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5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Hahaha, I guess first thing you gotta get to grips with is that unless you have a premade team that practice together etc. you are most likely gonna have someone thats gonna do poorly, or feed, as you put it. It helps to look at it from a 3rd person perspective. If your lane is doing really well, and getting many kills on the opponents then their team are gonna blame them for feeding. So in other words, for someone to snowball out of control, someone has to be feeding them. :D Secondly as support you have very limited potential to carry the game. I have carried games with champs like pyke and karma or lux, but once you decide to go this route you are effectively writing off your laning partner, as now you are building into damage, rather than supporting items. (Pyke always goes for damage :D) That said, I'm not in high elo so having that extra kill potential definitely helps a lot when your laning partner just isn't cutting it. In regards to warding deep, you will see I also mentioned that you do this when you KNOW where the enemy jungler is. Remember you can be walking past enemy stealth wards if you dont have oracle, so they can SEE YOU) Map awareness is critical and as support you have lots of time to look at the map. Ideally you want to glance at the map AT LEAST every 5 seconds or so. Its pointless having any wards if you don't see whats going on around them, right? If you need to you can put a beep alarm on your watch or phone, that beeps every 5 seconds, until you develop the habit of checking your minimap (it's surprisingly fast for the human brain to develop a habit). As support, in my opinion, DO NOT try and one trick pony. I personally look at the champs as tools I can use. Right tool for the job. I don't play champs that don't gel with my playstyle mechanically, but I do have a variety of supports I use depending on enemy selections and ALSO what position I have to pick my support in (I sometimes play chogath support as well, often to the dismay of my team, but they shut up once I munched enemy pyke for like the 5th time). For example, my bans and picks are gonna be different depending on whether I pick first or last. There are basically 3 different support types, All in, Poke and sustain. There is a triangle which you can look up in google that explains it better than I could. Ideally you want to be proficient with a couple of sups in each of those categories. All in examples (nautilus, thresh). Poke examples (Brand, Lux). Sustain examples (Nami, Sona). Its also worth looking into how to match your support to your adc for maximum effectiveness. An example would be that jinx likes having sustain/poke above all in. She becomes strong later in the game, has no gap closers, so struggles to make kills if you don't all in, in a position close to her, making her vulnerable to a counter engage from enemy sup. BUT if you take a sustain that keeps her in lane much longer, OR a poke that makes space for her to farm in, you are working to her strengths. So HOPEFULLY she will farm up and carry the game later on, you are making this possible. ;)
This was very informative thank you. What if I am to be counter picked from that triangle? Does that mean to forfeit the lane? I have a basic understand of 90% of the supports but I cannot play them all to an excellent degree. Also my macro is really bad. Sometimes I feel extremely helpless because other team members are unable to deal enough damage - in this case, what is the point in my utility? I even take a few moments to address items with Grievous wounds to counter healing opponents like Garen/Soraka/Fiora R etc... but no many listen and I try to get the items myself - Brand Morellos or Thornmail if I am playing a tank.... Its very frustrating to play support at the moment....
: In botlane, the most important things are coordination and map awareness. 2vs2 in botlane tend to have 2-4 squishies involved, which means they are decided within seconds. The thing that must not happen is one laner being a bit slow in reacting to an engage and/or a bit out of position causing the fight to start as a 1vs2. Even 1-2 Seconds of 1vs2 can set up a squishy for losing the fight, and you don't want the enemy jungler to jump in as a surprise enemy to the fight either. So always be alert, position yourself so you can assist each other in the blink of an eye, watch enemy positioning, watch map, and try to catch the opposing botlaners out of position so your side gets those decisive first few seconds of 2vs1. Try to keep up health to reasonable levels, coordinate your back ports if possible, and ideally plan your backs ahead of time and push the wave in so your ADC wont lose cs from going back. Try to keep track of cooldowns - if you see a potentially tempting moment where you can engage, be sure that your ADC does not have everything on cooldown atm while the enemy has his skills available. This is even more important with supports cooldowns on their CCs etc. Be aware of summoner spells. Ping your team if your opponents go missing and hope they ping you in return if theirs do. Be sure you buy pink wards and ward well. If you see an autofilled ADC in the pregame lobby or his stats indicate he does not know how to play botlane, consider dodging. Same goes for ADCs having to watch out for autofilled supports, of course.
