: well yye but is pingin considered toxic? just what i wanted to know if i should be worried or not xd {{champion:36}}
I would definitely consider it as report worthy and thus ban worthy as well.
: if you never gank im going to report you for negative attitude , dont play jungle if you dont play to assist your lanes dumbo.
That attitude right there is what nets you a nice report every game. There are a lot of junglers which are even designed not to gank, to power farm or counter jungle. Thus by ganking, they would actually weaken their champion. And on a side note, tell me how not ganking is negative attitude? It doesn't reflect your attitude in any way.
Luniya (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ahwu,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=RVlTfjN2,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-23T15:57:29.338+0000) > > Sorry, but I really don't get your argument... > You are saying, because you are getting less stats, the drake goes up in priority? I can't make sense out of it. > > I think the idea is really good, since Infernal is definitely the most important drake right now, tuning some of its powers down (even if only slightly) would create somewhat more balance between the drakes. What I'm saying is that people who cannot make use of both would make more use of it with this change, since the one stat that they actually use will become even stronger. Or did I misunderstand and did you mean to keep the % as it is, but just remove the AD or AP depending on which one you're using (adaptive)?{{sticker:sg-zephyr}} In this case I have nothing against this, it'd make it more balanced in comparison to other drakes.
That's what he said I think, since he uses the 8% which is currently in use as well. So you just have to decide which you are taking, making the drake itself weaker
Luniya (EUNE)
: That would make Infernal drake, the dragon that everybody focuses the most on, even more valuable, as you gain less useless stats and more stats from the attribute that you actually use. They'd have to buff the other 3 dragons for this, meaning dragons would become much more important. Overall, this'll lead into tons of problems and it'd be better to let it be as it is right now. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Sorry, but I really don't get your argument... You are saying, because you are getting less stats, the drake goes up in priority? I can't make sense out of it. I think the idea is really good, since Infernal is definitely the most important drake right now, tuning some of its powers down (even if only slightly) would create somewhat more balance between the drakes.
: Is getting tilted by a few lost games rly a thing nowadays? Sigh... people are so easily hurt.
Most useless comment I've read in quite a while. It's not about getting tilted, it's about having in your head that you're on a loss streak which even influences you, although you might not admit it. He has a fair point here but regarding statistics it is really unlikely to get these kinds of games and even then you have the same probability to end up on either team right? So in the long run it doesn't matter.
S7ra1k3r (EUNE)
: I can't find my main
I don't think you need a main. It may help you climb faster (does it even?) but I do get bored by playing one champion over and over again and at the end it's about fun right?
: Is Rengar still a viable jungle option (normals/low elo)
Everything is a viable option if you're good at it! And the answer for low elo/ normal games is even more clear. Just pick it and try, if you have fun just continue playing him. As in build, I recommend a fast Warrior enchantment with blue smite or ward upgrade, into defensive boots (MR or Armour) and a Black Cleaver. This synergizes well with his general playstyle as a bursty bruiser with assassin characteristics and gives him some sustain. After that it's highly dependent on the game. If you lack a front line, probably invest into more defensive items, if you are ahead and free to go for damage, do it by buying Youmus and/or Duskblade. Hope I could help you.
: The big question is, how does a lvl 16 know the pain of tanks and the overall hatred towards assassins already? But seriously doe, Lethality items are too stronk for stats, there's no counter play of getting 1 shot by a rengar. Tanks might be a pain but they are slow, deals little to no damage (Unless you trying to get killed) and are extremely easy to kite (Unless it's Sejauni). But if an Assassin says Lethality ain't OP cause it doesn't deal damage on tanks. Then I think you need to think a little deeper on this point. XD
How does a low elo player know the key concepts and balancing of the game? Lethality is as balanced as it never has been before and is currently a legit stat. Tanks are not out of hand generally but certain champs seem to cross the line (Sejuani is here to name). Assassins do what they are supposed to do, even if it is not always fun for everyone: Being able to kill squishy targets very fast IF they have a lead (if you're dying in a teamfight as an ADC from a random Rengar it's because your team plays poorly not because Lethality is op).
Wen294 (EUW)
: They played 2 games i think. From what i heard the bot got broken by a specific strategy later on though when it was made so that the public could play against it. Either way yeah, it had tons of limitations and it's only about laning. Making a proper 5v5 team is probably near impossible.
