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: RPT - Red Panda tuesday!
Go away and don't distract me from climbing to my Goal-division just a little bit more...
: >As you guys know, last week, the person who used to make these posts every single monday in order to brighten up our day and try make monday a tad less scary and awful than it should be, has gone on a little break for now And I thought GPet died for a second. >I decided to finally step up my posting a bit Yay. >How has your last week been? Decent, more sleeping than planned though, way more sleeping than planned, but i finally hooked up my Console next to my PC with an even bigger TV next to my other TV so i can play console games while Waiting for Q times etc, yay for efficiency. >What are your plans for the next week? Trying to fall into a half sleep half awake state where days pass like seconds until it's Friday and getting hyped for Friday, then playing the event game mode most of the time im awake, oh also getting some rp some time in between that time. >did you fulfill your ranked goals for this season Ye, i managed to get multiple accounts into different Divisions and leagues. >your thoughts on all this I like it. >maybe have some extra ideas you would like to happen Gifs, gifs everywhere.
> Gifs, gifs everywhere.
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: I can understand, why they changed it. But I know exactly, how you feel like. The only thing is ... I'm Mainsupport since S2. I pick Support or Fill as secondary, Jungle as Primary and ALWAYS have to play Support or Top. This sucks man, even for a Mainsupport. I can remember the times, when I had to play a role I didn't like, but the others carried so hard on their mainroles and I did well aswell ... won't happen again. \(T_T)/
> I can remember the times, when I had to play a role I didn't like, but the others carried so hard on their mainroles and I did well aswell ... won't happen again. (T_T)/ This times 1000. It happening was so much fun, maybe I just need a different mindset for the new one, but I didn't have as much fun so far as back then.
: Yeah I get what you mean. Well the only way is to continue playing Normal blind pick I think. Else there is no other option but to "get over it" ;)
I can go sue Rito for breaking my heart! And then I'll go sue them for having lost all my money in a failed attempt to sue them!
: I main support since season 2, and I have to say you are right. I always pick Fill (support) as primary role. I never ever got anything else but support. I believe that the new queue was a step forward, but it also turned the community into a bunch of pussies (PARDON). Because 95% of the community just HAS to play a hardcore carry roles to copy LCS plays (Everyone now play's Darshan's Jax)...the 5% of the community that still have some simple human decency left pick Fill for their team knowing they will play support most of the time, and they got used to it. People lack inspiration to play support. Before the new pick, people were forced to know how to support with at least 1 champion. Now you all you need is a 3 champion roster and act like some smurf.
It's not even as much that as... I personally feel like... it's work. I choose my role (/get one choosen for me), and than I have to do this, and perform good at it. In old chmp select I could hint at how I feel about playing X role, more often than not my Team would respect that, and help me out. (either by supporting when I'm bad at the role, or trying to give me one I'm better at) With new champ select ... "DO THAT, YOU SAID YOU WANT IT SO DO IT NOW" And don't you dare communicate with your Team about anything more than what you Need to as the role you got assigned. Sorry, I feel like I just Keep repeating myself, but it makes me wanna cry.
: I kinda feel you, I main mid, I am teaching myself jungle, and I love to support or adc every now and then. I used to main top but I completely lost touch with that role. What I do is I NEVER use the fill option. If I feel like supporting, i pick support with mid secondary. If I feel like mid i pick mid first and jungle second. If I feel like jungle, I pick jungle first and mid second. If I feel like ADCing i pick bot first, mid/jgl 2nd. This always gets what I want, and if not, it get's me something i'm okay with :)
The Thing is... all I want is: "Pref mid, but can fill (worst top)" I don't even want to choose a specific role every game, I just want to get into game with nice People and enjoy playing. It's hard to explain... but I simply don't wnat to pick specific roles... I just wanna communicate with my Team for who goes where. Q_Q Maybe it's just that I don't wanna get used to new stuff... while I usually don't have this, I really don't want to here. :<
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: Honestly, if I see a flamer, I'll give them a warning, then it's mute. Saves me time.
We Need more like you (>T.T)>
Silisa (EUNE)
: > Flamers 99% of the time are simply frustrated about something that happened, they rarely refuse to cooperate further and will still try to some extend to understanding each other as explained above. I have yet to see a flamer actually try to win the game or cooperate with the team in any way. Once a potential rager decides that the game is unwinnable, they spend the rest of the game in chat, flaming those who they believe are to blame for the loss. The irony is lost on them.
