: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} YAAAAASSSSS
0Len0 (EUNE)
: Arcade Sona
There are a lot of skins that are outdated nowadays. Its something we just have to live with. Ice toboggan Corki Red Baron Corki Magnificent Twisted Fate Annie in Wonderland Alien Invader Heimerdinger Those skins for example, are all 1820RP. They are Legendary legacy skins, and have nothing but a nice skin model. No recalls No special effects No special VO interactions Nothing. ___ There are a lot of good skins that are simply freaking outdated, and Riot has ignored them because its a waste of time and human labour. Riot would rather make more epic and expensive skins that "reboot" a old skin that "everyone" already has. They need to make money, and if Riot visual upgrades a skin that over 70% of the League population has, then they wont make money. ___ It hurts to hear it, but Riot wont do anything. Not even a petition from Change.org will change their minds.
Zavion (EUW)
: I feel like LeBlanc's damage window is way too long. 1.5 seconds is around 5-10 times the reaction time of an average human. She is far too reliant on her passive, to the point that her passive out damages the rest of her abilities, and she categorically cannot 100-0 someone without utilizing her passive. She has no choice but to wait the 1.5 seconds if she wants to kill someone. In laning phase that's fine. But in midgame, a mage can 100-0 you faster. A marksman can 100-0 you faster, and so can any other assassin. Why should I play LeBlanc, when I can play Ahri? She can out damage LeBlanc from twice her range, and she can 100-0 people in half the time frame, without putting herself at the _massive_ risk that LeBlanc does waiting for her passive. Imo Riot need to reduce the time it takes for her passive to charge up if they want to call her an assassin. In addition to moving a portion of the passive damage onto the rest of her kit.
Its understandable. We are in preseason after all, so anything can happen. I think the 1.5 is good, simply because you can bluff with your opponents and make them burn a summoner.
: Hi everyone
: What if I told you there is no solution as of just yet, so bandaids are all were getting, but at least they are progressively working with the players to make the game as the players want it to be. If solo q was introduced over night you'd be very naive to think that would solve the problem, the amount of variables are enough to make anyone's head explode. Did you play WoW during WROTL? If not go read up on how an OP new class totally rekt the game, and how when they nerfed the new class the community wished the changes undone. You simply can't drastically change a game like this one go, it takes time to do it correctly. And the bandaids as you call them are not temporary, stop gap solutions they are all little changes steering the game in the way we want it to be.
>but at least they are progressively working with the players to make the game as the players want it to be. No they have not. Riot has talked to countless of professioanl LoL players, in every single region. And Riot hasnt payed any attention. The pros know best right? WROOOOONG, according to Riot. We have been asking, NOT begging for many things, in a kindly fashion, and Riot doesnt respond. How is hat working with their playerbase, please explain.
NoggerXd (EUW)
: you are going places m9.. 10/10! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: If it really needs to be pinned we maybe have some friendly volunteer moderators. At least we've got Riot Eambo xD
Even the moderators have "dissapeared" lately (Except GPet). I know they have a busy life but I feel like the boards are sometimes too lonely.
: One second bro. I will be right back.
Ok I am back http://i.imgur.com/e6VhAyP.jpg Amazing Cosplay btw {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: My Jhin cosplay.
One second bro. I will be right back.
: A Guide to Improve Your Behaviour
Really nice guide! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Riot really needs to pin this on the top of the boards. But who are we kidding... Riot doesnt even exist in EUW (prove me wrong Rioters, please prove me wrong).
: I get flamed because of my gender ;-;
I know it sucks a lot to play with ldiots who have no sense of maturity. But any level 30 player can tell you that player behaviiour gets BETTER the more you level up. Right now you´re with the smurfs who blame their junglers for getting placed in Brazil bronze 10. The best thing you can do is find some nice people you enjoy playing with and level up peacefully.