AllBear (EUW)
: I need help
Today has been increasingly worse... if you see my history you will understand. What can you do if your team tilts early and keeps dying?
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Hi I play support mostly. You are already level 300 and something so you SHOULD have an understanding on what champs generally run support and what they offer/threaten with. I guess primarily you need to understand WHAT your role is. Laning phase you running in support of your adc, so in other words you want to do things that benefit them. The idea is to get them an advantage so they can snowball and become a carry later on. This can be done in multiple ways. Protection, you counter engage any engages on your adc, or pre engage any potential engages on your adc, giving them chance to move to safety. Farming, it's up to your adc in how good they farm, but if you are running relic shield you can help in this regard. Furthermore, you can harass the opponent when they are trying to farm, thus causing them to miss farm. Kills, this is obvious, you make engages at key times allowing your adc to make kills. It's best to communicate this method with your adc before hand. I often just ask, do you want to play agro or you want to farm up first? If your adc is not playing agro and you are, you will end up dying all the time. If they are not communicating you can sort of see their intentions by how much poke they delivering. Are they ignoring the enemy laners for the most part, or are they getting a few AA's whenever enemy oversteps. Don't go for hard engages if they are playing passively. Use your engages for counter engaging. It takes some patience but at least you won't die. If your adc is eating up all the poke the enemy is throwing at them and spending more time at base than in lane, remember that you have a jungler and midlaner who will most likely appreciate any engages you can make for them. So don't be afraid to roam. Once laning phase has ended I often shadow the most successful of my team to help them snowball even more. Is there a yasuo for example that is 4-0 and your running a nauti. Perfect, yasuo loves nautilus, help him get some more kills. Warding, you are gonna be using your wards throughout the whole game, so it's a good thing your support item gives you 3 free ones. It's totally worth getting oracle lens once you have your sup item quest completed because warding and denying enemy wards has the same value. Doesn't matter what position you play, you always gonna be involved with warding. Don't neglect it. Is your adc doing a good job, and is already 3 - 0 up? Make a foray into the enemy jungle (once you KNOW hes somewhere else) and ward his monsters. This way you and your adc can gank the jungler, but dont try this if your on equal footing or behind. Needless to say this not only helps your jungler but also gives you LOTS of pre warning when the enemy jungler might come for you. Bottomline if you are dying a lot, you just need to be more patient (with the understanding that you prefer hard engagers, like nauti pyke etc.) Trust me I know how frustrating it can be to make excellent engages just to watch your adc obliviously farming away like nothings going on. GL mate.
This was incredibly informative, much appreciated and literally took notes from certain sentences. When you said WHAT my role is... I don't know anymore. I can be supporting my ADC in lane and assisting when necessary but at the SAME time... my team is dying constantly somewhere else... and I don't know what to do anymore. I want you, if you have time, to look at TWO Janna games today (08/10/19 between 18:00 GMT and 19:04 GMT), they are short games... take a big look at the teams I had and to be accused of trolling when I roamed mid to attempt to secure a kill on Ezreal or the enemy jungler. This led to a mute all, and I tried very hard to play to my best. But I guess maybe Janna is not for me... I am now out of champions to play for support. Any suggestions on this are welcome... I am always told to have a small pool... but I have been losing like crazy it is actually insane. I don't see any improvement if I am basically losing all the time right? Jesus it is so depressing. The play you mentioned about warding deep is difficult, I always seem to bump into him and die. My problem is minimap awareness and its just something I don't know how to improve... because there is so much going on my screen like hooks and pokes.... What do you do if you're entire team is feeding? Like what can you actually do? I feel like... I am gonna be in here for a lonnnngggg timeeee.
: No, don't do that. Especially in the duo lane you want to keep that channel of communication open for some quick coordination. You can always mute if someone wants to flame or annoy you.
> [{quoted}](name=LootAndPillage,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=EZWT3THv,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-10-06T17:37:13.238+0000) > > No, don't do that. > > Especially in the duo lane you want to keep that channel of communication open for some quick coordination. You can always mute if someone wants to flame or annoy you. this is what I do. But if Im already tilted I will mute all at the beginning of the next game.
