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: Conqueror rune
Draven is weak now? ok, do we play a different game? He even got picked in LCK recently
: Season 10 Suggestion. Answer Why Riot Lost 40% revenue in 2018
Nherax (EUW)
: When will you Rework or reverse Taric?
They're getting rid of all point and click CC's and reworking them into skillshots or give them channel-time, let's have a look: Sion Q Veigar E now has delay Irelia E Taric E Akali, Kayle and Aatrox not CC wise, but they lost their stat-checker nature, they lost their point and click since you have to keep that dmg naturally low Counterplay is healthy for the game, now why would they reverse a rework that obviously served it's purpose and got rid of taric's stat-check nature?
Dtry (EUW)
: Demotivation because of ranked reset
+1 edit: does anybody know if it's only SoloQ or also 3v3 and flex?
: I don't understand riot's balancing...
I'd actually like to discuss about things like this, but if you just overexaggerate there's no point. Get your fact's straight and some people could actually have a discussion on the topic, talking about a 20 sec cd nocturne ulti and be blinded for over 40% of the game is just plain wrong. Nocturne has plenty of counterplay, a healthy winrate atm, but I won't take more time to write more.
Coxis (EUW)
: Odyssey Contest Entry: Commander of the Morning Star - WARNING: May potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
: There's a easily forgotten side to Camille's E that can be occasionally useful. If you hang to the wall instead than double tap immediatly, the direction of invisible enemies in the range of your stun is given away to you. May be difficult to remember in the heat of things, but may be worth nonetheless. I just have to comment that video now. I was so confused when it happened, but in the replay I see clearly why my E had so much range, and that the indicator for a champion is there. Stupid me haha
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: FNC vs KZ (spoiler)
: feelsbadman karma is the worst support right now
You have to be kidding, right? Caitlyn-Karma is the best Botlane in a competitive environment at the moment pressure wise. Cait-Morg handles Xayah-Rakan better, but if one of those 2 is banned Karma is the best pressure support in the entire game. Want proof? Let's look at the pro scene You can also go through the challenger-SoloQ ladder - every ~third support-main has some karma games in his recently played games. Case closed
: Play Sejuani like Djoko
Saibbo (EUW)
: Will not change nothing, under diamond 1% of the junglers bought that item, in that 1% there are the lee sin
Talking about competitive and higher elo's (I'm currently only D5 but I'll climb^^) I always built it on sejuani and stuff ofc
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: Customs arent Tournaments they are specified separately as if you play a custom even thoe if its 5v5 it can be arranged that one team throws the game meanwhile, tournaments are like ranked games and highly competitive and obv nobody wants to lose a ranked game so I guess that is why you do not get XP
I also get 0 xp in tournament games
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: Look what I just found LOL! Friends Elo Boosting
Well a friend of mine also played on my acc in S3 or somewhere around there and guess what, I didnt have any ranked rewards for S3 and S4. Also a 2 week or 4 week bann? I don't remember exactly. It's fair after all I think, as long as the people get punished.
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ClockTime (EUNE)
: Emotes are not available in Custom/Practice Tool games and therefore the bindings are not listed. You can adjust them from the client under Settings -> Hotkeys.
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Nothing happens, and yes, I hold the button and do diddely things. And idk, maybe it's because of the costum mode? Also, I want to rebind it so...
It seems to work in a not-costum-game, but I rly wanna rebind it to another key
Ðęłtª (EUW)
: Press T.
Nothing happens, and yes, I hold the button and do diddely things. And idk, maybe it's because of the costum mode? Also, I want to rebind it so...
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Zer4tul (EUW)
: [Idea] Instead of Surrender: Deciding battle!
Way too gimmicky, and a troll for all toplane-splitpushers like trynda or fiora. if they vote no and lose the teamfight. 1-3-1 comps and splitpushers get trolled so hard.
: All champions available for ARAM
tbh would be better for rng-balancing. some pple use specific aram-accounts to just get good aram champions, so it punishes me heavily for having all champions.
: A question to fellow junglers- what do you do when...
Depends on the Match up, but the most important part is to not tilt. Keep calm and try to read when it was done (so when it'll respawn) when u see the enemy jgler show on lane. Check his Lvl and CS and where he ganks from, so you can recreate his path and maybe see what's still up. (U're a tankjungler and he is a jungler that can't start raptors, and at his first gank has 5 cs? Means he did 2 buffs and wolfs, so you can still invade his raptors). Just an example. In other match ups, where your lvl 2-5 is yet strong, even when one lvl behind, u can take a guess where the enemy will gank now and you can countergank. Or you can take a guess where he ganks, but prepare to gank another lane.
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souofeli (EUW)
: Who do I choose?
Suptra (EUW)
: Promoted/demoted
A lot. Like really, a lot.
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: i got a new idea about making rank games more fun!
"Can I pick for somebody? Don't wanna pick me Midlaner first" "Yeah sure, get me warwick." "Sry don't have him M4. Else? "Nunu, Lee, Elise, Olaf?" "None on M4 fk..." ?
: Though he is so easily counterpicked by {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} , Talon more than Fizz I guess.
Who firstpicks aurelion?
sevenkill (EUNE)
Aurelion is pretty f'ing strong atm. But eh, you have to practise him a few games. RIP
EmilyHime (EUW)
: Bronzse the divin of %%%%%%s
Dude, just play better than the Rest that's it. 1 good player and 4 bad players win against 5 bad players. Yeah there are some matches that u can't win, but even I managed to get a smurf from silver to platin in around 80 games last season.
efkar (EUNE)
: new player boosts
"OMG U TOOK MY KILL I DONT HAVE KILLINGSPREE NOW WOW AFK" "well guys, I still need the not more than 3 death's achievement, so I'll just afk in base" -> no for that idea^^
DylxnBK (EUW)
: Pantheons Passive is broken(Infinite Shields)
That's why Pantheon is always picked in the LCS! Oh wait, he's not. Yeah, he's a pain in the lane and the direct 1v1, but in small skirmishes and 5v5's his passive is close to non existent, so let him have a strong lane and strong roams, he has nothing else. Nerfing his passive would ruin him completly.
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Çharlié (EUW)
: Lee Sin Q Bug
Bugfixes in 7.10 patch notes: Fixed a bug where mini Krugs sometimes died instantly
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0tx (EUW)
: so, how to avoid premade trollers like lee & sona?
Move on with your life and play the next game and not care?
TheRated (EUW)
: Two 5v5 Ques creating a problem
Yes, they are seperate queues, so that's how it's supposed to work
: Lifesteal Boots?
: yeah XD, just a little idea i had, i mean they could make the boosts adjust to different champs giving them a smaller hitbox but making the ability faster or slower ability but more damage?
Would be just too much of a balancing issue. We had to rebalance every champion, and basically every ability. And every league player had to adjust and re-learn the entire game. That's like sayin u want all your housekeys and the controlls in your car switched up. Cuz fun and stuff. Yeah, won't work, most pple would quit league (since it's easier to learn an entire new game like dota2 or smite or hots) instead of force-forgetting all ranges, projectile-speed and relearn it.
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