: its an ape
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Smerk (EUW)
: Wasn't that his old ship?
Pretty sure it's his new
: Gankplank lore
He actually stole Swains Man'o'war after the events of Bilgewater, afaik.
: Garen is really strong, maybe even OP.
He is such a strong champion it is physically impossible for him to touch a ranged champion like Quinn or Kayle or Vayne if they play the lane properly.
: Does Fiora Have Reasonable Counterplay?
Her passive has counterplay. This should be obvious but if her Vital is to your "top", you can fight her, but you need to always be walking top inbetween auto attacks so she can't proc it with her Lunge. The same happens if your Vital shows up to your "bottom", except it's significantly harder because River is also to your bottom, which means you can't hug a wall unless you are either pushing or pushed to your tower. If the Vital is to your back, you can safely farm. Just make sure you don't walk directly towards her during a trade because she will try to walk around you and Lunge at you from either your top or your bottom. If the Vital is towards her, then you need to either take the poke to farm or wait a bit. You won't lose much CS, but you wouldn't lose much health either. Her passive deals a lot of damage during trades, but only if she manages to proc it 3 or 4 times. Her Q doesn't deal a lot of damage by itself. It's just that it is often used to proc her passive which makes it seem like it deals crazy damage, even if it really doesn't. Her W is actually really really good if you can use it properly, even if most Fioras just throw it out randomly during a trade. I'd argue it's even better than an Hourglass. The counterplay to her R is the same as her Vitals. You have to move in the direction of your Vitals to make it harder for her to proc them. Of course, if you are playing something tanky, there's an easy way to literally ignore her passive during trades. Basically get a Bramble Vest and Ninja Tabi and she can't really hurt you until 11.
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Twitch against Yasuos Windwall
It depends on how close Yasuo's back is to his wall
: What is your sugestion for git gud at akali?
The trick is abusing your shroud to farm safely early on and your passive to sustain poke. Against ranged champions, you can sit near your caster minions and when the enemy walks forward to lasthit one of them, walk forward, press Q, mini-dash to them with your Shroud, auto attack, E, and return to your shroud to avoid any harassment. It chunks somewhat hard. You can start bullying ranged champions at 6, except for maybe Kennen since all he does is press R and stunlock you to death, but no one really plays him anymore. Some melee champions may give you trouble if they play it properly, and there is really nothing you can do to them except for last hitting ranged creeps with Q and abusing your shroud to farm melee creeps.
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lp3x (EUNE)
: You have to remember ezreal is in a absolutely attrocious state right now,and ironically gauntlet gives him less damage and he's kind of obligated to buy it sometimes.But the slow is kind of annoying agreed.
Spytra (EUNE)
: Nerf Twitch
he is actually getting buffed
: there are many consequences from such an that is why we have the rule in almost all games.
what are those consequences?
: > [{quoted}](name=Agidyne,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wuptWnll,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-02-27T19:55:40.475+0000) > > It's ok if you buff their stats slightly. The goal of a change like this is to make it so ADCs are actually weak during the early-mid stages of the game, which used to be the norm in the past but doesn't happen anymore since their items are so much cheaper than everyone elses. "slightly" for an 800g increase it'd have to be a serious amount of stats.
Just add a Cloak of Agility to their build path. So they all get 40% Crit chance now, meaning you can reach 100% Crit Chance with 3 items instead of 80%, which is a good thing in my opinion. One of the most tilting things that can happen to any adc is when they miss a kill on someone because their auto attacks have a 1 in 5 chance of f*cking them over.
: The 5 changes I'd consider are 1. Towers buffed significantly in the first 10 minutes of the game. Fortification re-added to bottom lane turret. 2. Grievous Wounds also affects Shield value for 50% of the value it affects healing (so 20% on shields) 3. Lethality removed as a whole, Assassin's can be compensated elsewhere for it. 4. Tank Items like Iceborn Gauntlet becoming melee only. 5. Aftershock removed as a rune. > [{quoted}](name=Agidyne,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wuptWnll,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-27T19:35:47.373+0000) > > - Cost of Zeal items increased from 2600 to 3400. LOL. He said balance changes, not destroying an entire set of items.
