: I quittered this game...
still havent played a game
: pls fix the title, it just burns!
Neonchan (EUW)
: That's why you still need to check boards 1 month after "quittering"? ^^
Well, I like to check on new stuff, hoping something will change and this game will be fun again, but this was first time in a month silver 4 lel
: > quittered wow... and why do you even send this message then?
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wzy88 (EUNE)
: Remove baltics from Russian zone
baltic ppl automatically go to eune, wtf r u talking about
DDepersis (EUW)
: [champion suggestion] Ferast - The Unchained Psycopath
ye cuz what this game needs is a psycho champ. like we dont have enough of these ppl already
: "Strife" - future of competitive, online ARTS / MOBA?
Nah, Lol atm is like WoW of mmos. No matter what you try, LoL will always be better. Atm I sometimes play hots and its my second moba-like game of choice.
: Some quick suggestions regarding Garen and others
dude i dont even know what to answer. like. have u even played normals?
: Why do people ridicule me when I say Nasus falls off late game?
: want advise don't play our learn riven your opponant want to play to not watch a deadtimer
I agree, hate riven players they all trash. Yesterday one riven got carried, didnt do nothing, at the end of game "easy"
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: Realistic Drawing of VI
why does she look like lana del ray
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: URF doesn't feel fun.
: Help Needed: Can't Open The Launcher!
my brother had the same problem, delete lol and install again
: Please Riot : We want U.R.F to be permanent this time.
fuq urf bunch of scrubs playing op champs
: Zac and Gnar I think is the number one priority on getting new skins
oh rly? how about yorick never ever getting skins
: Please Riot make more skins for champions with few skins
: Platinum is true elo hell next bronze level
Platinum Ranbi: You're a fcking loser xD Kitler: visit* Platinum Ranbi: go die virgin loser :S right now in q a plat 2
Ryze1tUp (EUW)
: ahahahhahahaha omg thats real? i feel bad 4 u...but ur not in b5 which is bs 😂
yeap, i had an loosing streak with rly bad teams, last match before demote everything was fine before chogath and alistar walked into 5 enemies even when we said wait and dont facecheck everything.
: What should i do to improve?
seXo Jon (EUW)
: I am attracted to my aunt. What should I do?
sex her older chicks love them little boyz cuz they full of energy and youth, and older chicks only care abut sex trust me i know
Ryze1tUp (EUW)
: what?
i got demoted from gold 3 couple day ago cuz all of elo boosted bronze was in my teams
Ryze1tUp (EUW)
: (euw) anyone in bronze that knows how to get a fuckn creep kill tell me so we can play
: if ill get ban for leaving srsly i'll get pissed
: You Forgot to remove the word ''Beta'' :O and...
ive already forgotten how basic vlad even look rofl
: Teemoskin Icon Wardskin
its a legendary skin, u dont get anything else but the skin and if they even would consider of making another god damn teemo icon, i want my legendary vlad/nasus icons as well
Zhonyas (EUNE)
: Vi Players
my 9 y old brother plays vi jungle and he kicks some ass
Foinn (EUW)
: Discrimination!
christians r a joke only true religion is witchcraft boyz
: Best, fun and favourite champions...
Best with {{champion:8}} and {{champion:19}} Love playing {{champion:56}} Best personality must be {{champion:105}} :D But hes getting nerfed so rip the dream and {{champion:201}}
ShayHQ (EUW)
: Rengar in the jungle
yup a nice pull from bot can easily make u finish all 3 camps + crab
: a jungle main plz answer
easy - ignore and gank when u can. I know atm I am mastering nocturne and was struggling with early ganks, but now i gank at 6 unless im rly near. if they qq just ignore them, unless u play panth which can pretty much gank 24/7 starting lvl 3. Especially in normals scrubs qq a lot but trust me, better farm and gank when u know u can get a successful gank instead of wasting time and if they cant lane safe, they might aswel go play with bots. same happens all the time, each lane feds like 3 times before i finish even my item.had an awesome ex plat vlad in ranked, who was pushing to enemy tower and qqing i dont gank.
: How to protect against premades?
man i had an english speaking premade, probably netherlanders, that randompicked karth supp and lux jung. we lost miserably, adc went afk after first two deaths, soon followed by our leblanc and i too gave up so its not only foreigners
Juozys (EUNE)
: Urgot is going to be nerfed
meh hes a gimp as it is, seen couple urgods trying to act all lcs lately, all of them fail
: ww needs either a buff or rework... he has been nerfed way too hard. used to play him top last season with 70% + win rate but now he is unplayable even in the jungle.
at first i thought stupid, but then i saw ur silver 3
kouzou (EUW)
: Yasuo is from the easiest champions in game to gank after Morde. Specialy 99% of Yasuos spams Q and pushing lane. So if you decided to gank other lanes than mid, then you deserv to ff at 20.
i think you dont understand, i ganked, and while i was either top or getting buff, that ziggs kept dying stop with the challenjour comments when u obviously know nothing bout situation
: So I just witnessed something epic
it seemed so because what he did was bronze 5 moves, imo if u died more than twice in lane u should be extra careful and wait for ganks but he just was walking and fighting yasuo whole game and later trying to say smthn that I wasnt doing my job.
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Godalor (EUW)
: Nidalee... again
u should have seen kasa when he was released and when u could stack archangels staff or w/e it was called. good ol' days
: Ok now I'm starting to straight up hate every Riven/Shaco/Zed/Yasuo/Leblanc/Fizzz player
I guess its cuz those champs r easy (y easy) to play with a decent brain and that makes an illusion that ur lcs material which makes u act like a douche
Xa3k (EUW)
: League of legends? More like league of a handful of champions.
I always fall asleep during lcs because of the same champs so y i get ur point
Washeys (EUW)
: Rework FAIR ranked system
I agree just got demoted to gold 4 cuz 2 idiots threw game fuck it im not playing, lately full of scrubs
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ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: When will bad players finally learn that its not the champ but your inability.to play against it
much wow dis good player. im not qqing about playing against her. whenever i play vs her, she is standing next to tower hoping i willpush so she can farm her pathetic cs. its just that wenever im jung, as soon as i gank other lane, my top lane dies. later on with all the cd she build u cant even catch that trash . jesus ur such a scrub
: Yes riven players are all bad, frankly they are toxin. You should all nerf them because they always do cheap banter on all chat if they win. I deserv challenjour gg.
> [{quoted}](name=HatingAhat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VIesPN5b,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-03-28T17:39:28.767+0000) > > Yes riven players are all bad, frankly they are toxin. > You should all nerf them because they always do cheap banter on all chat if they win. > I deserv challenjour gg. idd recenlty played vs riven that was like "lol ez" after she killed my teammate. after that i camped her lane
AlevOs (EUW)
: Why would you nerf a champion that wins almost exactly half her games. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. Yes, some players may do well with her; but it is at the cost of losing a tanky engage champion in the top lane for one that with one misplay will throw the whole game. What you have to realise, as well, is that a lot of the reason Riven players are winning fights all the time in top lane is because they take Ignite as opposed to Teleport. With TP you should be looking to impact your other lanes and avoid letting her get you with the Ignite lane advantage.
mhm cool story, with full rotation she can kill 2 enemy carries if they stand close enough to each other, while troll shield away.
: ye i pretty much just play lol and gw2, mby watch some twitch. never rly had an virus ps.
rito u do dis
: WTF Rito!!
ye i pretty much just play lol and gw2, mby watch some twitch. never rly had an virus ps.
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: so the server is broke
ye had the same still trying to reconnect
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