You got some points wrong in there. They played a ton of games, as the bot was made accessible to pros after TI. For example Black^ played far over 100 games against the AI, winning a total of less than 10 times. I want to add that a lot of pros didn't even win against the AI once. There were some loop holes in the strategy of OpenAI, since it learned as a neural network (similar to the Go-AI by Google) by playing against itself (the Go-AI learned a lot by watching other people playing in addition to that, just fyi). Those were supposed to be fixed in later editions of the AI. The limitations were actually kinda small if you consider what people have been writing here. Only runes were disabled and the game was restricted to Shadow Fiend 1v1 mid (which is indeed a huge restriction). Although it was in a limited environment, the possibilities shown by this example are very scary, as many other sports (chess, go, ...) have already learned. It may be down the road but eventually we'll get there. In the end I wanted to note that LoL is probably far away from this scenario, since Riot - unlike Valve - doesn't give companies like OpenAI the possibility to host own servers and thus restrict their learning potential in a large scale, making it really unattractive for anyone else than Riot themselves to provide an AI for the game. Hence, it will take a lot of time until Bot games will become challenging.
: > It's not against the rules. Wanna know why? It's because Riot isn't telling you "report X for flaming" 10 times in a match. It's letting you decide if you want to do that or not. Its like an advertisement. I mean no one is obligated to buy the product, but showing them again and again, make's them use it at-least once. And reporting is also used as a source of satisfaction (not for me) but many people are addicted to it like drugs, they just have to report some one after every game. > Funny how you get angry at teammates dying, but if it's enemies it's you own skill. Right? Feeding is part of the game, intentionally feeding isn't. Nahh, apparent refusal to communicate, ignoring pings, and taking jungle creeps while him being present there, clearly requires that person to be told some things. > Again, you should try some of that self-control. It's a useful skill in society. IRL, sure. But online games, who cares? Riot shouldn't either, but it does, which shouldn't be the case. > Masochism? That would be if I let that feeder/troll free without saying anything to him. I am don't like or dislike any one prior to the game I am playing. My actions are only reactions to the people playing the game. If they play well they get appraisal, if they don't they get what they deserve. It's only logical isn't it? > It's obvious, how? Did you ever see them playing before? Do you know their normal playstyle? Do you know their history? I highly doubt that. You're applying unreasonably high standards to everyone but yourself. You see that is another problem I have with the game. Fix the ladder, make MMR number visible and remove the ranks. There should be no safety to go down with numbers like we have for ranks now. So a feeder/troll decides to do that he loses his points and just falls to bottom, if he continuously does that. If some one is curious about the rewards. Any one above a specific MMR number gets rewards, you still have those borders in the particular number range but there is no safety games or promotional games. And make solo Q, solo. In this way both side will be around my level, no duoQ boosting. No un-necessary expectations. > Loving someone also doesn't mean that you have to abuse them. You're talking to other human beings, like it or not. And they, clearly, don't like your attitude. They don't like my attitude so be it, I can live with that. but I shouldn't be banned because of it. They have the right to hate me if they like but this reporting power is too much, which they shouldn't have.
: Treating Flex Queue like Normals should be a reportable offence.
Breaking the meta is allowed in any mode, it's only about the attitude towards the games, and there should be no difference between normals and rankeds at all. A player should have the intention to win but also have fun in any kind of game mode, so your somewhat click-bait title can't be taken too serious from my point of view. P.S.: Used to play things like Lissandra and Leona jungle all the time, in all kinds of modes (normals, flex, soloQ), still had the intention to win because I believed in my picks while also having a lot of fun. Just to give you some food for thought that off-meta is always legit with the right attitude.
: So any plans with mister man bear?
Ryze needs a rework first, obviously.
Grffon (EUNE)
: braindead int feeders
Calling them "braindead" is itself a punishable action. Why don't you get banned on this instance? Long story short: One game isn't enough to get you banned.
: Lethality, it's time to STAHP
It is currently as balanced as it ever was, don't think you have to change anything regarding lethality. Maybe only slight tweaks to Jayce and you don't have any problems.
DeRoo (EUW)
: No it won't be. 4 man is what makes queue times super long. It's easy finding duo's or trio's... but finding a solo player in Flex is difficult. Why go flex solo when you go solo in solo queue. Find another friend guys :)
Just adding to your comment, since you had a lot of points I wanted to say as well. FlexQ with 4 people is kinda cruel in my eyes, since a group of 4 likes to dictate the game and if the one is not going along with it (remember, everyone has a different understanding of how the game is supposed to be played), it makes games super hard and having a higher tendency towards flaming in my eyes.
