: If you are higher than the rest you will lose more LP and gain less. If you are lower than the rest you will lose less LP and gain more.
: The mistake you are making with your suggestion, or assumption thereof is that you assume that you and the other 7 people are all on the same level. That's not the case - hence why more sophisticated calculations are done when calculating LP gains and losses.
Then am I losing more lp and gaining less because my level is higher than other 7 people or lower?
zigzagerzz (EUNE)
: Loading bug
I get the same bug at least 1 out of 4 games.
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Mr Tumnus (EUW)
: Free For All Mode (FFA)
Advantages: - it will be fun playing solo - noone can flame - can invite friends to play against each other Disadvantages: - The map needs to have more than 2 recall points or you can't go back until you die like aram - What roles to pick, if you pick a squishy champ, everyone might gank up on you, so in the end only limited champs can be played - Need to have a new map, so u can have a turret for yourselves so you can farm under turret It is a good idea but you need to think a lot before you make it happen.


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