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Lari (EUNE)
: How should i treat bad players?
And you called me kiddo ;) very mature. With this attitude I am afraid you will not climb much higher than you currently are. Best of luck turning that around!
: i can't use that account to post and complain about it there because its BANNED strange how things like that work right? unban me and I'll gladly complain on the right account just for you
you are so dumb hahaha. How is he supposed to know which banned account is yours dude???!?!?!?! XDDDDD
: I do not think a B4 and a S2 are that different in skill to justify your frustration. I have low plat friends who would play as bad as a mid silver player, depending on their mood. You may think B4 and S2 are different, but if you just watch random low elo games, it's impossible to see the difference. Climbing low elo is more about making fewer mistakes yourself, focus on macro and shut down your toxic behaviour from yourself and teamates, than actually outplaying the enemy laner. Posting here won't change either... Good climbing!
Look: do you see how overall his scores are less impressive since his mmr turned into silver? There is definitely a difference between a silver 2 and a bronze 4, my friend.
Maedhoros (EUW)
: Carrying lower MMR duo partners into higher MMR games and first timing in ranked?
Gold elo is the average now. There are more gold players than silver. You are below average haha. But, you are right. Having a support that is worse than both the enemy botlaners makes life difficult. Depending on the champion you play and considering the fact you are silver and thus unable to 1v2 two other silver players, your best bet is to never try to fight them. Just farm. However one tip, while they are killing your support and dropping their cc/damage on them, you can fairly savely damage them as well so take that oppertunity and then retreat when their abilities are back up/your support has died. Most low elo players stay in lane for no good reason when they are low so if your support for example dies 3 times in a row, doing this might give you the oppertunity to eventually kill them yourself. Or at least one of them, without risking much.
Lari (EUNE)
: XD dude you know i was plat 3 last season climbing but i guess you are right, when you dont know who i am and how i play you can only make assumptions. I am stuck on this elo because people are trolling either you like it or not. I main sup and i am better adc, top, mid and jg than most of these players in this elo. Making fault statements based on my current rank is not so smart It is impossible to carry 1/16 bot lane or 1/10 mid which is common thing in my games. Maybe i am not a diamond main top laner who can just carry the game, but i dont deserve this elo believe me on this one. I was forced to learn every role just because the others suck at it.
you can only play 1 role in a game my dude. forcing yourself to learn all 5 is such bullshit lmao.
Escalan (EUW)
: I recently noticed that a lot of ex silver players now are high gold, plat, and diamond. How is that possible?
FeederIee (EUW)
: isnt that the reason everyone jumps on smurfs and ruins others low elo games ?
I don't know. Smurfing gets boring quickly for me. Not because ''omg im so pro ez clap'' but because it feels like normal games, there is nothing at stake, Win, lose, it doesn't matter. Not sure how some people smurf 24/7 and not get bored.
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: Just Tilt
I sense immense power coming from you. It actually makes me a little scared... I hope that when you finally control this untapped power that is laying dormant within you... you will use it for good, not for evil.
: Killing Myself?
It's one of those things that can hit a nerve with people even if you direct it towards yourself. Some people have loved ones that commited suicide and might get offended by that type of joke. I have a friend irl who's brother commited suicide and I also joke about that stuff but I find it important not to do that around him.
: > [{quoted}](name=honza bojovnik,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rR7E9mnJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-27T23:32:23.810+0000) Because I speak fluent sarcasm. Loving this term, I might steal it from you
Everyone steals everything from everyone, don't worry about it. I actually recently saw ''I speak fluent sarcasm'' twice in youtube comments. Must be a new trendy thing to say. Don't fall behind now!
: You need to lose to win. If you lose 100 games and only win 1 at the end you will gain the power of application and excitement over a won game. The Road to get there is hard and painful, but the end result is always worth it.
Lose 100 games to win 1 yeah sounds worth it!
Shamose (EUW)
: New players don't know how to use google to get info. Noted.
Ah, that's a classic. Google it... haha.
: Motivating words.
Nothing to say about epic 10 game loss streaks?
