: Bannable to lvl up 3 accs at the same time (3o3-Coop)?
I would have 3 pcs for it and i can get myself 3 smurfs at the same time without buying a stupid acc which is going to be banned anyway just a click somewhere now and then so they dont afk.. pretty simple but ive heard of many ppl like gosu getting banned for botting even if they didnt and smurfs are nice to have since u break the mental blockade if ure like dia1 but alrdy have 4 accounts there its less pressure for ur mind and results in better results{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Kianisan (EUNE)
: Yuumi AFK leveling banneable?
What if u are in ur own 3o3 Coop game without any other players but you.. Would that be bannable? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Player for our semi serious - serious! 3v3 team needed
Hey, Im just 15 years old but im rlly not a kid and i keep fighting till the end I´d never flame or smth like this as kids would do (just play with me to check it out :3) I can play every lane and i almost win it everytime (even against hard matchups) My best champions are: Bottom:Zigga,Orianna,Lissandra,Morgana and Ahri Jungle:Rengar,Xin Zhao,Wukong,Vi,Lee Sin and Top:Rengar,Renekton,Shyvana,Wukong,Jax Im surely good with every champion so this wont be a problem (if i got the champion) Im unranked at the moment because playing solo makes me tired but i was Plat V last season and im a good player I also got a lot of experience in 3o3 because i played with some friends myself a lot of but the team is inactive now :/ I dont got curse but i got teamspeak 3 I can also download Curse if you send me a link but i got teamspeak if that is also okay I added you (OneJumpOneKill) so accept if you want to create ur own mind Cya soon

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