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: Screen tearing
cap the fps, worked for me
Aes Sidhe (EUW)
: Is this Jhin build so unheard of?
I agree that he is beyond broken and that is one of the reasons I dislike him, the other is that I can't roughly calculate the damage I'm about to do and I hate that in champs. Don't get me started on Akali... I liked runnan because he felt like he has a teamfight presence, I barely used the ult that game. Basically you crit 4 shots while hitting 8 more tiny ones, pretty much covering everything in front of you. By the time I wasted my 4 shots while spamming spells 5 champs were dead. They were bots ofc, no way you can pull that off against actual players but I kinda preferred that playstyle vs standing way back to ult which makes you more or less afk if the enemy team has a strong frontline or dead if they have a lot of gap closers.
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Doomley (EUW)
: it really doesn't matter if you have good ping when you test it. One spike is enough to screw up your connection during champion select and i think that is the reason. also dodging in placement matches doesn't count as a loss.
I thought it might be that but SO and I don't always bug out together. Actually that bug happened to both of us just once, that time we both got the penalties. It makes no sense, how can 1 client be affected by a spike and the other not when we're connected to the same router? That's why I doubt it's a client/compatibility issue, 3rd and 5th (maybe it was 4th tho) pick both bug out in the same lobby and both get the dodge penalty? It doesn't work that way... Oh and it started after a patch, maybe a month before the mage update.
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Nabzor (EUW)
: I don`t understand some strange facts
Dude I can not begin to explain how bad I was at this game. I'm bad now but I had the skills of a lvl 1 for 3 seasons straight. On and off player in season 1 and 2 till I forgot the log in info on 3 accounts,when I started playing actively I called myself smurf and played co-ops to lvl up, when I got 30 I made an EUW account and only played ARAM cause it was new and fun... With all that co-ops and ARAM experience I jumped into ranked, with maybe 50 normal games played total over 3 seasons, you do the math. I've been called every name in the book, got some very creative death threats and wishes, there was this one normal where I got 9 reports cause the 4 premades that trolled me got chummy with the 5 premades on the enemy team. And yet I haven't been banned. I never even got a warning, back in the day they were giving warnings before the first ban. And why is that? I'm not much nicer or calmer than the average person but I know how to suck it up, keep my mouth shut and not add fuel to the fire. Tbh I don't really care what an internet stranger has to say about me or my mom and I don't form opinions for internet strangers based on their performance in one game. Even if I do I'm not compelled to share them no matter how hard they flame, feed or troll. Live and let live, and that's why this game is still fun for me. You don't stop flame with flame, instead you create a pyre in which the whole team burns. You say that this game is forcing cowardice? That's an excuse for being toxic I've never heard before... Why would you even feel the need to defend your internet honor in front of internet strangers that might be 10 years younger than you? Let them flame their way into the ban you got and enjoy the notification.
Esanic (EUW)
: So... this just happened
And a friend of mine bought countless hextech bundles and got 2 legendary skins out of them. A week ago :D Unlucky bastard, it happened days before the cascade. I don't consider myself particularly lucky either, bought Blackfrost Anivia (sexy sexy chicken) just for the cascade, got random GP skin. Then I disenchanted skins I actually like to unlock the fancy Teemo one, got a random Yi skin... Out of those champs I only play Anivia, and once a month tops...
: > [{quoted}](name=gothrian,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gnE6uqtR,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-04-03T20:57:54.593+0000) > > They could just remove the chat instead. i mean 9/10 of all my games i have toxic people in it. 9/10 in your games is a subjective notion. You might hold something toxic that the majority of the community does not hence the common consensus of the community is the base on how "toxicity" is judged. You can affect that consensus by reporting everything you personally hold toxic. > and a permaban wont do anything except make people just get a smurf, level it up and start flaming again. How many accounts have you leveled? I've done it twice. One account for EUW and one for EUNE. Hated every minute of doing the second account due to the literal grinding it needed. I even had exp/ip boosters paid with real money to help me but still it took ages, nearly three weeks of relatively active playing. The most exp would come from a normal 5v5 game won in about 20 minutes. At first you can do this practically 1v5 but as you keep stomping new players the system does recognize you as a smurf and will place you in to matches which consists of other players tagged as smurfs. There is no MMR balancing in these games btw. It is simply the whole skill spectrum of smurfing players pitted against each other. Imagine a game where you have two silver smurfs, one gold and a bronze smurf when you are Platinum level player on your main. Against a few diamonds and a master with a bronze. A game from HELL I say. You play ten of those coin flips with no real point in them and will be done with it. How people level up most effectively is in co-op matches against medium AI. Time their push so that the game ends exactly at 20 minutes, rinse and repeat. Why? Because of the fact mentioned above. The smurf detection and how it is deliberately made a pain in the ass. Smurfs are not wanted to destroy the true beginners games. So from level 16 I just brainlessly grinded Co-op with full ad nasus mid to level 30 to be able to play teh goddamn ranked on both servers. Would I like to "just get a smurf" because I couldn't behave as a rational human being in an online game? No, I would not. Actually, to get a nice perspective about this yourself, why don't you try leveling a smurf? It is legal but not rewarding at all. And then again, try doing that multiple times. See just how many times you have it in you before you realise it's fucking stupid and arduous work just to be banned once again. Think of it as banging your head against the wall, it might not hurt at first but it will soon start to, no one can keep banging their head to a wall very long.
