It is support. Even if I get filled into different role, I still take {{champion:26}} or {{champion:43}} and play utility-supportive solo laner
: supports : sustain > poke > tank > sustain ?
I think it's more like Burst > Sustain Sustain > Poke Poke > Burst All in >> Sustain/Burst Poke = All in in a sence that lane goes both ways heavily depending on skill dodging
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
I may be one of the few, but I main support and I actually enjoy this role. However I queue as support+fill and often get filled into different role and it is somewhat frustrating.
: Being an ADC main in 2017 LoL is just a joke... do something about it
The last time I checked, bot lane was DUO lane. ADCs have never been early game bursty murderers. They all are fairly weak early, that's why you have support to nurse you early to midgame. Laning phase is not about you, it's about your support. He is here to either protect you, or create picks, or poke your enemies to force them back. This is it. The main reason why ADC as a class became somewhat weak is that the game has too much damage. Marksmen need time to wake up, they need from two to four items depending on specific champion and enemy team comp. Meanwhile most other champions start rolling after their first completed item. I'm not talking just about assasins. About any mage/caster/diver/ bruiser becomes strong with one completed item. ADC? Not so much. I've seen it coming last season when I first said that the game has too much damage. Now it's even worse. Imo ADCs don't need buffs, but others need slight toning in their numbers (decreased base damage, increased scaling).
kodomas (EUW)
{{champion:143}} has been queen of supports since her mid-season rework. {{champion:90}} is rising atm, since recent changes to him and to the items made him pretty nice support. This guy feels like one-target Zyra. {{champion:43}} is never S tier, but she is always A tier. Safe choice to master since she has potential to win lane by herself, but still retain a lot of utility. Lategame teamfights vs Karma-team are pretty disguisting. She just refuses to let them die. Personally, I don't play melee supports well enough to make opinions, but if I'm forced to pick tanky melee support, I go for either {{champion:14}} or {{champion:48}}
: You missunderstood If you play vs people of higher elo(same mmr) and with higher elo(same mmr) but are at 50% winrate THEN you will climb as you will gain more lp You probably play vs lower players (reason you win more games but less lp) win more and more so that your mmr bettters
Actually, I don't know how mmr is calculated, but ever since I got into silver 4 in september, it stays lower than average for my division. I'm likely to hit promos into gold today, but still my mmr is lower than average for my division. Even though I win more and progress steadily.
: No just no =_= It wants you to have 50% winrate meaning both your team and enemy teams elo will increase! at somepoint you will be where you are at and will win 50% (you will climb if you are at gold 2 vs plat 4 as example) And now dont day "i experienced it else and others did too" because i didnt experience my stuff too and many others did too You are just seeing the mistakes of your team more and not yours in general
No, just no xD From my personal experience. I lose more lp from losses, than I gain from wins. The only reason I climb is that I have ~60% winrate out of my 100 last matches. If I was at 50% winrate, I would have gone down.
: Yes, I also like how Ezreals seem to complain about kill steals, When I do 95% damage and ez lands 1 aa I do not consider it a KS. Yet in worlds they made it some how work last game. What is your favourite champ to lane with as zyra? I do like cait and Jinx. Theit ults are great to close out kills should they flash your combo.
Jhin is by far the best for me. Easy his snare into my snare. Very long range lane with good kill potential. Lucian also has good synergy with Zyra. He's bursty. Exactly what we need to secure kills after my combo. And actually this is it. With Vayne/Jinx it usually feels like I do a lot of work early to make them scale fast, but these lanes are not about fun, just business xD When it comes to Caitlyn, it's fine, but nothing special. My worst partners are Draven and Ezreal. I don't know why, but I didn't win a single game with Draven yet. And Ezreal is Ezreal. His lane patterns are different from most ad carries and he gets his damage too late. I mean when I pick Zyra, I aim for several kills pre 6 and complete dominance in the bot lane, which is exactly the opposite of what Ezreal does. In fact even when Zyra is not outpicked in the lane, she can be easily outcomped by the rest of the team, so I always try to win in 25-30 mins, otherwise it gets harder and harder to close out.
