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: who is gonna buy
You have carry potential with both, but i recommend Darius
: who did you reroll?
Heim, Nasus and Ziggs
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OPM Genos (EUNE)
: Cannot enter the loading screen :c
One thing you can try to do is Before you click Launch on the Launch screen (Obviously) Go up to the right corner where you will see a Question mark followed by some gears Click the question mark button, and hit repair, this can take a while and it can reset your personal item sets. (It won't change any runes or masteries or do anything to your account)
Rhasta (EUW)
: You are probably using MkLoL. It is a third party software that isn't allowed by Riot. Remove it asap, before Riot punishes you harder. Many people are suffering from this 1 day ban too.
I did not know that MkLol wasn't allowed, Actually used in a couple of custom games before, Better uninstall then :| One moe question, how can Riot know that you are using MkLol?
3n3rGy626 (EUNE)
: Ranked game no longer exist in my account and can't see what divions I am in my profile
Lol, First of all Look up They switched places, Ranked is on top now. Second of all, You need to play 10 Placement matches to get a Rank, It resets every new season. But i can't explain that 61 Wins 39 losses though..
: Looking for a ranked team or normal team. to play ranked or normals. to clime out of bronze. add me
I think you'll have more success if you post this in the Team Recruitment tab :P
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xZabaksx (EUW)
: Snowdown legacy skin sale
You Press the "On Sale" Button to the left in the skin shop.
Dadas (EUNE)
: The Magnificent Twisted Fate
Same with Alien invader Heimerdinger, 1820 for a 520 skin..
: Just counted all the bundles, that would be a total of 34869 RP. I know the worlds super mega bundle was discounted in price, but it was only a 3 or 4 thousand RP difference. If we apply that to the hypothetical super mega snowdown bundle, that would still leave you with 31869 RP or 30869 RP. I honeslt dont think people are ready to buy that in one single purchase.
Yes you counted the bundles, but you did not count what each skin cost, If you put each Snowdown skin in a bundle it would be 23 290 Rp + 640 for a potential ward = 23 930 Divide that it with 2 it will be 11 965 (If you own the champions) That is pretty much what the Championship bundle cost.
meowsuo (EUW)
: Isn't there some kinda Snowdown bundle or wasn't there some kinda Snowdown bundle last year? I kinda think there was. I am not perfectly sure though. {{champion:157}} meow
Last year it was only Individual bundles for each past Snowdown, it would make it a lot easier if they just put everything into to one big bundle.
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Sidias (EUNE)
: Legacy skins question
Desert Trooper Garen - 520 Leopard Nidalee - 520 Stinger Akali - 520 Legacy skins are just Normal skins that got put in to the Skin Vault, so they are Rare, but when they get released on occasion they are at the same price as before they got into the vault.


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