: chroma not working
Try to relog or try a custom with things to click it dont worry mate be patience Happy days.
xAdrian51x (EUNE)
: Please League of Legends unban my account
Bad to say but riot dont unban accounts :( Feel free to create a new 1 Happy days.
: My account MagicShrimp27 Has been hacked and Riot is not helping me
Their reply will be in 24 hours if they arent busy. Just try to be patience even its a hard time for you. Try to relax and enjoy the happy days!
: Time Zone
Just have some patience it will unban ! Let me hear it! Happy days.
: Gold players are weird (No qq thread, I'm just confused)
Hello, I think u are kinda over reacting about that game, Some players do have over thoughts about the game and do make other plays then you wish they will make but the thread with gold player are weird is not the right titel with this story. Try to be a shotcaller and show them what to do it might work ! Keep up the good work Happy days.
: typical eune ragequitter kid
Mate, If u are sure you didnt flame or harras somebody riot wont accept the report and u dont have to worry about anything. Happy days.
: I don't understand how anyone can enjoy this game.
In every game you got some people, even in real life! They do everything to make this game better, try it again! happy days.
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Endellion (EUW)
: Short answer: No Slightly longer answer: In the distant past Riot did unban a select group of perma-banned players on the condition that they could get a fresh account up to level 30 without incurring a punishment. A very, very small percentage of these players were able to do this (despite them saying they had changed and were no longer a toxic player) and so Riot canned the idea of ever reversing a permanent ban given out through the tribunal/account sharing/hacking/using 3rd party programs/etc.
So i quess its a no and they just let it unbanned 100% sure?
Solash (EUW)
: #showerthoughts - What if Orianna's brain..is in her ball?
Solash! This comment gets deleted by verbal abuse. We are sorry.
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zidic (EUW)
5 months really long lol
: I just noticed your old thread got deleted. I guess it was deleted because it's in the wrong board. We have a "Player Behavior" board for this kind of stuff, this topic is not Off-Topic ;)
I know sended my topic to of topic.
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: Placements
So gold 1 max?
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: Account permantly banned
Mate i dont wanna reply's like this just advice.. thanks for reading.
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: Best and Easiest ADC?
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