: Was the katarina rework really a success?
I personally don't think the old kata was fun. I enjoy the new kata when I play her every so often, the daggers certainly made the champ more fun than just QEW on top of your enemy and either disengaging or pressing R. The daggers do offer more counterplay. You know where kata needs to go to do damage onto you. The daggers have travel time, which means you have a reaction window. Old kata didnt have this. She'd jump onto you and the damage was instantanious. With the new kata you now know where to walk to prevent kata from dealing tons of damage, because her largest amount of burst is from these daggers. I agree that her daggers feel a bit too strong, as her largest amount of burst comes from these, but that's also her weak point, as her q w and e do significantly less damage. I believe she is OP in low elo as people can't understand what they have to do to beat kata, which makes her able to do her burst without consequences. Kata is played less in high elo as she is a high risk high reward champ. It's not like she was played much more before the rework in high elo. She has no cc and is easily shut down by cc. Kata is good at roaming and 1v1'ing, but if she is focused in team fights, she will melt like butter, which will happen in high elo. Kata's playstyle is just somewhat less viable in high elo, but her playstyle makes her unique. I think the rework definitely made Kata more fun to play and less frustrating to play against, but I do think the dagger burst needs to be toned down a little bit.
: I still need to see the red post or website statement of that. This gets said a lot yea, that it's "herasement" or something.
Riot Tantrum has posted a lot about this: > "You will end up reported for asking for reports on others because there is no need for it. The only reason to ask for more reports is to flaunt it in the person's face that you are reporting them." https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/x8RLLENa-pleas-for-help-in-player-behavior-and-toxic-community-fall-on-deaf-ears-with-riot?comment=0000 Also, asking for reports is not necessary, as multiple reports count just as much as 1. > "It only takes 1 report for a game to be reviewed. Punishments (for verbal types) are based entirely on the contents of YOUR chat. Getting reports beyond 1 does not increase the chance or speed of a game being reviewed. So, the next time you encounter that player spewing off hate speech, just mute them and report them after. There is no reason to ask other players to report them." https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/dBcmRkNo-why-the-reportingban-system-will-never-be-fair?comment=0002 > "A single report is all it takes for a game to be reviewed. It doesn't matter if you were reported once or 9 times. A premade would have no impact on the review of your case." https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/MYAOo2EW-is-my-chat-worthy-of-ban?comment=000000000000 So yeah, asking for reports is unnecessary and reportable.
: Is this toxic?
1. You talk too much. More talking = More chance you say something toxic. 2. Don't say you'll report someone or ask people to report someone, it's considered toxic by rito. 3. Don't call your team bad in chat or say you don't want to play, Toxic/giving up. I honestly think by just talking less in general youll improve a lot. Just try to limit yourself to talking about strats/what your teammates can improve on etc after laning phase starts. A friendly chat is fine, but as soon as you start complaining about stuff, you're going down the wrong road.
: Can people stop asking to report someone every game? Spread this in your games and explain them this
Isn't asking to report someone or saying you're going to report someone reportable?
: Strange... I never saw something like that. Are you sure that your friend isn't trolling you by pressing the cancel button? Or did you at least try to go into a queue alone? Did you both try to close the client and wait for a bit (max 10 minutes)? Maybe it will fix itself in time... If this doesn't work, you could try to repair the client, or in the worst case, reinstall it.
I'm sure he wasn't trolling, and we did wait a long time. Don't think I would have broken files, as it worked fine the game before.
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: Can we remove the downvote button from every section?
If people disagree with you, you get downvoted. Not every website should be your safe space, not everyone will accept your opinion.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: No, the first one is smaller. Also, you can see that the second symbol of the last word is also used in the second word. If the OP is using English, and one symbol = 1 letter, then you can pick up the pattern from the repeating symbols and those are that are frequently occurring. I came up with "Ornn" after seeing his match history. He had 5 or so games in a roll with Ornn. OP quoted my post and said "Ornn {{champion:516}} ", meaning that it's probably right.
Yeah, but you have to admit they look way too similar.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: How about Ornn support?
Aren't the first two symbols of the last word the same?
: 01000001010011000100011001000001
I don't recognise those symbols. Since the title says ALFA I thought it might have something to do with the greek alphabet but it does not. And since the binary on the left says dont hate me, I figure looking for what kind of code/runes those are, is a waste of my time. EDIT: If those are made up, and it was supposed to mean: How About Ornn Support, then the first symbol of the last row shouldnt be the same as the second one on that row.