: Trust me, I've been there. Engage supports are not always the best pick. If you suspect your ADC is autofill, you might wanna pick something else in case they won't go in when you set up the kills due to their lack of motivation or skill. Sometimes you might need a healer or an enchanter, sometimes just a mage with tons of damage. I really can't say when to pick what, that's something you gotta consider for yourself. If you constantly find people not listening to you, think about your calls, do they really make sense? Do you ping to go in when half of your team is low on mana or health, without ultimates and summs? I'm not saying you'd do this, just something to consider. Bad games happen, but don't get discouraged. If you have a bad day, play something else, or do something totally different! The more you play, the better you'll get! :)
Thanks for responding... well.... I mean sometimes, its pretty obvious that you should not overextend or overstay especially after taking an inhibitor and the enemy is resetting... most of the pings are common sense. But ends up losing the game... when everyone is on 30 second death cool downs.... I am not saying all my calls are perfect but I just make ones where it is just common sense... I don't try to make play because I am aware of my own skill level... Today has been super depressing. I don't play any other games, nothing else runs on my rock. I did play A LOT of Brand to compensate... but it gets banned a lot... and I haven't been successful in find a second pick who i can play comfortably for a number of games. OMG TODAY... HAS BEEN THE WORST.
: > [{quoted}](name=AllBear,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=EZWT3THv,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-06T14:30:26.865+0000) > > please help or Im just gonna kms. If you think you might kill yourself over pixels then you need professional help. Seriously.
I meant int in each game forever.
: Be more specific with what you need help with, and people are more likely to help you out. Video games aren't worth killing yourself.
I play engage supports like Nautilus, Rakan and Leona. But recently, I have not been winning much and I know you hear it all the time but my team feeds so much. Look at my last Nautilus games if you want. I know part of my job is to ping them, do they ever listen you think? Maybe sometimes. But most people do not and feed then get tilted and flame everyone and well yeah... all goes to shit. What is the point anymore. I can't play any other role than this.....
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Yukkine (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AllBear,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=2TnL5UsN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-02T13:47:48.717+0000) > > I have seen many people say its not efficient to finish it because the additional stats are just extra HP and stuff? It gives more gold? I don't see that.. isn't it the same additional 22 bonus gold? You're right about that, actually. You shouldn't bother building Frostfang or Nomad's Medallion into Remnant of the Whatever, as the stats they give aren't worth it for the most part and they don't offer any extra gold generation. Instead, use that gold to build into your next relevant item. About your actual problem... Here's the thing. If you think that you can't carry with supports, you seriously need to do a 180 with that kind of mentality. It's not impossible, but it is sort of a herculean task, much harder at the beginning, before you start realizing patterns that actually help you win. You know, like playing Dark Souls or Sekiro. There is hope, though. Stop thinking you can carry your feeding or disconnected teammates, when they obviously have a hard time carrying themselves out of bed every morning. You are statistically guaranteed to see those kinds of people on the opposite side as well. If you think tons of damage and some cc will help you win as a support, then why are there supports like Janna or Soraka? If it's hard for you to play engaging supports you mentioned (Nami/Alistar/Leona), why not do the opposite, like Blitzcrank or Thresh or Pyke, where you don't bring yourself to the enemy, you bring the enemy to your team. There are a lot more examples and playstyles, but I digress. If you really, really want to improve and learn, go listen to caching sessions from Nick DeCesare (LS) on YouTube or Twitch, I haven't heard or seen a better person than him when it comes to game knowledge and mechanics. I'd advise you to stay away from other "Support Coaches" that either just screw around on their alt accounts (like BunnyFuFu) or don't know what they are talking about (like Bizzleberry). Koreans are your best options. Your best bet would be to have someone watch you play and point out mistakes you make. If you wanna be somewhat serious about it, there are a couple of free coaching sites floating around or whatnot. What the hell, I'll even do it if you wanna. I'm a support main in diamond, take from that what you want. I'm not making any promises and I can't guarantee that I know everything. Just send me a message if you're willing.