: he lost 11 out of 13 games his 0/0/0 vi game is quite questionable it might be a case of karma yesterday i won a game where my jungler dc'd for 10 minutes who was flaming everyone and i made fun of the fact that she will get a leaver for it then 2 games later i got dc'd myself because somehow my router forgot my ip and i had to express google a solution but i still got a leaver for it (my team won that game 4v5 too) (i was also getting griefed by my support that game) next 2 games i got straight inters in 2 lanes minimum like last game aatrox went 1/1 then chain fed 2 more kills and abandoned lane and started following me and trying to ks my camps a veigar that was losing lane somehow to an inting malzahar d4 is just a magical elo
I was already heavily tilted starting that Vi game because of the imo unfair losses proceeding them. I ganked top and mid at level 3 taking their flashes. From that moment onward all 3 of my lanes were hard pushing the enemy under their turret. I barely ganked because I just didn't see a good oppertunity. I did gank mid a couple of times, and pinged for the leblanc to go in and snare the flashless zoe but every time I got close she used that freakin ability on the MINIONS instead. I would still gank but just get hit by the sleep thing and there was no way to kill her before I had my level 6 this way. Meanwhile the enemy Sejuani had free kills for days because of my team's overextending and their comp. Ofcourse I received the blame as is the case when you jungle, and I snapped. I stopped caring. 4 %%%%heads not only blaming me but being hard toxic towards me and me already tilted as fk, I decided to afk farm rest of the game :) Karma is something you either believe in or you don't. I don't, since there are plenty of complete assholes living an extremely happy and fortunate life. I normally always check myself first to see what I could have done better, but I had such unfortunate teammates and I got so tilted from that vi game and onward that I can blame only that. Days later, when I was thinking about the Vi game, the only thing I see that I could have done better during the laning phase is try to counter gank. But I was way to tilted to use my brain at all and played completely on autopilot.
Shamose (EUW)
: Does Riot's maintenance schedule change based on who I'm talking to?
He is pretty new. You may be the allknowing one reading every line in even the eula until you memorized it but most people don't. Especially not new players.
: I'm from Luxembourg and I can't even afford everything I'd like to get... As if anyone's ever heard of that country anyway.
How could we forget our tiny neighbour? Makes our country the Netherlands feel big!
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Shamose (EUW)
: Why are you so surprised? The maintance schedule has been the same for years.
Clueless comment. You don't know the OP
: Cheaters still rampant
Lame excuses. I have played six trillion games since season 2, at best saw 1 maybe 2 cheaters. Stop being so bad at the game! Then you don't need excuses!
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JustClone (EUNE)
: They say that the majority of new players like him because of visuals, and the gameplay will change, not how he looks. So I'm pretty sure you got nothing from what riot said. (dont get lured by enchance his visuals... it will be the same)
they literally said most people see his splash art and think he is a %%%%ing epic shadow killer thing, but then in-game, the %%%% lacks that same feel. They want to adress that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Adama,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AXnjtVXX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-12T17:26:09.161+0000) > > because he is premade with swain. Pretty obvious, and normal. Then it should be compensated at least somehow which clearly it was not.
What do you mean with compensated? It was compensated by having 1 high mmr duo with 1 low mmr which made their average mmr the same as yours.
: How being in Silver 3 you get 9 people from that elo and one int feeder from Bronze 4?
because he is premade with swain. Pretty obvious, and normal.
: IG are trash
Please... be a troll.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: smurfs are the scum of league. They are hardstuck and realise they can only drop if they play on their main account, so they choose to make smurfs to boost their fragile ego
Say that to people who smurf that hard in D4, their main is at least D1. Being hardstuck there isn't exactly bad...
: How can this matchmaking be right?
Is it ranked? The only weird thing I see is the platinum 2, but he is probably premade with the gold 4 who has a terrible mmr. Would explain their individual scores as well.
Kyuuji (EUW)
: You really butchered the post, im saying my duo was being toxic i had no idea and the guy got mad at me for not noticing my duo being toxic.
Your post itself is pretty butchered, makes it hard to read.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champion did you choose to be reworked in 2020?
Nocturne. Because of all the current champions he feels the least complete and his base and some of his skins are very ugly.
: Moving faster than Aery possible?
I think aerie goes faster and faster the longer it takes to get back to it's host. So potentially infinite speed.
: Is saying 'cry more' reportable?
Down in the low elo abyss where the casuals, the newbies, and the less intelligent reside, it is normal to hear people flame that way.
: I don't really stress about it though. It helps me actually. I don't respond to them in chat, I respond by trying my hardest to win and prove them wrong!
And then when you lose after trying your best they have even more reason to laugh at your face! No, when they bm me I instantly give up to prevent that.
: Why don't you just ff?
when they tell me to ff I feel the bm hitting hard and I tilt, get angry, start flaming and ff spamming my team. To prevent this I don't use all chat.
: IFS System
Why do you start every word with a capital letter? Reads so unpleasantly...
CeFi99 (EUNE)
: i was support...
But you don't buy or sell your ward item later?... nice
: Yeah was just just highlighting that you said you haven't been hardstuck, then right after you say you have been hardstuck.
