CenarX (EUNE)
: Goodbye League of Legends
Yeah Im on the edge of quitting too...
: The most TOXIC player ever
You can try, but I don't think they'll do anything. Once I played against a toxic racist player who said that muslims and jews should both be burning in hell. I don't remember what other things he said, but he said a lot of toxic things, yet, when I sent a ticket they didn't do anything to him. Riot Support is a joke tbh.
Gryndall (EUNE)
Oh don't even get me started on that, I totally forgot about it.
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: Lissandra's new bio : WTF ?
Omfg. I was waiting for them to update her lore to know if the Watchers are finally coming or not... This is BULLSHIT. Literally. My favourite lore of all time and they had to ruin it. She was such a badass character who was wise and try her best to bring back the Watchers and now she was the one who sealed them? And they never mentioned they were from the Void. It makes no sence. Well. I guess it's not Riot if they dont %%%% up everything. #NeverBeenMoreDisappointed.
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Cheini (EUNE)
: Supp item changes
Just accept your fate. This is what happens when a great game like league is run by a dumb %%%% company like Riot. They will *never* listen to what the players want. The game is becoming so messed up. Tanks doing assassins damage, reworking assassins to have gaps between their burst damage then they create Kayn who can W and Q at the same time. Reworking Nida ( on S4, I believe ) because her Q was "OP" then they make Zoe. It's just complete nonsence, they don't know what they are doing. So don't get surprised by doing such a stupif change like this. And there is a *very* small chance that they won't do this change because they have too much pride to admit their fault. I honestly started thinking of quitting this dumbass game. Been playing since season 2, and this company never improved itself.
: the new varus splash art is Fugly AF
One of the reasons that will make me quit this game is not giving the player an option. See this simple thing like a splash art ? It might seem a lot for a varus main like you ( I'll just assume you main him ) Give us options Riot, an option to choose wether you want the old splash art or the new one won't bring the end of the world.
: That's why she was picked or banned every game in the all stars 2017. Didn't know the best players in the world were bronze,silver and gold players. Ah, I hope faker, bjergsen, xiye, poe etc will climb to your skill level in the 2018. And that is why she is getting nerfed once more. Just a failure of a champ.
> [{quoted}](name=LielaisDix2k,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6fUnqAkO,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-01-10T09:36:37.195+0000) > > That's why she was picked or banned every game in the all stars 2017. Didn't know the best players in the world were bronze,silver and gold players. Ah, I hope faker, bjergsen, xiye, poe etc will climb to your skill level in the 2018. And that is why she is getting nerfed once more. Just a failure of a champ. Lmao xD
: When they released zoe I lost all hope for any balance in this game. Fix the balance between the existing champs before adding new bullshit like zoe. Seriously riot..
Well, believe it or not, Riot does not care about what the players want unless 99% of the community complains about it. As simple as that. I've been seriously thinking about quitting this game, I've been playing since like 6 years, and I can see that whenever Riot fixes something, it ruins more than it had fixed.
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Mode
How about you bring back Dominion you shitty ass company ?
Miniswim (EUW)
: What has this game become....
It's so sad that LoL's balance team is a joke. And it's so heartbreakingly funny that LoL was in a better state ( in the gameplay part ) on season 2/3 than it is now...
SM2012 (EUNE)
: Rip Runes?
Yep, that's why I damanded in an older post to keep the current runes. I didn't spend so much money in Runes ( probably as much as to fill 2 pages ) but others, spent too much, and after all that hard work they're gonna change them without repaying us, it's something you expect from this shitty ass company, so, yeah. They'll make the new runes for free but I don't think they'll repay us.
ríseNn (EUNE)
: League client stuck on authenticating...
nice client you've got there Riot. Would've been the end of the world if you kept the old client ^^
Minstrel (EUNE)
: The new runes won't be "stronger", they'll be different. The old runes provided stats that many champions relied on. For this reason, the aforementioned champions will now be buffed so that they're not dependent on runes. If you were to use the same runes on top of the buffs, you've broken the game already.
then don't buff the champs, easy :)
: no ?!!! you're wrong and mashed is right. i want the current runes to stay, the others can have the new ones, i want the current ones forever. riot already changed a lot of things, and it's not that fun, you know. if some players want the current ones to say, they should keep them. because you know, the new ones will be more powerful than the current ones as far as i have seen, but the current runes also have some good stuff. which means that the ones who will use the current ones will have a little bit of a problem which i don't fking mind, i want the current ones to stay.
yes, I'd love if they think of keeping them, they already took many things away without even listening to what the community wants.
