: Zed is not hard. He just isn't. He has a shit ton of escapes and after your first kill it's a free lane. Current LeBlanc isn't as skilled as rework LeBlanc. It feels like it. Not just because of the damage but oh well. Anivia yes. Riven? never. 3 knockups + stun. The ones I consider hard: Elise, Nida, Jhin to an extent, Jayce, Zilean, I respect Zilean players alot being a support main, and that's it.
Riven - 3 knockups + stun??? You sure about that one? LB is hard because it requires forethinking; similarly with Zed and shadow placement.
: Nidalee more complex than Riven? I don't think so. Even in the lowest Elo you just hit with a spear then do a full skill roll as a cat, then you run away and heal yourself. And that usually works. And where's Elise? She's much like Nidalee only without that powerful artillery-ranged spear.
This list isnt ranked in any way. Its just stating. I could rank it if you want but I would say they are about equal; with the Nida removal of animation cancels I would go and say Nida is slightly easier than riven but not by much.
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: I've always had a little crush on Bjergsen. Still have a photo with my arm around him at one of the NA LCS finals. I fangirled pretty hard.
he has that nerdy look to him which i can see
: Don't know, not really into young boys, being a near 30 y.o dude.... lul
lul girls exist too - im only 18 so i am okay hahaha
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Til Salgs (EUW)
: {{champion:131}} {{champion:16}} Diana with lead is almost impossible to deal with. Soraka just removes all the mistakes an adc etc has in botlane, and her poke is pretty powerfull played the correct way. {{champion:36}} Should have sideeffects from his sterioids he has used them far too long. Bench the {{champion:223}} Turn this sparrow into a Mockingbird {{champion:50}} I really think these champs does need to get some buffs. {{champion:103}} She was ment to be mobile and "light footed" now she is just a mage with the longest dash CD in the game. Except Noc, but his ult aint a dash xD {{champion:81}} Why did they touch ezreal? He is not anything special atm {{champion:222}} When was the last time she was meta, She is really powerfull from ahead, but you have to play her flawless, which wont work unless you can calculate everything {{champion:421}} So many champs can do what he does, but wayyy better. This guy is not good even though he has been touched {{champion:112}} {{champion:254}} Punch first, and get oneshot by almost everyone. She is def not a tank, not a good bruiser, and her dammage is low. Best part is clear speed. Good in certain matchups where lockdown is the most importiant. Whait this guy exists? {{champion:83}} The adcs should get better health per lvl TANK {{champion:22}} toplane With CD is so fun.
Nerf soraka E only because people are just maxing E. Diana is actually so bad atm; you give her a lead yes she will snowball like every other champ but if you are dying to Diana; especially pre-6 you are doing something wrong. Kench is fine. Why swain when you can have Vlad which i notice you didnt mention. Ezreal had like a 50%+ winrate despite being like one of the most picked ADC's. Viktor just needs some help early; hes nearly good.
: > [{quoted}](name=xTigax3,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8ifJdLBO,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-19T10:48:27.068+0000) > > I don't think Zoe needs to be nerfed, she is strong but the reason she seems op is because nobody abuses her weakness. I think Zoe is impossible to balance with her kit. The issue with her is that she can do too much too safe. You can abuse her in lane early, but come rotations, objectives and teamfights and she just spams in the general direction of the enemy and a bubble will hit and someone will die, or you know just chunk out half of someones hp by randomly spamming Q in the general direction of the enemy. Even in lane after she scales a bit she just shows and farms easy from across the lane with her Q or QR, and gets extra random survivability from her w. I honestly have no idea how to balance this champ, maybe if you give her very low dmg and balance her around being in a support role. Also I think it would be good to make her ult interruptable, where if she gets ccd when she pops up she stays there, it would make it much more risk vs reward for jumping over walls spam.
Zoe's main issues in my opinion is the fact her Q damage scales with level as well as rank of the ability and how sleep is rather wierd in how it interacts with CC immunity and spellshields. Also just having multiple usages of summoners is cool but naturally very strong due to how summoners are meant to be high CD game changing tools. I feel like a good start to Zoe would be making her E no longer like linger on the floor if nobody is hit.
