: well i'm glad i haven't seen you in game. so because you're tired of riots bad decision making and to see if they even care about trolls, you troll yourself? if you don't like the game, don't play it. you're only being part of the problem, not solving it.
If you want the truth i want this game to die asap. Rito greed and incompetence destroyed what could have been the best moba ever. Just see how many people quitted yet
: There is another solution, if the game isn't fun anymore stop playing it instead of ruining other peoples games.
But i'M HAVING fun trolling. Why i should stop, if they do not even care enough to ban me? I guess it's ok and i keep do it
: Why don't you balance the champions instead of adding more bans?
Alphard92 (EUW)
: We need Riven, Lee, Yasuo, Poppy, Camille, Ziggs, Zac to be buffed
I have forgotten rengar. I main rengar, why can't my q be ranged? I have bought legendary epic 20€ skin. Buff rengo or i ask refund
Alphard92 (EUW)
: We need Riven, Lee, Yasuo, Poppy, Camille, Ziggs, Zac to be buffed
Also make kha zix q do true damage and remove jump cd. BUFF KHA PLS, I CANNOT MAKE PENTA PRESSIN 2 BUTTON NOW, only quadra in enemy nexus. Are you kidding me rito?
Rioter Comments
: LoL is the best it's been since I started playing.
Most hilarious white knight post i have seen here for 4 years. You should sign yourself for Cabaret shows
Alphard92 (EUW)
: Hey Riot, do you want your game to be actually "healthy" ?
Also another big issue is the 10 iq community wich abuse the unbalance, as stated by downvotes.. OMG HE IS TALKING ABOUT NERFING MY LI SIN. DOWNVOTE FASSSST
: So, you want to annihilate an entire class of champs? Love to actually hear the reason, because it hasn't been a huge problem for a long time. Jungle experience got changed and further changes are being looked into if I remember correctly.
> [{quoted}](name=The7thSeal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EQOBsMou,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-11T13:42:18.811+0000) > > So, you want to annihilate an entire class of champs? Love to actually hear the reason, because it hasn't been a huge problem for a long time. > > Jungle experience got changed and further changes are being looked into if I remember correctly. Only because the majority of people are ok with it , or silently quitting the game, it doesn't mean it is not a problem. i don't want to "annhilate", i would be glade if there was an actual balance between hp/ damage. Also AP/ad but that is another issue i gave up on arguing because rito hate mages
xMisuto (EUW)
: the reall problem is the exp gain of duo lane compared to solo lane... jungle had the same issue now they over buffed it so they nerfed it this patch :) all that's left is botlane exp gain 65.2% exp --> 70-75% please
> [{quoted}](name=xMisuto,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EQOBsMou,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-11T13:40:22.815+0000) > > the reall problem is the exp gain of duo lane compared to solo lane... > > jungle had the same issue now they over buffed it so they nerfed it this patch :) So you are ok with a little fed Vi / j4 diving squishies under tower ,take the kills and survive ? It's the first time i see in a game a certain class can stack both damage and survivability
Doomley (EUW)
: She isn't exactly strong. It's just the colossus that makes her strong and colossus is getting nerfed next patch.
It's not only the colossus. It's the whole "i have 4k hp and 250 damage" concept wich is cancer
Livelyfreak (EUNE)
: Vi needs nerf?
Yes, all bruisers (hp and damage ) need nerfs, but they won't do cause this community is compsed by 80 % by kids who want to press a button to win
Rioter Comments
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Riot riot riot
NOW YOU CAN FEEL HOW IT IS TO PLAY AP MID. Hope it lasts long enough for you all adc to exeperiment a % of ap frustration. Also i say a % because most of adc have 2-3 dash and mobility per skills, while most mages are immobile, and can't escapes ganks. Btw i don't want to adcs being nerfed, just nerf the fuckin bruisers /assassins/tanks and i'll b to this game. It makes no sense when hp sponges deals more damage than carries
: mages = op, just saying look at Syndra, Veigar, even TF...
> [{quoted}](name=C9 LynX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AsEVxebo,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-01-09T11:04:00.064+0000) > > mages = op, just saying look at Syndra, Veigar, even TF... Lol op. You never played mid it seems. Veigar is not op at all. Every random bruiser 1shots him. If you take his full combo you deserve to die. Meanwhile if 1 riven move the air near him , he is depleted from existence , same as syndra and all other mages. Damage late game, with all mr items, is just hilarious
GLurch (EUW)
: >If you bought RP with paypal you can always ask a refund and be guaranted to have one. No, actually not. You may say "but Riot is required to give refunds to things you purchased". The thing about that, however, is: You never owned anything in League of Legends and as such never bought the actual thing: according to Riot's Terms of Use, you are buying a license to use those things, and whenever Riot wants to, they can take this license from you. So it's more like renting RP, skins, champions, accounts,...
Tos are not laws. You can ask for refund by open a case in paypal screen. I did it (even if it were passed 5-6 months) and they refunded me. Stop spreading lies.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That is not to be recommended, as that is fraud and can end up with legal actions.
