Mister Kill (EUNE)
: ***
I like how you got 16 reports of "inappropriate name". Anyway how did you get stats like this?
: Performance fps wise?
I've been noticing the same recently. always ran everything smooth as %%%%, but last 2 weeks fps have been less stable.
: Lowers the duration of CC except for displacements. 35% Tenacity = 35% less duration of stun etc. It's not additive; 35% + 15% doesn't give 50% Tenacity {{item:2138}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3170}} {{summoner:1}} {{item:3053}} give tenacity. {{champion:39}} gains passively Tenacity.
I thought (don't pin me on this, but I don't have the time to properly research it atm) that tenacity adds with diminishing returns, so 35%(100%) +15%(50%, so 7,5%) = 42,5% , and in irelia's case add for example 20%(25%) = 5% totaling for 47,5%.
: I play top better than any other lane, but it's really boring to me. That 1v1 isn't that fun at all because if you get counter-picked you are pretty much screwed. And if you lose one 1v1, and jungler doesn't help at the right moment, you lost your lane. If you are really good you can comeback with teleport and roaming around, but really hard. How would I describe top lane to a new player? Well, if you like powerful and tanky champions, engaging fights, playing on your own, then top lane is for you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Oooh i have a nice story about that. Once upon a time, i was playing jax. At some point i went like 0/3 in the lane and i was like well poop, i'll just try to farm my way back into the game. Proceeded to get 300 farm in 30 ish minutes. (don't ask me how, never topped it since. ended with 408 farm total) We ended up winning. Anyway, all i am saying is that farm is basically the right tool to come back for most of the matchups, but maybe this is what makes it a bit boring. It's also not really about flashy plays and quick combos. Well, sometimes idk it really depends who you play with/against tbh. Which makes the gameplay pretty varying imo. Also it's fun to randomly tp into bot and %%%% shit up.
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: The Easiest Champs for each role ?
top: garen mid: annie jgl: yi bot: used to be ashe, now imo caitlyn or tristana supp: soraka
: What does a challenger get?
a pat on the shoulder.
epaZ (EUNE)
: Okay, Im a top / mid main, and I'll happily share my experience below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First off, let me cover what your job as a top laner is. Generally, top laners are the ones in charge of split pushing throughout the game, as the rest of the team starts grouping up, you are the one to provide side lane pressure. A top laner will very often be expected to be playing a tank, or a bruiser - anything that can frontline well, so your ADC and APC (mid laner) can do their thing without taking too much pressure. That being said, some top laners tend to go for a champion that provides alot to teamfights, and others, go for champions that excel at dueling situations, to be able to split push well. Let me cover some of the champions that you'd regularly see in the top lane: The tanks: {{champion:98}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:14}} The duelists: {{champion:114}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} As mentioned before, you are generally expected to be split pushing, but you still need a way to join teamfights. This is why a lot of top laners have global (or semi-global) ultimate abilities ( {{champion:98}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:3}} ), and also the reason most people tend to pick {{summoner:12}} when playing the top lane. Some tips on how to improve your top lane performance: a) Play around the champ select screen. This is an insanely important tip for every lane honestly. Too many people just dont think about what game they're put in, and always play the same champs, build the same items, run the same summoners. Thats wrong! A few tips on how to play around the champ select screen as a top laner: - Counter champion picks with healing such as {{champion:122}} , {{champion:36}} , {{champion:420}} , {{champion:50}} by picking {{summoner:14}} as your summoner spell. - Punish risky blind picks. If the enemy picks {{champion:75}} and you havent picked your champion yet, make sure you punish that, and punish it hard. Why? Because you can. You need to let your enemies know that blind picking a risky champion will make them lose the lane hard. If they pick {{champion:75}} , you can answer that by going {{champion:2}} and stacking armor. Make sure to max your E first. Thats the hardest possible lane for Nasus to go against from my experience. I've played this matchup at least 20 times, and Ive never been beaten with Olaf. Its just not possible. Your true damage counters Nasus too hard. - Support your team comp. Do you have an AD champion on mid ({{champion:238}}), a tank in the support role ({{champion:12}}) and a tanky jungler ({{champion:59}})? Sounds like you need some AP on your team in order to avoid the enemy team stacking armor and facerolling you. {{champion:50}} , {{champion:85}} , {{champion:245}} , {{champion:10}} can fill this role pretty well! Provided that you can play them at a decent level, ofcourse. ;-) b) You got {{summoner:12}} , use it. Honestly, I hate people who play top and bring {{summoner:12}} only to teleport to their lane so they dont miss cs. The real reason teleport is popular for the top lane, is because of map presence you can have with it. Did a fight just break out on the bot