It's ok if you buff their stats slightly. The goal of a change like this is to make it so ADCs are actually weak during the early-mid stages of the game, which used to be the norm in the past but doesn't happen anymore since their items are so much cheaper than everyone elses.
zgr346 (EUW)
: No it is fair skill he needs better thinks.
What do you mean it's a fair skill? It's so insanely easy to dodge, sometimes I even do it on accident.
: Riot has given you the power to push trough 5 balance changes for 8.6
- Increase Veigars R range and turn it into a fast moving skillshot - Stopwatch rune reworked into a rune that gives you a significant boost of stats when outnumbered in a fight. - Kleptomancy rune reworked into a gold generating rune that is less RNG based - Cost of Zeal items increased from 2600 to 3400. - Grievous Wounds now affects Shield values too.
zgr346 (EUW)
: Talon need buffs like these;
Returning W should be harder to dodge, that's all.
: you're saying it is normal with someone having the word "porn" or similar to that kind of things ? so basicly when your little kid comes to you and ask you a word of these don't be shocked from where he learned such a thing. don't forget the community is is multi-aged.
What's wrong with telling your kids what porn is? I never understood why that weird taboo existed. They will find out sooner or later and it's not like it's a very complex subject, is it?
Dìanà (EUW)
: Champion Concept - Faust, The Grim Puppeteer
: MUST bans for normals?
I always ban Janna because she is probably the most disgusting champion to play against in League while also being one of the easiest supports to pick up and play. If someone already banned her, then I ban Lulu instead.
: Boosters'nd smurfs in LoL overall.
Keep in mind some of these "smurfs" are actually scripters. You see them a lot on champions like Cassiopeia or Xerath
Rockified (EUNE)
: What's the best sht your enemy laner said after you killed him?
idk, but once I had a Warwick in my team who sniffed a low HP Gragas, flash R'd him under his tower, got hit by a random Ashe arrow and died so the enemy Gragas typed "who's a good boy?" and our Warwick answered with "woof" we lost that game but I thought that was pretty cute
: Cassiopeia bug
Clearly a bug
: Will Lee Sin receive a buff after losing the green smite?
: Unsportmanlike And Inappropriate Club Tags
I doubt most players actually care about it and I believe we shouldn't put restrictions on something because a few might be offended by it. I already find it kind of idiotic that Riot forces this kind of thing with the summoner name. I know it's in the Summoner's code and all, and I do respect the Summoner's code but this doesn't mean I can't criticize it.
: Which website is this?
: How to 1v9 Hard Carry?What champions can carry a whole team?
There aren't any champions that can 1v9, not anymore at least. There used to be a few champion that reached a point of no return in the past, such as Jax or Tryndamere, but those times are far far gone. Your best bet is to play something that is annoying to put down and can win in 1v2 or 1v3 situations, such as Yasuo, Riven or Fiora, but this won't work if the enemy has any Point&Click CC. Or play some burst champions that can delete 1 or 2 people before a fight starts. Annie is good at this, but if you are good at landing skillshots you can also try Brand.
Katsplat (EUNE)
: Veigar Design
Increase the range of R but make it a fast moving skillshot
: Zoe needs an buff
https://i.imgur.com/XhYddK3.png[/img] ?
: Than... Wait the half/quarter second until it hits before pulling them? You have plenty of time to pull them. Meteor is fine - Phase is fine - Aery is quite bad. Why I take Meteor over phase is because the moment you're able to proc phase you usually don't need it anymore. The killpressure it offers in lane is roughly the same as Meteors. Aery was great on old Swain since you could litterally proc it 24/7. New Swain doesn't play this way.
