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: Listen to your jungler on map calls
> [{quoted}](name=DeadPuddle,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dLbmOuEB,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-17T01:28:22.835+0000) > **Your Jungler has the final say in doing dragon or baron** All this is very well said, except for this part. I don't specifically main jungle but I play it frequently, along with support and top. In my experience, from diamond in NA to silver here in EUW, more than half of all junglers I have in my games make bad calls, or no calls at all. Most junglers have the worst map awareness, when they should have the best map awareness, next to the support. Too many times have I seen a Master Yi or a Udyr make the decision to solo dragon after their jungle clear without any knowledge of where the enemy jungler/mid is. I never have high expectations for junglers in my games unless they prove themselves right off the bat, which doesn't mean gank a lane at level 2 with half your HP left and fail.
: Mid farm is not free farm!
Although less frequent in the top lane, I find this an issue too. It's really irritating when I have to back, and then the jungler comes into lane and pushes the wave, only for the opposing top laner to freeze the wave just outside his/her turret.. I'm not the best player in the world so this alone puts me at an disadvantage, and eventually behind.
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: U.R.F
I admit, there have been times where I've searched for private servers that host URF mode, but I don't really want to resort to that... I wish URF was at least a custom game option.
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