Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Again. If it's going AFK _ intentionally_, sure, punish that person. But **you can't punish people for something that isn't their fault**.
But that is my entire point, leaving intentionally is ruining games in my elo. I can live with a random DC, that happens even to the best of us. But explicitly going afk resulting in a lane loss/snowball is seriously ruining the experience of 4 other people. And that, that I want to see heavily punished because it should be unacceptable and currently, those people walk free.
: > So if I am willing to take this punishment, I think other people should get it as well if they truly go AFK/leave You are not the center of the universe. So the conclusion that it should be a general rule just because YOU are ok with it doesn't make a lot of sense. > Because in all seriousness, you have been doing this work for nearly 3 years I believe and the only thing we have seen is an increase in fear for communicating because people call everything "flame". Thats the problem, you "believe". This whole thread is based on what you believe, not on actual facts. You know, there are actual scientific papers on the behavior and the player behavior systems in LoL, clearly confirming the claims Lyte and his team are making and there are many more in the making. Riot simply can't lie about it, because they share their data with scientific institutions and any lie would blow up in no time. I know you don't want to read this and I am pretty sure you are angry at me already, but i have to say it anyhow: You are simply wrong. Your claim that nothing happens or that the PB systems have no effect is provable wrong. If you don't care about all the science stuff or don't believe what I said, just take a look at these boards. Every month people create about 1100 threads in the player behavior boards, most of them discussing their punishment. You have the proof for the existence of the punishment (and how much people care about it) right in front of your nose. About your idea of a 3day ban for intentional leavers: > In my honest opinion, if a person leaves a game because he no longer sees the team having a winning chance, and I report that said asshle In theory this makes a lot of sense. In practice the "because" is what makes this idea impossible. Normally you have no idea WHY people leave and most of the time the assumption that people left intentionally is wrong. And even if it's right you can't really prove it, because it's so easy to fake an unintentional leave. If people announce their leaving you do have a proof of course and you can get report it. It's form of verbal toxicity and therefore can get punished with 14day or even permanent bans.
I am not mad at you, you make valid points, but the main problem on this part of the forums is that people ask why they are banned. 99% of these cases are most likely for verbal abuse. And 1100 a month is considerably nothing given the fact that 42 million ish players play this game? (not counting the people who justly accept their punishment of course). As per your last item, as I mentioned in my text, there is clear context that people leave the game, especially when that said player dances in the fountain and just disconnects. That is behaviour I report. Some people have legit DC, but those are clearly visible because they disconnect at random moments in the game. You notice this. Explicit DCing is noticeable because it happens most likely in the fountain area. But this is more about the behaviour of these people in high diamond that ruin my online experience with this game. In my personal experience, DC are happening more frequent, and given the fact that on other media the Korean standard is getting more attention it will not help the competitive integrity of players. You win with honour and you lose with dignity. That is how games should be played and if people take that away from you, what do you have left?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Leaverbuster only registers when people are not connected. The reason for this is not known. Hence we report. But most often there are no retributions for this. Because let's be serious people who show that behaviour do it more often, otherwise they would not do it any more.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: .... shame on you.....! ( but I laughed just from the title )
Gotta make an entrance yo ;)
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