lane? {{summoner:12}} down and make sure the fight turns from a 3v3 into a 4v3. Even if youre somewhat low, casting {{summoner:12}} will often force the enemy to make bad decisions. Half of their team will still all-in and push to fight, to get the kill out, and the other half will run away, pinging them like crazy, because they know that they're being outnumbered. Ive turned several teamfights around by casting {{summoner:12}} and canceling it after, because their team got confused for a second, which was enough for my team to wipe them, or take the upper hand in the fight. c) Push, push, push! Top laners are in perfect position to create pressure on the map by splitpushing. Are you healthy and your opponent just backed? PUSH! Take the turrets! You deserve them! More tips will be coming as I think of them, this is just a start. If you're wondering about anything in particular regarding the top lane, let me know and I'll be happy to answer. :-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MID ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'll add this part slightly later, as I am busy pushing elo before the season ends. ^_^ Regards, epaZ
Finally a fellow toplaner! Anyway I do not fully agree with your classifcations. I personally classify like this: Top lane Tanks: {{champion:98}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:31}} There are many other tanks but they are often played jungle like Seju and zac and shit, but let's focus on the toplane. The Keyfactors for an actual tank are, in my opinion: Decent engage/disengage. Some Hard cc. Ability to peel and soak damage Top lane bruisers(or Juggernauts as rito likes to call them): {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:240}} Keyfactors: Often a bit easier to kill because lack of defensive abilities, OR vulnerable to CC. Large healthpools and still able to dish out some serious damage. Exception:{{champion:150}} , He is both a juggernaut and a bruiser, depending on his form. And then there is Bae: {{champion:420}} . She is just a bruiser but i love her and she loves me. Next up are the Fighters/Dualists. {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:68}} Keyfactors: They deal heavy damage, often have 1 or 2 defensive abilties which they also NEED because they mostly build damage items, therefore have not a lot of defense when they go all in. More things you see toplane: {{champion:59}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:48}} Champs that are more effective as junglers, but are really fun and pretty good to play on the toplane. {{champion:82}} {{champion:17}} The%%%% are these %%%s doing gtfo my lane. Anyway, Some awesome splitpushers: {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:24}} Well, it's not a fully accurate analysis of the toplane champs but I hope you catch the drift. Your tips and tricks are pretty neat. 1 more thing you forgot to mention: Freakkin WARDS {{item:2055}} {{item:3340}} USE THEM. WARD. DO NOT EVER NOT WARD. it's easy, it's cheap, and it's very benificial. Anyway, even though i'm just a gold player, I could write a full 200 page essay about playing the blessed role of the toplaner but i gotta get back to study. {{item:3070}} Cya on the rift! -Ahas
Toplane always in my mind and in my heart. Basically farm untill you can't be oneshot anymore, but can oneshot other people.
: What was the best Skin shard you got from a Free chest?
SG udyr as well, but had to DE it because i already got it from a mystery chest =/ Also final boss veigar, project katarina, mecha zero sion, program lissandra. Probably some more but i forgot.
Asterroth (EUW)
: Ghostcrawler the moba murderer
> you're nothing but a billion dollar company Well i mean he is not wrong. But who can blame them? I personally wouldn't lift a finger if it weren't for money
Rismosch (EUW)
: Orianna is not difficult to play
I personally found her quite boring to play. :(
: How to deal with Nasus after a failed early game?
Call your d*ck Nasus. Beat it. ??? profit.
: Help with Zed
To be fair for zed goes the same as for every champion: Play and practice. Zed requires a bit more practice so i would advise to do some bot games to get at least a little bit of feel for what his abilities do.
: The game became a piece of sh.. toast.
I suppose your point is that even though you were in the wrong here, this soraka ALSO should get a ban for trolling, right? Kinda agree with that, but hear me out. Rito's logic is probably that the severity of the "crime" commited makes the diffrence. So your intentional feeding hurt the game more than her stealing the bluebuff. I doubt people ever get banned for that. It's probably just like weed in the netherlands. It is illegal, but not worth the hassle to actually fight it, so it's allowed to happen. It's the same with this case. It might be illegal to steal a bluebuff, but to make a system to actually read someones mind and decide if it was intentional or by accident is very expensive and also impossible. Therefore it is not worth the hassle to actually look into people trolling, so trolling is not a bannable offense in league of legends. Intentionally feeding however, is measurable by end game statistics and item builds. Therefore the effort is worth the gain. According to this logic that rito obviously implements in their ban system, you get a ban and she doesn't. Note; This is speculation, for all i know maybe rito does have a mind reading device in their posession. So no i have no source to back this up, this is just my speculation of how rito handles reportable offenses and banning.
