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: well, it's all about comparison, if you're in the lower division then you're noob. But if you're not diamond and calling someone D5 as insult then you're just idiot
> [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AOzlL3nA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-03T18:27:08.789+0000) > > well, it's all about comparison, if you're in the lower division then you're noob. But if you're not diamond and calling someone D5 as insult then you're just idiot I mean, most of the times it's people who are D5 as well or a bit higher, like D4, these people were there as well so i just don't get it.
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Ceberuz (EUW)
: I know this will get downvoted, because no one seems to either understand it or refuse to accept it, but.. The rise in toxicity can be broken down to something as simple as match making, it simply doesn't work putting 5 random players together based on nothing more than a _team-wide numerical value unrelated to game statistics_. You see it in virtually every game on one or the other side, that 1 - 2 player die at level 1 - 2, the second they hit the lane they engage again.., at mid-game (if it even gets that far), the same person / people spot 1 enemy an instantly start chasing and dying. The only reason this happens is because the person / people are downright terrible at the game, and have severely reduced understanding of the most basic concepts.., which is warding and the minimap. _Sad part is, the above isn't restricted to Bronze or Silver, but it goes high up into the ladder._ At times it's due to getting the new unranked players in your promotional games, other times the players have tons and tons of games, but in general play far below where they are placed. A part of the problem is the way match making is designed, another problem that only adds to it, is account boosting.., which some like to argue semantics over and call it carrying instead, 2 sides of the exact same coin, which is bringing a bad player up through the ladder where they don't belong, thus adding to the problem. Second part you identified yourself, the game is to fast and revolving to hard around instant gratification.., I can't blame Riot for moving it in this direction, because most players in this game don't seem to comprehend anything outside of KDA, and it's their only measuring stick for judging if someone is doing their job or not, which is quite pathetic, because KDA in itself has no relevance to winning the game. Wait what.., KDA has nothing to do with winning? No it does not, I've had more games than I care to remember, where everyone on my side was in the negative KDA, but we got the towers, we got the drakes.., and because the enemy team were downright terrible, all they did was chase, allowing us to both outscale and control the map eventually. You could probably add more to this little novel, but all we get out of it, is wasting time writing empty words that never makes it past these boards, and without meaningful interaction with Rioters.., well, it becomes both tedious and irrelevant.
Unfortunately people are and will judge the game outcome and someones performace purely on KDA which is down stupid. Ton of champions job is something outside of getting fed from kills, obviously it's better if as a late game champion you end up with 0/1 in minute 10-15 not 0/7, there might a big difference in the game tempo depending on what champion on the enemy team got fed. Problem is people do tend to give up because top and mid are 0/2 (for example). In terms of how fast games are i have to admit that i do not enjoy it really, i think the mid-game time should be the longest time frame, where now it feels like it's the shortest (and im not counting the 45+ minute fiestas). I actually stopped playing Orianna because how fast the game has become, i have to admit she was op in s7 in early game, but know every possible thing on mid is a threat and even if you survive to mid-late most assassins still are relevant enough to be a threat, so i am playing jungle mostly. Now maybe i am bad at the game but idk what to when for example: top laner pushes 24/7, he gets ganked twice, killed twice and blame goes on me, i am surprised it happens in plat/dia where knowledge at this mrr should be enough to understand what to not do to get yourself killed so easily.