Djedo (EUNE)
: Should Nasus get nerfed (possibly reworked)?
> [{quoted}](name=Djedo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y1AQ47de,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-20T22:20:01.974+0000) > > I'm not a top laner, I play it sometimes when I get filled there. Anyhow, I played against Nasus with three different champs May explain a lot. Try different champs and matchups, play him yourself and explore his weaknesses. Usually champions who dominate laning phase (Jayce, Kennen, Gnar, ...) or more teamfight contributing Tanks (Mao, Gragas, ...) can do very well against Nasus if you know how to execute them correctly. As for general principles of the top lane (pushing, wave control, jungler presence and such): you should play more top lane before you can deem Nasus as unfair. And if he ever gets to that damn late game point, either gank him with multiple members on his side lane or just teamfight, Nasus is one of the worst teamfighting top laners in the game.
: No he wasnt justified in his arguement about my W because I say its 50% ap scaling and he keeps saying its 100% where is he getting that number from. Secondly yes the ultimate does seem underpowered in terms of scaling but what team that is already zoned out by mines would try to counter engage without getting half healthed in the process look at his kit again, the mines last for 60 seconds and in a drawn out engagement that makes for some tricky treading for assassins, his W is just a crowd control trap to help him escape, his q is basic poke and harass, his E is a good way to bait out enemies so he can get some serious healing, look I am not trying to smash your comments but its like you arent reading what I wrote and instead drawing your own conclusions, oh that is op, this is op, yet your reasoning is half out of place and you cant expect me to be simple and shut up when I see someone obviously making a flaw they they themselves dont see, I do see the flaws in my kit dont get me wrong but you critique has no solid ground in terms of reasoning, if you can give decent reasoning then I will budge but if you have to take a look at my previous designs people do give honestly good reasoning where as the only thing I am getting here is that the R scaling needs to be higher yet its AOE can go up to 700 units which is about as big as redemption and it knocks up all enemies hit, thats in itself op and doesn't need as much ap to be effective.
This will likely be my last comment on that matter due to your stubbornness and incapability to look at different opinions on your champion and the game itself. First of all, you cannot come up with arguments that cannot be derived from your text, as you did some times in the comments leading up to this one. He is right with the 100% scaling, as your primary text states that W deals 130+(50% AP) damage PER SECOND over 2 seconds, resulting in 260+(100% AP). I don't know if it is intended this way, this is just what your text states. So maybe fix some issues with your description before flaming other people. You countered yourself, btw, describing his abilities as one with assassin thoughts, a poke spell, some CC and one "serious healing" spell. Look at the kit again and tell my which design pattern he fits into and what role he's supposed to fulfill. Right, it's none. Because the kit is so damn awkward and the champion lacks identity. There are better champs for anything special, he succeeds at nothing particularly well except for his way too high scaling. His ultimate is really weird, since any other ability that impairs you gives you some kind of reward for it or uses it to retain its power. Yet your ultimate has a self-root for some reason, yet to be rewarded (e.g. compare with Xerath, who gets a massive range advantage, same for Caitlyn). You also didn't answer any of the points given but instead answered in a general way, leaving critical points left open and thus the champion design in a weaker place. Telling people they make flaws but not countering them in a objective manner is really but style, and you just seriously reconsider posting your ideas in the forum if you reply to critique in such an offended way.
: I did reply to him apologizing, I dont need him to say that I need to be working for riot its just reading his comment made me feel like he really didnt read what I wrote because alot of what he said contradicted what I put down and I was just fishing if he was a troll trying to tilt me. Thanks for your comment upvoted
No, it didn't. He pointed out obvious mistakes when it comes to scaling and the general power of some abilities (e.g. W). And he is definitely right with his opinion on the ultimate being his weakest ability. While we're at it, writing down flat numbers, without ability level scaling and no CD is never a good idea, because you cannot say a lot about those if you have no context. Imagine an ability dealing 1000+(200% AP) damage but it costs 600 mana and needs 2 seconds of channeling while staying in 100 range of the enemy. You know what I mean? As of the general concept without the numbers: The champion lacks character, a clear concept of what he is capable of and what his main purpose in a game is. He feels like an awkward mid laner to play, with, apart from his mines, no abilities that work together in a rewarding and good-feeling way.
