Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Don't drag 4 strangers down with you when you want to troll/take it easy, find 4 friends for that
: The new walking/running animations suck
ikr twisted fate's is so bad it's actually throwing me off trading and last hitting
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What do the white numbers mean? (In my case on Kai'Sa)
: Yasuo's W
Why would you want to directly nerf him?
Change title to Plat or lower :^)
Yubb (EUW)
: Velkoz
Yeah it's been 2 and a half years {{champion:161}} {{item:3070}}
Enfuir (EUW)
: i got ban 20 min because of my net
: appreciation level
Me lock your discount shop long time {{champion:84}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Overall damage in the game is out of control and making the game less and less enjoyable to play
The gameplay between seasons is different because it's meant to distinguish itself. You'd get bored playing the same meta for 8 seasons. Though I agree there is a lot of damage in the game right now.
Kyle001 (EUW)
: Protest to 14 day ban
As someone who has been suspended and given chat restrictions a multitude of times I can tell you now that there really isn't any point making a fuss about it. Riot always have the final word against your account, as it belongs to them under the ToS. It's incredibly frustrating to invest so much time into your account only to have it taken away, so just behave and use common sense in your games. I wish you the best.
: A "thank you" to Riot Support
Are we playing the same game?
Rioter Comments
: Fist bump ward
You can't obtain it through the shop anymore. The only way to unlock it is through being mystery gifted it, or the hextech crafting system I believe.
: I want to learn Riven but Im bad with her
Don't be afraid to play anything even if it looks challenging. It's normal for new players to struggle picking up new champs, as is for us oldies when a new one comes out :D The best advice I can give you is to just play her.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Really? I think her new model is especially one of the best reworks for her
The visual quality of the model is excellent, however I do not like the style of it.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: LP gain and loss
It sounds like you have very low MMR. Your LP and MMR are tied together, if one drops then so does the other. If one rises then the other does too. Keep winning more games than you are losing (aim to get a win rate of above 50%) to raise your MMR, and earn more LP for a win, and lose less for a loss.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Thoughs and reaction to the new akali!
I like her new kit, it looks much more healthy than her previous one. However I can see the rage forming in all chat when people get dove by her. The only thing I don't like is her new model. She looks too gaudy.
Oglaf (EUW)
: Zoe's ultimate always a set distance?
It's a set distance. Like {{champion:157}} E.
: Lamb's Q range increases with rapid firecannon while E doesn't
Just recognised you off my friends list :D I don't play kindred so I'm not aware of this but it sounds like her E should be affected by {{item:3094}} . This must be new as it would have been addressed before.
Brochacho (EUW)
: Ban this damn player
So what? He's the one who will stay at his rank because he doesn't take ranked seriously. You get people like that now and then, but the higher you go the more serious people will be. Just be tenacious.
: Sorry we are unable to start your game
: I would love a Katarina revert or at least a little love to the actual one|+ opinions about the game
I just liked the old splash art :( Oh and the W I loved the sound and the way it just works
ÆnimÆ (EUNE)
: zed in urf
He's pretty bad but there are others just as bad as him.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I think I know why a lot of people dislike the new Aatrox
A lot of people got attached to his nonchalant, badass personality. Whereas this new Aatrox just seems like an angry slav.
: Mid-Patch Updates
It went live my friend
: the next VS event
{{champion:17}} vs {{champion:136}}
: Stop autofilling me as adc
Not much you can do about the role in which you are autofilled. It's always a good idea in champ select when you're autofilled to just say "autofilled, pref top/mid/etc".
: friendly message to riot :)
yea game is complete garbage but oh well im addicted so ill keep banning {{champion:9}} and spam {{champion:25}} to tilt adc mains
Fryderman (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Add option to sort champions by difficulty
I really wouldn't trust the difficulty meter on the champions since Riot put it there lul
570 Scythe (EUNE)
: How are new players supposed to buy " ALL " champs ?