Well put! Long story short, I play on 2 servers and decided to make a smurf to test some stuff out. 2 years later I finally reached level 26. While I was leveling my first account I was learning the game, it felt natural. Just as I hit 30 some irl friends started playing this game on another server so I made an account there. ARAM was released, time flew cause I was playing a fresh mode with friends, leveling up was a breeze. My smurf on the other hand... Smurfs as you described them, the suffering of the odd new player that got caught up in that matchup was tangible. Fk that, I started playing co-ops only. At first my biggest problem were the people that refused to listen to reason and won before the 20 minute mark, giving me less rewards than an ARAM loss. Then there were the level up bots. Once got 4 in my team, those games are winnable ofc but frustrating af. Honorable mention to those that created a new account cause their main was banned for toxicity, you meet them every now and then and wonder why do they torture themselves by repeating their old mistakes or playing this game in general. In short, leveling up an account is hell nowadays, even after they halved the XP needed to reach 30. New players have something to look forward to, smurfs not so much. The endless grinding for your old champ pool and rune setup can drive you mad, especially now when you reach level 30 with half the IP you would've gotten few months ago. So yeah, a perma ban is a brilliant punishment in a ftp game you can start playing from scratch any time you wish.
: The fact that its working for some and not others on the same ISP makes me think its not ports that are blocked. They most likely have a limited set of IP addresses and are using a NAT service to accommodate this limit. There is possibly an issue with the NATing service for the IP you currently have assigned. Keep bugging the hell out of them and they will solve it. I work for an ISP so trust me, when people bug you enough you make extra effort. EDIT: May also explain why the VPN service is also not working
Don't get me started on that... Mandatory minute or so dc in every lol match, insane spikes, can't even connect to some MMO servers, loss of package, even the torrents were going at snail speed some hours of the day. I called my ISP over and over again and my connection was fine and dandy according to them. One day I went crazy on the poor lady that picked up, she told me that she will restart my router remotely. By the way she presented it I knew my imaginary (according to them) problems would be solved then and there. She was all like, I promise that no ports were closed, you don't have to move your pretty ass from the chair and restart your router, I can do it for you. Whatever she did worked and the best part is that I have no idea what the problem was in the first place so if it happens again I will have to do it all over again. The hair pulling, the call waiting, the screaming at people till I finally scream at someone willing and able to help.
: That looks pretty cool. :D much detail :o i have to admit, im impressed. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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jagijarus (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JoefreySlayer,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=X3Q6VtxL,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-03-30T13:13:06.923+0000) > > you cant drop key fragments from a loss. thats why i said you get a shard every x number of wins {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Read the comments on your own thread... He was commenting on the fact that I got a key fragment from a loss when I reached lvl 5 mastery on a champ.
Ăhri (EUNE)
: you cant drop key fragments from a loss.
I know, that's why I added the question, it was probably a bug
jagijarus (EUW)
: Key fragments ( and hopefully changes to drop rates)
Logged in just to post about this :) Once I got 3 key fragments in a row, assumed they are a frequent drop so I was smart enough to buy a chest... Right now I have 4 chests and 1 key fragment that I got from a loss when I reached lvl 5 mastery on a champ (as intended?). Frustrating af, I got 4 key fragments total since release and 4 chests in a day. Needing 11 key fragments and not getting anything cause you got an S while unable to receive a chest is my biggest source of lol frustration since that new Zed item. There is a solution tho and they don't even have to increase the drop rate. Giving us a key fragment for every S after reaching the max number of chests would be nice. Getting a chest is easy cause premades, they should give us key fragments for our personal S grades. Guaranteed key fragment drop won't bankrupt Riot, people that love skins will keep buying them. Since Hextech crafting was released I've opened 7 chests- one free, the one I bought cause I had and extra key (weep) and a bundle, out of those 7 chests I unlocked 1 skin and 1 champ. During that time I also bought 2 skins from the shop.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Yesterday I experienced the worst thing about dynamic queue
I don't mind it that much. I was placed in bronze 4 from silver 1 and the tilt from not reaching gold last season activated again when I didn't skip divisions in my first season 6 promo. I've climbed aaaal the way to bronze 2 so far and my irl friends are literally rotting in gold 5 and waiting for me to hit silver so we can duo. Still lately I almost never play solo cause I met a lot of good people placed way below what they deserve. Last night I even connected my duos and played some 5 man premades. I don't even mind playing supp as mid main cause all those adc players I synced with are worth it. What I'm trying to say is, even if you can't play with your friends you can make new ones. Scout some talent and add them, you don't even need to overthink if they are good players or having a good game, just add those you play well with. That's the beauty of dynamic que. Don't know how I will feel about it once they fix the matchmaking tho since I can't skype while playing ranked (different work schedules, grillfriend goes to sleep when I que up), playing with 2-3-4 people that can't communicate verbally vs premades that can will be nasty :/
Eveninn (EUW)
: [Contest] - Your Valentine's Story!
