: why diminish the value of reports at all?
Riot got rid of report values quite a while ago. All reports are equal and automatically evaluated by a system. It just looks for if anything was done in malice, and reacts accordingly. It doesn't matter who reported whom, if 1 report goes through, it's the same value as anyone elses, and it's also equal to 9 reports. System doesn't count that either. Just looks for bad behaviour.
: Yes is saw the reddit thread already but the problem is how old that post is now. It can't really be considered a valid source anymore considering i have had different experiences more recently.
It hasn't changed in those years. They would have had to overhaul the system to do so. Ultimately since my search turned up dry, and I'm usually pretty good with finding sources, I'd say they're probably leaving it unanswered for a reason here.
: I think the system should differentiate between 'tilted' players and players at lower mmr. In promos it is intended that the system pairs the player in promos with lower rated players, not tilted players who just don't want to win
You're asking a computerized system to evaluate someones mental status before placing them with others. That's just not possible.
: Homophobe (offensive, inappropriate name)
So I've removed the name, because naming and shaming isn't allowed on the boards, but I do want to address your post. ------- THAT SAID, the name mentioned previously is definitely something you should be reporting if you haven't already - you can do so in game, or via the ticket function with support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) (I've already submitted one myself ;)). If the player in question was also sending threats, and being abusive, it's best to mute the player in game and not retaliate - "do not feed the trolls" so to speak, as this person was deliberately attempting to get a rise out of you. It's also best not to add people in client after a game, unless you know them. So I would refrain from doing that in future. ------- Riot want to facilitate an inclusive environment, for people from all walks of life. Don't let these bigots take that away from you. Just mute, report, and don't give them the attention they desire.
: It is accurate. When it comes to dodges, there is no actual confirmation made by a rioter (that would be reliable information today) that dodges don't affect your mmr. 3 LP worth of mmr is not even worth mentioning though. I have also tried to drop my rank to the level of my mmr last season, i dropped about 2-3 divisions by only dodging and yet my LP gains and losses didn't change. That means my mmr changed with my dodges as well. So unless you can give me a source of a rioter recently confirming that dodging doesn't affect mmr, i will hold my ground.
Apologies for the slow turn around (One of the rare moments I have a social life - YAY GAME OF THRONES!) , but I will look for an official source ;). It's definitely the case though, as there was incidents of players keeping Bronze rankings with Diamond MMR, or of similar nature. Here's a sample I have saved from a while ago when the subject piked my interest: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/55uhhx/bronze_5_with_challenger_mmr_ama/
: The game is flagged as a loss for the leaver so obviously he will lose mmr as well. Whenever you lose or gain LP, your mmr will change as well. If only your LP would be affected, that would break the entire system and it would be highly abusable.
That's not accurate at all. LP and Rank can be an indicator of where your MMR is, but not everytime you lose LP will affect it. Dodges, for example, will affect your LP and rank, however do not influence your MMR.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: well but is in the same category of comparation , if you take something as toxic , then why when we speak about history we see as murders only germans ,japan and russians ... , if all of them did equal damage in war among the victims ... of others country , look americans what did with japan. The point is to don't compare real life and neither in-game rules with human capacity of behaving , because humans no need to have a pathern how they behave is natural , if you stressed out and flamed when doing something , imagine you collapse and can't do anymore anything and getting angry staying near that person having no option to just take yourself and leave... , you see how i take those thinghs.
Not really an accurate comparison at all really. If we were to compare the whole "flaming back is how the world works" thing, then I'm pretty sure the best example of real life miltiaristic affairs we could pull is North Korea. Everyone knows they're there, and acts appropriately around them. They'll quite frequently pop up and say "X country is the worst". No one responds by bombing back, starting a war or anything. For the most part, peopl act by placing sanctions (muting) and just monitoring the situation with other world partners (I guess the closest we have to a global political equivalent of reporting). No (recent) war started because one country decided to call another country "bad", and said country decided "Nope, we can't have that. You're bad. Release the missiles."
: I die in our jungle 4 vs 1, i dont fed them. Even more, when all enemy go to our jungle i ask for help and they said that thats not our job and 2 of them stay afk on a bush near to the teamfight.