Eveninn (EUW)
: A word from Katarina
: Pro Blitzcrank Tip
hahaha this was just amazing to read! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Oh god....
: So you posted a picture, with somebody's name in it, while you weren't shaming him?
no. I didnt post a picture, i didnt type the name and I didnt post any links. You could not see the name in the thread because it wasnt there.
: Every single kata main player in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8SWMAQYQf0
I use to main kata when I was level 5 to 20... I was the nicest mofo on earth.
: Why were you banned?
Naming and shaming without even naming at all. Did not say the summoner name, did not show a link, did not show an image. In order to see the name you had to leave the boards. And the rules state that you cannot name and shame on the boards. And I never named the person. So shaming without naming is like shaming at everyone (a general shame). _____________________________________ The point is. I got really salty, more than usual, and I really regret it, because I know I am better man. I made a mistake and I am paying for it. Also, the note Riot gave me was REALLY overwhelming and it made me reform myself.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Here's a little thing to brighten up your day.
: > [{quoted}](name=Adorable Valor,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=5Ewdi4vW,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-03-17T16:46:32.576+0000) > > because Adorable Valor is my smurf > > My main account gets lifted tomorrow afternoon. Yeah I was banned from boards Man
I went too far and now I am scared of getting my main perma banned from the boards Q_Q Boards in my home T_T
: why is Delde115 is on the piece of Paper Amazing Urf drawing and so close to Urf Day
because Adorable Valor is my smurf My main account gets lifted tomorrow afternoon. Yeah I was banned from boards
: i give this 5/7 lobsters
: I wish you had more boring classes xD Nice drawing!
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thedaki1 (EUW)
: Yeah "thank you" makes more sense. Congratulations is so strange "congratulations you gave us your money "
: Support Mains help me please
Pick Bard and Tahm Kench. Seriously the most fun support champions in the game atleast for me. You also have Poppy.
Rioter Comments
: So Who Is You'r Favourite Champion And Why?
Bard, most OP support Riot has ever made, and has never been nerfed! BTW his entire kit is amazing. A perfect journey and a clutch care taker´s shrine can win you a teamfight.
: I cant believe the draven draven. With every update on it it just gets more ridiculous Look at him.hes kicking the air with his arms up I cant stop laughing
hahaha http://i.imgur.com/cJX0uTI.jpg
: Im 80% sure Draven Draven skin will be free for all. Not because I rly want to have a free skin but because the price of the skin is still unknown and the single difference between Draven and the skin is just his glorious mask.
Well now that you mentioned that. Im thinking about two possible things Riot might do. 1) An URF event. Something like the Pool Party event (only it would be better if they brought Ultra Rapid Fire along with it) 2) Draven Draven will be something like URF Warwick (The money gained was sent to a charity) _____________________________________ (Apart from the initial comment) For those who are about to say that Riot will bring URF mode during April, NO they wont. Other wise URF mode would be live on the PBE (because we have new champions that were never played on URF so Riot has to make that special URF patch for the new champions to make sure they´re not broken. So Ekko, Kench, Illaoi, Kindred, new Poppy, new Shen, Jhin, all the marksmen, etc etc). If something is not on the PBE then its not coming to LIVE.
: [Fan Comic] Clearing Pinks feat Jhin
This is actually well drawn. And its really funny. +1 friend! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: So who's the last guy, because im pretty sure it's definetly not velkoz.
I dont know... I think its Bard.
Rioter Comments
: You're far too pessimistic : I mean just wait and see ! We'll see wether it happens, no need to worry beforehand . By the way they probably won't be many problems since it doesn't affect the game itself . Rather than complaining on this can't you just feel excited to have this new feature coming ?