: > It's not impossible to keep the old ones, Yes it is impossible... keeping both would cause massive balance issues not to mention be pointless because why make a change if your gonna only half do it... especially a change with this much balance implications.. Seriously 5 people have already told you that it's impossible... one of which is a rioter... at this point you've gotta face facts. > Riot doesn't care about what players want if they're minority. If what the minority wants is either impossible, is harmful for the game, or stands in the way of what the majority want then of course riot isn't gonna listen... why should the minority be catered to at the expense of the majority... and ones that are harmful or impossible wouldn't happen even if the majority wanted it, even if riot themselves wanted it it wouldn't happen. Hint, your idea literally falls into all 3 categories... So there are 3 reasons why riot is ignoring your request.
I kind of don't understand what do you mean by 'harmful for the game'. This will be totally anything except balance issues. The new coming runes are way more powerful than the current runes, so if someone will have some hard time it will be us, the ones who want the current runes to stay, like me and OldLeaguePlayStyle and other players. We like the league of legends how it is, I like to have increased AP to my mage instead of some other Rune that function just like a Mastery. I don't see any balance issue in that.
Smerk (EUW)
: The main problem with old client was that it wasn't possible to add anything new to it, it would crumble under its own weight. New one doesn't have that problem and that is why we got replays and training mode already and will get more in the future. Bugs that exist, and there aren't as many as you may think, can and will be fixed
been hearing that it will be fixed since it was released, it's taking a bit of too much time, and also the new client ( I believe the current client*) it already launched and talking about it won't change much, so all Im asking for is to keep the current runes WITH the new runes that are coming, it's not the end of the world if Riot make it optional
: Riot have taken a hard stance against things which just increase stats behind the scenes... hell sona got a rework for the express intention of moving her power out of invisible stat increasing and into something more noticeable... same with things like fiora, locket, zeke, sion, and a lot of others. Runes are by far the biggest offender in this category... they supply small but meaningful power increases which are near invisible unless your looking for them and have no interactions in the game yet have a massive impact in game balance. That's actually really unhealthy, and if riot is gonna take a hard stance against this sort of thing in league then runes have to be at the top of the hit list. So runes have had this coming for years now... not to mention how inaccessible they are due to costs... they needed serious work being done. If you want to stand in the way of the game actually progressing how it should, with runes being a meaningful part of gameplay and not something you forget about despite it directly affecting the game then honestly you should find another game, because riot isn't gonna mess up game balance and health just because a minority wasn't happy with change. Blunt but simple truth.
Yes, exactly, Riot doesn't care about what players want if they're minority. It's not impossible to keep the old ones, Im not asking to not make new ones, just make both of them optional, so the ones who want the shitty current ones can have it, and the ones who want the new runes can have them too =) it's not that hard you know.
patmax17 (EUW)
: The examples you make all have one thing in common: the old map, the old client, and now the old runes and masteries, are all were outdated, and thus inherently problematic. Riot doesn't change things for the sake of change, they do it because they see problems they want to fix at the source, bandaid work isn't enough. The reaction of people like you is understandable, but not constructive. Take the new client for example: the old client wasn't sustainable anymore, and the new client is better in many ways, e.g. it makes implementing new functions a lot easier. As a programmer, I know how great a value this is. The major complains about the new client are about the performance, the missing features and the UI. While performance still isn't perfect, it's very clear that Riot made a lot of improvements over the last year or so. Missing feature are being added constantly now that the new client has officially launched, and the UI is being worked on, too. The best way to bahve in these situations isn't to ask riot to just not change what we have, but rather say what you like of the old system, what you don't like about the new one, where you see problems. I think Riot often shows they listen to feedback from players, but it must be constructive. Just saying "i don't like the new thing, gimme back the old one" won't accomplish anything. You can't change the fact that riot is updating a feature, but you can (and should!) tell them how to make it so that you like the new feature too. One must be able to be critical both of what we currently have and what Riot is working on, especially if we are given insight so much in advance
First, if you see that the old runes and masteries are outdated and problematic, I don't :). It's working really good. And if Riot think it's 'problematic' for some players, why not make both the new and the current one optional ? It's not the end of the world if they do so, duh. And for the new/old client one, yes I don't know how the implementing new functions is a lot easier now, so I don't really have an argument. But at least the old one hadn't tons of bugs : being unable to ban champs ( happened several times and lost LP because of it ), being unable to log in, being unable to create a lobby, and also I had to redownload the whole thing because I had bugsplat whenver I tried to enter in the client, and whenever I wanted to update I couldn't. All these problems aren't that worthy for an 'easier' implementing, the old one was damn better.
