: I like them! ~~even tho it's in anime style~~ but i dont know who's the [insert gender here] in the middle.. is it {{champion:81}}? I dunno. If you could take my request, I would LOVE to see your drawing of {{champion:99}} ^^
Yes it's {{champion:81}} Of course I can draw Lux!
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Swihii (EUW)
: A french player look for an english player
Hum... why Does this post got so many hates ?
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:34}} I would like to delete all these cancers from this game.
: i really respect that.. if u play those champions with whom u r good or ur main to be honest in bronze and silver no one is good.. but i can play well with my main i am not main annie but i am good with her so i play annie mid also... i dont need to play a skill full champion because i am silver.. i am not a pro their is still lots of thing to learn
Totally agree with you ;)
: Yasuo in bronze..
That's why I'm playing annie and adc, it's not too hard xD


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