First of all, I not really pessimistic. I am just critical. Dont get me wrong, I am fcking excited for Hextech crafting, I really am. But there are certain things that pssed me off imidiately: 1) NA and no other server (EXCEPT Turkey) has this feature. And they will have it for over a week. 2) EUW always has problems when it comes to new features that have been tested in NA. ALWAYS. Im not being pessimistic, I am being **realistic.**
: So NA is just a better betatester now and people cry "why cant we betatest!!" And if EU would have been chosen first: "Why do we have to betatest, all buggy." {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
You know whats cool about betastesting? You get to try something BEFORE ANYONE else. Plus, if the beta test is done on a live server its a 100 times better. Look at Turkey, I bet they all have a sht ton of essence and a good amount of gems stones. Yes gemstones are rare, but with a over a month advantage from the rest of the servers... They will be the first to get Hextech skins. TL;DR You get stuff first. I dont care how buggy it is, the fact is the you get it first. And its good if it buggy. You know why? You can help Riot make the system better. So for once Riot NA will have to FCKING PAY attention to us. FOR ONCE. Doesnt that sound good to you? We can have NA Riot kissing our feet.
Kollery (EUNE)
: No: Cause EUNE will be there to hold EUW hands when having the same problem.
I feel you bro. Go check the main thread, I got something special xD
thedaki1 (EUW)
: So here i come, i dont think there will be huge bugs since this does not interact with the game it self it's separate .but you never know , we will see soon.
Guess will have to see. Im crossing my fingers so that EUW doesnt fail... again...
: Petition to get the League app on Windows Phone!
Where exactly is Windows phone popular in Europe? Because I see no one use those phones at all.
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Ultearov (EUW)
: EU LCS before the Spring Split
I say Fnatic will make it to the finals. Why? well I dont know what they do but even when they are not in the top 3 they always manage to pull it off.
: They are gonna release it one server at a time to avoid what happened with the new champ select, they threw it into the deep end and it drowned... this time they will be able to correct anything as it pops up without having to take it down for everyone. And of course NA gets it first, they would want to start with the larger servers to begin with (aka NA and EUW) and NA just so happens to be where riot HQ is so they got it first as its just out right easier to install there. We will get ours in due time, don't worry.
Yeah. Lets just hope Riot doesnt take over a month and forget other servers exist. I know they do it to make sure EVERYTHING is in tip top shape. But let me remind everyone that EUW is bigger than NA so I can already tell whats going to happen. Riot is going to test everything at NA levels (NA heavy traffic and all that). So what will happen? Because Riot tested everything to NA specs, the will ASUME that it will work for EUW (while they are 1000000% aware that EUW is the biggest server, therefore a lot more difficult to adjust). So to recap, the guys in NA are going to feel SUPER CONFIDENT that their testing will work for EUW (while past experiences HAVE SHOWN that EUW always fails). Other regions work fine. ____________________________ Im saying it right now! Hextech crafting will be shut down ONE DAY ONE here EXCLUSIVELY in EUW because the server cannot handle it, while the rest of the servers will have NO PROBLEMS whatsover.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Administrators actually, not moderators.
well both have the same power, even** some ** (not all) volunteers have power aswell.
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Goofrian (EUW)
: Its not 2009
ZakRs2 (EUW)
: Double messages
The same thing is happening to me. Really wierd honestly.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Shouldn't you keep the script and sentences of it away from... \*points around* public places?
They allowed me to spread the word out. You know? get some awareness going on, get the news spread on social media and all that. We´ll make up a huge lie like... someone hacked our info and leaked it online.
Eveninn (EUW)
: My adventures were no lie, only the cake I got seemed fishy. :( And you can't tell if neo is, as first the world needs to be overtaken by AI, which is yet to happen. (At least that's what I'm supposed to say, but anywaaaay...) And who are you to choose someone, that's mean! Controling other's fates like this...
Well... *****pauses***** Its my script GPet, the lines say it. I didnt chose. *****Screams desperaretly***** Its in the script!!!!! http://i.imgur.com/54UZluN.jpg Seee I told you. I cant spoil much, but I can say that the movie is going to be great!
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