SO and I met on LOL 3 years ago, first became friends, then started dating and now we live together and constantly fight who gets to play on the good PC (me). Did I wonned yet?
: I see bronze 4 flame here Q.Q
Bronze 3 now :) Funny, I didn't skip a division even tho I played with 9 s5 golds.
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: Normals are random, and they have nothing to do with MMR. That experience shouldn't be of any help in ranked, but yeah, it is kind of unfair to be matched against people who are that higher on the ladder. There was not much fun for you, unless you are a virtual masochist, or really enjoy killing minions. Still, I do believe that there are plats that are silver now because they rage at every1, just like silvers do (I even had a KS argument in a silver match...). The only difference between a silver and a platinum is mechanical skill. A team of silvers with good game knowledge can still beat a team of plats.
One thing tho, the normal matchmaking was adjusted in a patch days before that game, it shouldn't have happened at all. We still turned that game around and won, I see it as 2 games, 20 min in which I was feeding and another 20 in which I dominated. I said that kind of matchmaking is an extreme example but something similar can happen in ranked till everyone gets where they belong.
: It makes sense considering how people in Challenger and Master dropped down to Plat 1.
They didn't drop to plat 1, that's the highest division you can be placed in after those 10 games.
: Gold 2 last season having trouble in Silver 3
Give it time, let the MMR set. Atm nobody is where they are supposed to be, you might be playing vs plats that flunked their placements and are on their way up now. When you play vs rightful plats you might have rightful silvers on the team. Gonna share a normal experience so you see how that feels for the silver player. I que up with 2 friends, we are 2 silvers and a lvl 21, matched with a plat and diamond border. The new player pissed his pants of joy, he was sure the high elos mean free win, us silvers dreaded what might be on the enemy team. I can't find any logic behind that matchmaking except is was very late at night and not many people were online. I got the short straw I guess, played a champ for the first time since a season 3 aram game, no poke melee vs pokey ranged mage. I gave first blood, second blood, the enemy Eve saw me as free food and started to camp me and things were going so bad that I didn't have the cash for one ward between deaths. On the game stats page I have maybe 10 skulls right under my tower. By minute 20 I was 0/11/0 with 40 cs! My premades were doing ok in laning, played troll bot with 2 control mages, after they left their lane they were basically afk cause of the death timers. I made a comeback tho cause I played an op champ and did nothing but clear camps and ran and tp from lane to lane to farm (didn't dare to get close to an enemy tower, just 1 wave under mine was fine) till I got 3 items. I didn't check the enemy team but I knew that at least their top and jung were high elo and that fact alone tilted me. That's how I got those 10 deaths in laning, after the third time they jumped me I didn't even try to fight back. I was so tilted that my eyes were glazed and I felt like playing that game from another plain of existence, seeing someone from the enemy team near me was a jump scare. Checked the enemy team after the game and as it turns out- all 5 of them were already diamond, 3 weeks after the reset! I don't even want to know where they were last season. That might not be the best example cause the matchmaking was a bit extreme but you can find milder versions of it in ranked now. Sometimes you get the silvers on your team, sometimes they are on the enemy team. 50% is not bad at all, at least you are not dropping and those numbers are probably not your fault. You win some, you lose some and when it all falls into place you will get back where you belong, just give it time.
: Did I undergo a normal MMR reset or something?
In the latest patch they fixed the normal matchmaking. Instantly noticeable, when I play with a new and not so good friend (awesome in her MMR, not so much in mine) we have way longer que timers but we also win more games and she performs way better. If you're talking about the games this weekend I have a theory about that... In some countries from the region the winter break ended last week. Younger players didn't have much time to play this past week, at least not as much as they did during the vacation and they grind hard now, tempers are running hard and what not. It also might be a patch of bad luck, don't get me started on how I lost 7 ranked games last night (you guessed it, ragers and leavers).
