: For years I reported and helped riot as best I could. I made 10 games where my internet and my computer are good but slow was your platform. In question the right algorithm to use is simple. Feeders, players who abandon the game I understand. But in 10 games having problems with the net when my pc and wifi were working perfectly, other players complaining about it and being playing on my team with less experienced players against teams with higher players, something is wrong with this algorithm. I'm not a diamond or platinum player I know that. But I'm not iron or bronze either. If there is no consideration by players, if they do not see that I was once again harmed for me enough. In all these years I see that only the stremers and who is already in great they continue in them. If I played with other links the opportunity would be different, if I lost because the opposing team was superior, ok, no stress. But losing by playing with players who don't know how to play or don't help or have a sense of play. This is no longer fun. I don't want to be privileged to buy skins or do good advertising. I just want to play ranked with players of my level and the same knowledge. If not so Aram game or normal game. Now in ranked games deserved more respect.
I know lol's client sucks, and they already said that this year will be improved , but the only way to get better matchmaking is the players stop some behavior tha %%%%s the game , we all want better players in our teams but idiots will allways be there, mute them and focus , i stopped go into stupid discussions in chat and foccued in my own gAme play and now i have 88% winrate with voli in pre season , i havent done my md10 im just waiting for the right moment and mindset. Players have to improve so the game does it to , riot can do the theorical part but we have to do techical one.
: No respect.
Im sorry, but how can riot solve it? i mean sure their matchmaking isnt the best , but feeders afk's , trolls they will allwyas be there, even tho riot improves his matchmaking somehow, people will still go afk , troll or feed , its almost impossible to database all players in the world and how they play and make them play with someone like them, in one game theres 10 players that had play 1000 games each last season thats 10 Thousand games to database in one single game and analysing quickly. U can tell me but make us play with people with the same mmr as me, okay thats possible but lets face the true , people with equal mmr will troll or go afk for any reason it is, the light went down , wi fi went down, pc crashed , or ragequit or just abbandon the game bcs he fed alot anc dont to play anymore. The problem its not the matchmaking is us the players, we are the ones playing , riot can change the algorithm of lol but even there somebody will troll or afk , we are the ones who have to change and stop doing some behaviours.
: Top is no where near as Important as jungle... we might get more gold and xp but jungle can actually influence other lanes and objectives while top are often forced to stay top or suffer.
Are u really force to stay top or u stay top cuz u think that what u supposed to do? , in high elo and g1-p4 games u will see toplaners go bot arround 10-15 minutes of the game , theres normally where we enter the mid game , thats also happen in pro play , where toplaners that rotate first have more priority. But i thing toplane is the hardest lane to learn , u need to know when to us tp, instead of using it to go back lane, i used to do that now i ve learn how to use it , u need to know how to freeze Lane, u need to have good map awareness so u can tp into a lane and force it down that lane , a good toplaner is frustrating to play against. I really dont thing that junglers are so important now a days , i mean a mid laner/top laner level 9 are more than a jg level 6/7 , we will allways be at least 2/3 levels behind solo laners. Yes we can take drakes and others objective but thats only possible if our solo laners helps us. A enemy mid laner who have more vision score than our ally mid laner , will help their jg have more information than me , cuz my mid or top didnt buy wards or use them poorly , the same goes for the wave manegement, the junglers can not influence on that , a solo laner with good wave manegement will probably win more games, cuz their jg will have priority.
: So is jung win = game win now just a thing?
we have xp reduced and the drakes are only possible to do if mid have priority or if we can kill botlane around minute 5 , and they reduced the gold from drakes to 25 gold instead 100 g , so a canon minions give more gold than a drake , welcome to RIOT is a bdsm that like to %%%% jungle every time they get. we are shit and mid and top are more important now

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