Liż (EUW)
: {{champion:27}} He can feed all he wants and still be effective, his whole playstyle is unfun to play against.
I cannot look at Singed without thinking of Hashinshin xDDD
: No idea how Miss Fortune isnt on this list, she has the highest win rate of any champion in any position atm.
this is because MF is just easy to play but also easy to play against; its not like she has zero counterplay because she has many.
: mages are worthless because he just dashes adcs are worthless because he just windwalls 2 damage classes have 0 value against him ???
Oh him... I am yet to find him as an issue in my games. probably because nobody can play him well enough in my elo lol
: wait, where is the most important one?
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Which nerfs specifically? [Shyvana](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Shyvana) > V8.9 > > Burnout > Removed: Damage per second scaling with 10% AP. > Removed: On-hit damage scaling with 2.5% AP. > Flame Breath > Fireball AP ratio increased to 70% AP from 30% AP. > Dragon's Descent > AP ratio increased to 100% AP from 70% AP. > Bug Fix: Shyvana Bot no longer becomes dormant while in Dragon form. She did lose a bit on her burnout, but got compensation on other abilitys making her more bursty if built for that. Before that she got: > V8.5 > > Stats > Attack damage growth increased to 3.4 from 2.8. and before then there was an actual nerf Your Shyvana choice is a pretty weak argument, burnout nerf doesn't affect her normal build and this change, in general, was aimed at her troll/fun build, which in the end was a buff. [Heimerdinger](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Heimerdinger) > > V8.9 > > Stats > Base mana increased to 385 from 307.2. > Mana growth reduced to 20 from 40. > Base mana regeneration increased to 8 from 6. Part of mage mana pass. > V8.1 > > H-28Q Apex Turret H-28Q Apex Turret > Beam base damage reduced to 100 / 140 / 180 from 200 / 270 / 340. Sure a nerf. > V7.22 > > Stats > Base health increased to 488 from 476. > Health growth increased to 87 from 75. Buff. After this one he gets a bunch of bugfixes and then his big gameplay changes, but that one is very old Well Heimerdinger did receive nerfs, because he was strong. [Volibear](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Volibear) > V8.8 > > Majestic Roar Majestic Roar > Bug Fix: Clones can now correctly be feared by Majestic Roar. > > V8.5 > > Majestic Roar Majestic Roar > Knockback speed slightly increased. > Knockback total duration reduced. > > V8.4 > > Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder > Bonus movement speed while moving towards enemies increased to 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5 / 60% from 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%. > New Effect: When he changes direction (from "towards champions" to any other direction), his bonus movement speed now decays over 1 second rather than falling off immediately. > Frenzy Frenzy > New Effect: Biting a minion now also halves Frenzy's cooldown. > Majestic Roar Majestic Roar > New Effect: Now slightly Airborne icon knocks back hit enemies. > New Effect: Enemies who are dashing or airborne, before Majestic Roar is cast, are dealt an additional 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+ 30% AP). > Bug Fix: Rift Herald will now be terrified properly. a bugfix, a nerf. Why? because in the previous patch he got a massive buff to almost all of his abilities so it was a minor scale down. I'm surprised you used Volibear as a counterargument because he would've been my primary example of recent Riot champion buff to make them more viable. Recently there were also Poppy changes that should've opened her to top lane, which were followed up by MS buffs. Then there some VI changes with the same purpose, but those looked like straight up buffs and pretty big ones. https://nitehawkcinema.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/starship-troopers-wyltkm.jpg Buffs happen, but it seems for some reason you manage to catch only nerfs. Maybe read some patch notes.
and you clearly arent looking back. I think last season they randomly nerfed voli. Then they randomly removed Burnouts 50% bonus damage then with heimer they nerfed his turrets for no reason. I do read patch notes, I just dont see why they had to randomly nerf those which compensates in buffs later on when their previous nerfs were not actually needed.