iFroHawk (EUW)
: Proof that Promo's are completely F--ked
By default in the first ranked game for unranked players they are considered gold 5. If they win, they are matched with low gold-high silver, if they lose, they go down in matchmaking. Though I've also noticed that when I enter series or get a 3+ win streak, system pairs me (support) with gradually worse ad carries. And the more I win, the harder it gets. Last time in promos I had 37% winrate Vayne, who saw in red from the 1 lvl, but struggled to lane, farm, trade and in the next game I had 40% winrate Jinx, who literally could not hit minions and dodge skillshots. 3 creeps per wave max. My team won because I decided to leave her on her own after 6 and made several consecutive successful roams to snowball solo lanes. So I wonder if the system is actually trying to put you at the disadvantage when you go into series. It really FEELS so.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=fAfhobl6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-29T23:43:36.529+0000) > > Metasheeping my friend, metasheeping. In that case, meta is what pros did one time in a very specific matchup and teamcomb regular players havent understood or they'd not blindly copy it. I love how mf support starts with 30 mr and zyra mp build has 23 mp off the bat...nice double one hitting 6. the problem with mf is her lack of mobility, to that Zyra is the perfect 1 shot answer. I would still pref a lulu answer to zyra, polymorph and her ult shuts down zyra much more than karma. any way to see the worlds runes and masteries?
Main thing pre-6 is that {{champion:21}} kills plants instantly, so Zyra has her damage cut down by a large margin. It doesn't really matter, whether MF is a support or an actual adc, she does well into Zyra.
: > [{quoted}](name=Estti379,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=fAfhobl6,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-10-30T00:12:25.552+0000) > > Lulu doesn't outrange Zyra. Zyra's Q+2plants poke easily shreds through Lulu's shield. > > Lulu's has a very low range on her polymorph. > > A Zyra + Cait will always dominate lane against a Ashe + Lulu, because they outrange them and can slowly chip down their HP, and thus, force them out of lane. Or if they stay, risking getting dived by Jungler. > > Lulu' because of her Ult, is better against "divers" (Irelia, Leona, Khazix, Nidalee, lee Sin). Zyra and Cait do all their damage from afar. They will never get hit by the knockup. > > > > The thing is, in soloQ, Lulu is a way better asset hands down. Because playing a MF setup needs team coordination, keep pressuring the whole map and never give the enemy a breather and end the game as early as possible. > Because late game, Lulu is way more useful in Teamfights than an MF is =/ Thanks for this insight, I know what champs I dislike to play against but do not understand yet why they are so strong with certain adc. Example, vayne, jhin or cait work great with zyra but an ashe or ezreal do not.
{{champion:67}} is good with {{champion:143}} because Zyra covers her bad early levels {{champion:202}} is good with Zyra because she can facilitate his snare from up to 1550 units (800 range on Q + 750 range on plant) and overall they have good synergy I personally struggle to play with {{champion:81}} the most. It feels like he has no damage at all. Like I deal 80% of enemies' hp in one good combo, but he doesn't manage to finish them off. Also most Ezreals play too far back, so the lane feels very discorded and disconnected.
: Yeah, I have never understood why some people think that the support has to take whatever champion they request but they can chose whatever they want.
Indeed, I hate playing with {{champion:67}}. I mean, REALLY HATE it, but I keep my mouth shut. I keep my mouth shut when top picks {{champion:157}} and goes 0/3/0 in 5 minutes or jungle {{champion:64}} feeds harder than The Red Cross in Africa. I will not say a word to all those people about their picks and their gameplay, but I will not tolerate when anyone of them dictates me what to pick and how to play.
: Early game snowball junglers
If you play {{champion:80}} top why not pick him into jungle? He has always been solid pick for jungling with good ganks at 3 and great ganks after 6. Just think of your ult. You feel like you don't influence lanes enough when you play top, but in the jungle you are constantly moving aroung the map, so it's easy to find an opening for surprise arrival. Imo {{champion:24}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:29}} are also good options for early snowball. P.s. please don't {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}}. I mean really, don't pick them. They require a LOT of time to master.