: This is why probability is the worst argument to use regarding that matter. When you roll the dice you have probability of 1/6 to get 6. The thing is you can get 6, 10 times in a row or even more. Saying that in 300-400 games you will lose only 1 or 2 games because of smurfs is similar. In reality you will lose many more games. Yeah smurfs will climb fast so what? At the same time there are ten thousands of smurfs in current division and everygame you can play against one before he climbs rapidly beyond your reach. of course the number of 10000 is a joke because amount of smurfs in gold/plat is so high that it is enough to ruin the game for every single player that actually belongs to his elo and is not a smurf. And everyday new accounts are formed.
Your argument makes no sense here. Sure, there may be one person who gets unlucky and have 10 smurfs in a row, but that is not an argument to make if you talk about the average player and his encounters with smurfs. And no, in reality you won't lose many more games cause of smurfs ON AVERAGE since that is how math works, you know? Also, if you just look at the sheer number of players in contrast to the amount of smurfs, you'll see that smurfs don't impact matchmaking considerably in a negative way, let alone "destroy". And btw, smurfs usually get ranked in around gold, so over 50% of the player base will never see a smurf in their entire ranked life.
: Thing with syndra is: if she used her knockback, shes very very VERY easy to kill.
You're going away from the discussion. It's about whether she should have that reliability with her ultimate. Because in most cases she doesn't have to rely on her knockback/stun to kill a target and can use it purely for defensive purposes.
Inertià (EUW)
: I only talk from personal experience, i solo carried countless games with a Spectre, OD or Medusa, items such as bkb or linkens facilitates this late game, while in LoL i found it very hard to actually carry 4 other ppl since the adc items in this game does not prioritize survival and items that do that gets nerfed ( qss nerfed to not remove zeds ult or fioras ult, Banshee change to give ap instead of hp+mana). And than you have a bunch of stuff like syndras ult that deletes you in 1 button point and click. You might argue that there are a lot of bs point and click abilities indota and you are right there are but the main difference its that there is a lot of options in itemization to counter that bull. Don't get me wrong i like both games a lot and im not trashing lol or something but the itemization in dota is much more diverse and allows you to carry games or counter specific things.
I agree with you in a lot of points, but I wanna give you some food for thought on two things that bother me a little. I am on your side with heroes as Dusa or OD being able to carry solo late, but it's often a question whether you can get there or not. Kinda the same in LoL with a few of heroes, although those curves have been smoothed out over the years (I personally dislike this, champion pool gets smaller usually). Your point with diverse itemization is definitely true, I miss that sometimes in LoL due to items being restricted in a lot of ways (in terms of power and diversity in stats). But I find especially ADC itemization in LoL very troublesome, due to them having small impact in the early and rocketing WAY too high (in my opinion) in the late game. Current Meta of everyone protection the ADC is kind of an argument for that (follow some casts, it's every late game teamfight about whether the ADC is alive or not). While you bring really good arguments to counter them, it's not always possible to bring that to the table. And one could say that you have those in Dota as well (BKB-piercing abilities such as Roar or RP...) Btw, love discussing with you, keeping it clean and objective :)
TemmeT (EUW)
: Idiots.
Two words: Ardent Censer
Inertià (EUW)
: What? dota actually takes much more skill and strategy to play and you can actually carry 4 vegetables in dota if you are truly good due to the nature of its carries and the items available to carries. In LoL on the other hand after you reach a certain elo it becomes almost impossible to carry solo if the other 4 dudes are horrible.
I would totally agree with you that Dota is way harder to play in general terms speaking, although I don't really agree with your statement that you can solo carry games that easily, for a hero like that (let's say AM or Invo, idk) to work, you need your team to set you up and create space for you. I think that solo carrying in Dota or LoL is equally possible, maybe not in every Meta, but definitely comparable to a large degree. But I'm open for discussion if you have some other arguments :)
Potchikir (EUW)
: i was talking about how slight stuff and small stuff can change result of game if enemy team is 2% better they will get a easy stomp if they didnt lose drafting
You didn't bring that point across nor do you have a lot of evidence to support that statement. I think 2% skill difference often does not make that much of a difference, especially will it not result in a stomp. You know how often some website will display winning chances for each team? If we assume, without any proof that they are correct, but they may have at least SOME base, they are somewhat trustworthy, this would imply that every game with having odds 51-49 or further apart would result in a stomp. Does it, tho?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: This might sound strange, but there is only one point-and-click ultimate that bothers me. And for some, this might sound silly.. {{champion:86}} Unlike Veigar's ult, Garen's ult deals more damage to you if you have done well (being the villain). The ability actively punishes for getting kills. Garen's ult has triple the cast range. Cho'Gath's ult damage at lvl 3: 650 + 50% AP + 10% bonus health. Garen's ult damage at lvl 3: 525 + 40% of targets missing health. Let's say you play with a tank. You have 3200 total hit points, 1300 currently, and you are the villain. Garen's ult would deal 525+0.4*1900=1285 true damage. Cho'Gath would need to have 6350 bonus health in order to reach same damage.
