: And among the community the worst is your kind. People who maybe do nothing bad except that sweet talk that technically tells people to hold on, but at the same time subtly hints at them just being bad. Everyone else just try. But you really do damage. I won't even argue with thise "mathematical proof". I just say that the simple solution is often not the right one. And since you forget to mention the circumstances, the outer dependencies (like: experience by time, loss rate by number of troll, chance of get N trolls in the same team) I will just say to this poor guy: Hey, **AWOL420**, this is bullshit, man. Unless you can really do all the math simulations yourself, while understanding what is it exactly you ask, don't you ever read this!
please go back and read.. this was posted on behalf of someone. her account got banned because she wanted to give the account away for free and she posted her email.. No warning, no nothing..instant ban. So she asked me to do it for her. I dont play this game half as much as i used to,I to find the trols and afkrs and toxiticty to damaging for the game. If i do play i mute every one to start with, its a shame i have to do this. Her maths, i dont know mate..im just helping a girl out. I have played a few games with her, she's a good little support player or acd. She was alway poliet and tried to be upbeat and boost the teams moral. I feel it is a shame to loose such a player as she was a genuinly nice person to play with.
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