Based on your response, you already have your answer here :).
0p71m15M (EUW)
: What about my mmr??? Does it change my mmr for worse too???
Honestly I'm not 100% sure if an afk affects your "MMR". I would assume it doesn't, because of how it works post game in these scenarios. But one game would never affect you drastically anyway.
0p71m15M (EUW)
: I just lost LP even though I won
Unfortunately if you AFK for a substantial amount of time, and return to the game, you'll still be flagged as leaving. This is to avoid people leaving early in the game, and then returning as their team is about to secure victory without them - this literally happened in a game of mine too not too long ago, where our ADC rage quite and we won the game 10 seconds after they reconnected (after a lengthy AFK!). Whilst it sucks that this sometimes hits people who legitimately had issues, that's why Riot have this in place.
: Reports for Offrole
> he report me because he said that i fed. Will anything happen: Did you intentionally die? Then yes. Were your deaths unintentional? Then no. ------ All a report does is trigger a review of the game. If you didn't break the rules (and that's something you would know), then you have nothing to worry about.
BtB Nivus (EUNE)
: Ranked Teams
I believe the reason it was removed was queue times. I think Riot were looking to replace it with ~~Crash~~ Clash, but it just hasn't... taken off successfully... Puns puns puns.
: I am in shock, i have no words to describe this feeling of...
: We need a massive banner at the top of this board stating...
I always refer back to the episode of the Last Airbender with Wan Shi Tong: "You think you're the first person to believe their war was justified?!"
: Each LoL Region Ranked(Main Regions) In terms of...
As someone who was at the start of the OCE server and was on it for years, I can assure you it's a lot more... uh.... colourful langauge wise than you're portraying it. Even when I jump on my smurf when I'm just back on holidays... for a server that's majority Aussie, you can kind of make the assumption of the sort of stuff we say. Stability wise I had 0 issues, and played on 12 ping. Granted I could also throw a stone from my balcony half the distance to the data centre were the servers were when I was living there.
BlazedAsFuk (EUNE)
: Oh okay but i really need help idk why the suspension isn't going away after 2 days past its date
No one on the boards can help you with issues like this. You need to submit a ticket to support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us)
: I got a (two, actually) super nice response from Riot JayJaDanga who said this: > Hello XL BENCH PRESS, > > Thank you so much for your Snowman Master Yi > > I’ve added 4 Riot Points to your account so you can purchase Snowman Master Yi in your shop, > Please keep in mind that they may not display properly until you go to the store and try to make a purchase. Remember that we might not do this again in the future, so use your points wisely. > > Enjoy your new purchase! > If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to reach out to us again. and > Hey XL BENCH PRESS, > > No problem, I'm glad we could help you ^^ > I hope you enjoy the skin as well and I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed making the picture :) > > If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to reach out to us again. I can certainly say it was worth every minute making the art which I actually enjoyed doing anyway! I hope it gave some boards users a few chuckles here and there too :D Thanks again for your recommendation of putting it in a ticket or they might not have seen it!
I'm super happy to see you managed to get your Snowman Yi :). >Thanks again for your recommendation of putting it in a ticket or they might not have seen it! Of course! I'm forever lurking on the boards, offering advice & assistance where I can. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
SixthKill (EUW)
: There should honestly be a way of getting ur account back if u got perma for flaming..
Or you could adjust your behaviour and not get banned in the first place. If there's no consequence, there's no deterrent. Editttttttttt
SixthKill (EUW)
: About getting permabanned
They tried this. It didn't work. People who received permanent mutes resorted to trolling or intentionally feeding instead. The issue is not "just flaming". It's your mind set. Sure we can say it's typing, but the intent is to be malicious - and that is an underlying problem with yourself rather than the "flamers and inters". Following that pattern of thought.... how does one be malicious to others when they can't flame anymore? And that's exactly why the trial went the way it did, and is likely not to return.