: This would be pretty difficult to balance in terms of power. Currently runes provide minor stat boosts to your character, but these stat boosts give you an inherent advantage over other players - and you have to buy them with IP, which is the same currency used to buy champions. This makes them a barrier to entry to play effectively. This is one of the reasons for the update. You mention further down about balancing champions instead of runes; this is not mutually exclusive. Bear in mind that champions right now are inherently balanced around runes (the jungle is a particular offender here). Removing the stat variation that runes provide makes for a more level and predictable playing field, making balancing champions easier. As for keeping them side by side, that would mean that we'd have to balance these minor stat boosts with the power of perks. That would be quite difficult. For example, how much would you quantify the stat power of Thunderlords Decree being? Note, I'm not on the team that is working on runes - I'm just trying to have a candid conversation :) As for the other things: - The new/old summoners rift - I wasn't part of Riot at this point so I cannot comment. - The new/old client - This is mainly for technical and resource reasons. A big obvious one is that having the option of using either client forces us to support both versions of the client at once (they use completely different tech stacks that are not interchangeable and have little interop potential); additionally, a lot of features we wanted to, or have, added are just not possible on the legacy AIR client - like replays.
Thanks for the reply. Well, first, I don't mind buying runes with IP, and for making them balanced as the new runes are coming, I think they're working perfectly fine. The one who want more AD, AP or other tanky stuff can have it, but as an exchange, they can't have the 'overheal' or the 'berserk' buff or whatever it's called. All what Im asking for is making things optional for the player, you guys who work at Riot NEVER made the player to choose what s/he wants, we always have new things that your force it on us, wether we like it or not. There's never an option. And as for the new/old client, the old one ( even without Replays or the Practice tool mode ) it was awesome, it hadn't this much of a bugs. You could just leave it optional for the players too, if the players wants the Replays & Practice tool mode, s/he download the new client, if not, s/he can keep the old one. And Im pretty sure many people prefer the old one, not just me. All what we're asking for is to making the new things optional, not just force things into us.
: And how would balance work... one player could be using a completely different rune system to another which could give them an inherent advantage... why would they allow that to happen. As for your other examples. Summoners rift it's the same thing, clarity is a big part of why the rift got updated so letting people choose would upset balance as well as champion design. And the new client was made to make adding new features easier, as with the old client it was rather hard. By keeping both you need to develop new features for both, which not only defeats the objective of making it easier for riot to do this but actually makes it harder.
what balance ? instead of 'balancing' the runes that are working perfectly fine they should balance their champs, all Im asking for is to keep them, it's not gonna be the end of the world if they keept it, I prefer to have more ap or ad than to have 60% attack speed in combat or some animal from Star Guardian Janna's skin.
Smerk (EUW)
: They won't make it optional, for the same reason they didn't leave both clients: they will need to maintain and balance two systems. Adapt or leave, there are two options only.
