: She had a 100% ban rate in pro play... by removing some of the strengths that made her so strong there Riot open up the possibility to buff her for us. Balancing is a lot more complicated that I think you realise
How many games was Lee Banned/picked? There you have it.
: Still to strong in pro play. i hope they nerf her even more. obnoxious champ
You play ekko and illaoi, oh the irony.
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: How to counter Evelynn?
"Ridiculously op" Alright then: She has no damage other than burst (Said burst only gets after she has completed her ap item or is hard fed) and Q and E are on a quite decent CD so she wont be able to engage again after doing so. She has one of the worst early pvp damages of the entire champion pool, im not joking, she might deal 30-40% of your hp with Q and E + electrocute, and then what, autoattack you to death? Wont happen. Pinks, they cost 75g, if the support can buy them when they gain MUCH less gold than any other lane, why wouldnt your team buy them aswell? "Guaranteed ahri charm" yeah, ahri and eve both would love a guaranteed charm, if you cant escape a charm from eve after 2.5 seconds its either you were bad positioned (In this case almost every jungler would kill you) or she flashed in after waiting the 2.5 seconds (Which is usually enough for you to escape) Playing evelynn feels BAD, REALLY BAD considering there are meta op picks such as lee who has no flaws, diana who bursts you down AND also has dps, or ekko, who is... well, EKKO.
Vulpis (EUW)
: Its time to nerf Ekko.
Theyre too busy nerfing a 46% win rate champion to care. {{champion:84}}
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: how is rengar balanced?
Thats the fun part, hes not. And complaining in the forum wont help, well, complaining at all wont help, riot doesnt listen to the community AND EVEN LESS to EU.
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: Why do people get so toxic over a video game?
/Mute all is your best friend, they often say communication is key.... dont believe them, when that communication becomes 9 bad words and 1 good.... concentrate in the game and ignoring them will make you perform much better {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How are you getting away with playing Ahri support? Whenever I try to pick it, someone either dodges, or my team is tilted from minute 1 and my adc won't follow up on anything I do.
Because if you want to be effective you have to show them youre secure about your pick. Know what youre doing and they will trust you, if youre not sure about picking her to support then dont, there are safer picks. It also depends of the enemy team, if they dont have a hyper mobile team ahri gets really good. You pick glacial augment (Never go for electrocute unless your team lacks magic damage), get {{item:3098}} > {{item:3030}} > {{item:3158}} > {{item:3905}} > {{item:3116}} , last item is at your preference, id usually go for {{item:3151}} or {{item:3089}}. When playing ahri make sure to give them all cooked up, mark your actions before you do them, i usually ping my flash and E whenever i want to go for it to so my adc KNOWS i will do it, they often follow, often take 2 seconds before joining and thats when you know you have a good or a bad adc. Try to take advantage of your level 2, its stronger than most supports, just be careful against {{champion:89}} or {{champion:111}} but since they are not so popular it really isnt a problem, plus these 2 are really easy to poke down to make them unable to all in. If you feel like your adc doesnt react to your moves, play safely, dont do any risky move and just poke them, this build gets really strong when you get rylai.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: {{champion:111}} {{champion:12}} This is burst meta and they still work perfectly but are rarely played. You could easily tank your team to victory. In theory... If you are good playing this type of supports. Just my idea tho 😅 And there is always {{champion:555}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Thing is, the match i lost 16 LP was with pyke against nautilus, the only difference is that they had a kaisa as adc and i had a karma which made us lose the game by a stomp because he thought it was a good idea... Anyways, im a mage support, my safest picks are {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:103}} and i dont really have much problem dealing with all in supports, theyre easily poked and its easy to dodge their skills/Stay in safe range (for alistar to not engage) but some of my ADCs dont know that and just get caught over and over, and then blame me for not joining them in dying.
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: Nothing says "balanced" like the 1/11 enemy Vayne oneshotting our team once she hits her powerspike
Atleast shes squishy and doesnt have much range (Plus not so popular at the moment) Id say {{champion:420}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:517}}{{champion:58}} are more obnoxious than Vayne.
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: Afraid to play Ranked
I sadly understand you... Got Plat1 4-5 days ago, then i lost 5 in a row.... (Trolls included, literally running down mid while buying {{item:3070}} and {{item:3751}}) and didnt play ranked from that time ; - ; Id suggest you playing late on night, trolls are a little bit more rare at these times {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Or , learn to play against them.
You can know how to play against zed and he will still wreck your booty 3 times in a row, theres a difference between knowing how to play against something and op stuff, he wouldnt be op if he wasnt banned/picked 99% of the games. I guess the rest is fine.
: I don't know why everybody is complaining about his ult. His damage all around is just to high; his ult is only as oppressive as it is because he has the damage to back it up and usually get's fed since he is too strong accros the board..
Thats the exact reason why he shouldnt have an ult that not only cages someone but also completely denies any help from its team. Which its pretty unfair IMO :D
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's a hard counter to it: QSS.
I mean you can also pick gangplank and orange it away. Its not a cheap item plus it doesnt build into anything thats AP... Everything cant be countered? Sure! will we have to spend 1.5k gold to counter someones R and if you dont you are dead? I think its a little bit excessive. Im saying this because a 4/6 morde killed my 14/6 ADC and there was nothing she could do :D
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Lari (EUNE)
: Dont play lux sup please :)
As someone who plays her... First: Lux is better in mid-late than early-mid, lux works against any support except nautilus (Reason why hes permabanned in my matches). Second: 0 protection.... sure, Q is a bind, W is a big shield, E is an AOE slow. "If you fail your Q..." yeah, if thresh or blitz fail their Q midfight your adc is also dead. "Pick off meta champions and make your support play what YOU want to play and not what he/she wants!" Third: Lux works well with most adcs, specially with jhin, vayne and trist, ezreal is not that good for lux as most people thinks. And not sure if you knew this, but lux with {{item:3504}} as second item (After ludens) is insane{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Tahm Kench is the most toxic designed champion ever made.
Theres a huge list of completely disgusting champions made: Zed, Yasuo, Pyke or the most recent one, Yuumi. They are not only unfun to play against but require less than half of brain cell to play and also reward that minimal amount of skill needed. But since they are extremely played they have low-middle win rate meaning "They are not op"{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Theres a lot of stuff riot has to nerf/fix but we all know they wont, its better to keep nerfing poor akali or irelia rather than the actual problem... AND JUST YOU WAIT for Mordekaiser to be released lmao
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