I get your points but you have two flaws in your argumentation: 1. While Garen needs the enemy to be low health, Cho's damage is consistent and considered "op" against carries because they tend to have low hp. Thus in a normal world Cho's ultimate will not only deal more damage but also hit a target which is way more hurt by that. 2. Reaching 6300 bonus Health as Cho'Gath is a piece of cake, considered that 80% of the time you use your ulti in a teamfight you will activate Stoneplate, massive gaining HP, resulting in dealing more damage in most cases than a Garen.
Potchikir (EUW)
: its not the matchmaking mistake the game is very competetive more than dota actually that slight skill difference can change the hole game while in dota champions that have 60% winrate (yes that exists in dota) are not considered busted op/ must nerf
I don't get your point. You're just trashtalking on Dota without bringing anything to the table about this discussion.
: One Click Ultimate
I think while Cho and Veigar Ulti have a lot of counterplay potential, I don't feel the same way about Syndra. Her sheer range and the ability to stack spheres without anyone being able to stop you makes it very hard for me to feel good about this ability. Everyone has played ADC and knows what happens if the enemy Syndra gets only slightly ahead and presses R on you... And just to clarify, what's bothering me is not pure numbers, which are still at stake for discussion, but more so the reliability you can take out an enemy carry, or at least force him back. This tends to decide teamfights in a very quick manner.
: >This is very interesting, as I have since the beginning been under the impression that matchmaking takes into account a lot more than base mmr. That is to say, I've been under this impression for close to 5 years. Team Builder came out about 4 years ago and as far as I am aware did actually modify your MMR based on whether or not you were trying a new champion/position, which might be why. Definitely agree that players who main a position will be stronger in that position than other positions (I'm like this with mid). On the whole though I don't think it makes sense to alter a players MMR in this way. One potential (but narrowly exploitable) case would be if a player had a smurf (or was a second account, or something) and queued in promotional series on a secondary role. This would reduce the skill level of players that the player was playing with (or against) and thus modify the chances of winning in the players favour, potentially. Additionally this would make switching roles every few months the easiest way of climbing ranked. (Note that I don't work on the team that decides any of this).
I love the facts you bring up here, but let you give me just one argument as a food for thought. If the system would be adjusted in a ways, such that it actually recognizes your main position and slightly (very slightly!) adjusts your matchmaking based off this, wouldn't it be fair to say that people playing multiple if not all roles at the same level should have a small bonus as a reward for their versatility? Isn't being able to play to your full extent when autofilled and not getting your main role (I understand there is a different reasoning for autofill existing in the first place) also a reward in the same spirit? And if the adjustments are small, but feel the right way for a versatile player, they could actually improve matchmaking without taking too much away from other players. As a note: I'm not familiar with the technical details in this regard and thus my argument might fall flat from a technical point of view. In this case, you can firmly ignore what I stated :D
gkolampas (EUNE)
: I play couple of games a day, sometimes a week. This 20 lost games cant be cus of tilt. Btw, im winning games non stop atm, after nonstop loses. The system is so broken and they say "we dont have any hidden mechanics" . Ofc they do. Not a single game has the same issue, even if you tilt you **S H O U L D N T** LOSE 20 GAMES IN ARROW, THATS CHANCE IS NOT EVEN 1%
It might be some kind of tilting problem. Sometimes you just get unlucky and lose 4-5 games in a row, might happen. The next time you play, you keep that in your mind: "oh no, I'm on a losing streak, I'll lose again anyways". And every time you play it just gets worse, because you cannot reset your mentality and thus you are not able to play to your full extent, losing games not from a pure skill point of view but more from a bad mindset. So in the end I think it comes down to you being worse due to psychologic effects rather than the system being broken. And if you try to turn my point down by just saying, no, this isn't true; have a look at your post before this again, how you use capslock, spaces in between characters and fat letters...
