: LOWER performance with Intel HD than dedicated gpu
Other people are having these issues too. I assume Rito will hopefully fix this soon? Hang in there buddy {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
TheSiantly (EUNE)
: Cooldown because launcher repair
I don't really have a fix but I'd like you to know, the game repairs are happening more often. I have never had to use it and about 3 weeks ago it said my game was broken. I tried to repair the game and even the repair wouldn't work so I had to reinstall 3 times. Rito is dying. There is no fix {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Another bug by Riot bugs
My ping went up too ever since about a month ago. Although mine is not that high I'm pretty sure this isn't just on your end. Rito is dying.
: "low" FPS and low GPU/CPU usage
Damn do I wish we could trade. Ever since I reinstalled league because it was broken I got the opposite issue with the League client taking all my CPU (85%) so I can barely run anything else. (I have quite a potato computer. Literally bought it at the grocery store) There's so many problems regarding CPU popping up recently so I assume something might be wrong with league? I went from 600 frames to 250 frames yet league uses MORE of my CPU in game now than it did before since 2/3 weeks ago. It never went above 20% yet now it keeps sitting in the 30%-40% and it gives me less frames... {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I have NEVER had issues before with any games so this happening to league all of a sudden is strange especially because so many other people and even some of my friends are having similar issues and they're all slightly different but many of them CPU or frame related so this might just be League being funky again? I hope? NOW... I AM NO GENIUS but... In 2017 (or whenever???) there was something alike your problem and that was because league was not able to use multiple cores which is why it never utilized anything to it's full potential. It should be able to now though so I'm not sure how to help much further but you might want to try reinstalling the game. Sometimes it takes a few reinstalls before anything is fixed. (And you could always check your RAM? Not sure but I **read** that that could be the cause too and if it's not, well... Sucks.) I know this wasn't much help because I am no technical genius at all but I just really wanted to reply cuz I remember how sucky I felt when no one replied to me haha. Good luck getting help here, you'll need it.
MerloJohn (EUW)
I've been playing league since 2017 and I have only been autofilled like twice in my entire league career. I guess it's because no one wants support. :) People seem to be getting autofilled more ever since the new season. Especially mid players. You get autofilled because so many people want to play mid so they give you the second option so that queue timers are lower. I'm not sure which position is most wanted after mid... Also there's a higher chance you'll get a role you've played recently so if you keep getting autofilled top it'll be hard to get back to getting mid as role. Unlucky for you but a blessing for bronze support scrubs who can't cs (aka me) **Try not to put top as second. You'll only have a higher chance of getting top because you recently played it. **
: Keyboard lag
I had this problem too about 2 months ago but then with my mouse. The clicks were way delayed so I kept inting on accident {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} after a few days it stopped by itself. I don't think they can solve this because it's not an issue with the game or the files... I'm not sure why this happens sometimes but hang in there!!
: How to climb as support?
Simple, full AP Sona. I just 1v2'd a Xayah Rakan lane after my adc DC'd. 1 Q= half an hp bar with {{item:3115}} {{item:3504}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}} I was on a 13 win streak
Qeulorath (EUNE)
: I couldn't buy any of the finished items (Ardent, Grail, Crucible etc.) until I left/reconnected
Yup same problem, it seems there are multiple people complaining about this now. RITO fix plis {{sticker:sg-janna}}
LCS Pulse (EUW)
: Same... Somebody PLZ reply to my comment if it's fixed! {{sticker:cass-cry}}
It's fixed for me :3 I can log in and play again. 1700 people trying to log in at the same time tho xD


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