: > [{quoted}](name=Takumaron,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=p6V5oeep,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-11T16:37:18.257+0000) > > I will give you other arguments but not this one. It's not fair that you get punished for the game randomly deciding that you need to take a break yet it happens (I mean random disconnect while internet is working (happening to two people at the sime time)). > > But i agree that increasing the penalty wouldn't be that good of an idea-sometimes you just have to dodge the troller/flamer To be honest, i was not disconnected from Champ select even once in several years. And if it accidently happens twice a year, it's nothing. But people are intentionally dodging literally about 50% of games. Everyday, everygame. Well, every second game. Needs to be fixed. Excuses, excuses : ) And yes, they are not dodging the second time in a row because of higher penalty. But if it was 10LP in the first place, no one would dodge at all, except extreme cases. And now it's a usual way of playing for lots of them.
>But people are intentionally dodging literally about 50% of games. Everyday, everygame. Well, every second game. Needs to be fixed. Excuses, excuses : ) Can you pull a source for that? I feel you're over exaggerating a lot. And again, if people dodge multiple times within a short time period, that timer keeps climbing.
: Thank you ^_^ I will certainly do that as well!
: is 3 LP penalty sufficient for dodging?
It increases for subsequent dodges, as mentioned already. The timer also increases with each dodge within a certain time period. Your first dodge will be 5 minutes, then 20 etc. So there's plenty of things in place to discourage it. Whilst I get that it sucks, handing our harsher punishments from the get go isn't really fair to those who may have simply just disconnected, or whatever other reason pulled them away from the client before a game. >people should lose 6-10 LP for intentionally dodging, as it just brakes game for others. The client can't tell the difference between me Alt+f4ing or just turning off my computer. Or unplugging the router. Or various other methods.
: I need 4 RP for Snowman Yi so I drew a lovely picture :)
Magnificent. But you're better off submitting this in a ticket to support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us)
: I heard that they were doing some experimenting in unbanning "reformed" permabanned players (not for scripting). Any chance this will happen again some time? Also, why is this only NA :( context on this question is on reddit by RiotWookieeCookie: "Since there's two threads on the subject I thought I'd share a link to my message on the subject here: https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/93636h/permanent_bans_only_being_lifted_in_na/e3ay0d8/ TL;DR: We're running an experiment to see if people can grow and change for the better. We're excited to see how this could affect all players, but because of the high risk that comes with this kind of exercise we're only doing it on NA players right now. No players should be getting their hopes up very high that we will allow permabanned players to return to the game and continue their old ways. Players who receive any sort of penalty after returning will be re-banned permanently. At this point, we're not sure that letting players return to the game after a permaban is the best course of action and may decide to keep our current stance on permabanned accounts; but we're very eager to see what kind of results might come up. Edit: 3:22 PM PST: Got word that the original post I replied to was deleted because of the duplicate topic. Gonna repost my full message here for you all! I want to keep this pretty brief and to the point because this is an experiment that I'm spending a lot of my resources on currently. Our goal of this experiment is to test assumptions we've made about perma-banned players and their ability to adjust behaviors in the game. We're working with players who are coming to us in good faith to change and stay out of trouble. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of systems in place to run this experiment so a lot of the work is manual on our part (and mainly me). The biggest issue being; tracking players who are returning to the game and ensuring they stay out of trouble; players who acted in bad faith to participate in this experiment or who fail and fall to their old ways are quickly re-banned with no opportunity to return. The NA region is able to execute this currently because we have the staff and resources necessary to operate this experiment. In additional we can leverage the expertise of our central PB teams and Player Support teams here on the Los Angeles campus when needed to make sure that the experiment is in line with our long term goals here at Riot. I can understand how this may feel bad for other regions but I would like to lay out the following context as to why we're comfortable with this path for now: Allowing permabanned players to return to the game is NOT something we're committed to as a company at this time. There are a large number of risks and factors that we want to take into account before we do this. We're running this small scale on NA with the opportunity to end it at any point if we feel it's compromising the quality of our game and community. The risk of allowing permabanned players back to the game is so high because it can disrupt our community and create negative experiences for other players. Because of this one of the core pillars of this experiment is that players who