PzyXo (EUW)
: Bro just remember "Teammates OP" 2 ways to understand that . i say it in game and : ally say : report "me" toxic ennemy say to me : ty let's explain how it work . ally think that i'm saying that i'm blaming them if i died 3. ennemy think that i say that ur teamwork is good . Riot will ban me for saying "Teammates OP" another thing . when i unintentionaly feed ennemy and i try to kill someone and i get outplayed . i say : GGWP in chat Ally say : Report "me" for int ennemy say : your team is bad . they flame you when u try ur best . and i get report and 14 day ban for sure . if u could understand what i meant there u can complete reading . if u didnt read again to understand and complete the toxic player start the game with : if he is : Jg : Ward my blue and spam Ping - if the teammate didnt ward no ganks for him " i do that, i'm toxic " Top : GLHF - if he get camped by jungler . he go ruin it or he rage quit or he blame his jungler . jungler will say u didnt ward my camp and ennemy invaded . sorry no ganks Mid : i dont know about this i never played mid since season 7 BOT : according to his support . if he got a support like sona he would play agressive . if he got supp like thresh he go safe . but support will do against what adc want . sometimes i play adc i try to play safe and my supp hit minions so i lose so much cs . so it's his fault SUPP : Warding in an idiot place or playing against his adc . allways playing against his adc . so adc flame and supp is always the good guy even if he int or do something bad : 2 honors at least . so u find too much players play in botlane . The good player will shut full game . sometimes he ruin the game indirectly by tilting his teammates . sometimes i play jungle and i know that i'm the player gonna carry against 5 ranged champs "teemo - quinn - nidalee - MF - Sona" for example i play rengar or kayn . i can carry ez by just auto attacking them . and your toplane "darius" steal kills . he is good but he steal kills . he know that he cant carry like that teemo alone can rekt him . but he do that . i get tilted . i lose my focus . i keep farming full game with score 0/0/6 235 cs in 25 min and my team lossing . so that's their fault . Toxicity isn't "SHUT UP STOP FEEDING NOOBS" Toxicity is SS - teammates - Yasuo - supp steal farm - a champ cant carry the game steal kills . all those things aren't reportable . now if you come and play with me botlane i'll ruin ur game . and riot won't care . to solve this toxicity . get friends and make a plan to play . voice chat is available . make this plan try it . enjoy . troll together as u want . none will get report and get your honor . this is how to play . 5 premades but playing 3 or 4 premades . that will make it worse . just remember that teammates are the game . sorry for TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG BUUUUUUUUUUUULSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT
If i think i understood what u meant from the first text, the problem which exists in league (and maybe other games) that i haven't talked about it specifically is writing "gg" after dying. As we all know "gg" means "good game", by writing that just after the death indicates only one think really, that the game is done for, that it's finished. You might not realise it, ton of people don't realise it, but it's same as saying "ok the game is over, was a **good game **. Typing wp on it's own is showing a sportman like behaviour to your enemy and teammates, although sometimes it can be understood in a wrong way, people use "wp" ironically, for example: Someone dives you, dies without killing you, you type wp. Thats actually toxic when we think about it. Also judging from what you wrote there, you fight enemies you died to few times already, that's a bad idea at any time, people often understimate a power of beinh ahead, 2 lvl's ahead, gold lead by having those 2-3 kills and probably more CS. In some match-ups you can lose even if you have ulty and lets say ignite up when enemy doesn't.
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: What you have written is right for me but I don't see any difference. I think right now everyone is salty because one mistake early in the game is just game-deciding sometimes (but rarely). About the ? ping, even if its removed players will find new ways to tilt their teammates (be sure) this is why I really liked the mute option. One thing I couldn't understand and I expect to read here are the new emotes. There are just made for tilting. I mean what did Riot though that dabbing penguin or Caitlyn which drinks coffee will do. This early game meta puts a lot pressure on everybody. One mistake at the lane phase and you have 5 min nighmare where you will be either destoyed or just outfarmed by a lot. I really hope that the big changes which we will have next patch will help out. At the start this new meta was funny now it really annoys me and I think most of the other players too. I never flame but honestly I started feeling the tilt a lot more frequency than before.
I agree, thats probably the reason why peopel started to pick vlad, yasuo, 2 ap mages etc on bot, most adc's are stronger in late, not early. The emotes is slippy topic, because yea people use them to tilt enemies, but the feeling after successful gang, where you and laner give each other the like or happy emote is a warm feeling, it boosts my morales and makes me think "yea i can count on him" about that player.
Restalious (EUNE)
: In season 1-3 "?" ping was not a thing that's why things were better with pings. Right now I love that they have the mute ping option, you are saying things correctly upvoted. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Maybe i wrote the sentence wrong, but i meant the yellow ping that used to be there for "go back" it didn't have question mark, but people would still spam it, i hope that clears it :)
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