ROFL fraud. How it is a fraud? lol
GLurch (EUW)
: I said it is a reason to be punished. Nowhere did I say the persons 100% get punished, as I myself also know Riot's system isn't the best at detecting trolling. However, I still don't believe what you have said. I tried looking up your normal match history, but couldn't find anything, because you didn't play for a long time. The last time you played ranked was also 3 months ago and nowhere in there have I found you as an obvious troller. If this is a second account, could you post the name of the account you "trolled" on, so I can check if you really "trolled"?
This was my main acc and i got perm for flaming, dat's why you find nothing
energyDZN (EUW)
: R.I.P this account
Ask a refund for rp (especially if u bought them with paypal, you are granted to hvae money back), and start an alt troll account. Don't say anything in chat and u won't be banned
Iridescence (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=tortsY,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VL6i43Ea,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-05T13:04:45.588+0000) > > U don't always get a notification that someone is banned or punished :) I didn't know that, ty. ;d So, you are saying that post chat does count? Had my doubts about ingame/postgame reports.
No It doesn't. Otherwise my alt troll account would be banned already
GLurch (EUW)
: Stealing someone's role without the other person agreeing to it is punishable. However, being bad at that role is not. Just report the player after the game. If you want to, you can also [send a ticket to the Riot Support.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en/requests/new) Keep in mind it can take up to a week until they answer your ticket. Riot will also not tell you whether they punished the person you reported. Also note, that you don't always receive report feedback and not receiving it doesn't mean the person didn't get punished.
Ahahha this is bullshit. I trolled hard for 60 games or so, stealing roles and int losing, and i'm still waiting the ban
: i've literally never seen anyone join a game with the intention to ruin it. i have, however seen people in game that after performing bad or getting flamed by others, decided to intentionally do bad. but they never enter the game with meaning to ruin fun
: To the players joining a game with the intention of ruining it for others in the game.
I troll because this games isn't fun anymore to play for challenge. Too many wrong choices by rit0, too many op champs, money-grab with these broken champs, focus only on competitive scene and no focus at all for <platinum elo. Also mmr and matchmaking sucking same for lp system. Snowballing system is just frustrating. So i startex to troll to see lf they really care. I started to play nivia and walling allies, making them die. Tahm kench with smite and stealing jungle. Feeding the enwmy most dangerous champs without being too obvious. I got 0 bans. Tbey just don't care trolls ruining other experience, so maybe when will be more trolls than actual players the game will be funner.
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Nah they will not. My friend (sadly my friend...) was playing like that and writing really unkind thinks on the chat. He was trolling and recording it, showing people and laughing saying "it's only a game, lol!". And the only thing he get was chat restriction for few games. That's all. I don't know how many games he ruined but I can say he was playing like that whole season 5.
I trolled for like 50 draft games while leveling account. 0 bans 0 warnings. Because i said nothing in chat
Stell (EUNE)
: The reason why you got permabanned but "the others" didn't
Meanwhile i created an alt account for troll. Trolled hundreds of games do far in draft, and going to do the same in ranked now it's lv 30. Guess what? No ban or warning nothing. Fair system eheheh
: The reason why this community is toxic...
I can confirm. With my second account i have trolled every single draft game from level 3 to 30, and still no ban or warning. On the other hand i got the :" the person you reported has been punished " 4-5 times
: I uninstall LOL several times every time I tell myself that I will never play this game again… Here I am again at the same point really upset unsatisfied spending my time playing this game. Why cos all the time I spend to get to Silver from Bronze I am already so upset it affects my life as a person!? How bad and insane is that? To hurt myself and others because of your pathetic game. Because players are ranked and then deleted and start all over again every few months. Go back to Bronze deal with AFK’s and new players that just started playing the game rage rage rage that is what I get from this game. Normal draft pick was removed why cos it was actually good that is why many people wanted to play it instead of the stupid Ranked bullshit that gets deleted every few months. RIOT please BAN my account forever I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!
It's called addiction . I had it too. Even if you aren't enjoing the GAME, you are keep forcing yourself to waste more time in it and worsening your mood and life overall. I suggest you to visiti quitlol blog, and check the video about psychological exploitations in games like Lol. They abuse people psycology to keep them addicted
Kuolema (EUW)
: Can you even enjoy LoL as casual gamer?
I'd say playing casual with friends is the only way you can having some fun right now. The game is so unbalanced and unfair that you really cannot play "hardcore" and have a good experience
Snowhill (EUW)
: The ADC role is so bad that im quitting League
Now you feel how mid laners felt so far since 2-3 years ago. BTW i can totally relate to you, and i see no reason to keep playing if you are not having fun. Rito wants games with 5 bruisers with 5 k hp / 200 damage each
: Every perma banned person ever >Play a game >Flame at people >get reported >Play a game >Flame at people again >This continues until perma ban >Goes to board to cry about it and to say they are ''sorry'' and they will never do it again >Tmw when i go to comments and see that someone will tell that OP's perma ban won't be lifted >Satisfying level out of this world
This is true, but while bans for this would be legit and understandable in their own, they are not when trolls who intentionally ruin games and don't talk in chat are not banned
: Perma Ban Reason?