Legacy Client was already balanced, at least he didn't have tons of bugs like the new one =)
  Rioter Comments
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaladinNO,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=VAesRanw,comment-id=000d0001,timestamp=2017-06-05T17:29:35.072+0000) > > I did a little reading on the troubleshooting guide, and something caught my eye...if this new client is built from the ground-up, why [insert swearing] is Internet Explorer still a requirement!? > > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201761944 > > And why the _system clock_ would be relevant to a standalone application - which is what games should be - is beyond me. > > Time to push that offline patch, fellas. That entry is actually a little tricky :-P Technically, LoL has never had a reliance on Internet Explorer. What it has a reliance on however is your default windows settings. These just happen to also be used by IE, and are generally easier edited via IE :-P I'll talk with the team who writes those articles to see if that even still applies in LCU, as it's now built on Chromium. As for the system time reliance, this is actually fairly standard for a lot of online games. We use certificates for example - which can show expired or not active if your date/time is incorrect. It's also possible for login issues to occur if your time is way out of sync as your router may timestamp it incorrectly, and by the time it's received server side it's considered expired or incorrect. A lot of this is security measures to prevent DDoSing, Drophacking etc.
It wouldn't be the end of the world if you guys kept the Legacy Client, would it ?
Matrid (EUW)
: Can't log in
That's why you fking keep the Legacy Client, shitty ass Riot.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Whenever I thought about it I came to the conclusion that it's actually a lot more fun this way... back then there was no reason to not just spam the whole map with vision, now it's a lot more like a reasource that should be used correctly. ;)
well, this is your own opinion and I respect it. I just want to note that Im not asking to have 'infinite' wards like we used to do, but adding few more would be perfect, again, everyone has hiw own opinion =)
: Sightstone shoud have an passive that make your max limit for normal wards go to 5 and pink wards to 2
yes it would be perfect !
: 2 control wards per player are too much unless you have to buy an item (support or jungle one). I agree more wards are fine and all, but you don't need so many. What I do want is an item that increases trinket range, like in season 6 and 5.
yes it might be too much, that's why I suggested other things too, I really hope they add something because vision is really important
: I would love to see sight wards come back, miss them. 2 control wards would be overkill, especially in high elo
yes I really miss sight wards too </3
Ókâmí (EUNE)
: Garbage client
I totally agree with you, this decision was one of the worst ones Riot ever did. _Bring Back Legacy Client_
Rioter Comments
: My shop doesnt show skins (eternal loading loop) :(
yes, same. That's why you should keep the legacy client, stupid riot.
: This new client is so bad... I dont know why but i have lags and didnt had them before it... I want old one. (and this one even dont look nice)
yes I totally agree with you, this is just a trash client with tons of bugs.
VQire (EUNE)
: New Client Problems
Im afraid that I don't have a solution to your problem, sorry =/ Fking riot has to ruin the game. The legacy Client was way better than this piece of crap that has tons of bugs. I can't even play because it's having some problems with the lobby or something. Even though I checked the internet connection and it's perfectly fine. **Bring Back Legacy Client**
gyyyr (EUW)
: I would expect them to (if we just assume for a moment it really happens) bring it back as a skin, so the jungle monsters and hitboxes are from the new map but the graphics and maybe even animations are from the old one. (they would have to move some things slightly but I'm assuming here they did that). There is still one problem. Everyone you play with, would have to have the old SR skin active as well or otherwise they have some advantages/disadvantages. Just changing the visuals without any changes to the mechanics, hitboxes, ... can give you an advantage. Some things might be clearer with one skin than the other.
About the hitbox one, I already said ( maybe in another comment ) that the hitbox difference between the old SR and the actual one isn't that of a huge one, it's shown in the preveiw of the new Summoner's Rift and Riot can work on it and finish it within a short period of time =) And about the advantages Im not sure about it =/ you might be right about this one ^-^
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Lot of people dont care. Still, the summoners rift back then actually felt like a rift. Right now tho...it feels like a forest
Yes the old Summoner's Rift fit the gameplay and champions way more than the actual Rift.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Actually I disagree. Graphics were much better for todays standards. It was way clearer. Hell, you could actually see the correct distance.