I took some time to decide, I think I will take your offer. Not exactly coaching but if I can just figure out the reasons behind my deaths or even what I can do to make a negative situation into a positive situation such as a trend I see In EVERY game, as soon as the enemy kills baron someone always pops surrender and it just sets a negative tone, as if we have lost before we have tried. As a support, sometimes I try to motivate people but honestly, no one listens to the support. Its a fact. I have recently found an interest in Zyra more, but she is getting banned more often. Im not sure how supports like Soraka and Janna can even help carry the game or I am playing them wrong. I don't know. THANK YOU
JellyDonut (EUNE)
: took a look on your match history . Do you have any idea how broken the watcher's eye is gives you 2k gold at 25mins approx cooldown life ap and its super low cost also stacks faster
I have seen many people say its not efficient to finish it because the additional stats are just extra HP and stuff? It gives more gold? I don't see that.. isn't it the same additional 22 bonus gold?
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: You're actually so mad its embarassing. have a juice carton and take a break
: Your attitude is the reason you're losing.
My attitude was born from the losing. Then what? Watch every other game apart from the Draven game. And we will see what you think. There is no way a game can be won if the mid laner is afk or even the top laner. It makes another lane 2v1 or 3v2 or even perma 4v2. The game has changed since your 5 years.
Surely, you need chat for bot lane no? or Jungler and stuff.... so many people type what they are gonna do.... also mute all I do some games but its the pinging that never stops and its so frustrating. So depressing. It makes me wanna int.
: Master Yi is able to dive because of his Q (Alphastrike) Which allows him to remove turret aggro, His Q recieves extra cooldown the more he hits you so he's able to reset it again. Master Yi is not overpowered, he punishes bad play he does not punish good play and he's shut down easily by hard CC. Akali is an assassin she's meant to kill you in 2 seconds thats what assassins do. Though hard to deal with she requires very good mastery to carry games with and can be shut down with Hard cc and focus. First of all why are you in such a position of 4 people coming to your tower to attack you? Do you never ward? Do you never pay attention to people rotating on your map? It is VERY easy to juggle turret aggro with 4 people i'm sorry but you really do need to drop your ego. What you've just said screams that you have a severely poor lack of knowledge of the game and its coming out in babyrage. Improvement is very significant, however you can be delusional forever thats also fine.
It probably is rage. I am just a loser. It's absolutely sad. I tried so hard first games today and then after having almost 3 afks from mid in a row.. I crumbled. And now it feels like I can never improve at this game. Sometimes I don't understand how a soraka can even kill me and it makes zero sense. I have put time into watching guides, streams and reading various articles. But Its leading to the same thing.. another lose.
: So you went 0/11 in ranked sold all your items, and got redemption and twin shadows. After taking a look at the game itself it looks like you threw the entire game yourself individually.
I was flamed to hell and beyond. I tried my best up to 3 deaths and I then I just couldnt bear so many people pinging question marks all over me. If I play on fullmute then I miss summs and stuff. What else do I do?
0megon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AllBear,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=399Ae5kg,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-03-31T20:09:21.089+0000) > > You're just talented at this game, you don't know what it feels like to be low elo. This post is bullshit No, your attitude is bullshit. Talent can get you only so far, rest of it is thinking and learning the game. Honestly most of the mistakes made where I play are not in micro department, but in macro which is basically just thinking - the only talent involved in that is inteligence.
I dont believe you, why does the akali just kill me in 2 seconds under turret then, how is the Yi able to dive tower and survive aggro for so long, why are 4 people allowed to just freely %%%% you under tower for no reason. Ive tried learning this game but its all bullshit. Improvement is insignificant.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: There are tons of other adc guides than FSN Sniper. I can recommend you SkillCapped - it's a channel that analyzes how pros play their role - there are a ton of ADC guides, showing how pros do certain stuff like laning. It seems you are keen on ad carries that scale into the late game super well. If you strive to be a force to be reckoned with in the late game, try Kog'maw or play some more Vayne (because you are doing decently on her, at least from what I've seen on Twitch is also a good late game option, though he's kind of a differend adc because of his Stealth, allowing for sneaky trunarounds like roaming or seemingly unwinnable teamifhgts.