fail to change (or who had no intention of changing at all) will be re-banned very quickly and remain banned forever. This extra care is very resource intensive until we decide whether this is a worthwhile process to continue and possibly create some tools to streamline the process. As we continue this experiment we're very aware that it might show us that permabanned players will need to remain removed from the game for the health of our community. Keeping it limited to a community of players that I am very familiar with makes it easier for us to audit and "shut it down" if necessary and return to our original policy of not allowing permabanned players to return to the game at all. Where as in other regions the culture of their communities can be different and while some norms are similar to that of NA, others are not. And that's without even getting into the language differences that can prove troublesome for auditing behavior. If we find that this experiment is successful we can better share it with our offices all over the world and give them the opportunity to adapt it to their players' needs if they find it useful. Likewise, if we find that the experiment was ultimately not successful we'll be able to better share our results and findings with other regions that highlight the trouble and difficulties we had with the experiment and why we won't be continuing it. Hopefully this helps share clarify some of our thoughts and goals for this experiment with you all. If I could leave one parting thought with you guys it would be that: this is NOT a change of our policy currently; but an experiment to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of evolving our PB guidelines. We are not under any obligation to lift a permanent suspension(and there are still a great many permabans we are not lifting, and will never lift under ANY circumstance). Also we will only be doing so under the strict guidelines of our experiment so that we can properly track the impact on our overall community and hold participants responsible for any actions they do upon returning to the game."
They don't have the resources here for it, as they've mentioned, as they need to constantly monitor the people involved to obtain the data they're looking for. And 100% honesty, in my opinion, it's doomed to fail. They've ran trials like this before, and every time they backfire. I wouldn't expect it to go any further than the few trials that they're studying, if I'm presenting my honest views.
: i see some people like to abuse power lol u cant even discuss why comment is removed. nice system they got here. ''dont bother replying to me, if u your going to ignore what i write'' is a violation of universal code LOOL id like to know which one.. isnt that what riot added mute system for hahahaha
If you want to discuss why a comment was removed or moderated, best way is to hit us up on the EU boards discord.
: Can you bribe riot support?
No. A permanantly banned account is just that, permanantly banned. You can't pay to unlock it, or anything really. If you wish to keep playing, you'll need to make a new account (and improve your behaviour!). ----- Points for originality though, this was a new one.
: Riots. Behaviour. Not. Players behaviour.
So, support have already responded how to unlock the account. You'll need to use a different payment method for the amount. Whilst the card was yours, it was flagged for fraudelent activity. The charge is likely showing on your side, but is still "pending" so to speak. Whilst Riot understand the card is yours, you need to use a different payment method to resolve the issue, as currently that card will likely still be flagged as fraudulent for them until after it's resolved. ----- This whole thing is to stop credit card fraud, which is pretty serious, and happens more often than we'd like to think in the online community. Sure it sucks when it backfires, but the safeguards are there more to protect than hinder. Bonus points: It's never nice to abuse support or swear at them in tickets. They want to help you, but they have regulations and things they have to follow - in this scenario, to protect people from credit card fraud. Again, I understand it's not the case here, but something made it seem that way, and they're doubling down to make sure you, the card holder, is protected.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: actually it's bullshit policy. cause lets be honest, i rather say %%% to someone who keeps spamming shit in the allchat (since i would beat him up in real life for that behaviour) than let riots piece of shit useless report system handle them.
>actually it's bullshit policy. cause lets be honest, i rather say %%% to someone who keeps spamming shit in the allchat (since i would beat him up in real life for that behaviour) than let riots piece of shit useless report system handle them. You're really not going to get far with that attitude. > (since i would beat him up in real life for that behaviour) And if you did that to someone just being obnoxious and yelling obscenities, you would likely get into trouble for that to. Someone insulting you doesn't give you the "I get to punch you in the face" free card, sorry. ---------- Bringing it back to league related, then yes, the toxicity report system does need improvement - it's never going to be perfect. But it's leaps and bounds ahead of where it used to be, and definitely still picks the majority of things up, and accurately.
: My team mates were also trolling me in game and saying stuff back, I reported them and nothing happens....
