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Kurotsu (EUW)
: The "?" ping spam
I use it more like: Okay what the %%%% were you doing? Are you drunk or something? Where is your brain at? But instead of saying all that I just ping twice which prevents a lot of raging :)
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: How was your week?
My week was good until the last match. Getting totally flamed by my 4 teammates they end up throwing it and of course I get blamed for it. Look I don't care much about the flaming, but when they start trolling me ingame I am done. I play for the win not to be some toy for a 10 year old to release his rage at. The only thing that gives me a little bit of pleasure is that those flamers also flamed in all chat so they are more likely to get penalized.
Dwarf0x (EUNE)
: Didn't get the unlockable star guardian lux icon
: [NL] Voidlings Platinum Team zoekt naar Nederlandse Top en Support
IGN: AfterMathMatics Rank: Plat 2 :'( Role: Jungle Main maar kan alles spelen. Champion Pool: Letterlijk van alles en nog wat. Beschikbare tijden/dagen: Door deweeks s'avonds Waarom wil je het team joinen?: Nederlands team van mijn ELO? I want in :D
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: might happen accidentally by moving your mouse to the minimap who knows :/
Wasn't the case my mouse was in the left upper side of the screen while my minimap is on the opposite side.
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: Defeatism in LoL
Can we just get rid of the option to surrender. When playing ranked you play to win and why in the world would you give up? It is just the cowards way out, be a man/woman and play that game!
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Stelter (EUW)
: Why I didn't get an S . A story
12/0/6 udyr jungle no S :(
SirBaas (EUW)
: [6.10][EUW][CLIENT] Reaching champ.mastery lvl 5 + getting an S glitches the token
Just had the same bug. Got my Sona lvl 5 and earned a S-. Got the message I received a token looked in my inventory and guess what nothing there... Not that it really matters in this case, but still quite annoying.
Solaran (EUW)
: Looking for Mid Laner for Ranked 5'
Started playing another lane mate :p?
: Sure, she bought a sighstone only to use it for trolling. In her last 2 supportgame she placed at least 28 and 32 wards. I think youre a liar.
I have seen many supports who just buy a sightstone because it is in their recommended item list or just forget to use it. You can call me a liar but hey I know I aint.
PetiteFox (EUW)
: Maybe they werent trolling. Everybody has a bad game from time to time.
A support that is not willing to support his adc or ward around the river and starts dancing when the adc is getting attacked? How should I call it?
: Leona placed 91 wards this game, you 8. I think you was the trolling one.
Well seen but don't you think 91 wards in a normal game is impossible? You know maybe this leona just stayed at spawn spamming wards around our base? Just a thought.
PetiteFox (EUW)
: I personally think it is. Pointing out that somebody is feeding isn't helping anyone. The person will just feel more frustrated and will feed even more. If you motivated your team and said all of that stuff in a different way...for example "guys, it would be better if we grouped for a teamfight, that might be the only chance to win"...when somebody is being rude you automatically set yourself to not listen to that person, at least I do. But if the person says something reasonable in a normal way, I'll give it the time and think about it.
You are right that is the best way to handle situations like this and normally I do this, but I just was really annoyed by the fact it was the third ranked game in a row this happened (I also got demoted for the 7th time Jippie). And with this I mean, I get a team that isn't really trying to win the game while I am and are flaming in the chat. Sorry but I didn't feel like acting as a nice person.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: It's definitely worth a chat restriction. Give as many reasons as you want for flaming, it's still flaming.
Yes I was expressing my frustration, but I wasn't swearing or actually insulting anyone.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: "whole team reported" WTF.
Yeh well Just the truth. If I get trolled by my whole team, I report them all.
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: just mute them and move on they wil get punished aswell if you report them :)
Yes I know that is what I should have done but it so frustrating...
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: Is "easy" used as a joke reportable?(read before downvoting)
420 Sheep (EUW)
: Ranked team rewards got reset?
Same here.... Rito what's this bug?
: Thanks RITO for those Amazing promo's
Ah whatever guys just wanted to let you know I managed to win my promo's yesterday, but unfortunately I am alraedy demoted thanks to four terrible games in a row: 2 games with an afk and 2 with trollers. Seriously what's wrong with this ELO?
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: Thanks RITO for those Amazing promo's
Thanks for the downvotes for those who keep denying that there is no such thing as an ELOHELL. Well believe me there is!
