Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vistha Kai,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=mlxEZ7Bi,comment-id=000b0004,timestamp=2019-02-10T13:43:28.204+0000) > > I've been hit by the Leaverbuster, because of that. > I already sent a ticket to the support, but I reckon you may be able to do something about it much sooner. > > All help is welcome. Unfortunately this isn't something we have any control over, however support may be able to assist as you've mentioned :-)
This is only proof how much Riot cares playerbase. because Server crashed we got leavebuster and loses while rioter say "Just because our server crashed and its totally not playerbase fault We will punish people who had loses cause that. That is most fair option that we can do" Really riot Doesnt care player at all. only thing you care is money. This is proof this evidence.
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Kíngsman (EUW)
: Stop crying and play the game.
you better tell me why i should waste my time with some garbage player who trying lose game?? for me faster lp get is go next
: How about trying jungle for a bit and see how you do?
i tried its kinda simple if you have idea what you must to do. The problem is. 1 i dont like playing jg cause there no intresting champ to play in it. except maybe camille. 2 most of the times when i play jg i make my laners fed. then they start cocky allmighty and start throw lead and lose game. And if i take all kills and try solo carry 30 procent they rage for stealing kills. 30 procent they will happy. 40 procent of the times no matter how much gank and drakes i take they will lose lane because they have skill play their own lane. And lets be real In low elo everyone tries play skill champ more than simple. So my laner pick champ like riven,lee ,yasuo ,azir. sol, and so on and try to proof something. They have no skill to play those champ and just end up feeding over and over. That why im not playing jg. mostly cause its not my style and i dont have fun playing it. And i dont have required skill to play jg carry champ like graves. ANd i understand jg isnt role that suppose only farm camps.
: Show me in the rules where it says a jungler must gank x number of times during the laning phase. Oh wait, it doesn't because a jungler is under no obligation to gank for you. So stop %%%%%ing and play the game.
my jg not obligated to gank me. my jg obligated try win game Tell me how many games you will win when enemy destroying your turret and your jg farm camps? Oh wait its not jg job to gank and def base and do something usefull for team??? Or am i wrong or you just stupid. I dont need gank i need my jg would do something usefull. Im not having fun go bot 12min because enemy trying taking inhib while my jg farming camps and does nothing. I will repeat once more. I do not need my jg to camp my lane. I need player in team who tries win game. cleaning entire game camps as zac doesnt win your game and its not help for team either.
: Riot's banning system is interesting.
Misha demidov Im sorry for negative behaviour in our game. but in this state of the game we need milk League player as most as possible. you Do realise if we ban all trolls like this from the game We lose big amount of cash? I know it hurt you feeling but its A game. AS long as those player buy skin and support us we wont ban them. Also you must look from other prospective. you are milking cow We dont care your feels or anything. To make story short. We Not allowed punish our toxic players because we dont wanna hurt our Incomes. Sorry again for negative experience have good day :)
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: Everyone who says EZ in every game should get 3 days Chat Restriction
GG ez shouldnt be punishable... I mean Imagine scenario when your team stomps enemies so hard that you win before min 15. Isnt that easy win??? Or you want to be sarcastic when you have 20/0 kda and tell Damn that was hard game gg wp enemies???? To be honest gg ez isnt punishable at all and it will not be
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, A few questions for you on this one: 1) Do you have Avast antivirus installed? Some players have reported issues like this with Avast. Unfortunately it has taken some to uninstall Avast to clear it up :-( 2) If you don't have Avast, do you have this issue consistently (100% of games), or intermittently? If intermittent, at what times? (IE: Only during evenings? Random times of the day?) 3) Have you opened a [support ticket](https://support.leagueoflegends.com)? If so, please provide the ticket number here so we can take a look. Thanks!
1: No 2 Yes. at anytime during 5-10min in game 3. No because Riot permanently banned from using support ticket
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Blakex13x (EUW)
: its ok for trolls to ruin my lp is riot?.
IS it ok?? yes because riot cant ban all trolls from the game cause of those things. 1 League need more player they not afford lose more player. 2 Money 3 Money and 4 Probably money Very simple. no player no money. MOre trolls equal more player which equal More money. As long as you dont flame or int feeding. Riot will cover your ass by saying bad game everyone has "bad game" you right riot for that reason cause i have "bad game" i will play Ivern top and just lose lane. This is actually too great. I pick ivern i troll my teammate i dont flame. I lose lane my team flames me they get chat restricted :) thank you riot for covering my trolling :) P.S. Just because im bad at ivern top doesnt mean i cant play it in ranked {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Oh wait i can {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: So reports don’t work yet you got punished. What a snowflake.