Ah, I guess you took that out of my wording. If you read further you would have seen me explain it further. I quit if I get a single loss streak. That is not my definition of hardstuck, but call it what you will!
: League of Legends is definitely dying (euw), experience for new players is terrible
''There is an argument floating around that because of mmr smurfs get placed with one another which might explain my experience. However, in every game I get 1/2/3 people who are evidently completely new to the game and didn't know what they were doing, hence making themselves completely irrelevant and they just have to wait every game to either get carried or get stomped in 25 minutes, neither of which is a fun experience.'' That's just an example of bad matchmaking, the system TRIES to put smurfs with smurfs but this doesn't always work. It can actually even be used as an argument AGAINST what you are saying, because it might mean there aren't enough smurfs to fill entire games with, so the only solution is to let new players in those games as well.
: Man, you really seem desperate for a confidence boost.
Because I don't believe in myself, it is true I need it from others to believe in myself for a moment, which is momentum I have used in the past to perform. I have very low self confidence.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i just dont grasp how do ppl keep playing when they are clearly tilted out of their mind.. if i lose 3 games in a row i dont touch ranked for days/weeks even, because it doesnt worth the loss of brain tissue for me
Well yes I have that too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Adama,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EqEFjMF1,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-08T16:19:05.902+0000) > > I've never been hardstuck. This is not to boast, the only reason I've never been hardstuck is because I give up ranked all together whenever I feel I'm not climbing. Umm... lol Just thought i would put this here.
Thanks, but I already put it there so everyone can read it. I specifially clarify there why I am not hardstuck. I make sure to let people know it's not because I think im better than others, but because I give up. I'm 100% sure I would get hardstuck if I kept playing.
Rena (EUW)
: Another Ego-post. Listen buddy. If you would have the goal to reach Master this Season (you are D4 atm). You would get hardstuck in D4/D3. The Reason You don't get hardstuck is because your goal for 3 seasons seemed to be the exact same (G1/P5), Only in Season 7 You finally climbed a bit, but that difference is so small when you think about how many years you needed for it. The people who are hardstuck have the drive to get higher than their current skill is right now. They have the drive to improve and get better. You don't seem to have that and if you do, you never actually tried because you are either too scared to drop or you don't have the time for it. You answerd your own question above, **you give up** when you can't climb. They don't. They wanna reach their goals. Here is your question answerd. If you want proof. Go Try to reach Master and watch yourself getting hardstuck.
You have been diamond, so I don't think jealousy would be the factor here that makes you believe I'm somehow claiming to be better than others. It's also funny that you repeat to me what I have already stated, which is the reason I am not hardstuck. Because I don't play. I am indeed scared of losing, and indeed do not have this drive. This whole post is actually asking people how they deal with being hardstuck, because I want to be able to deal with it as well. I HAVE to be hardstuck instead of giving up right before that happens to continue to learn. I have thought about trying to climb to master tier ever since I hit diamond, but have always stopped trying once I hit diamond on multiple accounts, because I am scared of not being able to. (saying that I do this on multiple accounts is, admittedly, boasting to you, because I dont want people to think I'm a total fail) Basically, currently, I would have an easier time not trying for master tier, than I would if I tried and failed. And being hardstuck is one hurdle on that road that scares me the most. I hope this cleared it up for you. Edit: I have changed the whole post because in hindsight I agree with you.
: i know how u feel i had the same thing. But even when u get 15 lp and lose 23 ull get to D3. i did it aswell i was D2 then everyone in Diamond got demoted to fix matchmaking. so i become D3 then i lost all my games and i was stuck D4 0lp for while but after a month i started climbing again
how many games did you play in that month? Because I generally give up for the whole season if I have about a 5 loss streak back to d4 0lp.
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Adama (EUW)
: I can SMELL a loss streak coming
Chrysies (EUW)
: Try to lose a game after you feel like you've won a game that was to easy (especially if you are on a streak), it tends to break the system resetting your match making. It's Riots bs coding hard at work, making you win streaks before it sets in with the "balancing". It doesn't work every time, I am guessing after a 20 / 22 streak you'll need to repeat it every 3 - 4 games pending on your win / loss LP gain.
The main thing here is that people out of nowhere become INSANELY toxic. And with being toxic comes playing BAD. These people pingspam their team from minute 1 and then go 0/10 or something. I insta mute these people but most people don't so the WHOLE team gets tilted and starts flaming and blaming my %%%%ing god it's so annoying.
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iaapvp (EUW)
: I dont want to carry anyone BRO I just want a balanced matchmaking, how hard is that to understand?
You are in bronze, kiddo. People being trash is the balance there.
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