I guess we have different theories on what works on Swain or doesn't. I've tried multiple runes on the new Swain. Glacial Augment was alright. It dealt less damage in general but made landing his E really really easy actually. Phase Rush was mehhh. The movement speed is nice but you often don't need it. Comet is weird. I would sometimes proc it while harassing with Q, and since Q doesn't slow, they would easily dodge it. It felt like it had the Urgot problem in which you sometimes proc it with your legs while farming and since your legs don't CC it becomes easily dodgeable, making it feel like a wasted Comet. Now, Comet becomes just a better Aery if you build Rylais, but Rylais has never been an item I've rushed on Swain. Spellbook is Spellbook. There's not much to say about it. It doesn't really affect your gamestyle or anything. Electrocute was surprisingly good. Swain can actually cheese people with it at level 3. It has a high cooldown so I wouldn't recommend, but it's actually hilarious if you know how to land your combo properly. Aery tho. Aery feels amazing in the early game. You can proc it every auto attack, every Q, multiple times during your ultimate. Just a really solid rune overall. I also tried Aftershock, and the rune was actually really really good in early game trades, allowing you take virtually no damage even against hard hitters like Riven. But I feel like the Rune is problematic in general.
: Incredible Olaf
whats an olaf?
: Swain and comet.
Aery is better in general on Swain. Comet has reverse synergy with his E-Auto-Q combo.
: But why a Zed mid would camp his laner instead go with his jg on botlane party? Later in fights could join well enough with spellshield item or a support like Lulu while someone like Zac/Gnar/Rakan make plays for him and adc... Maybe as a last pick when the enemy lacks stuns on mid he can be ok. Same goes for rest assassins -they dont need to be first pick of their teams, but last ones surprising enemies using the advantage of none to counter their pick. Btw iirc in worlds we saw weirdest team strategy -rushing exp for Nocturne jg. xD So there is always a way, just not that easy and meta.
The "ignore your laner and camp bot with your jungler" strategy you described is basically what we have right now, and it's the most boring meta I think we ever had in a while. Except you don't do it with Zed, you do it with Azir and Ryze and other super safe mages you see regularly played in the mid lane, who just so happen to be good at roaming aswell. What's so interesting about doing 4 man bot? You aren't even killing them because you mechanically outplayed them, you are winning because you have more people. Also, champion power is relative to every other champion in the game. League is a game where if a champion isn't in the top 30, he is in the bottom 100. Finally, there's no such thing as "Surprising" people anymore. The moment you pick Zed, they take 5 Stopwatches and you can't kill the midlaner because he is basically immune to your ult, even before he finishes Zhonyas now, you can't kill bot if they have a defensive support like Braum or Janna because the peel those champions offer is borderline insane and you can't kill the top laner or the jungler because they are both tanks. You can kill GP if he hasn't finished his Sterak's yet, and even that's not a guaranteed kill. That's why I believe we need champions who can kill you under your own turret and live if they play properly. Because League is in a state where passive play and 4 man ganks are the way to go and individual skill is often meaningless because of it. Also, the reason I mention Zed a lot is because Riot said Zed is a healthy assassin in the past. I don't play Zed myself, I just prefer to fight against him because he does stuff besides just farm, as most mages do nowadays.
mid feker (EUNE)
: Pro players play weird..
Because there's no point since no one plays top lane to win lane anymore and just kind of farm until late game. Also, what top laners do you see besides Gangplank? Camille who is extremely safe, Gnar who is also really safe and Ornn who isn't as safe but still tanky as f*ck. Also, every minute you spend trying to get a kill top is a minute you aren't spending trying to get a kill bot and bot lane is what will eventually carry the game while top lane will just translate into a meatshield. But if you want to see a top laner getting camped, go watch Dyrus games back when he played competitively for TSM. It wasn't even his fault. It's just that Riot makes junglers life easier and easier every season that goes by, meaning that you don't really have a chance to turn around a 1v2 as a top laner anymore, not because the others guys were too good but because you don't really have an option to do so on most champions. There was a time where junglers were forced to buy cheap GP10 items like Heart of Gold to have any income whatsoever. Back then, only a few champions could jungle and it was still a risky role because if you made a single mistake during a gank you would probably end up getting killed. Of course there has always been some outliers like Xin Zhao, Jarvan or Lee Sin that ganked you with half HP at level 2 and tried to cheese first blood with their insane damage early on and it was ok if they died aslong as their laners got ahead because of how snowbally the game was back then, and honestly, snowballing is what made top laners feel like they had an input on the result of the game. It was a lot more fun when you were playing something like Tryndamere and suddenly the entire enemy team is no longer able to deal with you than it is to play something like Maokai and try to keep someone from moving. And btw, if you ganked a champion who is supposed to win lane like Renekton or Darius, you were risking a double kill.