I got punished by 10 chat restrict. I admit it i flamed very hard i totally deserve. But the player who actually did everything to lose game are not punished because of "bad play"
: Or you can try to be decent person? But whatever if you want to lose your time on accs that will sooner or later get banned, go ahead. Did you realized that you won't get instant feedback everytime someone is banned? If you are encouringing Riot to creat system that won't allow bad players to play, what will you do then? Ranked will be locked for you :*
Would try improve my gameplay rather than joining instantly into ranked game without even having knowledge how to properly farm :) I dont want to lose cause some idiot has no clue what to do and not even bother listen other teammate because its hurt his ego. Very simple system if you play poorly games. your team can report you for unskilled and riot put those player into draft mode and force get S rank and win game to unlock ranked again.
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Blakex13x (EUW)
: why is there more trolls in ranked than before????
Riot system very poor designed. only way to fix is punish player for playing bad in rankeds. I made my conclusion play rankeds for fun. Rank doesnt matter anymore. past season i care and then i tried communicate and allways got chat restricted. Right now i play sylas top if my team ban sylas cause its new champ its shouldnt be played in ranked i pick ivern top. BUt hey ivern top isnt bannable :) and its fun to play. And even move funny that my team flames me for picking ivern top and thye gettting punished for flame. such a great system riot
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: Dying a lot means that you are making the enemies stronger so that they can easily kill your teammate. Maybe you can fight back and beat your enemy laner. But your teammates can't since they don't have the same amount of kills. Dying a lot while getting tons of kills means putting yourself in a situation where you're the only one who can fight in your team while your allies will just pop in 1s. It's also your fault that they die so much. You are indeed feeding no matter how many kills you get.
oh yeah i know cause i win top but i get ganked by enemy jg it affect my botlane to lose against enemy botlane. even i feed i should be punished. oh wait %%%%%%%%%%ting feeding. jjust because im bad does it mean im allow troll everyone right :D Yea team sorry but im going feed my ass to make sure you lose..... Im not trolling im not getting punished im bad player riot protect me. While everyone in the game lose lp Worth
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Akame Ga kali,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=eOcb8U7g,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-07T15:39:58.374+0000) > > If you feeding you get punished Fun fact: players that die a lot are indeed "punished". They are paired with other players of similar skill. Iron IV exists for a reason. Your suggestion is whack. We don't need a "Noob Priority queue". Everyone has a different pace when learning the game. That's why we have different tiers and divisions. *** [Your profile](http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=AKAME%20GA%20KALI). By your logic, you'd be sent to that "Noob Priority". You're dying, on average, 7 times per game in Solo Ranked. That ain't good.
so what if 7 times die in game. if i have 20kills while other teammates has over 10 deaths. I mean by feeding whne your kda is negative . yes i had game where i end up inting and i should be putted into that system :D
RW Heaven (EUW)
: Feedback: AFK punishment seems to work well now
To be honest how do you know he got leavebusteR? if its not your premade? ITs definitely not like he add you and told damn i got leave buster :D
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Marcua (EUW)
: Will you explain more about what makes Fiora and Shaco so annoying/broken that they have to be removed from the game? :) I personally feel that there kits are balanced. Allthough i must say, i do not enjoy going up against a Fiora. I think that ADC are slowly coming back, and Top laners too. There is a lot of different champs in top lane right now, and the tank meta is not there anymore. You can play a lot of fun champions now like Jax, Darius, Irelia etc. Champions where you can do a lot more alone, and have more action in the early game in top.
Fiora Way too much overpowered. its way too hard win against good fiora lane match up. only way is go ninja tabi bramblewest or hope your jg for gank Shaco for Rework its kinda feel old and I want shaco get rework to tilt Shaclone. Adc was nerfed and Toplane even you can pick more bruiser its still has no big impact in the game as much as mage or jg
Marcua (EUW)
: What do you hope riot will do in 2019? (Season 9)
I wish Riot Remove feeder from the game Pending ReLearn game. Remove Fiora from the game pending a rework Remove Shaco from the game Pending a rework Put hashinshin Into Game Design. Nerf mage buff toplaner and Adc
JesRect (EUW)
: I don't really understand the banning system?
