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: banned from lol fo 10 euro chargeback
i got my acount back a belgian guy helped me
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: Your bro finds a file that contains your passwords, logins to your lol, sees arcade skins, storms to facebook to contact hacker, he pays him REAL money so he could get RP with FAKE money? this sounds so logical.
man i swear this is real i worked my ass off the whole summer to get it to lvl 30 an he alredy know that i have that file he jus didnt know where it ws precicely so now he had a chance to look for it and find it and when he bought the p thr guy he bought it off of told him i was legit
: *clap* *clap* *clap* Wonderful, couldnt have made that up better myself xD It's like, so all of the above mentioned things individually happen (if they do) at an unimaginably small rate, and yet they simply "happen" to one person and all at once. Brilliant, upvoted. Thanks for making my day.
man i swear im not lying really if if i was i woud have jus said some cheap ass story about paypal bugging or somenting
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