: I'm too toxic. People help me out?
Well /mute all is a good option. If not, well you probably got some other issues going on. You relate your self-worth to your league rank, therefore, you incredibly pissed off if your league rank gets affected by factors you do not have control over(i.e. other players). Seriously, try to care less about what other people/players think of you and your rank. Learn to accept that losing is part of life, you can't always win. Life is unfair pretty often. In this case your sense of "unfairness" comes from other players. Yeah sometimes shit happens when you have 0 control over it. You can't change it, neither does you yelling at them.
: Will the new champion be Annie's friend?
Let's hope that piece of cringe was just a fking joke
: Took me 2 months from my 14 day suspension to honor level 4
never got banned - still level 3. sure tnx rito! nice system.
: What's your ranked story this season? Where did you start and where did you end up?
Started bronze IV i think. Managed to climb to silver III ish pretty fast playing whatever i pleased. From then i picked up lux/zed mid to get to gold. Didn't quite work out, but managed to get and stay in Gold with J4 top. Calling it a day for this season now, because i suck too much to climb more {{item:3070}}
hi im seb (EUW)
: how is a punishment a punishment if they'd just take it back?
When someone is sent to prison he is never sent there permanently right? (Not in my country anyway) When your pops sent you to your room back in dem days when you were acting up, you weren't punished permanently right?
Kuerty (EUW)
: When will URF return?
: I am sorry, I'm not willing to admit anymore every loss it's my fault [cheer up, everyone]
No you don't always have to blame yourself. A better approach is asking: "what could i have done better?". Games where your botlane goes 0/8 and your mid 0/5 in 6 minutes happen. It sucks, but get over it and keep improving yourself instead of blaming yourself. You will climb sooner or later.
vikinator (EUW)
: Is ban for flaming justified?
I think not, but it seems the majority of league does. So yeah gotta deal with it. I think the system is kinda crooked. Situation 1: muting everybody at the start of the game. To prevent flame at all, one should /mute all. Apart from raising the question: "Why does the chat even exist ?" It also prevents you from seeing any flame at all. So you won't report anyone, because you experienced no flame, so no players get punished because they don't get reported. In this case they can just keep flaming without being punished. Situation 2: Not muting at the start of the game. In this case you witnessed actual flame, so you report the flamer. But this also signifcantly raises the chance of you as a player tilting/flaming back/getting pissed etcetera. Soo then it is too late, not only are you punishable, you are also much more likely to lose the game. Ofcourse you can still /mute all after the first flame starts, but it still might be too late. Rito's little flame detection system should also have a severity factor. I think there is a giant diffrence between calling someone a noob or wishing someone cancer. But I can imagine that is hard to implement/costs a lot of money to automate this process. Personally, I don't mind getting flamed, nor flaming in general. I think it's part of the "internet culture" if you can call it that. Now that i think of it, I don't even encounter that much toxicity these days. This doesn't mean i never tilt btw, but whenever I tilt it's most likely because i'm bummed out by my own misplays, or people trying way too hard to make other players tilt... *Looks Angrily at mastery 7 emote on a yasuo * So in short; No I don't think a ban is justified, but it depends on the severity of the flame. I don't think automating this process was a good call, but i understand the decision. Cheers
Ibbi (EUNE)
: Does League of Legends become more fun after you get to the higher ranks?
Well in bronze i could go master yi and go 20/1 and get pentas nd shit. that was fun. Now i am in gold and i suck too much to be able to do that.{{item:3070}}
Haesperea (EUW)
: Mindgames to increase your winchance
Is it sportmanlike? no. Is it fun? Secretly, yes. Does it work? also yes :X
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> I was there when Team Builder was a thing. Guess why it got retired? Me too. And i preferred it that way.
: Tbh, I don't have long queues at all queueing for top and midlane (getting toplane almost all the time). Haven't had a single autofill the last 40 games either. Maybe it depends on the time you play on?