Rußen (EUW)
: Ranked (Draft)
I play support in like 95% games and I get really angry when my support/fill pick sends me to jungle/top. Yes, guys, fill sometimes sends elsewhere but support. In this case I don't really know what to do because i'm inexperienced with given roles and I end up playing something tanky and forgiving. One of the champions I don't enjoy at all.
: The other thing you got to look at and this is true with support more then other lanes is what your team needs if say you have a kennen top, Kata mid and Renger Jungle you dont want to be taking a mage support as you will have no front line what so ever and your team may win the early teamfights but like you said even if ahead you will still lose games as your team will eventually be out scaled
I must disagree with this. You say so that being support is like being in abusive relationships with your whole team. Tanks/frontliners are taken by top/jungle/support. If top and jungle are selfish and they pick assasins, I don't care, I will not let anyone dictate me what to pick. This game is for fun. FUN. If I feel like picking tank is going to be fun, then so be it, but if I don't, then it's not my fault we have 5 selfish men.
Dr Sup (EUW)
: well he's not launching a projectile like most ranged so, it's understandable that there could be some confusion from some pov's
Anything lomger than 200 units is range. Thresh has 450 AA range if i remember correctly
Maiziea (EUW)
: I didn't think it was unexpected at all, it reminded me of the good old Ashe support going {{item:3085}} {{item:3071}} , this actually makes me want to play that again, maybe find myself a MF adc to change things up :P.
Ashe would be worse as a support than MF. Range of debuffing is quite low and MF stacks armor shred very quickly through E and R. Ashe doesn't have this luxury
: Autofill
Actually, it's easier to learn adc if you have background as support. You already know lane dynamics and matchups, so all you need in this case is mechanics.
: I don't understand how people can play lots of different champs
I wish I could play {{champion:78}} xD She's so effective! I main support with 3 to go picks {{champion:143}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:43}} Outside support I can only play {{champion:48}} and this is it. I honestly tried a lot of champs, but I struggle to cs and trade properly if I'm not on Trundle. His AAs are the best for me.
Scantý (EUNE)
: Zyra needs a skin!
Indeed, Zyra needs some love. I play classic, because both haunted and wildfire skins are imo ugly.
Febos (EUW)
: MF support doesn't even look good on paper. Why the hell do they pick MF support over any other support? {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:1}} and even a {{champion:17}} would be better. I really don't see a place for MF, as a support. Someone enlighten me, please...
Consider synergies of champs and matchups. Zyra struggles into MF. It's a matter of fact. E kills plants quickly, Q can be used on plants to hit Zyra herself, so she has to be careful spawning them, also Zyra can't interrupt MF's ult. Also, MF's Q, E, R stack greivious wounds AND armor reduction on the enemy team, so actual adc can alter his build to more damage/survivability. Not good on paper you say? Well, {{champion:22}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:110}} would have strong synergy with MF. Also, Annie/Brand/Teemo would struggle vs Zyra. Their hands are too short. Zyra can deal damage from up to 1550 units and stay a mile away from them.
: Yeah forgot about the Q part... we can add that to lists of reasons zyra just outright struggles vs mf in general. I'm not too sure about the jhin and varus... Yeah they could work but neither work nearly as well as ashe does because their cc is gonna be less effective. So effective but there are prob better combos for those two.
I guess, Jhin is better of two. MF's E facilitates his snare and their ults synergize well. It is predictable how enemies will try to escape MF's ult, so Jhin can fire his more precisely.
