: ***
Sorry but we're not looking for immature players who keep arguing. Our coach wanted you to come on skype to have a conversation to possibly recruit you. If you give a vague answer and then make a rude comment when he asks you to elaborate we're not interested. As it says in the requirements communication is important and looking at your posts I can already guess how you would respond to criticism. This team is backed by a company we will represent as a team not some random team you mostly see. A good first impression is important and you already blew yours. I don't understand why you feel the need to keep arguing, it won't change our minds anyway. So please move on. Good evening.
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: [EUW] serious team looking for support
Update: We've had quite some applicants so far, but we're still looking for that special one to fill the support role on the team. Thank you to all those who applied so far though. (make sure you add **Centrix VII**, not AD Centrix)
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porps (EUW)
: well ok, it's a nioce idea, site looks nice, but since i dont play ranked its not of much use to me- also i think the stats shown (ranked match stats) are already tracked in league. What would make me use this is if normal game stats (wins/losses per champion) were tracked since that isnt something i can get from the game, but ofc perhaps that isnt possible for you since the game isnt keeping a record of it. Sure some people will find it useful, just giving my 2 cents... gl
It also lets you see the champion masteries of your friends (if they also have an account). That's something you can't do ingame. The site isn't just about showing ranked stats. That's just a part of it to make it include an aspect of the game, there is a lot more to it. (social, esports, creations, blogs, etc) Thank you for your opinion though
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: Looks prety of for me, decent info`s there. It would be nice if instead of messege sistem like a forum one to be a free chat or chat rooms! In rest everything is ok. Heil {{champion:17}}
There is a live chat available now as well. Thanks for the idea
: [Riftside.net] Social Network: looking for feedback
Thank you for all the new sign ups. I hope you like the direction the site is headed and I hope to hear feedback from you
Wölfheart (EUNE)
: Oh, then it's all cool. Yeah, journals could be like blogs. It would be nice to also have something to keep the users interested in. Maybe there will be a lot of summoners who would like to write big and talk about their game experiences and also life. And I'm one of them. It's a great job so far. I'll come with more after I finish this match! XD
Wölfheart (EUNE)
: I think having a private chat would be better than a live chat. Keep the posts that way, like kind of globally and add a private chat to work around that problem, so we can also have 1:1 chats when we need. That would be coolio. I guess you can use the same thing that Facebook uses, use "private messages" and "private chat" in the same thing, since I already see that there's a PM feature.
Alright sounds cool. I'll look into it
Mangekyu (EUW)
: This Site is awesome, one thing i can say, DO NOT INFEST THIS WITH ANIME, like League Amino, seriously, I stopped looking at that because of this reason! Message system and tags would be good aswell
Even though I used to watch some anime years ago, I'm not interested in adding any anime to the site. The site is purely for League. If some users like to post anime on their profiles that's up to them. That's what the follower system is for, if you don't want to see any anime posts, you're free **not** to follow them. That way you won't see any anime posts. So far, nobody has posted any anime though. I think the idea of the site is very clear and people use it what it's intended for.
Wölfheart (EUNE)
: Yes, a way to change it. It would be the best, I guess. I mean, instead of having many copies of usernames, or usernames wrote with another letter or something like that just because, say, someone wants a "wolfheart" too, we can have display names which can do that job easier. I'm really glad it was a good feedback! :D I, myself, worked at a social network too, locally in my town, so I'm very hyped about being able to feedback on those. Also, I don't know if it's too big of a feature or not, but how about making "Summoner Journals"? In which, obviously, everyone would have a personal journal, public or for only friends (if "Friends" is a feature). It would be really cool! One more thing: for the wiki. Could you add a way to link the pages with one or each other? I mean, each page has an ID, and there's some bbcode like [wikipg:ID] that would insert a link to the page with that ID. Another one! Add a way to chose from which groups to get updates or not? D: Because I can imagine that later on, there will be A LOT of spaces and the discussion will be just filled with them. Or just keep the groups to themselves, or a separate page or something.
Yeah I'll work on the username changes. Would those Journals be more like blogs? There has to be a clear distinction between that and the wall posts. Riftside works with followers, like on twitter. Spaces can have followers too. So let's say you have a team, rather than having a seperate account for your team (like you have to do on twitter), you can just invite all of the members to your teamspace so they can post with their normal accounts there and whoever follows the space will see the messages. There are several settings to spaces though. You can also make it private so only the members see the posts. Or public, so everyone can enter/join freely (or with invitations only). It's very versatile, depending on your needs for it.
: Looks prety of for me, decent info`s there. It would be nice if instead of messege sistem like a forum one to be a free chat or chat rooms! In rest everything is ok. Heil {{champion:17}}
Yeah I've been thinking about adding a live-chat to it, but wasn't sure it would take away a lot of the attention from the wall posts and other means of communication on the site.
Wölfheart (EUNE)
: Sounds very good. I'm definitely signing up for this! :D I'll come with a feedback after I check a little out of it myself. But so far it looks good. Okay, after the first check:** The site looks incredibly complete! ** * Profile linked to in-game summoner is great! * The site works and feels beautiful. * I love the Spaces! You can have your own wiki, like omg! Just like groups/pages on Facebook BUT WITH A WIKI!!! {{champion:103}} * Polls look great and comment system feels good. Even though I repeated it a lot: the site feels awesomely complete and ready to go. So guys, hop in and enjoy this! This is quality. Suggestions that could be added: * Why not add an option to choose our display name or edit the way its capitalized? (e.g: mine is wolfheart and I'd love it to be Wolfheart or some display name. I thought the username is only for login. D:) _Will update when I got more!!_
Thanks a lot for the feedback! Can't wait to hear more from you. About the display name, you mean a way to change it right? Shouldn't be a problem. Will add that soon.