: I'm done with Leauge and its stupid META
Icepaw (EUNE)
: So thats 42 games then? 10+11+21=42 * 5 =168. Thats 168 players (or 82% of this 168 players) you have wasted games on. Destroyed their fun and given them a bad time. Ranking rapidly is just no excuse whatsoever. What if 10% of the accounts here are smurfing? How many destroyed games will that be?
Despite you not being able to get the math straight, your argument of presuming that 10% of the accounts are smurf accounts is as good of an argument as saying 50% of players are challengers, the system is broken! Treat system vs. reality please and don't make up your own world where every 4th player or so has a smurf account. And in reality maybe 1% of the players you meet are smurfs (assuming a really high percentage already) and of those not even half have significant impact in their games, since their actual elo doesn't differ too much from where they play on their smurf (i.e. a plat 5 smurf won't destroy mid gold games). This being said, in an already worst-case scenario, .5% of the players you meet are smurfs with significant impact in games, this means roughly one every 22 games. Now again you have a 55.5% chance of playing against him and 44.4% chance of playing with him. If you add everything up, smurfs will actively make you lose 1-2 games in a season when you play around 300-400 games, which is little to no impact in my eyes.
HDinis09 (EUW)
: First of all, riot doesn´t care too much about aram. There are a lot of issues that require more atention, such as Ivern. I just think that you are butt hurt because you got destroyed by a cho gath or something like that.
Actually I built the item myself, experiencing it's Opness firsthand. But you probably should stop writing, as more and more nonsense is coming out of your keyboard.
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Literally sense, no game is ever balanced, specially in ARAM.
So your argument is because you can't balance it you shouldn't even try. Thx for your opinion
: >Lee sin main has no say in judging his position in meta. A Lee Sin main has more rights to judge his position than any other person as long as they don't have an "I main this and it is 100% not strong please buff Lee Sin" attitude.
I actually am a Lee "main" (I really don't like this term, he's my most played champ but not my only one), however, I really dislike him at the moment and even I get bored of seeing him every game (I even tend to ban him on some days). So as long as you can have an objective look at the situation being a Lee main shouldn't trouble your argumentation.
l MrD l (EUW)
: People play champions for being good not just for being fun (look at azir he was played so much because he was fun and was strong his damage and parts of his utility were trimmed off and he remains underplayed mainly for lacking damage... There is plenty of champs that are fun but dont get played so much simple because theyre lacking in damage or something... Lee is also very fun but although his damage is ok its his lack of counterplay which i dont like his ward jump rewards him too much... Back in the day you had to buy wards to ward jump and spending 75 gold to create a play with a ward jump was ok but now you get the trinkets or a free ward item lee became so buffed thanks to this and riot have trimmed off other parts of his kit such as AS reduction on E and damages when the catual problem all along was his access to Ward jumping... Imagine if elise could rappel to wards her play rate and win rate would go up a lot. People underestimate how strong ward jumping is... I have to agree with the guy lee has never been a bad pick for jungle and is consistently played simply for having damage and utlity not because hes fun. Ill use another example too which i just thought of.. Yasuo very fun with good damage and utlity hes played mostly because hes "fun"? Strip away the damage and would you still want to play him if he does little damage despite being able to block projectiles and dash around? I wouldnt i would want to play something else
While ward jump is an inherent problem, I have to agree with you on this, I feel like the main problem in the meantime is that his kit is overloaded with 7 spells with no mana but energy costs. 7 spammable skills and high damage output, combined with the ability to oneshot targets, displacement and high mobility, the latter two in combination with the infamous insec. While Lee used to be a high skill champ, he more and more deserves his place in a row with lower skill tier champs. I think that Lee shouldn't have such high damage output, so he is RELIANT on making those flashy plays and insecs to get going and score kills. Just nerf his Q by a margin amount and he can't outduel almost anyone in the game and oneshot carries with R-Q-Q (or Q-R-Q doesn't really matter, does it?). An example how this could look like: Take 30 base damage and 20% scaling off each instance of Q, as well as 2% of his increasing damage based on missing health. You might also want to take 50% scaling off his ulti. (When I say "scaling" I mean the 200% bonus AD scaling, so it would be 150% instead). In exchange increase the AS buff from his passive slightly with levels, so he starts with 40% AS up to 60% late game. This will result in Lee having the same utility but being outdueled by far more junglers, he'll struggle if people try to play him the way they used to.