>My team mates were also trolling me in game and saying stuff back, I reported them and nothing happens.... Two things: Other people breaking the rules does not entitle you to do so. You don't know if they've received a punishment or not. Regardless, your view is going to be biased here, on who was wrong or right, and honestly we're not here to analyze someone elses behaviour. This is about yours.
: Why was I permanently banned for this ???
>iwnl Roraldinho: ori you tilt me iwnl Roraldinho: cause she is a bad player iwnl Roraldinho: HAHAHAHHAHA iwnl Roraldinho: thats the my mid has no eyes and adc picked viktor laugh iwnl Roraldinho: look at your map iwnl Roraldinho: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz iwnl Roraldinho: i ping iwnl Roraldinho: le blanc iwnl Roraldinho: was roaming iwnl Roraldinho: just go in and die iwnl Roraldinho: lmao iwnl Roraldinho: good idea iwnl Roraldinho: viktor never play adc again iwnl Roraldinho: rengar you are silvber iwnl Roraldinho: lmao iwnl Roraldinho: just ff iwnl Roraldinho: its over iwnl Roraldinho: pls stop wasting my time iwnl Roraldinho: say thank yuou iwnl Roraldinho: just saved you iwnl Roraldinho: level2 ganked iwnl Roraldinho: you iwnl Roraldinho: what more can i do iwnl Roraldinho: you are 1/7 iwnl Roraldinho: lmao iwnl Roraldinho: dont play vik iwnl Roraldinho: aagain iwnl Roraldinho: pls iwnl Roraldinho: i ganked iwnl Roraldinho: you did nothing iwnl Roraldinho: stfu iwnl Roraldinho: DODGE THEN iwnl Roraldinho: omg iwnl Roraldinho: WHY ARE YOU PINING ME iwnl Roraldinho: STOIPOOOOOOOOOO iwnl Roraldinho: i bet none of you have bought a single ward this whole game iwnl Roraldinho: is it annoying? iwnl Roraldinho: wp iwnl Roraldinho: contest iwnl Roraldinho: wtf iwnl Roraldinho: viktor iwnl Roraldinho: afk iwnl Roraldinho: glad you got gromp iwnl Roraldinho: bro we only lose baron iwnl Roraldinho: gg wp iwnl Roraldinho: viktor adc iwnl Roraldinho: dodging if i see any of you iwnl Roraldinho: in my next All of the above text is harrassment. You're constantly belittling, insulting and pretty much... harrassing... your team mates. If you've received previous punishments (such as a 14 day ban), then yes a perma ban is the next step. A 2 week ban is your last warning before Riot move it to a perma, so any toxicity can trigger it at that point.
mUted ADC (EUW)
: I sent a gift to my friend and i was banned, after my suspension ended he didn't receive it
Unfortunately no one on the boards will be able to assist you with an issue like this It's best to contact support by submitting a ticket - you can do that [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us)
: Final rant
>Time and time again ive gotten myself and a lane 6+ kills and set up a huge lead only for people in other lanes to intentionally lose the game solely because they arent the ones with the lead. This might be your problem. You're looking at it from a "win lane, win game" perspective. That type of playstyle was outdated around the time Moscow 5 rolled in and basically set up the Meta as we know today - that involves lane pressure, smart jungle plays, etc. If you're gaining a lead that large, you should be looking to extend it in other lanes. Killing the same person 6 times over is going to yield less gold each time, so it even benefits you to do this as well.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: Can someone hack my Acount sommehow and put handicap on it?? like a reverse hack or something?? Cos seriuosly i used to smoke ashe ... now she is killing me aevery game that i get her as enemy.... even soraka as support can kill me!!! I used to play nice when i had ashe and soraka as enemy bot lane together.... now they literaly DESTROY me JINX???? have they been nerfed??? Has Jinx been nerfed?? I do not understand why is itis happening!!! Seriously Just tell me is jinx BROKEN??? What is going on here cos i just cant bare it annymore. HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!! PLS SOMEONE!!!!!! Scripter... diamond players.. SOMEONE!!!!