: 3 reasons that I could see (maybe a 4th) First 2 are linked, she out does zyra. Longer ranged poke like they all said which ment that instead of a dominant lane for SKT where zyra bullies pray while bang does his stuff on ez mf gets to be the one to poke as well as push the lane giving them push priority Mf out doing zyra part two... zyra is one of if not the best support for using spellthiefs, her plants proc the gold so she can amass a ton of gold for a support... mf matches or even exceeds her which means she negates a decently large advantage zyra usually enjoys... zyra is also one of the few supports who can't interrupt mf ult as her ult is too slow and snares don't stop channels so that means mf vs a zyra in general is a nice match up. The 3rd isn't to do with zyra, it's ashe. Ashe and mf synergies really well together. Mf E is a strong and easy to land slow which means it's an easy arrow from ashe, while at the same time ashe arrow almost guarantees a full channel of mf's ult will land which even as a support will do a lot of damage in the early game. You saw in several cases this combo and it was responsible for several kills and its something which no other support can really do. So that's why she was picked... ashe + mf out does zyra and any adc, against a non zyra lane it might have still worked but it can't work without the ashe there... no other adc (besides maybe varus) has the cc to match that combo and that's what makes it so viable that ROX pulled it out.
Add here one more thing. Zyra cannot spam plants mindlessly in this matchup, because MF can use them to land her Q. When it comes to synergies, MF would do the same in {{champion:202}} and {{champion:110}} lanes. Ironically enough, {{champion:143}} + {{champion:202}} is one if not the best bot combinations atm.
: what about nerfing tanks
I think it's not tanks. It's base damage as itself is too high. It's even more relevant to non-tank champs like {{champion:63}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:84}}. Now you can build tank items with pretty much all champs and still kill your opponents. Remember tank {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} ? Obnoxious. My suggestion is to tone down base damage and increase scalings to encourage building damage if you want to deal damage.
: Miss Fortune Support
> [{quoted}](name=labarso,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lehrN9ln,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-22T21:19:38.591+0000) > > Did someone understood that pick from Gorilla at game 2 and 3 of semifinals? Caster said it was to keep up with the zyra early poke outranging her ( and of course there was the nice synergy with Ashe )... but why not simply pick a hard sustain lane to absorb the poke ( like a Raka ) if the problem was the Zyra early damage?, or, focusing on damage, something with more utility as game went on but still having high range poke to rival the zyra ( maybe a Lux? still has a slow for an easy arrow to land and even a better way to keep the cc chain on ). I mean, it worked great.. but I just can't understand why :p {{champion:16}} in her current state will never outsustain {{champion:143}}. I main Zyra and I don't see defensive/sustain lanes who do well into her. Only {{champion:40}} can mitigate Zyra's aggression, but she's out of favor now. As Zyra, my worst lanes are hard engage lanes. {{champion:89}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} who can punish bad positioning severely. Zyra can deal damage from up to 1550 units (800 range on Q + 750 range on Q-plant). MF pick makes sence in a way that her E procs all stacks of {{item:3303}} immediately which with T-Lord mastery is quite a lot of bonus damage. Also MF can Q plants to hit Zyra if she exposes herself a little. Have you seen {{champion:21}} build path? {{item:2301}} into {{item:3123}} into {{item:3033}} and {{item:3071}}. Quite unexpected, but deep thing. Most of her abilities are aoe and deal physical damage, so she adds grevious wounds and softens armor of all targets she hits thus making ashe job way easier.
: If built properly mage supports can controll the bot lane early so {{champion:43}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:117}} etc etc as they have high poke and combined with a early game adc {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:202}} they can make a lane hard to beat the peroblem is they drop off after the mid game as tanky supports have enugth items and stats to make them redundant. so the TL:DR early game team go ap support late game team go tank support
Kind of true. I play mostly {{champion:143}} and I always tell my team to end fast, since I don't want to risk it. I had a lot of games, where our bot lane was like 8/0 or even better, but still we managed to lose game because my team didn't want to take objectives and eventually it came to VERY late game, where all champs had their full builds. On the other hand mage supports provide a lot of pressure, so you have an opportunity to win the game from your lane lead.
: mages support
{{champion:143}} has the highest base damage in the game, so you can even go tanky, but still relevant in terms of damage (people often gasp when I build {{item:3512}} +{{item:3060}}, but still kill them faster than they kill me, hello plants). Luckily enough, {{champion:202}} is very popular now and there is no better pick to facilitate him than {{champion:143}}. Her zone of damage is probably the highest. 800 range on Q + 750 range on Q-plant which is up to 1550 units to proc damage for Jhin's W root. {{champion:63}} is similar, his passive makes much difference due to % damage. Those two don't fall off later due to their core items and tons of collateral aoe damage. I honestly don't know about the state other ap supports are in now, but I guess they are quite risky.