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Fully agree on everything but > you're complaining about quantity over quality when every single skin that's 975 RP and above has custom SFX and recall animations? That's the issue I tried to address but I wrote this post in 5 sittings and lost my train of thought. Real life calls so I follow, I get back to the PC and oh lookie I started a thread a while ago, better finish it. The quantity is ok, the quality not so much. The new animations are THE issue. Feels like the skins are rushed cause almost every 975+ skin released in the past year is buggy in some way. The way older legendary skins I own bring this unique epic feel to the champion, the new ones not so much. The 450RP skins that are a basic recolor have a way better feel cause the champ works like it's supposed to. Having a different skill animation isn't worth missing it when you are supposed to hit. I quote myself > They focus so hard on the flashy that the gameplay suffers. what I meant is, the flashy feels rushed and more often than not unfinished when it hits the store
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
it doesn't have anything to do with neither, I think the company started to focus on quantity over quality and those guys just do what they're told in the timeline they are given.
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: Bug with the chat messages
Same here. To me it happens on one PC, no problems with the other. Yesterday morning I was saying goodbye to a friend and she mentioned the chat was buggy but didn't elaborate, I had no issues so I had no idea what she was talking about. That night I logged in from a different PC, the chat bug happened to me too BUT the chat was ok for the person playing on the same PC I used that morning. That means it's not the settings cause they are account bound. The chat on my account works fine on one PC and bugs on the other. It might be some glitch with the time on the PC cause the chat acts just like Skype when the time on your PC is incorrect. Why all of sudden tho, did Riot make some changes?
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: Why/How did you start playing league?
While this game was still in beta one of the local nerds posted about it on facebook. Gave it a go and I liked it but I didn't get hooked instantly, I was the ultimate casual playing maybe 1 game a week at best. The new champions that were coming out were broken beyond words and I couldn't catch up so eventually I stopped playing. Some 6 months later I got bored and decided to play again, yeah, couldn't remember my log in info so I made a new account. Eu had split to 2 servers in the meantime so I picked EUNE cause of the word Nordic :) This game was taking off and the community became increasingly toxic, met few nice people and we made a decision to only play co-ops cause it was the only way to have fun. I was still a casual, took me maybe a year to get to lvl 30. In season 3, around the time ARAM was introduced irl friend mentioned he plays on EUW so I made an account there, trough him I connected to other folk I knew or knew of irl and once I was playing with friends I got properly hooked. This game changed my life! I'm talking about turning my life inside out and upside down till everything got in proper order. I discovered I have a talent thanks to lol, yay I'm not useless! No, I'm not a talented lol player, I'm still terrible but I used to make polymer clay jewelry and decided to try to craft a champion, turns out I'm a pretty badass sculptor. First chance I get I'm getting into uni again so I can sculpt with degree in the future and hopefully turn my hobby and passion into livelihood. And the majorest of major changes- one of those friends of friends I played with turned out to be my soulmate. And I'm not just trowing that word around, we have the same name, were born 6 days apart and we can't find a subject to disagree on. We are chick flick minus drama material, 2+ years of pure bliss.
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DireXcon (EUNE)
: The power of bot lane and friendship (A short story about how we won an "impossible" game)
tl;dr but I have some stories about that too. I recently met a friend of a friend of someone's sister ingame and we play a lot together. She is very new but eager to learn but not all the strays she picked up while leveling up are. Some are terrible. We win maybe 5% of our games? Once I played w/e for the first time and the game was lost ofc but i recognized some of the summoner names on the enemy team as 12yo locals that spam in our very toxic local fb group and tilted them. Badly! I wasn't mean or anything, I just said hi and they got toxic, i didn't fall for that and it drove them insane. My joy when I realized they speak with a hillbilly dialect... I responded with the same dialect to bond and after taking 3 inhibs they were too busy flaming me and all my female relatives to win the game. Tadaa, trying to make friends won that game for my team. Another lost one, the enemy team has a triple kill lead. My team spams the ff vote, I ask my friend not to accept cause I want to try a new build. The team realizes we are pre and flames us to hell and back, the jungler decides to afk farm which eventually pushes all 3 enemy lanes. One miraculous ace late enough in the game and we win just cause 2 friends decide not to surrender a game that can be defined as pure torture. See, friendship does win games.
: Kassadin: better for me not to unlock him?
Just buy whatever you find fun, and this is coming from someone that owns all Galio skins :) In season 4 I got back to an old forgotten account with the following mid pool- Ziggs, Lux, Anivia, Karthus, Veigar, Annie. I was flamed for all of those picks (apart from Ziggs) and 90% of my games felt lost even before they started cause everyone was so united in their hate against my odd pick. I reached gold on that account while my main was still in bronze. Just look at the meta now, Anivia picked on the LCS, Veigar is a pick or ban and Lux is becoming very popular again, there was even a whole week when I played against Annie mid cause someone picked her on the LCS(so I heard). Every champ is a hidden gem and sometimes all it takes to win is to enjoy playing it, I don't need the LCS to tell me what's op cause imho an op champion is the one I played enough to be able to survive whoever they counter me with.
zidic (EUW)
: {Rioter Response Needed} Would this get me banned?
