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: As others mentioned, you can look whether or not it's possible to do this by using Riots API (though as far as I know you would need to give Riot Games a website you're planning on programming for them to give you an API code). In any case, the Riot Support redirecting you for such a matter here sounds weird for me, since they usually only redirect people to the Boards if you have any ideas that could potentially change League of Legends or if they are not allowed to give you access to something, but if that could also change if the majority of the community wants access to it (though in that case it'd make more sense for them to just state so) or... things like that. I just don't believe you'll really get through to someone here on the boards properly. It could also be they just misread what you wrote in your ticket, but since I do not have access to your ticket, you can probably judge that best yourself. If you believe that is the case, try leaving another response to your ticket and they will take another look at your request. Now, if you think that neither you nor the Riot Support misread anything and for some reason, the boards really are the right place for this, I can at least give you the personal tip to post this on the NA Boards instead, since the Dev team resides there and if they are going to look somewhere, it's definitely going to be there (though your post may also drown quicker if it's ignored since there is a lot of activity on the NA Boards):
Unfortunately I dont think the riot API can help me with what I would like, as I am not making a website per se but rather doing essentially an academic research paper. In any case, I would have liked access to large data about games, and their current state at say 5 minute intervals (i.e. player 1's death, kills, gold, minions killed, etc etc at 5min, 10min, 15min and so on, for everyone in that match, for millions of matches). In any case, I will re-post this on the NA forums.
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