: 9 lp? What the hell?
The game detected you were searching for Cho'gath counters on Google Chrome and punished you for doing so. Pro tip: use Incognito mode.
: 1) PROs follow the metas, so if assassin on mid could be ok, its simply not the best choice -else they wouldnt play same 20 boring champs whole season 2) warding level and the team communication is what counters the assassins and hey-LCS is just this /stopwatch nerfed gg/ 3) even on LCS i can see stupid plays and imo they dont know to play every champ that good like a guy who is OTP of it, sounds exaggerated maybe but it is so imo 4) we saw rengar jg several games, in one of them i remember he was damn fed and ra.ped everyone, we saw LB /despite i think she isnt assassin anymore with this idiotic passive and in same time rengo or kha jump from stealth to deal 1500dmg in half second/, we saw Kassadin, KhaZix -sadly jg tanks countered the jg assassins often but mid ones were ok and zed/talon/akali wouldve be ok too, if they knew to play them or can deal with being on focus, losing some cs early and dont be meta this way i think assassins are ok, but i guess its easier to spam RQ every 5secs and 1shot anyone who is not a tank as Zoe...who needs an assassin this way...
1) Yes! But you need to remember champion power is relative to every other champion in League. So you can say someone like Zed is fine, but he is only fine against those who are weaker than him. You could make an argument that he "counters" most mages, and despite that being true, it's also true that there is nothing he can do if the champions he "counters" simply decide to farm under tower for 30 minutes. Not without his jungler intervention in a dive. 2) Not entirely true. Assassins are also countered by supports such as Lulu or Janna, two champions that basically play themselves and who I find absolutely disgusting at how they have managed to go unchanged for so long. Soraka aswell, but she is basically an inferior Janna in her current state. And they are also countered by an item known as Zhonyas Hourglass, which has been a broken item since it's official release and doesn't really add anything of value to the game. It doesn't require you to land anything on your lane opponent, or deal an X ammount of damage, or wait an X ammount of seconds before you can use it. Even if a Zed mechanically outplays an Orianna, she will be able to ignore his Death Mark by clicking one button. 3) Actually, many LCS pros have a somewhat big champion roster, or at least can play a decent ammount of champions to an acceptable level. Faker used to play Zed in Season 3. He used to be one of the best Zeds if not the best Zed in the world and he could play Zed into any matchup and come out ahead. That simply doesn't happen anymore. He can't play Zed in the mid lane since everything has become so safe since then. Also, he isn't exactly a meta-slave either, like most other pros are. The dude was playing f*cking Olaf mid in the World stage. Aswell as Master Yi mid, and he was the only guy I remember playing Ryze mid in Season 6. 4) You are also correct. Assassins in general are in such a bad state that their whole identity is defined by how often they can proc duskblade, with Kha'zix being at the top in that category, meaning Kha'zix is the best of the worst champion archetype in the game.
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: What will happen to Lee Sin with the trackers knife removal?
He will just wardhop with the yellow trinket now
: > whenever one killed the other one was because his jungler was there and the enemy jungler wasn't. Didn't you noticed ? In worlds assassins don't kill in lane anymore (and when it happen it go into the players higlights and stay for years in it, just look at Faker for that) lane kills in general wether it's with assassins, mages, early, late game champs. They almost never kill 1v1 without jungler intervention.
Yeah, because you can't force anything and come out ahead, and if you can, you get nerfed. Lucian is the prime example of that. He never scaled that well and his sole purpose was stomping the enemy laner.
