard NA received some kind of compensation in the past, can't recall that happening for EUW, even though EUW bugged way more often. They are shitting on EUW compared to other regions. Like NA. That's what I think he meant.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Aaaaah I see why EU is shat on consistently now! You people encourage Riot to shit on you, and ask for more! No wonder they treat us the way they do, not only they have a free pass, they actually get praised. But this is not the case in other places! Fits with the euro mentality though.
Good point. Well Riot is from NA, so maybe having the NA "shit on everything" mentality might actually be healthier for the server :thinking: I really hate that mentality though. Even if we're shat on ourselves compared to other regions. Afterall it's a f2p game, hardly rivaled so far on top of that. Showing respect for that and beeing a little grateful is a likable mindest in my view and I'm proud it's somewhat spread in EU, even if it's not efficient over short-time.
Sasser (EUNE)
: Can there ever be a complain thread in which the comments arent filled with Riot's bootlickers
>Can there ever be a complain thread in which the comments arent filled with Riot's bootlickers Because they don't feed your need for validation? As far as I know the NA boards are more "Riot-critical", if you seek people who support you in blaming Riot for their misery. Might wanna check there.
: the smurf matching bug is still on
So your lvl 18 *main* account gets matched with smurfs in Normals and Poroking? That's very unusual.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9EjUtAmf,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-29T14:06:59.084+0000) > > Oh wow. I'm suddenly cured. Thanks kind stranger. "Alchool isn't an addiction. Just stop drinking! It's that easy".
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9EjUtAmf,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-29T14:10:51.549+0000) > > "Alchool isn't an addiction. Just stop drinking! It's that easy". It really is. I already did it a thousand times.
: New Riven Skin
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it impossible to get honored as an ADC?
A fed adc usually has enough joy in game and after the game looking at the graphs. I'd rather make the day of someone who did good but wasn't rewarded and acknowledged as much. I would have probably honored you anyway if you were my adc. It's 50/50.
: Blue side gets first pick, Red side gets last pick... so with blue you try to get a high priority pick, and with red you try get a counter pick. Red gets the ability to place wards into baron over the wall, blue gets the same with dragons... a so so difference. Thats about it... its mostly about the draft phase that makes the difference.
Indeed. If we're talking about pro play, choosing red/blue side mostly depends on the draft and the meta of what is stronger: blindpick vs counterpick.
Kimochii x3 (EUNE)
: TFT seems to become more anti-fun than ARURF
Angrex (EUW)
: I know the truth hurts but being a weeb is a mental disorder. That's a fact so get help.
You are a hilariously good example of idiocy on the internet. You should probably help yourself get some actual facts before you carry on your martyrdom.
: i think i had a brainfart about lethality
They changed it to make it less snowbally. The wiki is always right.
: get back the free 400rp pls !
Yes I missed out on 2000 RP in gifts from my smurfs already. Sucks that I can't use that system in a way that it wasn't intended for and have to rely on those free lootboxes.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: the fact that you had to state ur a female for some reason shows ur just fishing for attention lmaool
Females get way more support in the gaming scene, so why shouldn't she state that she is a female? True gender equality is moronism and we all now that.
: This Patchnotes are literally " Lets buff obnoxious toplaners " + Bramble vest.
: I don't know if there are winrate stats for every champion regarding my profile alone cause i never bothered to look at them, but even if there are, is there a distinction between playing the character as a mider versus as a support? EDIT: I found it. It shows (for the current season) 64% winrate as a support with Ahri. Below is the image: In case it matters, i am Gold 2. Obviously these picks become less viable the higher you climb and play against better players.
Yeah, the statistic you found were about blind pick. I was not talking about blind pick. I was asking for your estimate or count, but what ever, I counted it for you. This Season you had 18 games on Ahri support ( I count those games where you have supp item) You won 3. You lost 15 of them. That's a winration of 20%. Diana Support: 11 Losses. 3 Wins. Win ratio: 27%. Also not upgrading your support item is downright trolling, no pity for that. Your win rate sucks really hard, and blaming it on others is the most common thing seen in League low Elo, so you gain exactly nothing from doing so.
: Unorthodox Supports
>Losing a game while playing said weird character does not mean the character is trash in this position. Sooo.. what is your winrate on these "viable" supports?
Smerk (EUW)
: New players do not experience this, because system tries to match them separately from all those smurfs. And nobody cares about smurfs and their miserable low level experience
>nobody cares about smurfs and their miserable low level experience And that's a fact. There is no pride in smufing and certainly no room for pity. And that's coming from someone who mainly smurfs.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: I don't see why those two could be mutually exclusive.
Mainly because you mention side stepping as center strategy? I never knew Baron would be so good in it.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Lore-wise (which doesn't exist for the two anymore) or gameplay-wise? Gameplay-wise you can solo Vilemaw with 3 items and side-stepping his heavy attacks. Good luck doing that against Roshan. Ergo Baron wins hands down.
I thought the topic is a fight between baron and vilemaw, not how easy they are to kill?
: Garen Q
Can you link where it's written that auto attacks can be canceled by CC when you're at it? Also Garen Q has some inconsistencies, have you checked other abilities like Nasus Q, Jax W?
Megidus (EUW)
: Lux's cooldowns
I guess Lux needs this now too.
: AUTUMN BUNNY JANNA SKIN! - League of Legends (Fan)
The model and animation look extremely good and the splash art is amazing. Can you link the picture?
Composure (EUNE)
: The Death of League of Legends
League has been dying since it's first breath..
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