I suppose that could make sense. Mostly somewhat in the afternoon 3PM till up and about 10/11 PM. (with breaks, ofcourse ;) ) I get autofilled at least once every 10 games.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You really don't get it do you? > But you're demanding that YOU get YOUR roles, and others are forced to play support to fill in for you, and for those like you. Because you can get long queue times, but not everyone can or wants to afford that luxury, so -- inevitably -- by locking "support" role out of your roster, you're forcing others to take it instead of their main roles if they want to play a game. In short, you want the world to revolve around your preferences. This is exactlty what happens in the CURRENT situation. people (like me) are literally being FORCED to play support, while, in my fictional situation people have the CHOICE to play support, but if they do not, as a consequence have to deal with long que times. that is the situation i would prefer. Again, i am not DEMANDING, nor FORCING anyone. if anything, i am releasing people from being forced.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well apparently you refuse to see my points, and only disagree because you want to disagree. I am nice enough to explain it one more time. How you got your emissary status is beyond me however. > And why, exactly, they should get one but not the other? Who decided that? I stated that they HAVE the CHOICE of queing as support, so they get a shorter que, If that fits their desires. That's true, yes or no? I am in no way claiming, deciding or demanding anything. > So why do you want to force people to play support in order to have lower queue times? Isn't it in exact contradiction to your previous argument? Again, you completely miss the point. I said something is wrong with the role because APPARENTLY it is unwanted. I mean game-design-technically. Then i said that forcing people to play it is not going to fix that issue. Besides that, as i stated a few times before: "I DO NOT WANT SHORTER QUES". I want to the roles i find fun. If that means long ques, fine by me.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I am not demanding anything, i said i am willing, as every sane person should, to face the consequences of choosing the most popular roles. which are long ques. People who prioritize low que times rather than having a popular/playing a favourite role have the choice to que as support, therefore satisfying their priority. Listen i understand you wanna whiteknight and whatnot for your green tag or whatever it is, but your points are invalid. You make claims about me that are not true, and i doubt you even understand the point i am trying to make. > By the way, autofill was introduced because people were complaining about queue times being too long. I understand that, it's my entire point. I don't like that it was introuced in the first place. I don't want autofill because i do not care about long ques. Now you are obviously going to say something like: "But just because you don't care doesn't mean others don't". Indeed. For them, as explained above, apparently a short que is more important. So they should pick supp --> they have a short que. My second point being that the fact that it is needed to force people to play support means something is seriously wrong with the role, miniquests for supp items is not going to fix that. And forcing people to play it, even less.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That is exactly what I am on about. I am willing to be longer in a que because i prefer mid/top/jgl. That is my decision, therefore I have to deal with the consequences: in this case, a long que. You want a short que? then que as supp. One can't have short ques but still only want to play mid/top/jgl. That wouldn't be fair. Just like it isn't fair to force people to play something they don't want.
: Why're you complaining about your autofill on support while you got a higher win rate on support than your two main roles. Duty calls buddy ^^
Ofcourse it is not like i go complete trollmode when i get it, that's called being (sort of) mature. It just pisses me off that's all. I hate playing it. I hate doing it. I hate to be forced to play it. I just hate autofill and as I said i'd rather have a long que.
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: Elo hell and problems with pairings
Listen here bro. I suck at this game. I totally suck at it. My map awareness is garbage, i often forget to ward, my cs skills could use some serious improvement, and there are only like 2 or 3 champs i can actually play properly. Let's not forget that my positioning is often very bad, and i don't even dare to start about my decisionmaking. Yet I managed to climb from b4 to gold. If I can do it, you can certainly do it man!
: Have you ever seen a Master Yi commit seppuku in 2 seconds?
well tbh i don't need seju to see a lot of master yi's committing seppuku in hundreds of seconds xD
: Severe FPS drops and freezes.
Commenting because i have the same issue and looking for a solution too!
: Riot loves Riven - Just another rant
Youknow she got nerfed to shit back in.. i think s3 or s4? Her HP regen went down A LOT, and the base dmg scalings of her abilities went down a lot. Can you imagine how broken she was BEFORE all that?
