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: Question: Did you took a screenshot of that Ghost/Cleanse janna mid, with her comment?
I did but I don't know where I can post it. I think it is against the rules (privacy or something) to post it here on the boards. And support a ticket doesnt allow me to post it since we weren't in a game together. (Because I dodged)
: sorry to break it to you but riot doesn't care. community doesn't care. nobody cares. Just stop playing or deal with it
Nice community and nice company. I mean it is obvious that nobody cares. Kinda sad though.
: Send the pic to support and tell them that you dodged that specific game, but still they can check that player for suspicious actions. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en
: and it all depends on what ELO you are in and what you term as Trolling... I play new champ Senna adc and get called troll all the time, but I not lost a game yet playing her that position. Does that make me a troll or everyone else narrow minded?
But if someone says: hi guys my bro swain needs a win (swain is in opponent team) Then locks in Janna mid with ghost cleanse. Is that being narrow-minded or is that just straight-up trolling in queue. Edit: I got a print screen of this. But I don't think I am allowed to post it.
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