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: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
mine was {{champion:28}} right after her first gameplay update many years ago
jacktjong (EUW)
: Yeah, to be fair the main thing I'd wanna see is the visuals updated. Like, in her backstory they SPECIFICALLY STATE that she left her windup key at home when she left to explore the world because she didn't need it anymore thanks to her robotic heart. However, then she has it again on SR. I'd love to see her thematic be taken into account more in her abilities, but I'd still be extremely happy if she just got a VGU like Ezreal, with the small ability changes and other than that purely visual changes.
Im pretty sure they won't visual update her like Ezreal, because she in a too-good of a state for that. I do think she would be a really good candidate for a VFX update (like they did with jax, cait, lee, jarvan and stuff)
lol lux and the fact that you just listed all the champs that get a lot of skin attention in general. there are champs that are forgotten in term of skins. some champs dont even get skins for years.
: Champs left without an 'Epic tier' skin.
I understand your frustration. I think many people feel like that, including me. Allthough there is a reason why some older champs dont get skins.. and thats because they will get reworked first. For example Yorick was forgotten but got 2 skins after his rework. On the other hand I do feel like some of those champs still deserve a skin because it would simple take too long for their rework. (still dont understand why Zilean is not in the rework vote that just got posted)
jacktjong (EUW)
: Orianna Rework
I've not read everything, but I think Orianna is one of the older champions (maybe even the only one?) with a kit that held up very well over the years. So I dont think reworking her is needed.. allthough your idea is pretty cool. I think her kit is totally fine actually. Personally I think that the only thing that could be improved are here ingame effects/VFX . Gameplay-wise I would like to see her ball to be faster and easier to spot in teamfights.
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