: Banning Brand from Doom Bots
{{champion:74}} is even more broken vs doom bots. They walk all the way through his turrets and then back the same route.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: If left alone 2v2 bot he's on par with Uzi I think lane-wise. Problem is he has very aggressive push style.
Which is double-edged sword. Strong, agressive, confidend, yet exploitable. Imo he's the most unstable link in h2k. Once he carries, he carries hard, once he tilts, he's abysmal.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Dunno, sees like a true leader to me. People don't like competition, I know. Makes others feel insecure. He took hiatus because of army. Not because no-one tolerates him. I'm not quite sure what you mean by it really.
His army stuff was in spring split actually. One thing i must admit he farms like a monster and is a major threat lategame. IF his team gets there.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: And forgiven is in world championship. And where is Fanatic? Nowhere. There is this ... naive idea, that supposed aggressive and competitive people are somehow worse or that being good at what you do requires you to be nice to people. That's not the real world. Mainly, willingness to assert yourself is what determines in what kind of position you end up. And dispatching teams / players who are not on par with him, was a great decision he made, leading him to World cup quarterfinals as a result. It's not his problem, that they can't perform. Yes he's arrogant. And he has all the reason to be such. He did gave respect to Uzi for being strong opponent. But why he should give respect to anyone who is objectively inferior to his skill level? "Get out of my way".
Yes, h2k are in quarters, but do you honestly think it's anywhere near F0rgiven's achievement? He literally skipped 7 out of 9 weeks in the summer split with no team to tolerate him. There's a lot of luck involved for this adc since Freeze was doing all the work during this split, but ended up with wrist injury.
: Who did you guys pick to be in the finals?
http://pickem.lolesports.com/share/series/3/user/3366083/my-picks I think ANX can make it to final.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Oh noez, he's aggressive and competitive. Yeah he trashes team, if it doesn't play up to his level. What you want, best ADC eu not gonna stick with losers. Origen was garbage and xPeke should have retired long ago.
Being starstruck leads nowhere. Remember Kikis "I'm too good for UOL", "I will not tolerate substitude for G2"? Where is he now? Landed in second grade FNK iteration. OG is the latest chapter in his history. What about SK at their peak? Gambit? His previous appearance with H2k squad? No doubt, this guy is one of the best in his role, but teams tolerate him only up until the moment they can substitude him with someone of comparable level, but less toxic.
Infernape (EUW)
: Who doesn't know about Jensen/Incarnati0n? He was probably one of (if not) the most toxic pro players.
Yeah, but Jensen reformed. F0rgiven did not.
Lyroit (EUW)
: mmh this is interresting, I haven't tried that out before, maybe it only works if he got to the base after the dc, but that is just my guess...
Apparently he disconnected in the middle of the farm-trade process. He locked an AA on the enemy adc and then stopped moving/reacting. When he died we all received announcement that he got dcd.
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} TSM will buy all of H2k next year gg
That would be a very, very, VERY bad investment. Their current adc is the most toxic player EUW ever experienced. Moreso he tends to get suspended often and never sticks with one team for more than one split.
: Tanks... need a nerf.
Maybe you're right, not sure tho. I'm a silver player, which means my mechanics are abysmal. I got sick of supporting adcs who can neither cs, nor trade, so i tried {{champion:48}} top. Played a couple of normals, then decided to hit ranked q. Building him tank got me up 2 divisions aswell. It is kinda strange how tanks are now. Large room for error, same price for success as the others, while price for failure significantly lower. And yes, I think base damage is too high for almost all champions, which benefits tanks the most. They got tons of defences, while still hold reliable damage. Right now I play a lot of {{champion:143}} and rush her with {{item:3512}} {{item:3060}} . By the point when i have to decide what to build next, the game is pretty much over with me building tanky, but leading damage chart. This is ridiculous. So, my point is not just tanks need nerf. Base damage needs nerf. Decrease base damage, increase scalings so that we won't see tank {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:157}} and other champs who are NOT intended to be tanks.