Riot removed the option to duo with whoever you want but you are very much allowed to duo with someone 1 tier apart. Why would you need a Rioter's response when that's how this game works? Back in the day you could bring a challenger to a bronze game and that's why they put a limit on who you can duo with and you 2 look well within the limit, if you weren't you wouldn't even be able to invite him. Ofc it's allowed, boosting and account sharing might get you banned (said might cause Riot ignores those tickets) but duo que is perfectly Riot-legal.
Proxiart (EUW)
: I need ranked tips and hints please!
Best advise I can give you is to focus on other roles. You might be the best support in the world and perform consistently good but more often than not you will be matched with people that will make your games unwinnable. As a support you hold the power, you are the babysitter, vision provider and playmaker or breaker, sadly some people refuse to be carried. You don't have the power to secure objectives or finish people off, if you are the last man standing after a tf all you can do is hope you don't loose an inhib, or even the nexus before your team spawns. It doesn't matter how long you've played if you haven't been learning this game actively. Focusing on one role will only make you dance in the same spot. Here's my entire lol history, you don't have to bother reading it but it might explain why I'm saying all that. - Started playing since beta but it was so on and off that at one point I forgot my log in info. Came back in season 2, EU had already split and I made a new account on EUNE (clicked one of the two options at random). I believed myself to be a smurf so I only played customs (used to give XP and IP) and co-ops to get to 30 faster. Reached lvl 30 and got bored again. - In season 3 all my friends started playing lol so I made this account and started playing actively. For someone that played since beta I was beyond terrible, played mostly ARAM with my friends (the mode was new and fun) and used XP boosts to get to 30 faster. I didn't really get a chance to learn this game and still jumped into ranked with maybe 100 normal games played over 3-4 years. Turned out I'm a decent support tho, people added me a lot, got a lot of duos and somehow I cemented myself as support main cause that's what they expected me to play. My highest point in season 3 was b1. - In season 4 I was placed in b4 with 8/2! That tilted me so bad that I dropped me to b5 0LP. I didn't leave b5 till mid season when I got even more frustrated and went to play on that old EUNE acc to vent. Climbed pretty far there with a terrible champ pool, my only supports were Taric and Soraka so I played mid and adc a lot. Came back to this account as a mid main and got from b5 to silver in a matter of days. - Now, in season 5 I feel more confident as mid, adc and support, I don't loose it anymore when I have to play top and even learned how to adjust as a jungler (my worst role since the season 4 changes). People still add me but now when I duo they are the ones supporting me, I duo with people that can help me carry, instead of helping people carry me. Atm I'm nearing gold (allowed myself to tilt again after 1 failed promo) and tbh I'm pretty sure that's as far as I can go, afer this terrible streak ends that is. I was too old to play this game in beta, imagine my reflexes now. Also real life is a bitch, obligations and stuffs so I don't have time to play anymore, basically I play when my head is already falling on the keyboard but I play "one" more regardless. So sweetness, I don't know anything about you but I'm pretty sure that you play under better conditions than me and you can aim for the sky. All you need to do is to get out of that support main comfort zone and explore this game a bit more. Feeling confident in other roles can only make you better as support. And remember that even the support god climbed to challenger in the first place as adc main.
: Looking for duo
Mid main, just got demoted from s1 after 2 terrble weeks that made me believe I will never win a game again and desperate nuff to consider going duo with someone I found on the GD. I don't do assassins, play safe and reactively and roam a lot unless I don't like my cs (I don't roam to tax lanes but help them get ahead). Don't need jungle love unless I'm being camped by the enemy team, perfectly fine 1v1 even when I get counterpicked. Also I don't feel comfortable verbally communicating with strangers and have a pretty fked up schedule so I can only play after midnight few days a week. If you are cool with all that feel free to add me for chill and flame/blame free games. Jungle is my worst role so it would be nice having someone that can fill it for me, oh and I need some parenting in terms of having someone that won't let me pick a champ on a whim after a bad loss.
Ulliete (EUW)
: About to try a botlane with my mate ...
It's TB.. You can grow old looking for a meta comp and the enemy team will have Tahm adc with Morde support... I get it, people want to try out stuff but then there are the say Lux players that que as support and practically support the enemy bot cause the ques for mid were too long.
: Gift Skins
I guess you can, it's s not punishable as the refferal system abuse. Dunno, I have few smurfs but did that only once when I bought RP on a smurf by mistake so I gifed my main and used the change for a mistery gift... Using the free RP you get on smurfs to gift your main doesn't feel wrong but creating smurts for that sole purpose shoud be punishable imho.