Vayne is so hard to play and I feel like If I don't have a half decent support - someone who listens to %%%%ing pings and isn't engaging all the time since level 1 then yea I can play Vayne and farm until cutlass or at least a decent item. Her early game I weak and I can recognise this. I also find her very hard to play in a later game situation because I don't know how to use her fully. I literally panic so much in team fights even tho I try to hurt the closest people and position safely, my team falls apart in front of me and I feel like its my fault but it can't always be my fault. I don't know. Its been extremely depressing. Yeah I'm looking at scaling champions because low elo games last thousands of years to finish, to finally realise to people that the game is about destroying the nexus and not each other.
: After playing with my low elo friend, few points i must make.
You're just talented at this game, you don't know what it feels like to be low elo. This post is bullshit
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: The thing about those guides is they focus on champion-specific details, and assume you know the more general aspects of supporting like how to position in lane and trade effectively. I'm just watching one of your recent matches and your actual Brand gameplay is fine. You know how to land good combos and deal good damage. What's letting you down is your positioning in the lane. Far too often you are sitting so far back behind your adc that you aren't providing any pressure at all. There was even one occasion when the enemy MF was in the lane on her own 1v2, and was allowed to free-farm. That should never happen unless she is so fed that she can beat you 1v2, and if that's the case then the lane is already lost. I would recommend reading the following article, which explains lane positioning very well:
> [{quoted}] That should never happen unless she is so fed that she can beat you 1v2, and if that's the case then the lane is already lost. When you say it like that, it feels like I should give up and just accept defeat at X mins even as early as 5 mins (which just happened right now). Weirdly can't find any info on how to change a losing lane into a less losing one. Sometimes I am unable to roam effectively such that I can help the midlaner get a kill but the adc dies despite me warning them to play safe. I just lost.
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: > [{quoted}](name=PandyToast,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=yROj9wAM,comment-id=000300000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-14T15:55:28.992+0000) > > This makes sense, but what if the ADC does not know what he's doing in Bot Lane. Ive had that a lot recently... and I don't know. I can't use my champion to her fullest then can I? For example, Nami's W can bounce to enemies, but most of the time the adc disengages from a fight where all abilities have been exhausted.... and I don't know. Its been extremely depressing lately. Dropped 2 divisions as well... I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Most adcs below high Plat or even Diamond don't know what they are doing. When I'm laning with a very passive adc I generally just sit back and wait for the opponent to make a mistake. Also don't be afraid of using your pings. Ping like crazy to either get your adc to back off or push up with you, but be aware of your positioning at all time.
Thank you, Ive been struggling since this last post as usual, but Ive been learning to be better gradually. Despite mute all and fullmute all, I still can't control my tilt... Ive even gone as far as listening to piano music and relaxing music. But its so stressful... how did you get better?
: > [{quoted}](name=PandyToast,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=yROj9wAM,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-04T18:58:58.417+0000) > > Ive never thought about all these factors when Im playing, when you explain it here so clearly... I guess the problem is really me. How are you able to keep with all these things at the same time? Just mental notes? > > Oh my games yesterday were tough since my Ping was like 300+, so I tried my best to work with it. It's what it is. It's more about changing your mindset a little bit and being aware of what your opponent can do so you can abuse them when they waste their abilities. Even if you are playing a caster like Morgana you can still auto attack in between your spells. Yes those individual attacks don't do much damage but over time they build up and can be the difference between a kill or not. If you can get into the habit of using your auto attacks more in your combos you will find you'll do a lot more damage overall. The other thing is your positioning. Like I said there were times in that Morgana game when you were so far back that you couldn't do anything when Kaisa got attacked. A rule of thumb I follow is try to stay next to your adc as much as possible. If they walk up, walk up with them. If they back off, back off with them. If for some reason you need to move away from them (to place wards for example) then ping them to retreat, otherwise they will get harassed the moment you step away. Overall the 3 things I would work on are: 1. Staying close to your adc 2. Pushing for the level 2 advantage (3 melee minions of the second wave) 3. Using your auto attacks more in between your spells If you do this your laning phase will improve dramatically and your adc will be able to get more farm and therefore be more effective later on.