El3agreb (EUW)
: Help pleas
Send a ticket to riot support. No-one on boards can help you with this. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
: really disapointed in the Evelynn rework
Imho, I'm way more excited to play the new evelynn than I ever was about the old one. The new one looks more fun, even though her kit is still: "I'll w, then get close and e and then spam q" (well, old eve was ult first, new one is ult late) She just got the sion treatment. I loved playing old sion ad and ap, do you still see people building him ap? Eve was an AP assassin, but was forced into a diver playstyle over the years with the nerfs and such, so I'm glad to see her being an assassin again.
Laketide (EUW)
Not a jinx main, but if you're trying to reach jinx mains, you could go to the jinx mains reddit. They also have a discord of their own. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueofjinx/
: Thank you for fixing the huge bug, but where's the free mystery skin??
I don't think Riot owes anyone everything, as they fixed the problem. Don't feel entitled to free rewards every time a server has some issues. Even if they **_would_** give you something it would probably be an xp/ip boost.
skinTDM (EUNE)
: top laners help me
Not sure about the prices, but jax and camille are kinda strong. If you're silver jax might be easier, but you can also try camille. I personally don't like fiora as I find her passive awkward and it is a central part of her kit, but it might be your bread and butter. Not sure about shaco. Sure Pink Ward is a godly shaco top, but I feel shaco isn't really that strong on top lane.
: Are the Rune pages going to be free or nah? If i buy a Rune page now, will it still remain unlocked starting from the preseason?
The rune pages you have when preseason hits are the amount of runepages you'll have in the new system i believe.
Rouhsif (EUW)
: got no notification or anything and i looked at his account and hes still playing riot is just racist
I don't believe he didn't get punished, maybe he got a chat restriction. Maybe you didn't get a notification, as it doesn't always give you a notification if you reported someone and they got punished. But the fact that you instantly call riot out for racism once you get banned for toxicity makes me believe you're not any better than the racist guy.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Rune User Interface Feedback
I'm liking this idea. Clarity is everything. Not everything needs to look fancy, I just want to make my runepage in the last 10 seconds every game because I don't know what I want to play. Each of the 5 paths has like 3 keystone runes and 9 others right? So what if they make an interface, where all 5 paths are displayed next to eachother. The icon for the path up top, 3 keystones under that and the 9 others under those. Maybe the empty rune slots somewhere to the left or something. Then, once you pick a keystone, the other keystones grey out and the path icon goes above your 'main' rune path. Then you can select 1 of the runes from every row of that path and they just grey out. Once you picked a rune from a secondary path, all other paths grey out, so you know what you can still select. I'd love to see the rune system be a bit like current masteries as you can see, just for clarity. Have all the info out there and just compare and select.
Rouhsif (EUW)
: Auto detect system is racist
1. If he used that word and got reported, he will receive at least a chat restriction. 2. If you get banned, that means you did/said something people don't like to see in their games either. So in the end, you're both toxic. He used derogeratory terms and if you just spam noobs and stuff you're toxic too. Nothing with Riot being racist. I'm sure they have a lot of curse words in their system in multiple languages and I'm almost positive it would have punished the player.
: Veteran rewards
For one, wastedonlol's website uses the Riot API, which only gives games with your current account name and as of a little while ago, only ranked games, because riot views normal games as private info or something. So a website like wastedonlol is nowhere near accurate anymore, unless you have never changed your name and only play ranked. But Riot themselves have your exact account information, so they have everything: all the names, all the data and all the time you spend on league on that account. So for the rewards, all your games count and name changes don't have an influence on it.
Altered (EUW)
: Don't quote me on this, but if you get a ban and you get honor 0, isnt your honor level locked for a certain period of time? I believe you are monitored by rito in that period and if you aren't doing anything report worthy in that period then your honor level is unlocked and you can gain honor exp again. But I'm not sure since I haven't been at honor 0.
To clarify: I just read a tad about the honor system @ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148-Honor-FAQ . If you have a lock on your honor level (which you can see in the client) you wont gain honor exp. Just play games and be nice and you'll get a message when the lock is gone.
: Honor level 0 to 1, how long will it take?
Don't quote me on this, but if you get a ban and you get honor 0, isnt your honor level locked for a certain period of time? I believe you are monitored by rito in that period and if you aren't doing anything report worthy in that period then your honor level is unlocked and you can gain honor exp again. But I'm not sure since I haven't been at honor 0.