: Do you think writing "XZY or afk/feed" in pregame chat is funny?
Funny story, that's how I met the duo I play most with :) I hated his guts (figure of speech ofc) for saying that in lobby and hated the fact I had to lane with him but we had insane fun. He apologized and all, said he got tired of trying to carry as support (his main) in that elo and turned out to be a very positive, encouraging and nice person. I don't even know why I accepted him, I think I was in promo and needed all the good players I can get to duo with or maybe he just redeemed himself during the game... He mains support, I main adc but we lane together only when I have to fill as adc and it's somehow better that way, if we don't get stomped 2 lanes are won. Pretty sure that's the odd case, most of the games that start that way are demoralizing to the point of unwinnable. > I am more than happy to lose a few LP, which I will win back anyway, in order to help piling on your reports...I consider this a good investment for the good of the community. That's how I operate as well, I like you summoner :)
TheVojo (EUNE)
: Well im Diamond myself so i do not worry. I know its unfair but at least i want to be done with leveling asap.
Checked you up, wasn't using it as an example :) And in my hypothetical scenario you will be 1 diamond vs 5. Not fun. Back to the logic behind it all. Riot has a way of tracking down smurfs and I doubt it's something as drastic as IP address stalking, otherwise once someone gets banned all his accounts would be examined as well and as far as we know, that's not the case. So yeah, safe to assume that's not the usual practice, apart for pros who face different consequences, and who knows, maybe they are bound to have all alts on paper. The system tracks some patterns and marks you as smurf, trying to match you with other smurfs. Two key points here- the generic term smurf and trying. - Smurf is a very generic term- a lvl 20 can make a smurf cause he forgot his log-in info, bronze can make smurf to play with fresh elo, silver can make a smurf cause of reasons, gold can make a smurf cause he got banned, plat can make a smurf on another server cause he didn't feel like transferring etc. You will be marked as smurf, not a diamond smurf so playing with silver players to you will feel like playing with actual lvl 10s. Now to the trying part. - Even when you que up for a normal game on your main you are not always playing with/against 9 other diamonds, right? Plainly put, matchmaking is hard. Just think of the ranked que timers in challenger, there are simply not enough people to be matched with. Imagine if you were to be matched only with other diamond smurfs when smurfing, there are not enough people and the que would last for days. To avoid that, you will be matched with other generic smurfs which may come from every and any elo, including some actual new players that performed good in their past few games (probably cause they didn't get stomped by smurfs). However you put it, even if you get 9 new players in every match or you get 9 diamond smurfs every time, however favorable or unfavorable the matchmaking is, you simply can't win every game. You want it over and done with ASAP and co-ops is the fastest way. Shorter games, 100% win rate etc. Can't find the source but I remember someone doing the math, it takes the same amount of time (not number of games) to reach level 15 by playing normals and to reach 20+ by playing co-ops. What you do after lvl 20 is your business but co-ops really is the fastest way to lvl up to there.
TheVojo (EUNE)
: What about normal games? Cuz im pretty sure ill win every single one
That's why :) it's not fair to a lvl 5 that installed yesterday to be matched against a diamond smurf. 90% of the people I tried recruiting to this game quit before they reached lvl 10 cause of smurfs stomping/flaming them. That aside, you won't believe how unwinnable some low lvl games are, imagine you being matched with 4 new players against 5 diamond smurfs. Even if you only loose 10 games till you reach 20 you would still lvl up higher by playing co-ops.
TheVojo (EUNE)
: Whats the fastest way to lvel?
Beginner bots till 10, intermediate 10-30. I forgot the math and I'm too lazy to google so don't take this 100%, after lvl 20 the rewards are reduced by 10% and you have limited time for playing for the 90% reward. Something like 3 hours I think... Still playing co-ops for 3 hours for 90% of the gains is way more worth than playing normals for 3 hours cause you will win every single bot game. Considering you won't win every single normal game, the rewards don't only balance themselves but the bot rewards surpass the normal rewards greatly when it all adds together. Also use the free RP (if you don't feel like buying any on a smurf) for an XP boost. tl;dr - beginner bots till 10 - intermediate bots 10-20 - intermediate bots for 3 hours 20-30, if you feel like playing more use the other maps/game modes cause the games are shorter
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Aes SIdhe: Feeding is very simply defined: You give enemy more gold than your team gains from your actions. Feeding has nothing to do with Kills compared to deaths. There is even cases in which dying person gets team 4 kills moment later due delaying enemy without any assists. **Intentional feeding**: This is different case. There is two ways to do this: More common way is to walk into enemies doing nothing until you get killed. Very common when someone goes enraged or bored. Second, which is way more devastating to team, is betraying your team. The second means you are signaling you are coming to help or moving towards fight, but start circle around the fight until allies are dead. This is very common among unskilled players who thinks kills matter. That their score is important. They do this to ensure they get all kills. The problem with latter: it is not obvious from score. This is why this is the "safe" feeding when you want to destroy game totally without risk getting reported.