Shacownz (EUW)
: Daily reminder Ivern has a 57% winrate
Ivern is already getting adressed on PBE. Base MoveSpeed Nerf and a huge increase in HP/Mana Cost per camp, slightly in early game (first clear forces you most likely to back without gank) and increasingly in Mid to Late (Until now Ivern's cost decrease pos Lv 11, now it increases throughout the game, up to 380/140) Edit: Exact changes: Base movespeed lowered from 330 to 325 Friend of the Forest (Passive) health and mana costs to place groves increased Health cost from [145-80] to [204 - 380] Mana cost from [135-67] to [158 - 140]
HDinis09 (EUW)
: If blue team can use it, so can red team.
Literally nonsense. By that logic giving Raba 200+150% AP for 100g would work as well. Both teams able to use something doesn't result in balance.
Infernape (EUW)
: Simple. Make all champions available in ARAM.
May be a solution altough not a very good one I think. It will prevent new players from playing ARAM because you generally want to avoid playing versus champions you don't know jack about. It really feels punishing to die by something you do not understand. So either ARAM becomes a mode to play after you've already reached lv 30 (perhaps even more) or you have to find another solution.
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JHw8bOmA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-04T21:04:23.803+0000) > > Banshe is no different to usual... pop the shield then use important abilities. > > That's the reason why no one brought it when it was a tank item... it got turned into a worse spirit visage by simply tapping them with any old spell and keeping them in combat. > > That particular bot lane would struggle because they don't have much they can actually use to stop you but that's a limitation with their picks... pretty much everyone else has an ability they can use to pop the shield before they use cc or at least not need to use the shield. > Not to mention vayne died not because thresh couldn't use Q but because she couldn't dodge your Q with her Q, had she done that it would have been different so you can't say she died because of spell shield as there was plenty on her side that she could have done to live. > > Also remember that both items aren't very stat efficient and result in power spikes being delayed... a lot of people are rushing it because it's new and shiny, give it a few weeks and people will stop buying it so early in favour for better power spikes unless seriously behind, well either that or riot will nerf them as they did say they are keen for these situations to not happen. okay but what does diana do when the q is already fairly hard to land as is it and now she has to land two of them in 35 sec or nothing, honestly as a diana main I felt that she was lackluster ever since the AP changes and now i feel shes trash.
That's just a general problem you described with Riot's mentality for patches. They tend to make big changes to items from time to time but don't consider that this might affect a bunch of champions. I still hope that someday we'll see less patches but with a bigger scope; this means that whenever they decide to change something drastic (like changing almost all tank items, some others as well and introduce 2 new items) they also start looking into ALL the champions affected and change them accordingly. This way a single item change doesn't change the whole balance of the game - often to the worse (we all remember the meta defined by items, for instance Cinderhulk-meta or Feral Flare-meta or....).
: It's only an issue if you dont ignore the tank tickling you... it also increases % damage against them which is pretty important. But I say don't remove it but give it an ARAM only version like they hsve with stuff like RoA which isn't as efficient
I quite like that idea. Maybe tune the bonus Armor/ MR down, or something similar in spirit.
: It sure is a strong item, yes, but it does not reach the OP-nes of Zz'rot portal or Guardian Angels in ARAM, so there is not really a sense in banning it from ARAM if the only strong champs are going to be CC tanks and True DMG Tanks like Darius, Irelia or Cho, since the entire gamemode is random you must see it from this point, a Zz'rot or GA can be effective on EVERY champ and their actives and passive are just plain out busted on a small map with only a few towers, meanwhile only tanks can benefit from the Gargoyles stoneplate since it decreases your DMG by 60%, which will be preety useless on ADC's, Mages and Assassins etc. I hope you get what i mean
I seriously doubt you get the point I'm trying to make here. The item is way more than the active. Yes, sure, the active has only limited potency, but as do it in a regular 5v5. The actualy crux is that the item gives a ridiculous 80 Armor and MR. Just calculate those numbers in term of slot efficiency and value. Due to being in a small space, you are almost guaranteed to have the 40 Bonus Armor/ MR up all the time. Just in term of stats the item is more than efficient without the active. So the item covers a broader space than you actually thought; you can build it on any tanky champion, bruiser, even on some melee's that just need overall defensive stats. And all of that for 2400g.