Niaphim (EUW)
: Players less toxic?
And thanks for downvoting me just had my promo's two troll games. One game someone forced mid and went afk after 10 minuts other games the jungler was just trolling and everyone was trashtalking. So don't tell me it is any better now!
Kion (EUW)
: Riven main going through gold hell
Well I can assure you it is impossible to go through that hell! Moved from promo's to plat back to Gold III and if I lose these promo's back to gold II I will take some drastic actions.
Niaphim (EUW)
: Players less toxic?
Maybe less toxic but also way less skilled. I am seeing a lot of folks that belong in bronze but play in gold.
Eirereb (EUW)
: Done with ranked
Got Demoted from promo´s to plat to Gold III and still no improvement in my teams. At the moment a 5 lose streak and it is just impossible to carry...
: Servers down or what?
Ahh sorry it was "just" a drophack. When do noobs learn to play instead preventing a lose...
: EUW is unplayable
Just got drophacked again. RITO FIX THIS BULLSHIT!
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Hagno (EUW)
: Creating New Dutch Team Gold 2+
Rol: Alles behalve adc (prime jungle) Ingame Naam? AfterMathMatics Leeftijd? 19 Current Rating? Gold 1 Kan je op de avonden hierboven genoemd spelen? Doordeweeks bijna altijd Beschik je over een bruikbare headset? Jup Ben je in staat om te shotcallen? Ooit gedaan alleen minder ervaren dit season Main champions (4) Vi pantheon Leona Brand Kan je de meta spelen? Ik speel het spel meta kan me een worst wezen Welke motivatie heb je om het team te joinen? Gezelligheid en goeie communicatie Heb je ervaring gehad met het spelen van ranked teams? Jup heb met meerdere teams gespeelt maar deze werden allen naar verloop van tijd inactief.
BL Kitten (EUW)
: EU WEST - LFM for 5v5 Ranked team -- Top/Jungle/Adc --- Casual/Fun but looking to win :) <3 <3
IGNs(Your main plus any alts): AfterMathMatics Rank(s): Gold I Have you ever been ranked restricted/chat restricted? how many times?: 1 chat restrict for a couple of days (No idea why(but most people say that )) Timezone: Amsterdam +1 Occupation (to know re scheduling): Playing LoL Primary/Secondary Language: Dutch, English and a lil German Primary role & champions: Jungle: Vi, Pantheon, Rammus but can almost everybody jungle Mid: Brand, LeBlanc, Talon, Morgana Support: Leona, Morgana, Karma, Braum Top: Nasus, Pantheon, Gnar Secondary role & champions: Everything else I guess Reason you want to play in a 5v5: At least I can communicate with my team... Experience: Played in some teams before, was a shot caller once but team got inactive Pros: Can play almost everything and have some experience Cons: Dunno guess I like drinking and get annoyed when somebody is losing on purpose Any other information: Hey :D
: All Disconnect ?
No lose prevented thanks RITO! Btw only half of our players stopped playing, problem was two guys on my team and 3 on the enemy team, so thanks for the free lose RITO...
: Loss prevention
Thanks for the free lose RITO!
: WTF is going on?
Got the same thing going on today, toxic level was very low for a couple of weeks and now its just pure toxicness all over the place.
Ryze1tUp (EUW)
: how do i get out of bronze?
Learn to play some champs you can almost fight a 1 vs 5 with ;) Diana, Katarina, FULL AD NOCTURNE! and stuff like that, I fought my way out of bronze with shyvana before she was nerfed.
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: [BUG] Brand Q bug
Alright Yesterday I played brand again and again Q was bugged. I was getting attacked by a VI so I wanted to stun her E+Q but when I threw my Q she released her Q and my Q went right through her withoud dealing damage nor stunning her. Since I didn't see brand in the patch notes I hope this won't happen again but if it does I am gonna send a support Ticked to RITO.
mell (EUW)
: Maybe the problem with the provider
Yes because everyone in this game was disconnected for 5 minuts and several times encountered over 2000 ping. Oh and gg RITO no loss prevented.
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: This bug doesn't exist, I've played 150-200 Brand games. You missed maybe had a visual error or lagged and looked like it hit.
Yeh I play brand on a regular base but it was just his game when this occured. Still the river creep is a bit weird since it happened again today. Maybe it has to do something with sejuani I dont know I hardly ever play vs her.
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