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: I should stop playing with friends cuz they ruin my {{champion:350}} streak. [What can I do if I like her for what she is?](
: I think if you want to get known in League or as a good OTP, you should have your own persona and not so general. A name that people will only know you by. If you are looking 4fun only, then sure but idk. Wouldn't do this tbh.
hmm i am not trying to convince people to rename therselves or something. Just looking for members for the club :D. You still can name urself as u want to :D
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Silver888 (EUW)
: Hi Xesc! Im a gold 2 midlaner who is looking for a team. If you dont have a midlaner yet, I could be yours ;)
Rothrin (EUW)
: im looking for a team i know it's abit late but i also need to see where im at skill wise im gold 2 atm but thats solo que don't know how i do as a team
: I'm 19, that too far from what you're looking for? If not throw an add this way, and we'll see where it goes from there?
: Hey Le Salt King(JammyDodgems) here Im down for joining your team 22 years of age and an ADC main whos been playing for 2 years now everything your said above Im down and agree with sadly this weekend Im in london for worlds and the next have family obligations but other than that Im ready to play some serious league, learn more and grow as a player with an awesome and like minded team My free days and time are Monday after 5 Wednesday after 4 Thursday after 4 Friday after 3 and Sat and sunday are free all day atm Hit me up
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: DLG looking for Coaches and Analyst.
Hey, I`m kinda Interested. Also i`m not too good as a player myself ( espacially mechanical ), i have quite good game knowledge and would be glad if u send me the doc.
: G3+ Building Team (serious)
IGN: Xesc Elo: Gold II ( Promos Gold 1 ) Main Role: Support Main Champs: Janna, Bard, Thresh ( I have a pretty large champion pool tho and can adept to anything the team needs ) How long have you played: Playing lol since end of Season 1 Why Join: Im Looking for a Team that wants to improve together and does not play for fun only. Additionaly im intersted in deeper thoughts of strategy than u can have in Solo Q ( For example Team Comps and Objective oriented play ) LoL Skill Link:
AEX Xesc (EUW)
: Ambitious Goldplayers needed for creating a ranked Team
Thanks for the Requests, got a couple requests for ADC and Mid now, so im rather looking for Jungle and Top now. <3
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Kritya (EUW)
: Cryosis looking for top laner (Gold+)
Roles: Top, Support ( Name is way older ) Age: 23 Rating: s5 Silver I , s4 Gold 4 Favorite champ to play: Vladimir Top 5 Champs: Vladimir, Lulu, Malphite, Renekton, Shen Can you meet the practice times?: yes What makes me a good pick for this kind of team?: I`ve got a lot of experience in LoL and am very interested in planing out different Comps, that I may have seen in LCS or other Streams. Im more a Safe Laner then an agressive kill machine, but i`m able to play Lanes rly safely while still keeping up in farm pretty good. Furthermore i have a rly large Champion Pool and I`m owning every available Champ for swaps etc. Last but not Least i`ve got to say i have very much time at the moment to practise different Champs, Comps or whatever the Team needs. I wanna join the Team because i hope it helps myself improving and having fun in the game more then in Solo Q due Teamplay and Communication.

AEX Xesc

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