Bring back old Summoner's Rift <3
: > yes many more important things, like making more skins for more money. Riot has listened to the community for a very few times, I guess it's time for them to listen to what the community wants. New improved client? Mid season? Sandbox mode? Game recording? Bug fixing? Map skins? New gamemodes? Re-adding item mapping? Correct me if i'm wrong but looks like they're doing ALOT of things that the community is asking for. > It's not even that hard for them, if some players themselves could bring it back ( Im talking about the Wooxy site ) how can the company be unable to do it ? No it wouldn't be as easy as you implement. The one on Wooxy lacks so much beside the graphics. In comparison to the new one the olde one suffers from 1. wrong mapping 2. incorrect sections and routes 3. out of proportion surroundings 4. bad lighting and the list goes on and on. You might enjoy the ond one frowhat it is with all its flaws (i'm not here to judge) but in able to fix all the issues and make it playable today would take alot of time and efforth that is totally unnecessayr and could be put into better use. > I already noted that it's not about nostalgia, it's because I really do prefer the old one and Im sure others do too. which is why i said "And I doubt Riot would put any time in it just for nostalgic AND prefferance purposes" Notice the "AND" i typed. Whatever the reason might be, nostalgia, prefference or just because why no, It's not worth it when we have a much more improved, better looking more functional map which already took aton of time to get rolling. The old map was good for what it was at that time but things change and improve to the better. We had fun in it while it lasted but it's about time you let go of it.
First thing I would like to say that Riot did listen to the community after a very very long time. The community had demandedthe sandbox mode and game recording since a very long time. Specially the game recording. Second, yes it will take them efforts but that's for the community's sake ( even though a very small amount of players want it back they're still a part of the community and we have the right to get what we want just like the others had what they wanted ) Third, yes it was my mistake I did not read what you said carefully. And by the way the new client is not that good, I tried both clients and I prefer the legacy everytime someone asks me. The alpga client already costed many people LP for 'leaving' in champ select because they were unable to pick a champ. And also many others bugs and somethings that are not clear ( just like making a tag in a club ) Finally, Im not asking for the impossible. If Riot wants to do it, it will.
gyyyr (EUW)
: > First, it's not even that hard for them, if some players themselves could bring it back ( Im talking about the Wooxy site ) how can the company be unable to do it ? The problem is not that they are unable to put it back in (They don't even have to put in much work because it was working when it was available). The problem is, it could give unfair advantages/disadvantages. And they would have to develop everything they do, twice. once for the old map and once for the new one. **Except** if it would be a completely different queue. Then you would have the problem that would have extreme queue times in the queue for the old Summoners Rift. Oh and btw. There are also peeople who want Dominion and the crystal scar back. (like for example me)
Yes you're right. And I also want Dominion and Crystal Scar back. I just prefered to demand of old SR before them because I miss it more =)
GLurch (EUW)
: I don't think it would work that easily. The old map used different hitboxes than the new one, meaning in the old one, there are walls where no walls in the new one are. If I remember right, the layout of the map even caused teams to be unbalanced (even if just slightly). It would probably take a lot of work to change the layout of the old map and I don't think it would be really worth it for Riot, because they wouldn't gain anything from it.
Yes unfortunetly you're right about not gaining much. Since only a minority of players want it back. But about the hitboxes one, I assure you it's not that big of a deal, since players that make custom skins in Wooxy were able to bring back old Summoner's Rift and it was working perfectly fine even though the hitboxes changes. I also, looked for the changes of hitboxes, they were shown in the preview of the new map, they're not that big. It's just a slight difference. You might be asking why I just don't go use the old SR in Wooxy so I'll answer you. The one in Wooxy is bugged for now, and I want a permanent old SR, not like the one in Wooxy that have to be fixed nearly every 1,2 patches. And it's even might be bannable according to an Employee working at the Support when he got asked if it is, he said there's a chance since it's not something created by the designers at Wooxy but it was originaly created by Riot Designers. Hope I made it clear ( even though you didn't even ask ) ^-^
: 1st: It's not worth the recources and time since there are way more important things in works atm. 2nd: Only a small precentage of the playerbase prefferes the old one, and a smaller precentage still demands it. 3rd: The new map is much better both design and playwise. 4th: Even if they'd fix the mapping of the old SR it just looks outdated for the time. And I doubt Riot would put any time in it just for nostalgic and prefferance purposes.
It might be true, yes many more important things, like making more skins for more money. Riot has listened to the community for a very few times, I guess it's time for them to listen to what the community wants. First, it's not even that hard for them, if some players themselves could bring it back ( Im talking about the Wooxy site ) how can the company be unable to do it ? Second, you said that the new map is much better, that is just your opinion, and of course there are others that agree with you. Me, and other players as well, also agree that the old one is better. Third, I already noted that it's not about nostalgia, it's because I really do prefer the old one and Im sure others do too.
