: Anivia has the lowest base health in the game, i'd go liandrys unless void staff is really needed for enemy MR. Rylais is nice but it doesn't give a *lot* of health on its own.
And the slow is more than useless on her!
: This is right after all supports get indirectly buffed by the itemisation, and generally assassin buffs (cough cough rengar). Every champ has their strengths and weaknesses, I think that a good vayne gets rewarded for playing good, and vice versa.
You'd be surpised to see the amount of time I have seen Vayne beating Rengar 1v1. :)
: Nashors Tooth on Orianna? (Brainstorm)
I would say depends highly on the team you face. Once, i was vs a super fed Olaf that built full tank (still shreding our team ; whatever thats not the point). A good shockwave wouldnt have helped much in that situation... so I just build Nasor tooth and Lichbane, and i was melting him, while still doing loads of damage to their team, because of the ap given by those 2 items. So I'd say that this item is definitely viable, but sadly too situationnal :/


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