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: I was thinking of a champion that would play with vision as well to be honest, and imagining it similar to yours. The passive give charges but also hold the cap to how many eyes can be active 1st ability more like braum's, meaning after you applied one instance of the mark your allies could apply the others by AA or abilities. 3rd ability,from what im imagining the crit buff comes from her being able to make the ally "see" the enemy's vulnerable spots and therefore crit, so when used on the enemy maybe lessen their damage? You know they can't see properly so they dont attack vulnerable spots. Or it could be some sort of charm/taunt on enemy cast, she clouds their inner vision making the enemy think and therefore only see her as the only threat etc. For her ultimate I was thinking> -somewhat high range,target ability- her target loses all sight (nocturne ult) and his/her allies lose sight of him unless nearby, during this time the target takes increased damage from Tea's allies(and maybe add magic dmg over time idk) Anyway, I think the idea for a sight champion is good,hope we see someone like that soon
I'm glad someone shares my thoughts :) "Vision wins games"
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