Wickedlike (EUNE)
: I got 20EU worth of RP and i have yet to get them is there a problem?
Same here, my mate just bought it and also nothing.
Ahikhe (EUW)
: Every second time second role, not my first. Rito please!
Alright, i can understand that, but to have 4-5 game's in a row now top lane? my second roll?
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Ahikhe (EUW)
: 1V1 Tournament With a price!
Thank you Ntende for signing up! i will see you there my friend!
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: Discord server
Hahahahaha, I just bought a samsung galaxy, But something is broken so i guess i need to send a mail to apple?
Ahikhe (EUW)
: Preseason mmr
Thank you guys for your reply! Il still keep on playing ranked in the pre season mainly to practice more! (and the mmr is a bonus) Cheers guys!
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: Is it just me or am I the only one where I can't select anything when I enter draft?
Yo man, same problem here for the group that im in 2 premade 2 random's, its not just you!
: With which champion
I would buy Jarvan, He is atm reaalllly strong top laner, easy to learn, yet hard to master, Darius is also a really strong champ and not that hard to play! so i would say, Jarvan and Darius, both are strong, and tanky
: Yah, Shaco skin, {{item:3070}} {{champion:6}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:83}} {{item:3070}}
Menaldur (EUNE)
: Not crying, just saying that leaving entire words out of a sentence makes it really hard to understand.
So you click this post to criticize my english? great life you must have man. if you dont got anything else to say about a skin or if you think shaco deserve a new skin, dont say anything.
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: Finaly diamond!!
Congratz mate!!!
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Ahikhe (EUW)
: What do I get for my old honors? We're prepping a small parting gift
Im sad that they made it disapear, im glad i made a screenshot on the last day just to remind my self, i did work hard for it to be honest... its not easy to be nice to toxic people... not for the honor's but for them not to ragequit or feed int... ahwell, il be ok with a summoner icon, hopefully i get something that shows that i had a green and red ribbon :( Also im not sure what to think about the new honor system... People beg so much for honor's now... like everygame i get somone who beg's for it... (ofc im not giving them, even if they carry) and also I hate that i cant give the enemy team honorble openment anymore, last game for example, i had 2 super nice team mate's giving tips, helping etc, and a super cool guy in the enemy team that im friended with now! ahwell!
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MogzyH (EUW)
: I did have a green ribbon and a red ribbon, lost both when i migrated from NA to EUW, as it deleted all my honour. Never was able to regain them(were they even a thing anymore? Don't recall seeing one this entire season.)
Yea they were, i had the red one for a long long time, (and im sometimes pretty toxic xD) but alot less after my chat restriction of 200 games... I am sad that rito dident gave people like a reward who had the ribbons or something... i would have been happy with a icon...
: So what about past honors?
http://prntscr.com/fpy4z6 I feel yah bro :(
: Had green about 5 times, 2 of those instances lasted 2+ months iirc. Had red a couple times, never for more than a few weeks. Had blue once which immediately unlocked the yellow icon, that lasted for a month or so. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
I started with the green, lost it in 2 weeks, than got the red one for around a month, than i logged in and got a red one while i had the green one and that i had for like 6 months (till today :(
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Ahikhe (EUW)
: New honor system, what with the old ribbons
Alright! thank you for your answer! hope to see it soon!
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Mangekyu (EUW)
: I ain't no Noc main but im sure I can help you play vs Plat's for sure!
Thank you very much man, you helped me alot so far man! thanks for the great tips!
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Beschgi (EUW)
: cant wait for the new jungle item. The game changer: When you reach 100stacks, your Team wins the game.
Top lane, Can i have a gank soon? naaa its ok, im at 95 stacks we win soon xD
AertPol (EUW)
: LF main jungler G1+
Heeey, i have sended you a ingame invite!!!
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