CppL (EUW)
: All these 3 champs you mentioned was nerfed cause of the high elo...lol.also there are some champs who cant be buffed to be viable cause of their toxic kits.{{champion:429}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:13}} etc..
I mean Ryze is just something else with the number of reworks he had and Ryze is still good atm with the right players and thats good. I honestly think Kalista should just get a miniature rework. Like change her W or Ulti because those two abilities are the ones which actually abuse in Pro play and high elos the most because of communication. Azir; I mean they did kinda change him so he is easier to balance at the minute compared to his previous iteration. I am just saying that Kalista in general is the worst performing and worst winrate adc. She could do with some love.
: Should buff bruisers because they are underperforming? Naw lets nerf them next patch. Riot logic.
It isnt that bruisers are underperforming. Its that the meta is bot focused atm and tanks just do a bruisers job better.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ActuallyCrazy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hjQ5dEwO,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-28T11:33:47.088+0000) > > We all know of champs in League who are too strong and some who are too weak right? Well how about rather than purely nerfing the strong; we start buffing those who are suffering. But Riot does that all the time, but judging from the fact that you made this thread you don't notice those attempts. Some champions get buffed others get nerfed. That's how we get those meta champion rotations. > Like start balancing more around higher elos since they actually know what they are doing; That's what Riot is doing too.
"That's what Riot is doing too." - so thats why they randomly nerfed Shyvana and Volibear and Heimer?
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: The same thing has been posted, seems like it's a bug, happening as we speak. You might wanna contact the riot support in order to help get it fixed. People who browse the boards are mostly players, and not qualified to help you with this stuff.
Ahh okay nice to know its not just me then thats getting this issue. Yh I will contact Riot Support to see if this issue can be fixed. Thank you!
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VI Radio (EUW)
: Riot destroying Jungle role once again
Be happy you got this as a jungle lol. We could always go back to the old days where you can only play Dr. Mundo Jungle.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >she gets AGES to kill the spirit she pulls out from people 10 seconds actually, and that duration is lowered by 1 second each time she takes damage from the champion she used to e on. So not that long actually. >She gets her effect that lasts FOREVER, its the longest status effect I've ever seen in League. Here is a fun fact for you: It lasts for 12 seconds. It used to be 60 seconds. You'd prefer the old duration? Another fact: it might be the longest debuff, but it's not the longest overall status effect nor is it the strongest debuff. Take trundle for example. His r debuff lasts for 8 seconds but it's FAR more powerful than illaoi's e. Third fact: it's pretty easy to render her e useless. Did you know that you can walk out of range, wait for the tentacle to spawn, dodge it and then stand next to the tentacle (so don't kill it) and more tentacles won't spawn and that same tentacle won't hit you again on its own? Because that way it's pretty easy to make the ability useless.
Yeah with the third fact: Only people who play Illaoi (or have common sense in how she works) know not to kill the tentacles that spawn around you... 60 seconds HELL YEAH gimme that
Rondö (EUW)
: Can some1 explain why ppl build rageblade on Jhin?
Its a bug where he gets more AD than intended. With rageblade Jhin reaches the 1K AD mark.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: You can't increase jhin's attack speed.
he means attack speed because his passive AD also scales of Attack Speed as well as crit and total AD
: Best champions on mid lane ?
To my knowledge the best mid laners at the minute (if you can properly pilot/play them) are: {{champion:7}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} This is in no particular order btw but any mid lane champion can be good if you can properly use them (hence why champions like {{champion:13}} and {{champion:136}} and {{champion:34}} are not that strong until the highest levels of play).
