Same, 2 days in a row from 17 to 22 Central European Time my ping is 200+, other games and streams are fine
Hansiman (EUW)
: Speedtest really only tells you that you are connected to the internet, nothing else. It connects you to the geographically **closest** server to you, which should give you the most optimal test results. The league servers are located in one specific location, and regardless of where you are, you're always going to connect to the same server. The path your connection takes is completely different, and that's what impacts your ping. Ping is not really impacted by the servers themselves, unless there are ongoing issues impacting **many** players. You having a problem with connection implies it's ISP, or routing based.
in other games its fine, league %%%%ed up again
Shamose (EUW)
: Have you asked your ISP if there are any problems connection to league services? Or are you the type of person that says: "Lmao only league doesn't work, this different game hosted in a different country by a different company has no issues. So it must be league and not my internet"
yes, and did speedtest, unfortinatly, league forums are outdated and i cant even link images right away
gbx (EUNE)
: Yeah mate i just played a R6 match and i had 40 ping there but somehow LoL is on constant 170+
lmao i just check my ping through R6 too, 28-32 is stable
gbx (EUNE)
: Constant high ping on EUNE
Same with me on EUW right now. Always 47+ and now 230? My internet is fine 100%, streams and other games full speed etc.
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: Random ms spikes

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