: Tbh, ARAM just simulates a big teamfight, so shall they also disable it on the Rift due to it being good in teamfights ? also it is not that extremely strong of an item, it is rather strong on Darius or Cho, but on casual tanks it's kinda meh since it makes them to a meatshield without dmg
I don't quite get the point you're trying to make. My point is that this item is too strong in ARAM due to its effectiveness; high stats for low values with a nice active for ARAM. I don't know what leads you to your assumption of the item being weak in ARAM. Please don't compare it to the item on summoner's rift, although the item is the same, it enforces a playstyle onto you in regular 5v5 but certainly doesn't in ARAM.
: Before that address Aram-only accounts. I'm so tired of seeing (and being stomped by) {{champion:37}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:101}} every single fcking game.
And would you be kindly enough to suggest how to do this? Ban every account that purchases those kind of champions? Or ban players that tend to play many ARAMs on low levels? None of those is a punishable offense.
Rioter Comments
: Anivia: Liandrys or Void?
Usually Liandrys will give you a bigger power spike in the mid game when acquiring the item. Considering that you're most likely to pick up sorcerers, 30 mpen sometimes does feel overwhelming against enemy carries. Void staff is mandatory late, so basically it's just about the build order; flat mpen is better mid, %mpen is better late, self-explanatory.
: Riot gutted Azir without sensible argument. (due to competitive stats) But they still didn't gut Jhin, Varus, Kha'zix, Rengar, Shen. This is their fault. They didn't tidy up again. Riot imposed their wrong ideas to people. Rework shouldn't be by competitive. Because strong competitive champion doesn't mean broken kits. Shen always was strong competitive champion. This doesn't mean broken champion. Riot doesn't understand this. They didn't understand.
Well, you have to balance around some niveau. And I'd always rather have balancing around the top niveau instead of having bronze balanced and everyone else mad.... I see your point with Jhin, ... being broken for a long time without noticeable fixes but that's basically just Riot saying we want to dish out new stuff asap but fixing old broken sh*t (or even their new broken sh*t) is too lame to do. New isn't always better...
Wolferk (EUNE)
: Why NERF AATROX 7.5???
Very well thought comment. I have to fully agree that his Q and E changes were made pretty well while changes to passive and W were indeed poorly designed. I understand that Riot doesn't want to change the fact that you need to decide everytime whether you want to heal or deal more damage but at the moment the heal just doesn't feel like a valid option most of the time. Especially the fact that it does not prove you the 20% rage which is a huge deal with this passive. I think a lot can be fixed if they add an AD scaling to the third hit heal increasing the amount of %-heal (the numbers shouldn't be too high but reasonable). For the passive I'd suggest something like a hybrid approach: While having the revive up all the time (as it used to be) the AS/AD buff should be only temporarily at full rage but maybe for something like 5+1.5 sec per "20 rage gain during the effect" (so every spellcast or W on hit prolongs the duration). Thanks for taking your time to explain in detail why you think he is in a weak spot, pointing out the weaknesses obejectively instead of creating just another cryblog.
Tralux (EUW)
: Diana out of the game?
Well, she was never designed to be a jungler in the first place and I mislike her as such. Especially in this early jungle meta she is just really useless when it comes to early pressure and vulnerable to counter jungle from the likes of Lee, Elise, Evelynn,... But I think she's an interesting choice as a counter against all these strong melee mid laners at the moment. Into a Talon or Kata matchup she does really well, can snowball out of hand and is a valuable champ for TP.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Upvoted. This games is more and more becoming DOTA2 where everything is op and I don't like it. Things were fine before assassin rework and lethality.
Although with one difference. League will never be balanced, dota in fact is :D
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: She deserve it all, honestly, she should be nerfed harsher than this, she has waveclear, which is something that she shouldn't have, she has too much mobility, so her damage must be gutted to compensate for this, the same applies to Lee Sin, champions that have a very high mobility shouldn't have high damage at all, or one or the another, so I'm glad, maybe she will disappear a while and she deserves it.
Well she did get nerfed harder than you think. He got the actual numbers wrong since they shipped another PBE patch to nerf her because she was still too strong, most likely something like this also coming on 7.5. The actual numbers are: 40/55/70/85/100 (+20% AP) for her W and 60/120/180 (+30% AP) on her R+W, but still holding strong in the waveclear section with Q being buffed on creeps from 40% to 80%. Overall I totally have to agree with you. Her W just way too strong, dealing huge amounts of damage while providing a riddiculous amount of mobility. Glad to see that she has to rely on hitting her E again to kill you and cant snowball lv 1 lane any more with W pressure.
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