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: Matchmaking
well i'm just tired of playing with unranked players who have a winratio of like 17 to 20%...
: i agree, a simular thing happened to me a week ago where the person joined just before the 3 minute window and it gave us the option to remake and seconds before we could click yes it said the window has no expired. its really flawed. i had to play a 3v5 game because of it
yep, really frustrating...
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: its called not being in diamond and yes losing first blood does make the team pissed its basically a major sign that the person that died is going to lose lane which makes people pissed just google how to disable chat its really not worth it in ranked just focus on nothing but how you play nothing else really matters
: I do not know what your problem is. Are you complaining about the community or because you cannot climb because of the community? To me your whole statement is you complaining about not being able to climb because people give up easily in gold. I honestly can tell you straight up that if your not climbing then your not good enough. I reached gold 2 with ease and im still doing my "road to bronze" and made it to g5 with ease. But i am having trouble getting into silver since my team keeps winning 4 v 5 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} anyway. Get Gud!
hey ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. In all honesty I find it pretty hard to do a 1 vs 5 x) most the of the game my team just all of a sudden ( when we are ahead ) wants to go chase that trynd top lane and take his T1 while the enemy team is bot lane taking T2+T3+Inhib ) i mean gold is not hard at all, i'm fed and ahead of farm pretty much all the time and i'm am not complaining about people's skill not at all, just their attitute which I find exhaustive. + People dont have much game knowledge at this elo and it's pretty frustrating. People should just play normal games if they just wanna have fun or try things out x) friendly
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: So either you had no jungle item(machete/talisman) or the ryze was lying and took exp.
You were right. Guess I learned something :) but i never saw ont the machete that it gives xp
: "hello, i'm udyr and i didnt bought a jungler item, so i'm still level 1 after the first camp"
holly shit you are right. I've been playing since season 2 and I never red on the machete : gives more xp, and it still doesnt figure on it. Thank you for letting me know , i learned something today.
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: You should still play for fun and nor for getting a better rank.I wouldn't care about someone picking Lee support.Why shouldn't he?Because it is not META?I don't care at all because META is a fucking barrier."META" doesn't allow certain champs to be played in certain roles although they may not be that bad.Sure a Lee defenetly is not a good support (at least till level 6) but who cares. Instead of punishing those who actually understand that this is a game we first should punish those who don't.
Hey man ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. I just want to add that when I joined into the game I first said : " alright lee let's f*** bot lane. " and he was like ye i'm plat smurf blablabla. So at first I dont care that he picks lee. Its just that he started to feed and saying that he didn"t care about ranks.
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