: > You NEED to push, and you NEED to make him fall behind. Let's be honest here, in low elo (our elo), you can kill your opponent with a lane bully, always, there will allways be an opening from your opponent. In highers elo, good junglers know which lanes have the most kill potential (and no, a lane bully don't allways have to push the lane, don't know if you ever messed up toplane and allowed your opponent to freeze and denying you even exp.)
Idk fam, I haven't been below Plat since Season 4 and my peak was Diamond 4, which isn't exactly High Elo but the lane isn't a complete roflstomp either. Some champions just don't really have openings a lane bully like Darius could exploit. Gnar comes to mind, for instance. I mean, sure bronze Gnar will walk melee range into a Darius or some shit, but that stops happening at about low gold. Also, Lane bullies tend to push the lane naturally. If you auto someone, the enemy minions aggro you, whereas your minions will ignore him and auto his minions, making the lane push. The only time you won't be pushing as a lane bully is if the enemy %%%%s up and you end up managing to freeze the wave near your tower, but then again, it's a temporary freeze, you will eventually need to push it out, either because of jungle presence or because you need to teleport for an objective or whatever. Also, you mentioned good junglers know which lane is the most likely to die, and that's absolutely true, however, it is also true that back when League was more about Personal skill rather than for how long you can CC lock someone, ganking a lane bully used to be a huge risk. A jungler used to underleveled compared to a laner, and he almost never ganked at full HP since the jungle was actually hard to clear. The laner also was probably running Ignite. So even tho you were very likely to pull off a gank on someone without mobility, such as Darius, it also was a huge risk, because a Darius could easily turn around a gank and go even or maybe even get a double kill. And I merely mention Darius as an example. I like Darius as a champion. His lack of escape tool kind of meant he needed to kill people to survive. But if we really were talking about actual lane bullies, you'd need to talk about Renekton, which was insanely strong in his prime. I mean, Renekton diving a non-bruiser champion at 6 and surviving with half HP was kind of the norm. He was also super safe with his E. The game is in a state where most junglers are able to stop a lane bully from their jobs, and that's also why there are almost never any solo kills in the laning phase anymore. You can't force anything and come out ahead unless the enemy %%%%s up, and junglers ganking at full HP at level 3 while laners are still level 2 is %%%%ing disgusting.
DutchPro (EUW)
: You have never played adc ^^ There is no fun in winning lane, but since your mid laner fed the enemy assasin you just get oneshot every, single, fight.
That's hilarious because my most played champion is Caitlyn atm.
: You remember the video of the reworked rengar vs xerath? Flash is here, MVS boost rune, dashes etc...assassins are fine.
If they were fine, at least one of them would be a regular pick in the LCS. But as it turns out, none of them are. Mid assassins became obsolete by the end of Season 7, and Stopwatch only made them worse. Jungle assassins are outclassed by Jungle tanks, such as Zac or Sejuani, which pretty much dominate the competitive scene right now. Top lane assassins lose to fighters, and fighters lose to tanks, and funnily enough, assassins also lose to tanks. You could mention Pantheon, but he became trash after the minon aggro changes.
ChaosExcors (EUNE)
: Now here´s the problem. Tanks have a generally lower skill floor than assassins, meaning you don´t need as much practice with a tank to do your job. A very good assassin will dominate a team that can´t counteract it, but even a fed godlike assassin can´t face 2 tanks with their stupidly cheap, but most effective tank items as long as the tanks don´t go 0/8/0.
I wholeheartedly agree. Tanks deal too much damage while building nothing but tank items. It's laughable. I guess it's alright for some tank champions to deal good damage, either because they have no Hard CC like Mundo or because they have no reliable way to deal that damage, like Sion. But then you have champions like Ornn who out-trade you by pressing W on cooldown, and your only alternative is building full tank yourself, in which case, no one will have kill pressure in lane and it turns into a farmfest for 20 minutes.