Lyroit (EUW)
: Normally it only doesn't work for kills before someone disconnects. So if someone dc'ed after first blood you can't remake. If he dc'ed before first blood you can still remake. They have changed it, so that the enemy team doesn't rush first blood just to get the advantage of a 4v5 game. To your issue: Maybe the person wasn't dc'ed before 3:00 and was just afk. Or he dc'ed after first blood.
I had a game today, when DCd one gave first blood right when he disconnected. Still were unable to remake.
: Meh, as much as I like the NA reddit heroes to be silenced, it's still Cloud 9 (I like them most from the NA teams, at least when Hai played with them) and this means that the chances of KT bandwaggon fanboys screaming in the streets increases.
Same, Hai-age C9 was my favorive team, but still I personally like them the most among NA teams. West should have more hopes than H2k and ANX.
Arzonv (EUW)
: Karma is stupidly, ridiculously broken.
Think of it. Karma has NO ultimate. Level 6 doesn't spike her at all unlike every champion (excluding {{champion:126}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:76}}). Her R empowered abilities set the same cooldown on those abilities as regular ability use does, so basically R requires decision making every time it is used. And btw please enlighten me, how she can R Q W E Q before minions spawn? Is it ARAM? xD Not to mention her late game when she reduces to shield bot
: tl;dr... Tho I read the article where this milksucker commented how they are as better than CLG. I kinda wanted to give this crazy eyed wildcard larper a pity hug. Sure kiddo, you are better than one of the best supports in the world, there there.
Time has shown he actually IS better. And in what fashion? {{champion:432}} pick vs Aphromoo, the Bard god himself.
kodomas (EUW)
: Support Main Help, Please!
{{champion:37}} is kind of Jack of all trades. She's quite easy to pick up, but not that easy to fully understand. You should decide pre-game what role you're going to fit in this particular match. Whether it's poke/damage or sustain/defence, pick your masteries right. Masteries are not set in stone, so you should decide between Deathfire Touch, Thunderlord's Decree and Windspeaker Blessing. First one is good if you are going to poke constantly. It pretty much negates lane health regen. The second one adds to your burst combo and the last is good for defensive lane and later on grouping phase. Sona is one of the squishiest champs in the game, so positioning is crucial. Personally even though I have good laning with her, later I often find myself in dangerous situations when I stay by the front line an extra second or go on solo warding mission. Once Sona is caught she's pretty much dead. This leads to the next point. Never-ever-ever pick her into {{champion:53}} and {{champion:89}} . Leona can be handled, but this lane is VERY hard for Sona. Blitz is an ultimate nightmare. Even when your lane goes 5/0 one successful grab means fast trip to the fountain. Also worth mentioning that Sona has her combos, small ones, but still: Q+AA - this AA is enhanced, AA+Q+(passive)AA - her passive works as an auto-attack reset, so this makes maximum burst. What comes to ranks, your score is calculated upon KDA+**_wards placed_**+**_wards destroyed_**+Kill participation+CS+Objectives participation. For supports KDA means as it is. Assists weight the same as kills (only for supports, changed in 6.13 or so). I have noticed that I tend to get better ranks when I build {{item:3060}} and/or {{item:3512}} and make these items pressure side lanes, while i'm grouped with my team. The logic is you get CS and gold (often solo tower gold) with these items and they effectively inflate your rank.
: i am the best
Already nerfed him AND his {{item:3022}}
: Can u name top 5 best PRO-Players of this month?