Are you aware that you are defending a very toxic person? I can find few reasons behind that... The point is the same but the tone is calmer and now I'm a bit worried... Anyways, if someone dies 9 times in 20 minutes, there are no actions to speak of, he was dead for the greater part of the game. So many deaths in such a short window of time means he was feeding, intentionally or not. We all have sacrificed ourselves for the greater good but how often is that necessary? Situations like that happen once every 10 games maybe? What about the other 89 deaths (see I'm being nice, taking 9 as average when it actually is 11)? Yeah, I prefer staying alive to be there for the team, winning tf and securing objectives and stuffs and not feeding makes me a silver noob apparently. His mindset (and yours to some extent) scream bronze and the scores... have no idea how to define that... All I wanted to say that if he woke up (pressuring to take medication for his delusions would be too much) and stopped blame-deflecting he would climb much higher that almost gold claiming to be diamond. And there are many factors you should look into before you elo-shame. Not everyone is 14yo on a summer vacation, with killer reflexes and all the time in the world. Here's an anecdote that will explain to you the conditions I play in- once I went to pee during a death timer and fell asleep on the toilet! There are several reasons why people are in X elo, apparently the 2 of you are good mechanically and that's why you climbed to where you are atm. I suck, I genuinely suck, I play champs that don't have fast combos and don't require superior reflexes, I keep climbing cause I use my brain. I know how to outplay, how to survive, how to protect, which risks to take and which to avoid, the thing I enjoy the most about playing support is being able to manipulate the chase paths of my team, forcefully making them play smart too. If you combined the 2- brainpower and good mechanics what do you get? A pro! I have no idea why people ignore to listen to good-willed advice so they can climb to where they claim to be. Oh wait, I do... Cause the one giving the advice is a low elo scrub.
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: your obviously clueless about the game and you should not be proud about you baron calls cause ppl in your elo cant even ward properly position or anything and just like in plat game is about luck not skill ! Fact is advanced strategies are useless in any elo under diamond 1 and game is about luck and your ability to out trade even in 1v5 if needed look at my stats under when i had none trollers in my games ! Me doing 98K dmg as adc while my kata split pushes whit 0 ad or fast wave push ability or Jax who dies 2 times in a row in my jungle while giving up free farm lane pressure wave bounce while getting 4 cs at 8 min etc. are trolls and i want them banned from ranked .... bottom line is dmg i dealt to champions shows how well did you trade and who was slaking or just last hitting while staying out of fight . **as i said i dont care about flamers i care about feeders and trollers (feeder is not a guy who dies a lot but the dude who just walks forward and dies 1-2-3 or countless times) and i want them banned out of ranked if it's competitive none cares about someone cursing under pressure i care more about banning dead weight refusing to play in boundaries of reasonable play.** And yeah lee sin is diamond supp i played Shen bot in season 3 just cause you think it doesn't work doesn't mean it does not stop being meta sheep and think outside a box a little
You complain about feeders, I (and others) point out that you are the one feeding. Your big counter argument is that we know what feeding is cause we are lower elo than you. How can you be so delusional, you don't have 1 remotely decent score in your entire match history and your KDA on all champions played is even at best and you dash out random minerals and numbers like diamond and 100k... Apparently being dead for 50% of the game is not feeding if you don't do it on purpose, and since those are the words of a plat claiming to be diamond (even tho everyone can see your best ever is plat 2)- that's the law. I went from "what is this dude on" to "I want to hold him and say there there". Wake up sweetums, you are way closer to gold than you are to diamond and the power you get after dealing so much damage is wasted cause you are never there to deal even more and that's why your games are lost. Honestly, how can someone die 9+ times in 20 minutes and still be higher than bronze? Ponder on that a bit before you elo shame someone. Am I elo shaming you cause I'm higher than you on another server? Nope, that server is easier and I have countless duo partners there, I'm pointing out my real rank which is silver while you pretend you are diamond, guess which one of us has more potential to climb.