>Can someone hack my Acount sommehow and put handicap on it?? like a reverse hack or something?? No, it's impossible to change the programming or coding or whatever for a champion to be different for a specific summoner. It wouldn't work. >Seriously Just tell me is jinx BROKEN??? No, she's just very weak early game, with a strong late game. If you try to start fights early, unless you have a gank or your support sets up a really good play, you're not likely to win trades.
: Ranked champions
This idea has been suggested multiple times, and I'd be incredibly surprised if Riot did anything like this. It doesn't work for a multitude of reasons, heres a few examples: 1. Trading Say I'm first pick. Support wants Alistair. I don't have the mastery points on Alistair - you've just impacted pick and draft phase pretty massively here. 2. Skill level I could play X games and lose them all with that champion and still get 5000 points. I could master the champion within 2 games. Mastery points isn't always an indicator of skill level, so much as it is as how often that person plays hat champion 3. Alt accounts Why do I need to play a champion over and over again on my EUNE account, for example, when I have 500k+ mastery on my EUW? You're adding an unnecessary gate. ----------------------- Bottom line is that introducing a change like this is going to negatively impact the ranked experience more than it fixes any issues. This is besides the point that I've seen people with 1million + mastery points have bad games. It just happens.
Fanmad (EUW)
: Neeko's shapeshifting issues with Aurelion Sol
Neeko is an imitation, not an exact. Her replicas are not going to be able to match everyone exactly - this is how players can identify if it's a copy or not (If they're smart about it and look at the small details like that). The same as when you auto attack as a vayne, you don't get the silver bolts animation etc. So this is intended I believe.
I Gambit I (EUNE)
: Fair but pointless leaver buster script
Leaver Buster is set up in a way that if you AFK for an substansial amount of the game, then it will flag you, regardless of whether you return or not. This is to stop people leaving the game, and then returning if their team was able to act favourabley without them, and essentially benefiting from others hard work. ------------------- There's no way for Leaverbuster to detect whether the AFK was your fault or not. It cannot tell the difference between a power outage, and you turning your computer off. It can't tell the difference between network issues and you unplugging your router. So sometimes, it yields situations like this. But it prevents a lot more less desireable ones than it creates.
: was I toxic in this situation?
>eventually sick of his shit **I threatened to afk** if he came to my lane again which he did and I indeed went afk cause a flamer can be ignored but not someone actively trolling your lane Yes. Threatening to AFK is toxic. People seem to forget there's more than just you and the person you're arguing with in the game. There's 8 other people to consider, which you've also just pushed the fast forward button on ruining the game for - no one likes playing an AFK game, whether its yours on the enemy team. It's also worth mentioning if you say to someone who's deliberately trying to push your buttons not to do something... I mean... it's pretty obvious they're going to do it. --------------------------------------------------- I'm not saying the Lee Sin was right, neither of you were in this situation. It's best to just keep playing and trying your hardest. Other lanes can pick up the slack and do their best to carry from there if he was focusing around your lanes, and just play for the long run. And of course, report.
Galtron (EUW)
: How long does it take for leaver buster time to degrade ? after amount of days or games ?
All of these things, chat restrictions, leaver buster etc. are based on games played. Otherwise people could wait it out and just play on an alt account to cover their time. Riot will never release the specific details around it, so as to not have people find ways to game the system.
: nerf sylas or i'll do it!!11!11111!!!!
There are two types of people in the world. Those who **like ** pineapple on Pizza. And Uncultured savages. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: If Riot were to unban the account they would be setting a very dangerous precedent, especially when we have what is effectively an outright confession of rulebreaking by the OP.
I'm not saying they should or shouldn't. I'm just saying that neither you nor me can make judgement calls on these things, that's up to Riot. That doesn't mean that it will be lifted, it just means we can't say "Definitely not"; because neither you nor I are capable of making that call ;)
: It is good expansion there are a lot of things to do yes.. but do you want to do these things ? You are getting bored so fast and the only experience left are the mythic+ and the raids :D But anyways I think the idea for new MMORPG is cool
Thats... not different to any tier. At least with Mythic pluses, there's a variety of choice for different skill levels ;).
Vade (EUNE)
: Meaning i worked every day all month earning my money and near 2000 euro i have spent on this game, i do not want to put my effort and money into some nonsense made by my cousin.. i agree i should not give him to play on my profile but is till do not think it is a real punishment. it could be a year or something and not a lifetime..
