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: I like the general gist of the idea. A champion who is much less reliant on backing to base. However this could be incredibly broken, given how you can exploit your opponents backs. I believe there's some potential to work with. Maybe a long range shopping instead of global? Or a global shopping ability, that puts you at disadvantage for a while. Say something in vein of DotA 2 courier. Lets say that part of champion mechanics is some "pet". It is worked into his skills and if he shops from outside, the skills get disabled. The very simple iteration you proposed wouldn't work in all probability. But something similar? I think it might happen in the future.
Yeah I was just messing around, seeing as Riot likes to make champions interact with the Rift in different ways in order to keep new champions original and interesting. Thought they might do something with shopping/regenerating. Wonder if they will ever do something like it
Doomley (EUW)
: Bad. Can't heal on the fountain? where will he/she heal then? Where will he get mana from? If you manage to fix those problems, now he is broken because he has no need to waste time recalling to base.
Who says he/she has mana? He/she would have to keep buying potions to heal up I guess? That way you spend more gold on potions but you can always stay in lane. I'm just thinking out loud :)
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: HI, i had the same issue just today. I changed the screen resolution to the one I was using in-game 1600x900 in my case. It worked fin afterwards. I hope it works for you too :)
: For as far as i can tell: - Flex queue will provide the same rewards as Solo/Duo queue. Your border, skin and summoner icon will likely be that of your highestone (altough they may provide two sperate icons for both queues, like they did with solo/3v3/5v5 in the past) - The extra reward is an unknown in terms of how much you need to climb for what reward. The reward itself is still unknown and there is no information what the requirerments will be exactly. For now i'd say focus on one queue to improve yourself, and when they anounce more specifics decide if it will be worth the effort.
Thanks, that cleared up a lot for me
Rismosch (EUW)
: The season just started. Who knows what will change during the season?
You're right but I was just wondering if anyone knew so I know which queue to focus on :)
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