GLurch (EUW)
: I honestly don't want the old map back again, but if they do it as a gamemode in the rotation, I'm at least not forced to play it. However, I doubt even 10% want it back. The teams were unbalanced, the hitboxes were bad and the design was really dark, plus the graphics are really bad for todays standards as well. I think if they would do it, you'd have to wait way more than 10 minutes to find a game, but that's just a guess.
Yes I totally agree with you with everything you said. But there are more ideas to avoid those problems, such as making a special update that the player can choose wether he wants to do the update or not. In this update, the client would have, I don't know, like a button or something where he can choose while selecting the game mode he wants ( if he chooses blind, drafts, or any game in the map of Summoner's Rift ). By pressing that button he can choose wether he wants the old one or the new one. It's just like playing with a custom map skin, but this time it's done by Riot itself. With this solution, I can play with the old Summoner's Rift with/against players that are playing with the new one, or the old one. It doesn't have to force the players to play with the old one, nor with the new one. That's what Im asking riot to do, and it's not that hard.
: I support this. Firstly, The new summoner's rift that we have today do look more "great" so to speak. But it sucks, performance wise. What I think Riot SHOULD do is give us customization options. Let the players themselves choose if say: They want the new look of summoner's rift or the old one. They want the old look of a champino(I;E Garen) or the visually updated version. Riot has the technology to do this. Hell, THE PLAYERS have the tech and skill to do this which is evident by the extensive existence of custom skins. Riot can bring us the option to choose and hell, They SHOULD give us the option as we deserve it.
I salute you ! This is exactly what Im asking for ! I hope they consider what we're demanding =)
Swarmer (EUNE)
: its more like, they want to make lol like cartoonish shit dota
I couldn't agree more with you, Swarmer, let's hope they consider what where's asking for !
GLurch (EUW)
: >Riot reworks the rift and suddenly framerate issues starts to arise. So who's fault would that be? It would be Riot's. This issue was fixed a LONG time ago already. It was the first time RIot changed their map, of course issues would happen. >Its not our fault that Riot HAS to make the game look like Battlefield %%%ing 1. I can't really afford a new PC at this time and I could play league no problem before but Riot has to be "that guy" who "innovates" new sht. Riot has the tech to make the game run better on older machines(Mine is not even that old tbh) but they don't want too because that would take resources away from them. http://imgur.com/a/bNJee
Im not pretty sure about this fix, since I didn't have that much of a big problem myself. We still want the old Summoner's Rift, I want it back in the game, and a lot of people agree with me ! Old Summoner's Rift was just special and fit the champs/gameplay more, again it's my opinion ( plus other people who agree with me ) and there's others who prefers the new one and it's totally acceptable since it's pretty good. I only want to make both the old one and new one optional so that the player can choose the one that he actually want to play in ^-^ hope I made it clear =)
: Except that Riot doesn't know how to optimize the stuff they add into the game. The new rift is more craving than the old one. People like me could clearly play the game with a decent framerate(above 60) on the old Rift with no problem, Riot reworks the rift and suddenly framerate issues starts to arise. So who's fault would that be? It would be Riot's. Its not our fault that Riot HAS to make the game look like Battlefield fu*king 1. I can't really afford a new PC at this time and I could play league no problem before but Riot has to be "that guy" who "innovates" new sh*t. Riot has the tech to make the game run better on older machines(Mine is not even that old tbh) but they don't want too because that would take resources away from them.
Exactly, this is what happened to my friends, the new map ruined the whole game for them =/
Swarmer (EUNE)
: Old sr was dark, and had its own flavour, now its just a cartoonish dota clone
Yes, it looks so much like the Dota Map.
GLurch (EUW)
: Well, I don't and I think many people don't prefer it as well. I'd rather have Legend of the Poro King in the rotation, but maybe if enough people want it and continue to play it as well, maybe they will do it, but I really doubt it.
I doubt it as well, but Im trying my best to bring it back ^-^
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