I've been playing for 4 years and I've only just unlocked every champ. So yeah it will take a while. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Silisa (EUNE)
: It is not stealing. There is this myth in this game that CS in a certain lane belongs only to one particular laner. The laning phase (whatever that is anymore) is the only time players are expected to stick to their lane and farm those waves. After that, unless a player is actively split pushing a certain lane, those who need farm will rotate across the map in order to: pick up waves and defend towers, create a slow push, and team fight for objectives (towers, Dragon and Baron). If you notice that a teammate who wants/needs farm isn't going to make it to lane in time to actually get more than a couple of creeps out of a wave (or two, three waves) and you are already there, just take the farm - otherwise the gold and XP will get lost to the turret. This doesn't apply only to the "turret is in danger of falling" situation. **It is simply better for the team as a whole if anyone (even a support) gets that gold and XP, if it is apparent that the player in need of it won't make it in time to get it.** On another note, if your teammate has made a point to allow a push towards him, when you do go to clear the wave, **make sure to only last hit**. Blasting the creeps with AoE and clearing them all in 3 seconds will end up making a push towards the enemy, which your teammate won't thank you for.
This. Also it just sounds like Garen is really bad at freezing the wave.
: Srsly... what to do if I'm feeding that is better than going AFK?
Just make yourself carryable. Sit in your lane under your turret, whether it be T1, or the inhib turret and go for cs that you can safely take. Don't hesitate to concede cs. You must play extremely passive and give up a lot of farm and exp. But it is so much better than feeding the enemy even more. Play around yourself but if your team look to fight then join them. TL;DR: Be a massive %%%%%
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: it's a joke loock at the board{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
lul not as good of a joke as patch 8.13...{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: Stop flaming riot please
No they aren't. If they were doing their best they would have blocked queues into new games and disconnected all players after realising the issue. Which could have been done in less than an hour. It's been almost 12 hours for some people. Stop defending them, you are as dense as a fruit cake.
: WTF?! RIOT!!!!
penzzy (EUW)
: how long time u were waiting ?
I've been waiting over 3 hours
Sibling (EUW)
: They could simply block all current players from entering a game for about 50 min. Then kick the rest.
They are too simple minded to think of something that obvious.
: They are already aware of this issue and working on a fix. Stay patient until they're done :)
They haven't even updated server status about it. Incredibly lazy on Riot's part, pretty asinine of you to say stay patient buddy :/
: no after repair jumps into game again
This is why we need a downvote for coments
Rikμ (EUW)
: RP compensation.. i find it hard to believe but i do hope there is some compensation for the time we've been waiting for it because i just moved my pc to my best friend's house to play along and this heppens.. i hope we can play later today
My comment was a joke. {{summoner:31}} Riot TMX stated that ghost games would last a maximum of 2 hours but there are dozens of people reporting that they have been waiting for up to 7 hours. So I wouldn't count on it. Best thing would be just to do something else.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Will we get LP from winning a ghost game yes or no.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Jeez Match history is currently under a fix, so the LP can be delayed.
I didn't have access to match history all day but I still got LP and ranked up to another division. Yet only on this ghost game there is no indication of LP being received. GG Riot scratching their ass and pulling out the Aatrox rework they find under their fingernails. You can't play any games but at least you can buy RP woot.
Garen Main (EUNE)
Rikμ (EUW)
: Stuck :(
Chill bro they are just a small indie company. Riot are working as hard as they can to resolve the issue. They will definitely make sure everyone gets the LP they won from ranked and gift the playerbase a small amount of RP as compensation for the servers failing. Ty Rito! :)
: they have fixed it now {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Well just not for me then...
: The good thing is ..
And you can use the shop even when permabanned...
: Riot Has Lost It
This happened because the Chinese fat cats at Tencent bought Riot in Season 5. Game is pile of steaming shit.
Rioter Comments
Thierlevy (EUW)
: Stuck on reconnect
Having this right now. Stuck on reconnect. I haven't gotten an update on my LP on so idk.
: [EUW][Bronze-Plat] Players wanted
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