Defolet (EUNE)
: where is renekton's counterplay???!?!?!
Renekton is an earlygame god, but he gets outscaled hard. I believe quite some seasons ago jax was a counter of renekton. Not because he beat renekton early, but if the game went on long enough (35 min +) Jax would be an unstoppable monster, even renek couldnt 1v1 him anymore. So just pick a champ that scales and play safe. If he decides to roam, you push his tower down. Easy as that.
Low68 (EUW)
: I'm just saying it's not logical to have a chroma in the loot for 320 tokens. many players like me might have the same issue as myself and could buy. they ran out of tokens and just kept the ward. the riot could at least warn in the loot. im not ungrateful I'm just worried about the community.
You know you don't even get enough tokens for the chroma without buying the worlds pass for extra missions or by getting tokens with chests? So you basically need to spend money for the tokens already if you want it.
Oekiero (EUNE)
: I am banned for basically no reason
You always get a reason for your ban. If you got banned for 'Negative attitude" or something alike, post your chat logs. You might've been toxic that game, which gave you a ban.
: > [{quoted}](name=Baka Red,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zItEtcjE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-21T08:13:41.898+0000) > > That is simply too early to say. But i'm a Eve main with 1000000 mastery points so RioT is ought to take my feeling very seriously and revert the rework before it comes if i'm right.
I'm gonna quote The7thSeal here: "Sarcasm? I'm gonna guess sarcasm."
Carthon (EUW)
: I need 50 RP
There is this thing called: Draw for RP. It basically let's players draw LoL art for rp, doesnt matter how good or how bad, as long as you made it yourself and you haven't drawn for RP before. Send riot support a ticket asking about this. I'm not sure if 50 RP is too much for that, but you can always try. There's also a website of what other people have drawn: http://rpart.riotgames.com/na/en/
: Possible workaround: {{champion:27}} press q with infinite mana and then skip time
Skip time still takes quite a lot of time. And it becomes a bit of a problem when you don't want to try out builds for singed
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Mocton (EUW)
: Test Champion
I believe player who do not own all champs should be able to test out all champions in practice mode. But to be honest, riot already has a free champion rotation and you can rent champs for a week using champ shards, so you could try them out in normal games when they're free to play.
piouu28 (EUNE)
: ofc im really happy that you gave me your opinion! and if you'd like we could work on this together
Nah mate, this is your brainchild. You have something in mind, just have fun thinking of something. If I see you post a more refined kit I'll be sure to comment on it though!
gAce (EUW)
: Just one correction, there is **NO WAY** you can get placed platinum if you were below diamond. P1 is the max placement tier so all challenger/master players end up here after their placements. For example, I finished last season p5, went 7-3 in placements, got placed s4. There is really no telling how hard the MMR reset will be and where you could get placed. If you are in silver at the end of season, don't be surprised if you get placed bronze.
Been gold since s4, got placed plat in flex after 7/3 ing series, got s2 in solo duo after having 9/1. Might have been flex mmr screwing up.
ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: No point picking a support that is not Janna/Sona/Soraka
Riot needs to nerf ardent censer even more than they have done until now. At lower elo's more stuff is played and viable, but at high level you only see champs who can easily keep applying ardent.
: How do i carry as a Support?
If you want to carry as a support in low elo, pick a damage support (Think: {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:1}} etc.) Just get fed and carry, I saw a guide made by a sona main who just got in gold the other day by just going for damage, maybe you'll profit from it by reading it: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/MfPrXm7l-season-7-ending-how-to-climb-to-gold-easily
: Even those I can't get, only Alistar. The other ones give me an error for some reason...
Weird, maybe google them for eune or something?
Spy1uka (EUNE)
: Got banned and still have the dishonorable mark altho' i got honored, a lot
You almost get no honor points for getting honored, just by playing games without getting punished you level up. It takes a little while
: Well I wouldn't call Urgot a hypercarry, he is a huge early game bully who can easily snowball and split push, but he lacks scaling. If you ask me, this is just a list if champions he doesn't like because he lost to them.
Looked over urgot, he definitely isnt a hypercarry. He is tanky as hell tho, while dishing out some real pain with those shotgun knees.
: I remember that you're supposed to get one at level 1 with garen ryze and ashe in them and one random skin for one of them if i recall correctly. I did not play the tutorial, I will now though. Will edit this and say what happened. Edit: I played it, still no starting chest. I remember we are supposed to get one at level 5 too, but there is a total of 2 chests we get for free, not only the level 5 one. I have not yet reached level 5 but I will get to it eventually and I will get another edit in, in case of no riot member responding yet.