This makes sense, but what if the ADC does not know what he's doing in Bot Lane. Ive had that a lot recently... and I don't know. I can't use my champion to her fullest then can I? For example, Nami's W can bounce to enemies, but most of the time the adc disengages from a fight where all abilities have been exhausted.... and I don't know. Its been extremely depressing lately. Dropped 2 divisions as well... I don't know what to do with my life anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=PandyToast,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=yROj9wAM,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-01-03T15:24:41.757+0000) > > I'm sorry I'm really late, hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year. > > This is extremely useful. Thank you. I have been keeping to Morgana, Leona and Nami lately. Keeping to three as you suggested. Yeah ADC isn't my strongest role.. so I gave it up. I am just too dumb for it, too slow. 'Each Death is a lesson' thank you, but sometimes I don't know why I died... Sometimes the mistake you make happens 2-3 minutes before your actual death, also in Silver players are very bad at punishing mistakes, meaning you could be making a ton of mistakes and never notice. For example, in your latest Morgana game which you lost (Morg + Kaisa vs Soraka + Sivir) there were 3 key mistakes from you in the first 3 minutes that would get punished at higher ELOs: 1. You knew Trynd, Sivir and Soraka were on your red buff (it was warded) and you didn't ward to protect yourself. They could very easily have taken the red buff and immediately collapsed onto you and you would never see them coming. 2. You didn't help Kaisa push for the level 2. The duo lane gets level 2 after killing the 3 melee minions of the second wave. When the second wave came in you just sat in a bush and did nothing. If you had auto attacked the minions you would have hit level 2 before Sivir got into the lane, securing the kill on her. 3. After you hit your first binding on Sivir you did 2 auto attacks and then backed off while Kaisa kept going. There was no reason to back off at this point as Sivir had just missed her Q and Soraka had just used her Q, meaning they had nothing left, plus you had the minion advantage. Hell you could even have used your ignite there and Sivir probably would have flashed and healed as soon as she was free of the binding, at which point you can turn on Soraka who is stuck in your minion wave with no help. These are relatively small things but they do add up. For example, had you done those 3 things (especially 2 and 3), Kaisa wouldn't have needed to use her heal in that trade or her flash to escape trynd's gank which would have put you in a very strong position. After that, when Kaisa gets low you are sitting way too far back and I'm not quite sure why. It's a level 2 Soraka and a level 3 Trynd without flash. Soraka pushes up way too far and is allowed to harass Kaisa without getting punished.
Ive never thought about all these factors when Im playing, when you explain it here so clearly... I guess the problem is really me. How are you able to keep with all these things at the same time? Just mental notes? Oh my games yesterday were tough since my Ping was like 300+, so I tried my best to work with it. It's what it is.
Silisa (EUNE)
: No need to despair. I have looked over your ranked games on the page, and things are really not as bad as you feel they are. Here are my recommendations: Choose only 2 roles to play. Choose no more than 3 champions for each of those roles. Once you complete those steps, just play. It would help you to watch replays of your games (watch only yourself) and pay close attention to your deaths. In most cases, dying in League means you made a mistake. It could be a simple case of poor positioning, or that you underestimated your opponent's damage, or that you initiated a fight without the knowledge of the position of the enemy jungler, and ended up getting ganked. Playing a small pool of champions in 1 or 2 roles will help you gain experience in different match ups, which will allow you to learn how to play against certain opponents. Regarding the question of guides, I can recommend you two YouTubers I follow as a support main: The Strategy Professor and Nasteey. As for your ADC games, from what I can tell, you seem to die a lot in lane. If you are dying in lane as the carry, you are either playing too aggressively and not giving your support time to set up or follow up a play, or you are playing too passively and letting your opponents herd you into a losing trade. As a Lucian, you want to play aggressively in lane. You want to constantly look for an opportunity to use your passive on your opponents. If the enemy support has some form of CC, you want to wait for them to use it, then dash into them for a double AA + Q + double AA. Try looking up some gameplay videos on YouTube for something more concrete. On another note, if you are winning your lane, make sure not to overextend. In a ranked game you played 2 days ago as Lucian 5/10/14, 6 out of 10 of those deaths were on bot lane, and half of that was on the enemy part of the map, which implies that you overextended into enemy territory when you did not have back up from your team. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} TL;DR: Play only 2 roles, play 1-3 champions on those roles. Watch replays of your games and pay attention to how you died. Each death is a lesson. Look for gameplay videos on YouTube.
