: is there a good beginner champ without mana?
So I'll answer your question first : Top - Garen/Renekton/Vladimir Mid - Vladimir However, I would invite you to continue playing mana-based champions, and to learn how to manage your mana. This will make you a better player overall.
Monolim (EUW)
: 2 Week Suspension Because I Don't Know How To Play Yet
I'd say play against IA's until you at least get the basics. I know it sounds condescending and whatever, but going straight into Pvp in a game you said yourself you had no idea how to play isn't very smart. You know it's going to annoy people. Back when I started in S3 I played bot games until something like lv15, when I was familiar with the basic game mechanics, with the champions (where they are played and a rough idea of what they do). There is nothing wrong -at least in my opinion- to learn against bots. Nobody's gonna blame you if you feed against bots, it's normal for new players. Bots are a game mode made for new players. It's where new players **should** start playing and learning the game. As for your suspension, you can contact the support, tell them what happened in a polite way and they will most likely help you. Unbans happen. Rarely, but they do. Also > In the end I got a two week suspension for not knowing how to play the game on my literal second match. That is a straight lie: 1. your history shows more than two matches, 2. The system displays a warning to which you have to respond "I AGREE" after the first time the system detects "bad behavior". It never bans straightaway. 3. Only two games is not enough to get you banned. You don't get sanctions unless you are consistently getting reported. 2 games isn't a big enough sample, it wouldn't trigger a sanction, unless it's for chat toxicity.
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: The smiling challenge
> studies have shown you are happier if you smile alot I'm pretty sure this is only "health magazines science" that made up that one. It seems like backward logic to me; it's because you are happy that you smile a lot, not the opposite. That small thing asides, I'm all with you ! Keep spreading the positiveness ;-)
Blakex13x (EUW)
: Some advice please
First off, don't think op-gg history means anything. If you want to improve, what matters is what you do during your games, not the results. If you want a tutorial/guide, here is one I used when I was in gold a few years ago to reach diamond, it's pretty easy and well explained, focusing step by step on the core game mechanics you need : [-> Here](https://youtu.be/iko2tqmDpJQ) I have peaked last season at Dia2, and I still agree with 99% about what is explained in this guide, and the last 1% is only about minute details.
: Tutorials
I did it too, and I had to wait 20-30 s before the third tuto unlocked, but it worked. However I was not able to unlock the free capsule after finishing the tutos, so I just eneded the tuto session. The tutos in themselves were much better than thornmail ashe; however the permanent 150 AP buff was really wierd on AD champs, since it makes you destroy turrets with the ap damages, which deals far too much. Also 150 AP darius just feels off. It's an axe, not a wand ;-)
Sílly (EUW)
: Abandoning the mach?
Dodging means leaving the lobby during the champions pick/ban phase (the "champ select" you are refering to). In ranked dodging 1 time makes you lose 3 lp and have to wait 5 mins. Dodging a second time makes you lose even more lp and you have to wait even more time. Dodging repetitively will put you in low priority queue for a few games.
First do not look at op.gg for MMR, they don't know anything about it. Second, your MMR is affected by a moderate amount of win/loses. You will not affect it by "winning 3 games in a row". However if you were to let's say, win 60% of your games over 30 games, then it would be affected. Don't forget that the MMR system is there to assess your overall skill level, it is only logical that it takes the average of your games into consideration. You can know whether your MMR is good or bad by looking at the LP win/loses. +20 -20 is your rank MMR, -25 +15 means you are lower than your elo, +25 or +33, -11 or -9 means your are far ahead of your elo. There is also how well you are expected to perform versus how you actually performed. This is very easy to know, it's your grade at the end of the game. Also you are asking the wrong question; it's not about "help me improve my MMR", MMR is only a consequence of your skill. The only way to improve your MMR is to become better at the game.
: New insane improved communicational idea regarding Death Recap!!!! MUST CLICK!
I agree, I assume moving the DeathRecap button a few units down, in a way that doesn't overlap with the Baron/Drake icons, shouldn't be difficult. It'd be a minor yet very useful ergonomic upgrade. (Death recap itself needs a huge upgrade, but let's not ask for too much)
: This is why Riot is the best company.
Yes Riot Games' support teams are great. I had to contact them when I was in the UK (so the eu-English-speaking ones) and once when I was in France (so the French-speaking ones). Both times they were nice and competent. Especially the French one, since for reasons I won't say here, I had to expand a bit on my "real life", and I have to say they responded very ... humanly, which is something companies tend to lack. (EA support, I'm looking at you)


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