0 ShaDoW 1 (EUNE)
: Do you remember the buff that was done to his passive that make him even stronger and have lead in top lane ? How come he is in terrible stomp with all this buff around him ? I think he need nerf to be quite balanced , Riot will buff this champion in patch 8.4 in his E ability which is increasing armour penetration that will make so op , Next time when you play against him you will understand what I mean. Thank you for your comment , Feel free to comment again. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Look, just because you buff something doesn't mean it became good. When Syndra got released, she was in such a bad state that she needed like 7 straight buffs to even become playable. Darius is in a bad spot. The buffs don't actually address the issues of the champion (E range, Q delay) so he will just remain in the same bad spot.
: While i could agree with you, i still dont enjoy them because of how mobile and sneaky they are -if its a fed tank -you can kite him, if its fed adc-still delete it with proper play, but assassins are annoying and require chain CC or good teamwork to be safety and surely killed, which is missing in soloQ, cuz of which it seems they shine the most. Also they kill the fun of playing Karthus or other 0 CC squishy champ. :/ About those waiting for ganks champs...dont we see the same shit in videos like "how to play vs x counter champ on lane" where the guy is not doing better but rely on his jungler for first 2-3 kills which is pathetic imo but... its a team game and we are not let to 1v1 everyone to prove our 1v1 skills but also we should learn how to 1v2 or at least survive most ganks to multiply enemies'gold x0 from those failed ganks this way helping rest of the team directly or indirectly- and thats why high elo players take care to help their jungler and screw the enemy's jungler and this pays off.
A Regular tank is a fed tank. Tank items are cheaper than most other items, meaning they can't really fall behind inlane aslong as they are getting XP. You can kill a Poppy twice in lane. If you are equal in CS or even slightly ahead, she will still probably be able to get her Sunfire Cape before you can finish a Titanic Hydra, for instance. And I'm talking about Poppy because she is one of the worst tanks in the game right now. ADCs are really hard to delete aswell, you see this in competitive play all the time, way harder than assassins, actually. The ammount of peel some champions have is disgusting, and that's kind of what made AD Assassins and Bruisers obsolete and why you never see them in Competitive anymore, well, except for Camille. As for Assassins, you often only need to stun them once and they will melt. That's why they are in a horrible state and mostly rely on stomping unaware people. Finally, about the "team game" argument. Sounds great if you are playing some late game scaling monster, like Vladimir, play undertower and wait for your jungler to put you ahead. But if you are playing a lane bully, it's the dumbest argument one could make. You are playing against someone that will eventually outscale you. You NEED to push, and you NEED to make him fall behind. If the enemy jungler shows up near the top side, then you either risk a 1v2 or lose all the lane pressure you worked for, against someone that will eventually beat you by default and is probably way more useful than you in teamfights. So yeah, no one is saying league isn't a team game, it's just that laning used to require a lot more thought than it does now. And laners used to be stronger than junglers in the early mid game, which meant that ganking someone who is ahead was a huge risk.
0 ShaDoW 1 (EUNE)
: Buffs and nerfs
Both Darius and Zed are in a terrible stomp and their sole purpose in this game is to stomp on "unaware" people.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Thoughts on the new champion?
Her E is good. That's it.
: Does anyone enjoy playing against assassins?
I honestly kind of prefer to play against Assassins than against mages and carries who just farm under tower and wait for ganks. At least Assassins actually fight you. Midlane suffers from a problem that everyone just has too much wave clear. So even if you outmatch your opponent skill wise, you can't kill them and snowball off them since all they have to do is sit under tower and wait for ganks, while clearing waves, which is insanely easy to do now. If you watched worlds last year, you would see 2 mages clearing waves nonstop and whenever one killed the other one was because his jungler was there and the enemy jungler wasn't. On the other hand, if I face a champion that literally plays itself, like Malzahar, I almost fall asleep. The only assassin I hate to fight against is Akali, and it's mostly because she is a point&click queen. Also, her shroud makes her super safe.
Jhynx (EUW)
: I'm not a zoe main (played her 3 times) but i think people like you should just shut the %%%% up. Stop crying and whining about a videogame. Thanks.
: The cyber skin line
Basement Dweller Gragas
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