c9 Impact. His gank absorption is just ridiculous UOL Viziczaczi. Godlike {{champion:98}} plays TSM Biofrost. I refuse to believe a rookie can play like that ANX Likkrit. Wildcard cheese. This guy plays champs no other pro decides to pick and does it well. {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} supports and finally INTZ Revolta. Cuz this guy pretty much carried his team to the Worlds on his shoulders
: Help me choose a champion! :D
Imo you should try {{champion:96}} and {{champion:29}} . Both are flex (adc/jungle), both are lategame insurance as they scale perfectly into lategame and both are kinda fun to play. Also both these champs have strong and consecutive powerspikes. Unlike {{champion:51}} or {{champion:18}} who are strong early and late, but have somewhat weak midgame, Kog and Twitch make you see the difference with each item you buy. In addition, {{champion:29}} can be effectively played as assasin since he has stealth and his roams are very effective.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: When I sued to play top, I was always picking {{champion:48}} if I were first or second pick. I was also able still am, to play him into any enemy on that lane and win it. That's how much I've played that champion and how much I know him. I've basically stalked EVERYONE I saw playing him, lcs, friends list, friend of a friend, it didn't matter I was always informing myself on that champion, reading the items in the shop, trying out new masteries and runes for him. I got like 3 or 4 mastery pages for him that all work depending on my top lane enemy and enemy team as well as 2-3 rune pages for him. Can also play him on the jungle and support role as well, not only top. You just need to be patient (that's the most important thing in this game and on the laning phase, patience!), lure in your lane opponent, lay out some traps, test him, try him out and in the end delete him when he's making a mistake. I had match-ups top with the troll into champions I never saw in the game and I won my lane against them because of my top lane experience. I was able, still am, to predict what he will do and when. You just need a lot of play time with that champion and also, knowledge of him / her since your champ is a girl iirc. Also the item build should be depending mostly on what the enemy team has and is building too, so use that TAB button as often as you can and see what items the enemies are going for.
{{champion:48}} is a great pick againist melee laners. I used to build him almost full tank {{item:3068}} -> {{item:3065}} -> {{item:3748}} and some damage in the last items. Agree on patience. This champ is one of the easiest to cs with and make nigh unkillable.
: Ruby Sightstone & Support Gameplay Idea
You know, I don't really like the idea of more actives for supports, especially in lower divisions. I'm a silver player and almost in every match i see how laners ignore huge waves (which are to be treated like objestives themselves) in the sidelanes by the mid game when they try to play team-deathmatch style in the mid, so in many cases I'm kinda forced to build {{item:3060}} and/or {{item:3512}} to deal with big waves and relieve pressure from the towers. So what do i have by the end of the match... Banner, zz'rot, sightstone, zeke. This is way more than enough actives
: Obviously when you put it into terms like that then yes they sound "easy." You also have to take into consideration the meta and how they are right now in the game. How well do they do against the current meta champion? They have little impact if not fed because the supports (mainly the 3 I mentioned) completely "cockblock" them. The reason you don't see Annie support anymore is because of the sustain and peel meta right now. Morgana does extremely well against the champions you have mentioned yes, and that is why she was queen for so long. Now the meta isn't the engage aggressive, it's disengage and survive where Morgana falls short. Sure she can peel ( I never said they are bad, I said they are weaker than the other supports) but why pick Morgana for peel when you have Janna. Right now, Morgana's greatest asset is her shield. You didn't mention Tahm. He is so hard to pull off in this meta. Lulu is the same, she is the jack of all trades and doesn't shine anywhere specific. Why play lulu when Janna is potentially better in nearly most thing she does. Lulu also gets ruined by sustain lanes. TL;DR: Compare them to the meta and how things are now, not them on their own individual power (because their power is good on paper).
{{champion:117}} has been toned down and now she's less of jack of all trades and more of niche pick. Personally I pick her only to pair with {{champion:96}} . Now {{champion:43}} is a new Lulu who can do it all, mid or bot.
: dont compare competitive lol with solo Q "darling"
> [{quoted}](name=SolaireOfArstora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yqiAu6WU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-07-24T21:00:23.557+0000) > > she is free elo even if you literally never played sona before you can still do good with her due to how busted she is. Don't you think you contradict yourself?
coacarina (EUNE)
: WTF is wrong with my S rank
{{champion:17}} is a tricky one for getting high rank. His mushrooms counts towards parameter "wards placed" so you have to literally litter the map with shrooms AND wards since this parameter is very important in your final rank. Also you have to place pinks (usually 4 per game is enough) and clear enemy wards (aim towards 5 per game). Add this to your generally good performance in the game AKA farm-KDA-damage and you'll get better rank.
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