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: Irelia Discussion - Akali Rework - The Fear of The Irelia Syndrome
Ummm I think the Irelia Re-kit was a big success, I love playing the old irelia and new irelia but I feel like this one is much more satisfying since it wasnt that satisfying to begin with hitting point and clicks and the ult was more waveclear or Q set-up... Riot has said with the Akali rework that they like the concept of her shroud but its too frustrating or too weak in teamfights. They want to mess with the idea of her "hiding in plain sight" which really sounds quite cool for an assassin. Like a true assassin I think they are upping her early game kill pressure since pre-6 Akali cannot kill an enemy champion unless they are that stupid to get close to her. I think they are also wanting to change her E since that ability feels... clunky on Akali for most cases and the fact that a large majority of high elo Akali's and Akali one-tricks just build her tank kinda says something. I like Akali too dont get me wrong she is fun to play but her playstyle can be quite linear and easily countered and I look forward to the reworks, we can't stop them from reworking her so I go into the mindset of stop worrying about it and just get excited for it instead.
GPet (EUW)
: Have you tried a tank? I found that playing anything remotely tanky for jungle or top makes winning a lot easier. It's an esential part of a teamcomb that's usually missing in soloQ. Else the same proceedure as everywhere: improve your own play and stop caring about what allies do. You just need to win more games than you lose, knowing that enemies are the same players as allies you'll be able to frequently make a differance.
Why play bruisers when you can build full tank maokai and still outdamage the bruisers :P
walle01235 (EUNE)
: Low elo is impossible to be carrieed
Although I am low elo I do not worry about climbing, I see what rank I initially get and generally leave it their, maybe do one or two games if I feel extra tryhardy :P From what I know though, there 3 main ways to carry in low elo and climb: 1. Tanks - Low elo cannot prioritise most of the time and its not called "league of tanks" for nothing, if you cant die you cant lose the fight :P 2. Simplicity - Champs like {{champion:1}} , {{champion:90}} , {{champion:21}} , {{champion:54}} etc. are all simple champs and although dissed for being simple, they do make carrying a lot easier since you do not have to do as much, also helps improve your farming and macro gameplay. 3. Support - If the noobs you play with make the mistakes be sure to make them survive their mistakes :P (keep your team alive as long as possible and you should win the lane) OR you can go the other way with {{champion:143}}, {{champion:63}} etc. (2v1 the lane ez then carry your ADC)
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Glaiver (EUNE)
: Duskblade of Draktharr passive should be Melee Only, ranged champions shouldn't benefit from it -.-
I mean yeah Duskblade is strong but if this is nerfed other champs need buffs since some such as {{champion:133}} gain a great damage spike from it. And Quinn isn't great at the minute anyway.
Purgë (EUW)
: why no aprroch velosity tough it gives u 10% ms on champoiins that u cc it works with glacial augment
You can if you want but you generally prefer 45% CDR on Viktor and his Q does give enough movement speed to catch-up. However it is your choice if you prefer that instead.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: I play at that high elo you speak of and yet i haven't seen a single bad anivia yet, even when they do not main her. There is nothing hard about her. Only decently hard part is to lead your opponent into your q with the wall and even that is very easy if you know how pathing works (which pretty much every high elo player does know). There is nothing advanced about her kit. She is like the Garen of mid lane.
Like I said. At a basic level anivia is quite simple to pull off. A master of her does a lot of stuff and I would say she is quite hard to play well; especially in high elo. I class high elo as someone in diamond 4 or above.... Also she is not the Garen of Mid lane. That's Annie. Anivia's kit is simple at a basic level but to correctly pull it off properly against actually good players (etc. not me) can be quite tricky. Although I'm an average level player I can understand why a champion is considered as hard to play. Difficulty doesn't always come down to the number of skillshots or interactions within the kit.
: what to do when you get camped at top lane ?
Don't play teemo. Sit under tower, ward, farm and pray for a jungle gank or pressure somewhere else. more importantly DONT PLAY TEEMO.... its deserved
Hydnoras (EUW)
: She isn't.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NXzArfTo,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-29T01:01:14.197+0000) > > She isn't. She's easy at low elo and at a basic level. However fair few high elo players use her right and a master of Anivia does a LOT of things so she can have a real high skill ceiling.
