: you got the second highest Kill contribution on your team something is 100% wrong here.
The two rioters who answered my ticket seem to think otherwise.
: You inted, the enemy team reported you - would do the same. Premade or not. You are ruining the match for everyone - not just your team. 25 deaths... that's quite a feat
I did not int though, point of Sion is dying. so you deal dmg in your passive, I almost did most damage on my team as well. And I never ran in just do die.
CoopA826 (EUW)
: Then someone from the enemy team reported you. They have the right to play a regular game of LoL. And you dying 25 times ruined the fun for them. YOU played for shits and giggles, but your opponents didn't think it was all that funny. Therefore they reported you. Therefore you got banned.
But I still was not intentionally feeding, and I'm pretty sure the enemy team did enjoy themselves. We didn't surrender and we put up a reasonable fight at the end.
Master Scar (EUNE)
: prob the ban bot %%%%ed up just make a ticket to riot support and im sure they will lift the bann after they hear you out
I did. and they said they were sorry if I didn't like the outcome, but their decision is final.
: Yeah, you don't deserve the ban, especially if you were playing full premade and they agreed with it. It was also a normal game, people do weird builds and it's fine, that's what normal games are for: to have fun. You don't deserve this ban. Hopefully some Rioter will comment on your post.
I can confirm that even though we lost pretty hard, we did in fact have fun.
Spicetake (EUNE)
: Seems weird, since you don't usually get banned if you don't get reported. This would mean some of your friends might just have reported you and that's why you got the ban. Maybe you could ask them and if they did, they could be a witness and tell Riot that you indeed didn't feed
I asked all of them, and none of them reported me. And since I know them all very well, and I've known them very long, I know they didn't report me.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: 25 deaths is feeding hard rather than a bit. And you were also the only one that had a negative KDA. But it still seems that you didnt feed intentionally. I mean, if you did it intentionally you wouldnt have any kills or assists. Probably, by going lethality, you were an easy prey for Darius who fed on you and then the rest of his team just chased you down all around the map. Unfortunately you bought armor pretty late and the system probably bans depending solely on score since an automated system cant really monitor the game and separate inters from players who just have a bad game. For me, im okay with people trying new things and builds in normals. But just an advice, the first few times you try something new play as safe as possible since you cant really know all the weakness and strength of it.
Hi! My velkoz and yasuo also had a very bad KDA so I wansnt the only one. The problem was mostly that they kited me non stop, and Darius had a pocket Lulu support so we couldn't kite or one shot him.
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