No you cannot. If you bought RP with paypal you can always ask a refund and be guaranted to have one.
: Hey Purification, **Large flashing disclaimer I'm not on the balance team!!!** Actually, a few of these things do currently have nerfs on the PBE for 7.1 (You can see the current PBE patch notes here: http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/71-pbe-cycle.html#balance). Specifically, Poppy has nerfs slated for her as well as the jungle XP being nerfed. Looks like jungle gold is staying the same for the current iteration, but from my perspective, I really think jungle XP is the issue and not gold. The jungler being able to reach level 6 before the solo laners is pretty insane! I wanna have a discussion about your remaining points with you and/or the community though - nothing official, I'm just curious :) don't let the red name distract you. I'm curious as to what nerfs you would do to the rest of your points. I actually play Jayce quite a bit and I've felt really weak since the changes to Lethality and Ghostblade as those were core things that non-tear Jayce build. I agree that LeBlanc needs some tuning, as well as possibly Rengar. I think Kha'Zix is fine (but I haven't seen him a huge amount), along with the current state of Colossus - the problem with Colossus is that there are a few key abusers of the mastery (see Poppy) who have been strong for a while and are just pushed over the edge.
Even if you aren't form balancing team, can you explain me why ap items are so much more expensive than ad/bruisers ones? Why mages have even less item choice? Why "bruisers"/"juggernaut" or whatever often do same or more damage than squishies carries (both ap and ad). Why ecery time we see these nerfs so much after all the damage had been done ( considering this is supposed to be "e-sport" ) Why every new champion has some mobility spamming skill, and old champions without CTG are in facts niche at best, if not complete unviable in this new meta . Why junglers itemization has been (not only in latest patches) so broken ? How much money Tencent make from this unbalanced mess?
: I've enjoyed this game so far and proud to be a part of this wonderful (toxic) communtiy. But...
Just realize is not worth to keep playing this game. Are you accomplishing some actual life goal by hitting high position in a broken virtual system? Are you HAVING FUN? I realized i should have stopped play this game 2 years ago (while i quit only some months ago), til i got fun. Now everything , even the sense of reward by achieving gold +, just lost any sense, because the game is not anymore about skill, but about abusing broken champions and items. You are even much better than me because you reached diamond, and should know this very well
: If your really diamond you should be getting gold in about 20 games or so.
Yes, and meanwhile who is not diamond-challanger will struggle forever to exit elo-hell, also breaking experience for legit new players. If you call this a good system you have problems
: I can answer that question for you. You cant be placed higher than you were last season. If you were bronze 5 that is all you can.be placed. But dont worry, your mmr is very high and climbing wont take long, you will skip most of it. (Also not sure, but pretty sure there is no lp decay below gold)
Nice BS system So it's useless for a bronze to even start "placements" because he will always end in B5.
: Riots Placement-System is BUSTED. 10:0 Placements = Bronze V
We should give some credit to all people complaining for placements and who got downvoted to hell. You can see they were right, system is so broken there is nothing left but laught at it and move on. White knights can keep posting their BS in endless loops, but in fact this game is on the road of death, and i can say for myself it was not worth all time spent in it.
: Fan-wank will prevent Riot (or really excuse them) from nerfing any of the popular "skillful" champions like Leblanc, Katarina, Rengar, Lee Sin, Zed and so on. Money-Grabbing will prevent them from balancing the game. This also stops them from admitting that they have a massive role in the way the community is so Toxic, cos in the end the Players get pissed off more by fucking unfair balance and similarly we get pissed off by people who abuse this fact and piss people off more!
I think they did this on purpose . Since Tencent bought rito things went every patch worse. Google who is tencent and what they did to games they acquired. And yes, community is mostly toxic cause unbalance. They ban flamers pretending they are the root of problem, but in facts the root of problem is this money -grab direction lol has taken under tencent
: Riot needs to fix their game
Yes they need but they never will. Why? Because this state of things give them more money. It's always the same pattern : champ op > expensive skins > champion nerf > next broken champ Also this give tools to low skilled and kids to win games by simply using broken cancers. For me i used to main mid mages since season 2 , it became simply unworth and unfun to play this game anymore. They can straight-up remove ap items and champs from the game, and little will change. Also people defending this mess are either the ones abusing the system , or rito white knights spreading the " perfect unbalance" BS. I'm sorry for you and all expecting a change of things by riot. That simply isn't gonna happen
: this wont change because riot ether dont listen to the problems, or just dont care
They just don't care. This is the trend since 2 + years. They just keep some champs op to sell skins, and after they move to next broken champ to money grab. For me this game was dead when Tencent bought it


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