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
I have no idea what toxic cesspool of hell you're in but I saw a chat banned person once and it wasn't that scary. All he did was ask us to tell the enemy top that he is winning cause he got babysat and threw few insults here and there... You claim that most people are chat banned and I have to disagree with you. I'm not, none of the people I know are and in fact, ingame I rarely meet people that deserve a ban. From my POV, toxic people are a rare breed, sure, I get the occasional flamer/troll/afk/feeder/couple but nothing I can't handle or shame into behaving properly. You know what's the common denominator in all you games is? It's you! People troll/afk/feed when something isn't going right and they want to end the game sooner, and by your match history I can only assume that the thing that went wrong was being matched with someone with your attitude. Here I am in silver, priding myself on being able to tell which risk not to take, which team I can take risks with and thus not feeding (apart from stomps, my brain shuts down and I do silly things) and you- my plat highness- are priding yourself on having most damage dealt in games where you were feeding, casually comparing yourself to a pro and elo bashing the unranked dude. That makes me wonder why do I even bother typing this, it won't get to your thick skull and you will never improve your attitude and self-delusion. You mention diamond few times, as far as I can see from the graphs you got close to diamond once and dropped straight to gold, so yeah, maybe you should try reaching diamond before elo shaming people with the excuse that you are there. It's clear that you are good mechanically (better than me in any case) so maybe if you fixed your attitude you can take full advantage of your talent. Also try picking properly (the world won't end if you pick Janna instead of Lee support), learn to have faith that others can do damage too so you can pick according to the role you're stuck with and ffs try dying less! Taking risks that are worth in your humble opinion only leaves your team 4v5 until your timer runs out. Let the engages engage and try to play with the team. After seeing your match history and KDA I read this thread as "I'm mad at people that couldn't carry me to victory while I was feeding".
: I hate the new HUD, let's gonna request the option for choose between the New HUD and Old HUD
It took me 2 games to figure out how much ap I have but in my excuse this heat wave costed me some IQ... It's huge and stares you right in the face, it's so aggressive that I don't even notice the minimap and it's probably not just me cause my entire team didn't notice we were being backdored in one game. It's even worse on the new ARAM map cause everything is new and huge and shiny...
: How do i play this game
Wait, I've seen this before... Did you break up with the bf that carried you? JK :) Still, if that's the case my advice would be to stop playing ranked till the end of the season and collect the rewards, practice in normals so you can earn them alone next season. Also try to explore other roles cause you have to be a very lucky god to climb easy as support. It is the most important role and all BUT as support you can only help other people do better, you can't pick up their slack. Why is that bad? You will be helping someone that lost his lane hard and probably lost all focus and motivation to improve during the rest of the game. I was support main and couldn't climb out of bronze alone, went to play on an old EUNE alt where I only have adc and apc and I reached gold in 50 games with sucky champ pool and 2 rune pages. Came back here and rocket climbed to silver by playing adc and mid. Support is still my best role but I rarely play it, mostly when I want to feel confident in my silver skills (yeah...) after a stomp.
Tedo3bota (EUNE)
: Ranken ban
Dots are free you know. And quite necessary. By this rant I can tell that your ranked ban and chat restriction is well deserved and you also mention leaver buster punishment??? Wake up, see what you are doing wrong and improve you attitude, only way you can start actually enjoying this game and maybe even climb a bit. But really, be honest, is this a troll post?
Parresia (EUW)
: Improve myself in ranked
Yeah, this is not a dating site and your asl doesn't give us any inside info of why you can't climb. Best advice I can give you- don't flaunt your gender to get free stuff, begging people to whiteknight gives girls all over a bad name. Another advice- broaden your horizons. The fact that you don't play solo lanes tells me you lack confidence. Annie and Morg are still viable midlaners (not even mentioning Lux cause she IS a midlaner and you waste her potential by playing her as supp) and they counter most of the scary pick or ban stuff. Try them out mid and watch your support skills rise as well. You also lack tank and disengage supports, the ones you main cover most grounds but not all. Look outside the lane too, if you are playing against stealth and have champs with gapclosers or assassins on your team, support Lulu basicaly guarantees a win. With Leo you are tanky and have insane engage potential but you don't bring any protection to the team, why not try Braum. Also Nami is freelo at any skill level, she doesn't only come with both engage and disengage, she also has a heal that hurts, suspend that is godsend for moving targets (easiest skill for movement prediction cause it has a brief delay), aa modifier, gives mobility and that ult that can turn the tides of a lost fight (see the pun?). About jungling, you should try out champions that are not so reliant on the team (said the worst Mumu ever). Mumu and Skar are only as good as the team is, with those 2 you can't help everyone win their lane till they cut the ult cd in half. Later when you're about to engage for a team that has already given up you will only engage to die. Here I'm talking about the worst case scenario ofc but I always saw those 2 champions as the hardest to turn a game around with. Try WW and Vi and your presence will be noticeable at any point of the game. You should also try Seju cause she is very similar to Amumu but a lot safer, for starters you don't end up alone in the middle of the enemy team when you stun them, she also brings way more cc.
Coxis (EUNE)
: > I don't think IP checks should be proof enough Is anybody even reading what I write?
Part of it yada yada. I just spoke of what concerns me...
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