Well if someone blames you In normal game for trying new champ you can allways mute them and report after game. If you try new champion In ranked game that they ofc flame you for decreasing chance to win game
: The punishment system is not perfect. If you feel like someone acted against the TOS, you should first off report them, and if you feel like it's not enough, you can take the case to the _**[SUPPORT](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en)**_, for it to be manually reviewed by a riot employee. Keep in mind that they won't give you the outcome, since it's confidential, but let's just say, that I got a good couple of cases sorted out through those guys. They are reliable, and never let me down before. Good luck.
i Wish i could use support. you see Riot Indefinite ban me from using support tickets
: TOS > Reporting Other Players (aka Naming and Shaming) > Please don't report a potentially misbehaving player in these boards. If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, send us a ticket directly so we can investigate and take action if necessary. We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. We’ll be taking action against players who have violated rules, so please report these players correctly. > Moderators will be looking for the following: ● Posts that accuse others of being toxic players in-game ● Posts accusing others of malicious activity ● Posts that accuse others of cheating or using illegal services ● Posts accusing others of trolling in the boards (there’s a report button for that) ● Posts claiming to have "reported" someone (There's no need to post this information) **** Also, bans are for toxicity, 3rd party apps, and account fraud related stuff. AFKing, no matter if willingly or because of things that you have no control over whatsoever - will result in full loss of LP, failure to gain chests / xp that match, and if frequent, will result in the low priority queue, which is a pain in the ass.
But why riot let him continue troll his team. He Plays karthus jg build ad and wish everyone cancers but yet still not banned
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: Best tanks to carry
are you %%%%%%ed or something? Tanks isnt made to carry solo. even if they would they should be instantly nerfed. YOU ARE TANK your job is tank dmg and provide cc.
Hansiman (EUW)
: It also counts as a penalty. Do it again, and you risk bans.
it counts if you do again but if you dont you get free namechanger. P.S. your name inapropriate??? well take this free namechanger From RIot :) otherwise free 13900 Blue essence
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: Why do people think it's okay to grief at low elo?
ITs okay because they have excuse. its simple Riot punish trolls if they grief intentionally. but all you have to do is act like nice idiot. be nice. Like i Do. If i want troll my team i jsut pick top ivern and play poorly and lose lane and most times game. but hey that not punishable. ME pick ivern top what should i do 1 ending up feeding like 0/12 2 being nice in chat 3. act like a person who plays poorly game. What i get for doing that? 1 Honor increasing slowly for being nice 2 Satisfaction of trolling people who trying win 3 getting notification that person got punished cause he flamed me :) In conclusion I get everything. and people who got trollled get punished by riot cause they flame person who act like idiot
: Chat restriction after being trolled
First of all flaming not allowed. Second of all show me the rules where its says you cant famr as support??? I know its kinda tilting when support takes farm... but that not reportable.
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BleupizZ (EUW)
: What I should do when I get "TROLL Player" in my team ?? HELP
What should you do when you get troll??? probably get trolled because riot supports them. If they dont htey would ban but you know when more than half playerbase at some point going troll they cant ban that. banning trolls equall lose half community
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Bad Copy (EUNE)
: Rerolling skins
what the point??? well first of all only stupid person reroll 3 good skins?
Zanador (EUNE)
: A vast majority of the matches that end before 20 minutes had a troll, feeder, DC, leaver or horrible balance in them. But hey, why would anyone deserve respect who has a bad teammate?
you know what more sad than that??? when you try win game and you stomp early and team get cocky cause its "too ez" and they start throw cause they get cocky. people like them should Permabanned without having chance create new account.