Unfortunately actions have consequences - the rules were broken here (twice technically), and this is the outcome. It sucks, but take it in stride and use it as a lesson for the future :). It's best not to share accounts (with anything really, not just LoL) with anyone.
>As you can see... from the last expansion of WoW the game almost died... BFA has been super successful content and lore wise, not sure where you're getting that from. Though this has been said since BC (been playing since Vanilla myself). Battle for Dazar'arlo is being compared with Ulduar on content levels - one of the best raiding tiers they ever did. >What do you guys think about MMORPG from RIOT GAMES? Personally they would probably have to create one from scratch - I'm not sure how they could convert Runeterra into an MMO with so many prominent figures.
Ozcuro (EUW)
: AP shyvana
It's not really OP. Her whole kit is loaded into one skill shot when playing AP, essentially. You can punish her early game, or whenever she's just used it, as she has little room to do much else.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
YouTube is a really good resource for guides these days (seriously, they're a dime a dozen), and it may be worth comparing yourself to some pro players with op.gg to compare your build and runes, to make sure you're optimizing them. It's worth noting that whilst you have a "template" build each game (items you want to achieve) it will not be the same every game - part of the game is learning when to adjust your build to new circumstances or strengths and weaknesses within yours or the enemy team. Edit: I was missing letters last post, now I'm addddding letters.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
>1. Can u put a handicap on 1 particular summoner account???? No, if you feel you are being out damaged, it's likely an issue with your build, runes, playstyle or all 3. The champion itself will not change between summoners. >2. What acctions do you take on reported summoners. Chat restrictions and bans when Riot deem it appropriate. There's no impact on in-game gameplay (other than not being able to type as much with a restriction). >3. If u release new items or change theyr stats or nerf champions ... DO YOU TEST THEM ON A SEPARATE SERVER BEFORE U IMPLEMENT THEM OR YOU JUST RELEASE THEM ON THE SERVER AND U CONCLUDE YOUR CHANGES IMPACT ON LIVE PLAY SERVER??? Yes, there's a Beta Public Test server where all changes, skins and champions are trialled before release. It's worth noting the population of this server is significantly lower, so whilst they can adjust for issues found there, not all issues will be found there. >4. What is going on with the insane ammounts of damage that somme players are doing whright from lvl1??? https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2160689554/221974074?tab=overview look here the amount of damage caytlin is doing to me (Jinx) @ begginig of game... my powpow is not even near to her autos... not to mention the damage from abilitys... as my w does half of damage than hers!!! Caitlyn has higher base damage than Jinx early game. Caitlyn also has longer range (with the exception of Fishbones after a few ranks) and headshot passive increasing auto damage. She falls off late game in comparison, so if you stall the game out longer, your damage will eventually scale higher as Jinx. >take a look @ master Yii when im 1 lvl above him... neither of us are fed ... i have more damage items than him and he kills me in 0.5 seconds hits im gonne!!!! is thius what you call balanced gameplay?? dont have the replay but you can practice them and see!!! why do yasuo has double crit chance as Passive??? thats huge advantage if u ask me not diferent and unique ability!!! This is working as intended. You're an ADC, you're a glass cannon. You're intended to do loads of damage, from a safe distance. If a fighter, juggernaut, tank or assassin closes this distance, you're going to have a bad day, and they'll be rewarded for doing so with a kill. >5. Riot pls take a better look @ how you nerf and "BALANCE" your champs. Loock @ Garen when he builds damage... it is insane... i cannot coop with his damage as ADC.... hes got a TON of LIFE (yes i get that ... he is a tank he needs life) but why on earth do you put that insane amounts of damage on him asweall why do you let tanks buy adc weapons???????? Is this how you define BALANCED CHAMIONS in this game???? and here im taking Garen an example of tank but there are manyy out there that are the same!!! Because Garen is incredibly easily kited. He only has flash as a gap closer, outside of a small movement speed steroid which you can slow him, or any skilled support can basically negate him completely. Again, if he collapses on you, bad day. Position well and keep your distance, zero issues. >6. Why do you force players to change theyr gameplay by nerfing other champs in overpowered mode??? What i mean is why do you force players to addapt to your new metas every seazon???? Why do you persist in nerfing a champ 3 times whyle the others u leave them like that not doing annything to them!! I mean why you only nerf SOMME and not ALL champions if u say thats how you refresh the game and not leting it be dull and boring....