I'm sorry I'm really late, hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year. This is extremely useful. Thank you. I have been keeping to Morgana, Leona and Nami lately. Keeping to three as you suggested. Yeah ADC isn't my strongest role.. so I gave it up. I am just too dumb for it, too slow. 'Each Death is a lesson' thank you, but sometimes I don't know why I died...
Typda1 (EUW)
: the point in life is to git gud
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: Game doesn't begin after loading to 100%
SAME THING just happened to me right now..... My internet is totally fine and no one else is at home! It closes the screen and i click reconnect but its just a black screen. then Im returned to a screen where it says I AFK???? THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE WTF
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DoomBird (EUW)
SAME HERE... FRUSTRATED SO MUCH... whats the point of adding new skins n stuff if the actual game doesnt even function?? SO BROKEN.
AllBear (EUW)
: Pre game and champ select issues.. VERY WEIRD
Furthermore, I was in a party and now the voice thingy isn't there, and half the team is AFK so its not just me. WTF
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: These are the golden rules of league: 1. Don't die to jungle ganks** example: ** stay on your half of the lane until you know where their jungler is) 1. Time enemy cooldowns **example:** if your the enemy used his ability to farm or missed a skillshot on you, then go for the trade and back off unless you are a champ that likes extended fights. 1. Get to know the champ that you are playing, learn their mechanics and early game cheese, their power spike and what are they good against and their tricks and combos. 1. Focus more on objectives and getting gold, keep a good CS, kill only if you see the chance, baron and dragon are really good to focus on, if one of them is up, play around them (be near them). 1. Learn more champions so that you know their interactions versus other champions, who is stronger or weaker versus who. This is pretty much so that you have a bigger arsenal, maybe there is a champion that you might be universally good with, test out builds. If you follow these 5 things strictly you will start to wreck mostly everyone. **GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you, as a support I do my best to do 1-2. I do enjoy the role but its so difficult sometimes... It is kind of dependent on the adc of which I know they probably think the same of me. 3. I try to do this recently, which is why my history has so many unique champions. I could never CS.. so I chose Jungle and Support as my roles.. 4. 5. thats also why I have different champs in my history... tough game.. can be fun when Im learning. Sometimes, the losses are so overwhelming that I don't get it.. and I learn NOTHING.
: Few pointers. If you focus on learning and getting better than you should limit your champion pool, by a lot. In your last 20 games, you have played 13 unique champions which is pretty bad. It is kinda like exercising in real life, you repeat the same exercise a bit before going to the next. Play one champ for about 10-15 games then switches it over to the next. And you should only have like 3 champions that you rotate. Go through this cycle for a while before changing to new 3 champions, would recommend that you at least get 50+ games on each of the three champions before doing so. You shouldn't care about counter picks or whatever, in lower elo it doesn't matter too much and it is also good to force yourself into bad matchups. This is good for two reasons. For a start, it is much easier and faster to learn a champion this way. It also makes it easier to improve in general. Also, if you play a champion you're not good at will hinder your ability to improve at the game. You will put too much focus on your champion instead of the game itself and its fundamentals. And the second part, don't go into the game with the mindset of just getting better, sure it is better that than playing for winning, but it is too broad. You can't just expect to get generally better at the game just like that. Instead, you should focus on one fundamental at a time to improve on and just like with your champion pool, repeat and rotate. Good luck on your adventures
Thank you so much, I was in a depressed phase when I made this post. Even if the said champion has been 'Nerfed' I should continue to play it?
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Zhinzo (EUW)
: Looking for people
Add me! Im a bit new but I can work well with others =D
: can play with u if u want. but prefer play some bot matches before playing normal or draft coz u will be crushed by high level players. dont get me wrong k. atm im busy with end of season and stuff. can play with u on the preseason though. feel free to add m if u want. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Sorry for lateness! I shall add you =D Thanks & Np!
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