N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
IF game ends before 20 you can call it easy. Otherwise i dont think it was that easy.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 7 days until Christmas! What is your wish? ^^
i wish riot ban Feeder from the ranked
: daily reminder that riot DO punish inters
"we riot doing great job we manage ban 1 person" while there 1milion or more trolls in cross regions. the saddest thing they have is Law that protects trollling use this Words and you safe to go. Im bad at the game bro so i will ruin your experience :)
: I don't think you get the point that im trying to make. its not about simplicity its about getting free shit, i took annie for an example and you could say: Well give people a slow when they're near tibbers, it makes sense because now tibbers can hit you more. Or jax: Give counter strike a slow so you can set people up for a stun, that makes it more balanced. or Yi: whenever you hit someone with your passive it will now deal bonus true damage, this make sense so he can shred tanks even faster. lets look at abilities that have free shit. Akali Q: healing Akali W: true stealth Akali ult: stun irelia: disarm irelia: Sustain irelia: Damage on W Zoe: Movement speed bonus on W Zoe: Free sheen Zoe: Free Damage on W Zoe: Free summoner spell Zoe: Free item Kayn: Bonus movement speed on walls Pyke: Bonus AD instead of Health Pyke: 50% mana refund for cancelling Q Pyke: Bonus gold on his Ult Kai'sa: Plasma applies on CC'ed champions Kai'sa: 0.5 Second reset with every autoattack on E Kai'sa: Shield on ult Ornn: shield on W Rakan: 1 Second reset on P with every AA Rakan: Slow on Ult Camille: Movement speed on Q Camille: True damage on Q Camille: Heal on W Camille: Bonus Attack speed on E Camille: Bonus magic damage Evelynn: Magic Pen on W Evelynn: Percent health damage on E Evelynn: movement speed on E Evelynn: untargetable on E These champs got released in the last 2 years, now lets move on to Older champs Lux P: Bonus damage on ult and auto's if someone got hit by any other Dmg ability of lux Lux Q: Uhmm, just a root Lux W: just a shield Lux E: just a slow Lux R: just a damage ult. Now if lux wouldve been made in 2018 Lux P: Now shreds magic resist by 45% Lux Q: Now does bonus magic damage on the second target hit and the second target will be snared longer Lux W: Now also heals 10% of HP Lux E: Now it will give you bonus movement speed when you hit someone. Lux R: Now does bonus % Health damage i hope you get my point, maybe lux was an better example than annie.
what about lux ulti cooldown reduction if you kill opponent? which new champ beside pyke has that? if lux would be created in 2018 ofc she would have maybe something new at the cost of lower dmg in skill. Its Simple older champion was simpler cause no one has such skill back then. you cannot create easy champion cause 1 ITs not fun to play. 2 Its feel not rewarding 3 people get better at the game Also riot need simple champ so some idiots could play those.
: when will riot actually learn from their mistakes
Ok let me be devil advocate here. IF you compare annie vs zoe. How to dodge annie stun? how to dodge annie q? Impossible annie very simple champ and if riot add free shit into annie like movement speed and something it would be overpowered. now lets look into zoe. Do you can dodge Her Q? yes . Do you can dodge her E? Yes. Does her ulti deal dmg? No. So if zoe and other champ wouldnt have any of those abilities like movement speed they would be useless. That the difference skill cap. Annie as champion is way easier to play than zoe or neeko or azir.
: RIOT stop pairing me with people from silver
Cause your mmr is not high. your rank doesnt match your skill so that why you matched with silver jimmis and all other average joes
Thrego (EUW)
: Losing 1 ranked game to be placed in Iron league
Cmon dude dont use that logic i was positive in game and have good kda. A+ .... Riot put where you belong. Just because you get a+ doesnt mean you good. I also in gold get good kda and that doesnt mean im challenger player. Same logic in other division. just because im gold and i can stomp silver and have insane good kda better than challenger player that doesnt mean i play better than challenger
: 14 days suspension for inting
thank you riot for banning this player. typical yasuo inter. who run into tower die and say why i banned
Hleb EssKay (EUNE)
: Cannot buy Zyra
I also cant buy darius
: Ban for "too aggressive messages" wtf ?
First of all trundle wasnt challenger he is d3 by name Zheng. Second of all you was insulting enemy team who lost who is disgrace move when all your team carried you. People like you should be banned at all.
: Being held hostage
seems you kinda that type of person who insta ff, want fast win with putting 0 effort of winning. Look from other prospective why your team must surrender just because you dont want to try win??? why enemies have finish game??? The thing you not important here. Majority is important. at late game we can even 50k gold difference it doesnt matter as long as everyone has full build...
: Doesn't fit {{champion:157}} imo I'm a bit interested in KR voices
yasuo voice like Katakuri fron one piece :D
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