: It's probably not my task to take, but I'll re-write what the OP's point was. His problem with the champion is not the balance or lack-of. He's tired of seeing the champion. And I know the feeling because so am I. And I have the exact same problem with Lee. If I don't get to ban a champion because I am one of the two first picks, it's almost sure someone will pick it. And I'm sick of him. And sick of being sick of him. I'm sick of his model, his voice, his spell sounds, his bandana, his stupid invades and camps in which he literally doesn't get punished if they don't work, his stupid Muay Thay skin, sick of seeing his arms in the air to the point I wanna get a chain saw and cut the screen so I can cut his %%%%ing arms off. I want to remove that %%%%%%%%%%%% out of every single one of my games, and it's not because of balance. I used to feel the same about Yasuo, and I still do to an extent (if someone else bans Lee, that's my next ban), but Lee has taken his spot since the recent Yasuo E nerfs, which made his play-rate go down a bit. To add to that, these 2 champions are perhaps the 2 biggest examples in this game of the solo-queue syndrome in which if they are in your team, they are 3rd timing the champion in ranked because they feel they are way better at the game than they actually are, and completely single-handedly demolish your chances to win the match (if it's a Yasuo, he'll be 0-10 in lane and still trying to force plays because Ctrl+6; if it's a Lee, he'll afk farm like a Shyvana and put 0 pressure in lanes). But if they're in the enemy team, they'll end up being the reincarnations of Saint Arkadata and Saint Insec. And to top it off, probably the biggest reason. The behaviour associated with the players of these champions is probably the most toxic in the game. Their players are, with some exceptions, the most hypercompetitive, overly-aggressive, arrogant, show-off, narcisistic, selfish and frustrating to share a match with (be it as enemy or teammate) players you'll find these days in the Rift. I haven't written this to refute the data you've collected and brought here. I'm just saying that the OP's feeling and problem is totally unrelated to it. This is not about data nor numbers.
Exactly. I have the same with vayne to some extent. But they are mostly passive agressive assholes like saying ":)" in allchat after a kill.
cryroo (EUW)
: What the worst champ in your opinion
Shaco, I hate him with every vein in my body, with all my guts i hate him. Stealth, muppets, puppets Delete him from the game. Also the donger. Edit; also the new galio.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: That's what you don't understand bro. I'm not talking about picks, matchups, or anything. I'm simply looking at it from the outside and based on the simple principle that the interaction is one sided. To make it fair for both sides involved, both sides HAVE to reset the Vital manually if they want it to be changed. Currently one side HAS to. The other side (Fiora) CHOOSES to. Do you understand what I'm saying?
But bro.. she can already do that? Basically if she is out of range, you are out of range. The way i see it, fiora has 2 options. 1) Wait 15 seconds, which for you is a nice timewindow to force a trade. 2) move out of your range so she can get a better vital. You, as her opponent, also have 2 options. 1)when the vital is not in her favour - Trade her 2) when the vital is in her favour - back off and get a more favourable vital. I don't see what is unfair about that?
: Im so tilted rn..
I feel you bro.. i feel you. I am so %%%%ing close of throwing my entire pc out of the window right now.
: What am I doing wrong?
I have exactly the same problem. And don't give me the "well then it is probably you" crap, because it is %%%%ing impossible to carry a 2/13 trynda jungle and a 2/10 jinx.
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: Darius is balanced :D ?
so.... you come here on the boards with a vid of a mediocre penta? First penta ever or...? Still gz on the penta thoe.
: Is luck a factor? Discussion.
Ehm well while trading/duelling, i'd say the only "luck" factor is critical strike chance, (except when it's 100% ofcourse{{champion:157}} ).
: [Resolved] Windows 10. Sudden unplayable FPS drops
Yeah i have the same problem but with win7. I already cleared my pc of virusses, shut down some nasty svchost process, and this all seems to help a little bit but the new client seems to eat CPU usage for breakfast. Also why is the client kept running even when in an actual game? I mean i can shut it down but then i don't have post-game screen..
TeeTohr (EUW)
: My bad I meant legacy or new one. Did you tried enabling the potato mode on (low spec mode) ? Even tho you shouldn't need it with a cpu that good it would help until a fix is released (if it's a bug from the client part). Otherwise i'm sorry i'm not good enough to help you, we would need a wrenchie here but I don't know how to contact one.
doesn't matter, I appreciate your insight :) I will try potato mode, but there might be something else wrong with my PC as well. not sure how to contact a wrench either, I just hope they see this thread.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Does this happen on the legacy client or old one ?
uuhm isn't legacy the old one? xD No i think it's just the current one.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: I does have aswell 4 processes but I don't think I top at 100%, are you using task manager on windows 8 cause it's bullshit litterally shows 100% on cpu even when the pc is doing nothing ^^
nope, task manager in windows 7. But I also notice it on the speed of my PC. like opening a new tab in chrome takes like 5 seconds rather than 0.5.
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: Flaming increased since..
If anything it has decreased recently. haven't seen flame the past few weeks with very very few exceptions.
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