I feel like 80% of times, a flamer didn't decide that a game is unwinable too soon. And I even rarer see a flamer continue flaming whole time without the other "defending themselfs", be this by Chat, or (sometimes subconscious) ingame Actions.
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Squaid (EUW)
: Same thing I told silisa c:
We might not be mods, but we are people who know how not to get banned, as that seems to be the reason for you asking I figured we could help. :(
Squaid (EUW)
: Questions about "Revamped Boards Rules".
> 1. Is calling bronze a bronze, gold a gold, diamond a diamond an offense? Im diamond myself and if you'll call me that I dont feel offended so I'd love to have this one clarified. This always depends on the context ofc, I can make 'you are gold' sound like an insult, and I can make 'you are bronze' sound like a fact. In general I'd recommend to just not mention it, as it hardly brings use to discussions, and can definitely be against the rules in certain contexts. > 2. Can I still argue with people? Without calling them trash ofc c: just arguing. Best is always to state your opinion and reasoning for it on the Topic, as stated in the rules, this part is mainly about being offensive, so as long as you don't get offensive towards the person you argue with, should be ki. > 3. Can I make jokes? jokes about bronzies.. and different stuff. or is that tooooooooooo offensive ? that's all in this part. might edit later. If it's a joke about how bad bronzies are, no you can't. If it's a joke where 'bronze' is used symbolic for the bottom of the ladder, you can. If you can't differ it's safe to just not. ;) ---------------------- > how would you define this part? should I stop creating discussions ? because usually when I wanna discuss I stuff fully emotionally c: I don't see why you'd connect trolling to emotions, emotions are allowed as Long as they Keep in line with other rules. > I read the part that we can still debate and stuff but how do you differ trolling from nonetrollin topics? Kinda the same way you differ a intentional feeder from a normal player I'd say. > I hope not through report button because I know that a lot of people are hating on me and they'll report me for no reason 24/7. c: Reports only make you Show up for mods, they still look at you before you get pnished. ------------------ > 1. Can I praise people tho? e.x "XxVirginKingxX is such a good guy he didnt kill me while I dced" ? Yes. > 2. Can I share match results without covering names? If you say/Show negative things about them (XXX was so bad/XXX score Shows he intentionally fed), no. If you say positive things about them, yes. For neutral things... should be allowed too, but this often is a thin line to negative. ---------------------- > Illegal Activity > Illegal to what norms? e.x weed is legal in NL and its illegal in my country, can I still discuss weed topic? can NL person discuss weed topic? I'd assume international rules, I'd say just stick the legality in your own Country, as Long as you don't try to stress this you won't get into Trouble. > No Mature Content Why this topic tho? What are we? Immature people? lol. You might be mature, but Boards is free to be visited by Kids or sub 18 People. (like me) -----------------------. > 1. Can I say when Im streaming or is that a spam? if no, how often Can I do that? If it's 5 times a week or more you might figure that it's a bit too much. :p I don't think much should happen if you just bump your thread once every other week if you really want, I just don't think it would help you much. > 2. Can I have a boards signature and use that when I post/open threads etc. Would look stupid if you use it in short replies, but I don't see a problem with OPs. > 3. What about real referal links or real giveaways? Don' see why that wouldn't be allowed. > 4. "●Making a post that has entirely no purpose or discussion value. " - so I cant do that in offtopic? why do we have offtopic at all then? lol You could argue about "purpose", but I think this is targeted at threads with seemingly random letters/numbers in titel and text. (e.g.: "fgh" wiht the text "fghjkl") > 5. "Excessive swearing. " so I cant say "dik" "bullshit" "beyatch" etc? Excessive means exacessive, so a shit there or a fuck there won't do much. (unless it violates other rules), but if you somehow feel the need to have 5+ of those words in a thread or reply, thise rule should take care of it. > 6. Begging? what about just telling? "hey get me this and that ty a lot" ? Asking for something in General, be it beging or demnding I'd say. --------------------------- >Can I still post normal links? which arent scam. I don't see why you couldn't. :o
: Rise of the Adorables
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