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: [EUW] Serious team looking for Toplaner (gold+)
Added both players now. No response so far yet though. Had a tryout last night but it didn't work out lol. Still looking for a toplaner.
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Gouge (EUW)
: Hey Centrix, I've sent you a friend request, I'm looking forward to meet you guys!
Were you still interested in doing this? I know it was christmas so we all had a few days off, but if you're still up for it, my team and I are ready for it whenever you are.
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: You want gold 2 or higher but ur low gold 3??
1) I said _preferably _gold2 or higher, can be gold5 too 2) I don't play soloq anymore 3) because we have higher ranked people in the team thought it was pretty common sense
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Gouge (EUW)
: Hey Centrix, I've sent you a friend request, I'm looking forward to meet you guys!
Gouge (EUW)
: [Free Coaching] LF dedicated plat/gold 5's team that wants to improve (15 games played minimum)
Hey there, We recently started a dedicated team a few weeks ago that plays every day from 7pm to 10pm (or 11, depending). We've played well over 15 games together by this time obviously, though we had to swap out some members here and there, but the core members (3) have been playing together for a while now, but we think we finally found a good fixed group to play with together. We were talking about finding a coach to improve, but weren't actively looking for one yet until we saw your post here. We had a talk together and thought it would be really good to apply. Top: Diamond Jungle: Gold Mid: Gold ADC: Gold Support: Platinum We don't mind you talking a lot! Rather have someone talk too much than too little right? ;) Besides, more info is always welcome. Hope to talk to you soon Kind regards, Centrix
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: [EUW] Fairly new (serious) team looking for Jungler (gold-diamond)
Our toplaner decided to take the jungler role so it's easier to shotcall overall. So this recruitment is changing to a TOPLANER
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: I have just singed up! I like it!!
Great! Thanks :D Good to hear that
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Snow Enix (EUW)
: We got a genius guys !
How so? I simply complimented the guy that he made a yin yang actually look cool. Maybe you could use some genius yourself if you think I meant "omg I just noticed it's yin yang but in the shape of kindred?!"
Laasyahnir (EUNE)
: My new Kindred tattoo.
It's like Yin Yang but Kindred style :) nice
: What time does season close? ETA?
I believe in like 20 minutes from now
: I know I shouldn't behave that way and I very much regret it, not just because I got banned, I never flamed this much ever before, the most I said is "noob". I was being flamed as well, taunted constantly by enemies and by my teammates who give up and go AFK because they're gold anyway. I was disconnected because electricity went down at my city and when I came back our jungler was flaming my friend and I flipped at him as well then. Today is just really awful and I can't believe I'm permanently banned for this. :(
Well that's life. Sometimes you don't get second chances... Be happy it only happened in a game and not something more serious, like your job. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Also, you shouldn't post this on the forums, but send a ticket to the support team instead. Atleast there you have a chance to get a proper response. You won't achieve anything by posting it on the forums, other than other players commenting on your issue.
: dont have one, ill make one that fits for all players in the team
In my experience that just leads to the team not being able to play together, or maybe just 1 or 2 nights a week. You'll finally have your team together, and then... oh, can't play. Nevermind then ^^
: Starting Ranked 5v5 team anyone welcome! EUW
You forgot to post your schedule ^^
: Making Serious Ranked Team
Gold 5 ADC here. Sounds good, but in my experience of recruiting for your team, it's better to put the schedule up already in the thread. Have had enough trials and whatnot and then when all the members are found, nobody plays together anymore because nobody can commit to the same schedule. If you put a schedule on the thread we can tell for ourselves if we should apply for this or not.
: Silver team need an ADC
Silver ADC here, but just give me a trial and I'm sure I'll surprise you. It's good to see you have a schedule up on the forums already. I have tried many teams but they were not active enough for me and/or had poor time management.
: So, what EXACTLY is the purpose of this "CHAMP MASTERY" thing?
: New team Silver1+ Looking for..
Hello, I main ADC (yeah.... saving for that namechange lol, I can play all) and I'm very interested in joining. I have added you ingame so we can ask eachother some questions. I think it feels more personal to just have a conversation that way, as I also have some questions for you about e.g. your vision on your team.
: The prodigies RECRUITING
Hey, I am currently a silver ADC looking for a team, both to improve myself and the team I am playing with. I play pretty much daily and I have played in a team in season 1 (but took a break and came back at the end of season 4). At the moment I play a lot with platinum/diamond friends, but they don't play daily to build a team with. I always play to win, surrendering is for losers. I always try to keep my team's morale up, even when we are behind we can still win. If you're looking for a team with the same mindset, I think I would be a good fit. I'm always open to feedback and I have much experience with being in a very competitive team (in a different game) that isn't afraid to point out eachothers flaws for the sake of improving the teams performance. Giving and taking constructive criticism positively has proven to be an important factor in becoming a well-oiled machine. Name: Gravesite Best ADC champs: {{champion:104}} Graves, {{champion:222}} Jinx, {{champion:51}} Caitlyn, {{champion:18}} Tristana, {{champion:429}} Kalista, but I can play any ADC really SoloQ rank: Silver & climbing :D
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Melfino (EUW)
: Creating Dutch Bronze -> Silver -> Gold team
Hey! I am Dutch, main ADC, silver 4 atm but climbing to gold. I added you, I'm very interested in playing with a team that wants to get better and maybe achieve some great things together
Assailant (EUNE)
: [wG] Weed Gaming Recruiting
Sounds like my kind of team haha. 420 blaze it. But I'm on EUW
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: Met some amazing person in normal Que!

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