: I'm going to test various Viktor runes/builds next patch to see if he's viable again. I used to main Viktor, but since he's so weak I've played mostly other champions season 7 and 8. Something that may be viable is to go GLP with glacial augment, and use the slow zone to land E aftershock and possibly stun them in W for the kill. The reason GLP is better is that Viktor scales better with mana due to buffed Q shield, and Glacial Augment has been buffed while other masteriess have been nerfed.
Yeah I totally agree and GLP, although not needed, could be a good alternative to {{item:3116}} and act as a replacement. However I find that the ray isn't even needed. For example people only started using Spellbook just for the summoner reduction; not for swapping summoners. So maybe the basic attack slow is all that's needed at the moment.
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: What Are The Champions Full Names Exactly?
Well I assume you know that with {{champion:67}}; that's her second name. Her actual name is Shana Vayne and is said within her lore
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Ok first there are several reason why Champiosn receive VGU. First and obvious one, they are old. This one is pretty true for Irelia, it's very old champion at this point. Second is gameplay balance, if champion is hard or impossible to balance duo to their kit, they are more likely to get reworked. This is partially true for Irelia. Third is champion fantasy execution. Each champion should be unique and represent certain fantasy that should reflect in their gameplay. This is something current Irelia does pretty bad, with her Q being most interesting part of her kit. Even her ultimate is quite underwhelming. Not exactly "The will of blades" you would expect. Since Irelia fits all these points, and in addition she is a fighter, which is class that overall rework got cancelled, it makes sense that She got high priority. Also there is not much they could do with just gameplay update regarding her kit, since they pretty much wanted to change everything except for her Q. Her passive is problematic, her W is boring, her is also sort of problematic and her ult does not feel like ult. Unlike champion like Xin who got away with much smaller scope of rework, Irelia just ended up with full VGU. You might have also notice Irelia does not really receive much skins, mainly duo to her priority for VGU. Sure there are other underwhelming champions, but not all are that problematic, many are probably going to get some sort of smaller gameplay update and the most important thing, Riot needs ideas for the update. Sometimes it happens that they come up with cool idea or mechanic that just "fits" the champion, this may also significantly increase priority for rework. Personally I would say that getting her rework now means they came up with something really cool that we can look forward to.
Thank you so much this has really helped to clarify it for me. Actually I'm making my own design for an Irelia rework now and just seeing how that goes so I can get into the mindset of Riot while doing something I love.
: For two reasons, one from RioT herself: 1) She is pretty much the last one of the "full point and click kit" champs, together with {{champion:80}} (which may infact be reworked too, given that it's a diver exactly like Irelia and Aatrox and RioT's plan is to rework them one by one). RioT is almost surely not going to ever design another champ like that, so completely devoid of skillshots. This is simply a design that is ought to disappear, and for good reason. 2) RioT stated once that Irelia is supposed to be a fighter that moves her weapons with her mind, something which, well, {{champion:98}} currently does way better than her, and they are going to base the rework right on this point. My guess is that she may ends up moving her blades exactly like {{champion:98}} moves his sword...but obviously in a more offensive style. For now we don't have any details about this rework, and i'm quite curious.
okay thank you this does give more clarity; I guess its coz I like Irelia which is why I'm confused. I personally find their are bigger issues than her at the moment, granted her rework isn't for a while, but surely Udyr is a "full point and click kit" and so is like Aatrox, Yi, Nasus etc.
: {{item:3165}} hates her. I mean, there are a bunch of long answers Riot probably has/is going to give out, but the TL;DR is, Riot says she needs one, so she gets one. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the rework, I think Riot has done really a really good job with all of their massive VGU reworks so far, so in my mind, Irelia will be better than she is now. Why she is priority over other coughAatroxcough champions, I honestly don't know. It doesn't make that much sense.
Well its a good thing {{item:3165}} is quite a busted item isn't it then haha
: cause she could get to op with future items and stuff like this.. she is as unique as swain is.. if there will be something strong out they will destroy any enemy with it.. its more to avoid that she gets to mighty and with every patch you would have to look at the unique champs so the game is still balanced.. if they just make her similar to others you have better control on the things you want to change
so riot want to make her less unique? oh... that sounds.... sucky
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