Otherwise you can still get some champs with the "follow rito on social media" stuff Tristana + Riot girl tristana(facebook): http://woobox.com/potb6z Garen + Dreadknight Garen (Twitter): http://woobox.com/y53k9k Alistar + Unchained Alistar (Youtube): http://woobox.com/rmz3jb
: Season 7 Ending... How to Climb to Gold Easily!
Nice guide, I think some people might really profit off off this one. +1
: No Hextech day 1 chest...
I only know about the chest you get at level 5 (Old player here). Are you supposed to get a free one at the start? Maybe play a game/the tutorial or something?
: what do you mean a ticket?
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new make a support account (Different from you league account) and send a ticket (request) to Riot support so they can help you
: Instant 14-day ban requirements
Just to be clear: for riot's system it doesn't matter if 1 player reports or if 9 report. It sees it as a reported game and looks at it as such. And for the log? Who is saying what? tad hard to follow imho. I'm not sure about the requirements of a 14 day ban tho, i really don't think they happen unless you're extremely toxic, using racial slurs and inting for 5 games straight or something. It doesnt feel like an instant thing
piouu28 (EUNE)
: A new concept for a champion!
Sounds a bit like udyr with changing to 4 stances. But making a transformation dependent on certain jungle camps? I don't really know if that's a good idea, because a jungler would clear his jungle in a certain way and would waste no time to get his element. If a jungler isnt able to clear his jungle efficiently and get a good transformation, he wouldnt be played. If he was a laner that could get his transform off by using jungle creeps, a bit like old nunu Q getting buffs for consuming certain camps, it might work, but does he have different abilities for all his stances? If so, riot would limit him to 2 max, otherwise it's way to hard to balance. To be honest, cool concept, but i don't have anything to criticise in terms of abilities and such. Maybe refine your idea a bit more? Add some abilities and such
: not getting unbanned after 14 days
If you're still not unbanned, maybe send riot support a ticket?
Antony9 (EUW)
: What are some champions that aren't hard to play and great at splitpushing that I could main?
{{champion:23}} Is great at splitting and slaughtering under tower, easy {{champion:24}} Is good too, medium {{champion:11}} Can easily kill under tower and can push hard, easy {{champion:75}} needs some time but if the enemy team leaves you alone you slaughter their inhib before they know, easy if you can farm, not as good as a jungler {{champion:164}} Is also really good when ahead, you can proc triforce on turret and stuff, a tad harder to get ahead with {{champion:84}} Her passive works on turrets? You kinda always build gunblade so you have ad? You can 1v1 quite easily and maybe even 2v1? You build a lich bane and slaughter turrets? medium to hard difficulty, look up professor akali's guide on akali if you want to know how to lane and stuff. not as good as a jungler
Absolved (EUW)
: A newbie OTP decision, Jinx or Draven?
Tyler1 got top 20 challenger by one tricking draven. So why not? He played hyper agressively and just dominated games.
: Championship Borders on non-bordered CS skins yet
Did zed have one? I just saw ashe's and don't think she deserves a border. Championship riven only has a border when you have the original from 2012 and not the 2016 version.
Play champs you know you can win lane with who can carry the game. You need to make up for your teammates shortcomings. Look at your op.gg and try to play champs you have a 50% winrate or higher with. If you win more than half of your games you will climb Play champs who can splitpush. Your jax has a 51% winrate. If you get fed, splitpush and if someone tries to stop you, kill him. Get fed to the point they start sending 3-4 man squads to you and your team can do something. Steer your team into the right direction by giving them tips. Play strong champions. You need to carry, a full tank isn't as easy to win with if your team feeds as a tryndamere who splitpushes all inhibs down and 2 shots their adc and midlaner.
: Leaving teamselect Aram = 30 minute penalty?
https://gyazo.com/f54b9df5b921c9fec2070b04d53e032a Not sure if you've dodged before that
do0kie (EUNE)
: Why only few champions are good, the rest are just fillers?
In soloqueue all champs can be viable. Heck, there was a diamond II urgot main before his rework, when he was considered useless. It just depends on the mechanical skill level of an individual on a champ and the game sense of that person. The champs you listed are just hypercarries, as in, if they get fed they demolish your team and feel unkillable.
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