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: At this point, I feel like a broken record.... (Here we go again) The **automated system** doesn't take any extenuations into consideration. You flamed? You get punished. Whether you got provoked, you have some emotional problems, or you are an 8 year old kid who doesn't know what's right or wrong, things like those DON'T MATTER TO THE SYSTEM IN THE LEAST. By the way, as others said, if you act like that again, say goodbye to your account. The 14 day ban is the last warning. You have no more breathing room. If I were you, I would probably just literally smash my Enter button or something.
But why do other team games *cough*csgo*cough* don't do anything against this? Like this too, I get banned not them, they are provoking, not me. They are blaming others, not me. in the end i get punished, not them. Just because im more mean than others, don't make up for their play ability.
: > why they only include WHAT YOU BE TALKING IN THE GAME Because your punishment is about YOUR behavior only. The behavior of others might be useful to learn more about the context why you flamed, but since the behavior of others is only an explanation and not a justification for your behavior, it's not relevant for your punishment. Just because others misbehave this doesn't mean you are allowed to do the same. > they be flaming ME, what can I do? Ignore, mute, report. The way you reacted is simply not said some pretty bad things which are not okay in ANY context. > y'all better not tell me i deserve this But you do. Sorry, but your behavior was REALLY awful in that game. I have no doubt that you are not lying about the misbehavior of your teammates, but this doesn't change anything about what you did. The things you said in that game would justify an immediate permaban. If you only got a restriction you can really consider yourself extremely lucky.
About Ignore, mute and report, yes I do know those exist, it just ain't good either, cuz I can't see when they be saying what's important, I know I said bad things, but it ain't my fault that the things I said are true. Put yourself in my place man. You can't do nothing.
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