(THATS THE WORST PATHETIC EXCUSE U CAME UP WITH)!!! Because you need to understand that nerfs and buffs are put through for ALL levels of play. These need to be considered, as it's not all about what you see in lower Elo's. > Is thys you Sale Strategy to nerf only champs that are more popular???? I like playing Jinx ... Why do you force me of giving her up by the way you dooo game updates and metas??? i will rather give up playing LEAGUE OF LEGENDS than giving up the champ that i invested so much time in playing her!!!! I lead an international sales team for the company I work for, and I can tell you right now that nerfing a champion as a sales strategy would not work. You would alienate the population that plays them. They only nerf when it's necessary because said champion was ramping up too fast, or had little counter play options. >7. PLS DONT TRY AND DELETE THIS POST AS YOU DONE TO ALL OTHER OF MINE WHEN I TOUCH YOUR SENSITIVE SUBLIMINAL SALE STRATEGYS!!! Riot doesn't moderate the boards. The Volunteer team (like myself) do. >8. I WOLD BE HONORED IF ACTUAL RIOT SCRIPTERS OR ADMINS WOLD ANSWER THESE NOT ALL TIPICAL PLAYERS THAT DONT KNOW THE SCRIPTS BEHIND THE GAME!!! 8. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!! There's nothing here that can't be answered by another player.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VOgFkges,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-04-04T10:23:49.023+0000) > > Hi Vade, > > Account sharing, funnily enough, is also a bannable offence. > > I digress, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your account. This means that if you decided to let someone else have access to it (for future reference, don't share your password with ANYONE. If a friend or family member wants to play, get them to create their own account - that way you can even play together!), then you are ultimately responsible for the behaviour displayed on that account. > > It would be incredibly unlikely for you to be unbanned in this circumstance. Unlikely? His chances are... less than 0 (velkoz pun) huehue. Also, i really do not buy his story! I feel a scent of guilt in his words. It's not the first time people come up with this scenario.
I mean, I'm never going to say never - realistically anything can happen. That's up to Riot. It's just pretty much an infinitely small chance here. >Also, i really do not buy his story! I feel a scent of guilt in his words. It's not the first time people come up with this scenario. I'm not here to pass judgement, only to inform ;). EDIT: Speling iz herd
Vade (EUNE)
: Permanently Banned
Hi Vade, Account sharing, funnily enough, is also a bannable offence. I digress, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your account. This means that if you decided to let someone else have access to it (for future reference, don't share your password with ANYONE. If a friend or family member wants to play, get them to create their own account - that way you can even play together!), then you are ultimately responsible for the behaviour displayed on that account. It would be incredibly unlikely for you to be unbanned in this circumstance.
: It reminds me of whenever we played football or rugby matches against another school, at the end of the match the team captains would call for 3 cheers for the opposing side.
Exactly. Pretty much all levels of play in any sport, amatuer or professional, have similar sorts of practices. It's about enoying the fact that you're playing the game with others. It's, again, only when we add a screen into the equasion that suddenly "flaming" is the norm, and sportsman like behaviour is weird. I'll never understand why, personally. It's still real people you're dealing with. This isn't unique to LoL either - this exists across pretty much every MMO game. *shrug*
: Shouldn't it either be 1 pm or 13:00 instead of the way they did it which was 01:00 indicating 1 in the morning, not 1 in the afternoon.
It's pretty clearly indicated that it's PM, or afternoon. You copy pasted the quote yourself: >"Personalized discounts are back from April 4th, 2019, at _**01:00p.m. PT**_ – April 25th, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. PT!" The fact that 24 hour time was not used on 11:59 pm, indicates the 0 was placed as a field of HH:MM. I'm not sure how Riot could have been clearer here :/
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